Fashion Friday: Fit is Everything

I had the most frustrating shopping experience today, and since I don’t have an unspoken thought, I’m going to tell you all about it.

Ever since I saw the sheath dresses at Ann Taylor, I wanted to get down there and try some on.  Of course the 25% off sale is over.  Phbbbt.  But I went down there this morning anyway.

A few salesladies offered their assistance as I wandered through the store, gathering dresses, but one took it upon herself to be my personal shopper.  Now allow me to give you some background.  I used to wear a lot of dresses, but in recent years (read: after three kids took their toll on my once-girlish figure) I have had a much harder time finding anything that works.  The sheath still seems to be the most flattering cut for me, but it must have a lot of structure, and no stretch fabrics.  ** shudder**

And apparently I am between sizes at the moment so that’s always fun.  I have several dresses in my closet that are snug, and I don’t wear them because I feel uncomfortable in them.  The point of this shopping trip was to find something that fits and makes me feel confident so I went up a size.

Soon after I began trying on dresses, my personal shopper found me and started barking at me.  “That’s way too big!  That looks like a potato sack.  That is not your size.  That just hangs on you.  I’m going to get you the right size.”

She returned with a few of the same dresses in a size and two sizes smaller.

Now, perhaps I’m delusional, but I consider myself a fairly good judge of what fits my body.  When a dress is tight across the chest and bubbles across my backside, IT IS TOO SMALL.

This charade went on for about an hour — me trying on my size, her telling me they looked baggy and bringing me the next size down, me trying on the next size down and sucking in my tummy area and tugging at the chest and hip area and declaring the dress too small.

“Nonsense!” she would exclaim.  “You’ve got to have some shape.”

Well yeah, but when the material doesn’t even hang straight over my back end, IT IS TOO SMALL.

I seriously must have tried on 25 dresses.

Finally she left me alone and I snuck out into the main dressing area and asked the woman trying on clothes in the stall next to me if the dress I was considering was, in fact, too big.  Of course I was totally expecting her to confirm that I was right and the bossy saleslady was out of her ever-loving mind.

My new friend looked at the dress for a minute and then concurred.


So.  Back into the dressing room I went, trying on the dress in one size and the other until I finally made up my mind.  I snuck out with both sizes, just in case I ran into the dress nazi.  Seeing that the the coast was clear, I skittered up to the cash register and said furtively, “I’m taking this one,” as I handed them over.  She rang up the larger of the two sizes and put the smaller one on the rack behind her for restocking, and I managed to escape without further harassment.

I still have this nagging feeling that I chose the wrong size, but I felt so comfortable in the larger dress.  I want a dress I can eat in, for crying in a bucket.

No, before you ask, I don’t have photos, but it’s probably hard to tell the fit of a dress in a photo, anyway.

I do have this I grabbed off the website:


No, that is not me (ha!)  And it is NO WHERE NEAR that short on me.  It comes to just above my knee.  And I plan to have that bow/sash thing taken off.  So in a way, that picture barely even resembles the dress I bought and plan to wear.

I wish I could tell you my day got better, but after I finished dress shopping, I went bathing suit shopping.  And that, my friends, is where this story ends because even I don’t expect you to live that nightmare with me.  Some things are better kept to oneself.  I guess I do have some unspoken thoughts after all.

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UPDATE:  The verdict is in.  I just tried the dress on for my mom, and she said she would not wear it any smaller.  So there.  Hmph.