Of Martina, Catch Phrase, and Emergen-C

This might be the first time I’ve sat down all weekend that I wasn’t in someone’s car.  The whirlwind started Friday night with a Trace Adkins/Martina McBride concert with some neighbors and friends.  Yes, you heard me right.  I said Trace Adkins and Martina McBride.  Don’t worry, I left my cowboy hat at home.

Until Friday night, I wouldn’t have known Trace Adkins if he’d bumped into me on the street, but I’m a long-time fan of Martina so I jumped at the opportunity to go see her in concert.  She didn’t disappoint.  She is even more magnificent in person.



I couldn’t stay in my seat.  I stood and sang along to every song I knew, and may I offer my sincerest apologies to the poor guy in front of me in the black cowboy hat.  I think I bumped you at least 10 times, and you were so kind not to turn around and give me a good dose of what for.

Saturday morning I woke up with swollen glands and a sore throat.  Oh joy.  Doesn’t it just figure that I’m battling some pesky virus the week of my big trip.  Determined to go to Nashville in top form, I’ve been swigging Emergen-C and Vitamin D3 like a groom with a flask of whiskey on his wedding day.

And then proving that there’s no rest for the wicked, on Saturday I took my daughters to gymnastics, recorded two videos, cleaned up the house, and then entertained 20-some friends from church for a family game night, where there was more eating and chatting than game-playing, but we did play a few rounds of Catch Phrase, which was great fun, particularly because the older kids could play too.  I’m tucking that idea away for a future gift idea, and you should too.

Today after church we grabbed a bite to eat and then spent the afternoon with the inlaws, where my 4-year-old daughter learned to blow her nose.  I know you’re jealous of the glamorous life I lead.

Oh, I almost forgot.  I got my hair cut and colored on Friday morning, and while I thought I had a cute new hair-do when I snapped this photo after my hair stylist worked her magic…


I discovered that after washing it and styling it myself, it looks remarkably like it looked before I got it cut.  Anyone have a clue how she made it flip up so cute?  I am such a failure when it comes to styling hair.  And God gave me two girls.  Go figure.

She also put in highlights, but evidently she took me at my word when I asked for them to be subtle because I can only see them when a take a magnifying glass to my head.  Which is probably just as well because I’m a bit of a drama queen when it comes to my hair.  Let’s just say I don’t adjust to change very easily.

So how ’bout you?  What did you do this weekend?

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  1. Wish I could give some styling tips – but I’m equally challenged in that department. I do think your cut is super cut though!

    We got Catch Phrase for Christmas. I’ll have to pull it out of the box one of these days…

    Can’t wait to see you in Nashville!

  2. I pretty much stayed in this weekend due to a rainy weekend here in Seattle. I did have plans to rollerblade my little legs off but I’m too wimpy to do it in the rain. 🙂

  3. Among other less significant things (watching “Planet Earth” documentaries) and more significant things (church), I went out for the first time without my (breastfed) 6 month old. I enjoyed the birthday party, but missed the 6 month old, although he reportedly slept most of the time I was away.

  4. Lucky you! I truly wanted to go to that concert because I am a big Trace Adkins fan along with loving Martina. But I didn’t want to take the chance of the weather. I am sure they both were great. They always are. And Reading is a great place to watch a concert. I didn’t realize that we were so close when I started reading your blog. My weekend was quiet because my son was away so my hubby and I did alot of things together. It was nice – dinner, playing pool, etc.

  5. We always play Catch Phrase when we are camping. The only problem we have is when the park ranger has to tell us to quiet down because we’re too roudy! Hope your icky throat clears up.

  6. Ok, about the hair styling. My cut is basically a longer version of yours. Here is what I do when blow drying: I use a clip to pin up the top layer on top of my head. Then I use a small round brush and a hair dryer to flip out small sections of the bottom layer of hair. Once I have the bottom layer flipping out, I take down the top layer and use a larger brush to style it under and smooth. When I first got this cut, one side of hair flipped perfectly and the other side would not. However, I now have both sides “trained”. I think it is all about “training”!

  7. I stayed inside and watched the snow fall. We’re basically snowed in. I also loaded and reorganized photos on facebook. AND we’re taking a snow day today from school, so the quietude continues!

    1. Snow… SIGH. I would like some of that. But not this week. Too much to do, and I don’t want anything interfering with my travel plans on Wednesday.

  8. Love, love, LOVE the hair!! Just keep playing with it–and use lots of “product.” But I know what you mean . . . I tend to style mine the same way every time too. Boring.

    What did I do this weekend? Well, the timing of your question was good because I just got home from a long weekend in Park City, UT. My husband and I went skiing with some friends who have a house there. Amazing!!!

  9. Spent the weekend like many–dosing ill cats and baking cookies for the husband and neighbor! 😀

    As for hair tips–don’t look my way–I whack at my own hair and don’t get it styled anymore because it’s baby fine. It falls out of a barrette in two hours!

    1. Mine is horribly fine too. And it’s not growing or something. I have a lot of new growth but the ends get so thin and straggly.

  10. Busy weekend! You’ll have to rest and take it easy today.

    I agree with Tara about the hair styling. I dry and style my hair in 3 sections… bottom, all but the top, and the top. When I do the bottom, I dry it, then use a round brush. It helps when you hold the brush in your hair (flipping it out), dry that section, then let it sit for a few seconds without the dryer on it so it can “cool off.” It always looks too flippy at first, but it’ll fall out in an hour or so.

    It looks awesome!

  11. Sounds like a crazy fun weekend for you! I have a tip on keeping off the “crud” before your trip – take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (straight) – yum I know but it kills all that is in your system and kind of acts like a natural antibiotic. I also agree about blow drying your hair in sections to get more volume per say.
    My weekend was low key – not much of a life here BUT we did get some good cleaning and organizing done!

    1. I’ve been told to take the cider vinegar to counteract heartburn, but not for warding off germs. Interesting. I was told to take it in water with some honey but that sounds so nasty I haven’t tried it.

  12. Ditto Tara on the hair. Though I can’t always do the flip well so then I use a straightener to give it that lasting smoothness and oomph. 🙂

    The cut is really cute!

    And so jealous about going to a country concert…I don’t even care who it is! I just love country music!!! LOL

  13. This weekend?


    We were snowed in.

    However, Trace Adkins? Love him. Had first row to a concert of his. But never seen Martina.

    Actually, YEARS and YEARS ago, probably 9 (since Sam was a baby) Trace Adkins played at Festival in the Park. When Victory Stadium was still here and that’s the first time I ever saw him.

    Like you needed to know all that.

  14. I have been stuck in the house due to mother natures nasty tricks with artic winds and such. We here in Arkansas are NOT supposed to get 8inches of snow…I am seriously protesting dear old mother nature right now. She has ruined my running schedule.

    On the bright side I found a local company that deals in organic/local grown veggies, fruit , beef and pork. And they deliever!!

    So jealous you got to see Martina in concert that would have been awesome. Good luck with the crud we have been batteling it here as well.

    1. Awesome news on the food delivery!!! And we should be getting that snow. What is going on with mother nature this year?

  15. Played in the snow!! (Well, okay, not me personally…) I posted pics, and you’ll be impressed at the amount. (Not like last time where I totally made fun of southern “snow”.)

    Also? There were men here drywalling the patches in the kitchen and fixing cracks. Now my walls are rather spotty. But the project continues and soon it will be done! (Right?)

  16. I saw Martina when I was pregnant with Dylan, but I remember I loved the concert. Cute hair cut…very hip! We were snowed in all weekend and have a snow day today which is awesome. We did get in some sledding and just came in from trying to build a snowman which resulted in failure as the snow is too fluffy. Oh well. I tried to be a fun mom at least! Enjoy your day.

  17. I like your haircut! I haven’t mastered the salon-flip-up either. I just don’t have the coordination to blow-dry my hair and use a roller brush at the same time.

    My weekend: Several trips to Home Depot and Ace, and painted 5 new paint swatches in my bedroom (in addition to the 11 that were already there). I think I have finally found the perfect blue-gray color I was imagining. About time. (Haven’t actually painted the room yet, so my walls look like a patchwork quilt of blues with a few tans thrown in for kicks).

    Hope you’re feeling better in time for the big trip! Wish I was going, too!

    1. Oh I can’t tell you how many swatches of paint we have gone through in the past before finding the right color. It is a challenge to say the least!

  18. I have seen Martina at a concert too, she was fab.

    And guess what? Saturday morning I got 4″ cut off the sides of my hair and more than that cut off the back (think a-symmetrical). Still curly but oh so very cute. And I hate 3 colors put in mine…so it’s alllll noticeable. Except to my husband, who hasn’t noticed I got a hair cut yet. True story.

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