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Spring Outfit: Orange Laila Jayde Bowie Dolman Sleeve Top via Stitch Fix, Stella & Dot All In One Good Vibes Pouch, white Paige Verdugo Ankle skinnies, Sam Edelman Flynt Ghillie Flats

Well, hello Monday. I’m always happy to see you.

I know, I’m weird. Most people hate Mondays. Even if I’m feeling slow to get going, I still love the start of a new week, getting a clean slate, all that jazz. I usually keep my Mondays fairly open so I can get all my ducks in a row, so to speak. I try not to make appointments or have any big commitments on Mondays.

How do you start your Monday?

I like to get up early, make a cup of coffee, and start off my week with scripture reading or a She Reads Truth devotion (today’s was really good.) I usually grab a second cup of coffee before coming in to my office. I always start out by checking my email and my Facebook Page, responding to blog comments I might have missed over the weekend, and then I like to look at my blog stats before getting started on my post for the day.

I can usually do all of this before my kids get up at 7:00. I take a break to get the kids off to school and tend to household tasks, and then I’m back to my office for most of the day. I try to fit a run in there somewhere, and there is always the occasional load of laundry and other tasks that crop up.

I usually have to get to the grocery store at some point and pick up a few things — at least enough for dinner. I really wish I could get on the ball and make my menu plans a week at a time and shop ahead. I spend way too much scrambling for dinner ideas at the last minute and running out for a few things. (Or, even better, I will SOS my husband and get him to stop on his way home from work. He just loves it when I do that. Ha!)

So anyway, today I have the last outfit I shot with Megan in Dallas. I figured this was appropriate after my white jeans review the other day!

Spring Outfit: Orange Laila Jayde Bowie Dolman Sleeve Top via Stitch Fix, Stella & Dot All In One Good Vibes Pouch, white Paige Verdugo Ankle skinnies, Sam Edelman Flynt Ghillie Flats

I created this outfit around this adorable Good Vibes clutch. It’s only $36 — cute Mother’s Day gift idea, by the way! I’ve always loved orange and blue together, and the denim look is trending right now.

This top came from Stitch Fix. If you want to request it, it’s the Laila Jayde Bowie Dolman Sleeve Top. I thought the denim lace-up flats and orange top were perfect with the clutch.

Stella & Dot All In One Good Vibes Pouch

I wanted a bold necklace in the neckline of this top so I wore my gold monogram necklace. It’s the 3XL size with a 16″ chain. I wish a 15″ chain were an option. It’s always falling a little too low into the neckline of my tops. I also wore white stone drop earrings and a stack of white and gold beaded bangles from Alex and Ani.

Spring Outfit: Orange Dolman via Stitch Fix, Stella & Dot All In One Good Vibes Pouch, white Paige Verdugo Ankle skinnies, Sam Edelman Flynt Ghillie Flats

These are my go-to white jeans, the Paige Verdugo ankle skinnies. As an option, this pair is 20% off. It is called “distressed ultra white” but there is no distressing; it is just a raw hem, which is super on trend right now. Otherwise, they are the same as mine. All of the measurements are identical. (I believe it is the same pair I tried on in Nordstrom for my white jeans review.) And if you’re tall, this pair has a 30″ inseam as opposed to the 28″ that I have.

Spring Outfit: Orange Dolman via Stitch Fix, Stella & Dot All In One Good Vibes Pouch, white Paige Verdugo Ankle skinnies, Sam Edelman Flynt Ghillie Flats

I wore this outfit one day at the fashion blogging conference I attended last month, but I felt like the lace-up flats were a little too sweet for that venue, so even though I love how the denim coordinated with my bag, I opted for these Lucky Brand lace-up stacked heel sandals.

What I really wanted to wear with this was these Sam Edelman pumps in the denim, but I accidentally ordered them a half size too big and didn’t have time to get the right size before my conference.

Spring Outfit: Orange Dolman via Stitch Fix, Stella & Dot All In One Good Vibes Pouch, white Paige Verdugo Ankle skinnies, Lucky Brand Tafia Heels

These stacked heel sandals worked well, though. I feel like they’re just edgy enough to take an otherwise basic outfit to the next level, and they are super comfortable to wear all day. It’s nice to have options, yes?

Spring Outfit: Orange Laila Jayde Bowie Dolman Sleeve Top via Stitch Fix, Stella & Dot All In One Good Vibes Pouch, white Paige Verdugo Ankle skinnies, Lucky Brand Tafia Heels

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orange top via Stitch Fix // Paige Verdugo ankle skinnies (this raw hem pair is 20% off; this pair is longer for tall girls; these are similar for less) // lace-up stacked heel sandals // denim lace-up flats // Good Vibes clutch // monogram necklace: 3XL; 16″ chain // white stone drop earrings // beaded bangles c/o Alex and Ani

photo credit: Megan Weaver

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40 thoughts on “Good Vibes

  1. I have a dolman sleeve top, but I find it gaps tons when I lean over. Do you end up wearing a cami under it?
    I can relate to that dinner thing!! I try to make a ton of stuff on Sundays, and then we eat leftovers all week long. Luckily my husband doesn’t mind leftovers, because I can’t find the motivation to cook every night!!
    Good thing I can find the motivation to get dressed, ha ha!!

  2. I have a weakness for orange this time of year so it’s no surprise I love this outfit. The clutch is so perfect here too. 🙂

    1. Me too! What is it about this time of year? I always gravitate to orange. I love combining it with something blue or green. And it always looks amazing paired with white.

  3. I’m waiting for my necklace to be delivered today! I can’t wait I’ve had my eye on it for awhile.

  4. Went to a pool party yesterday(I live in central Florida) and wore a pair of white ankle skinnies with a coral top and brown wedges, I choose brown shoes because the top had little brown beads on the string ties and followed trough with brown earrings and bracelet. Every one kept asking me if I was losing weight cause I looked smaller. I so love puttig pieces together with what you style, it may not be the same but I get as close to the look as I can shopping in my closet. Thank you for sharing your beautiful styles.

  5. I know you have probably told us before, but let me ask–what size do you take in the Paige jeans? You and I are about the same size. I am shorter and a pear .shape. So I can wear some of the clothes you style, but not all.

    I was thinking Iof taking the plunge and investing in a pricey pair of jeans. It’s hard to commit to it!!

    Thanks! Janie

    1. I always size up in Paige. I usually take a 29, but these are actually a 30 (I bought them a year ago when I was 5 lbs heavier.) The 29 fit fine in the Nordstrom dressing room last week, but these don’t fall down or anything. I guess all that to say, if in doubt, size up. They don’t stretch out, so if they fit when you put them on, they should fit after hours of wear.

  6. Your dedication amazes me! All that before 7 am – on a Monday! That’s awesome. Your energy and hard work are what makes you so successful. Thank you for being who you are and sharing your talents with us. Have a great week! Love that outfit too!

  7. Love the color combination with the Orange top and blue denim flats! I live in Alabama and could wear this to an Auburn University football game most of the season! I enjoy your blog!

  8. Thank you for sharing your morning routine with us and I am a morning person too. I also check my email and FB while having my morning coffee and I have been wanting to add a daily scripture~so thank you! Well, I ordered some NYDJ jeans from Macy’s and took advantage of the 30% off, so I’m hoping they are a good fit and become my go to summer white jeans. We shall see? Have a wonderful day!

  9. Fun, fun outfit Jo-Lynne! I sometimes find it’s easier to build an outfit around an accessory rather than the other way around. I don’t always do that of course but it’s a fun way to pull an outfit together! I have had a few treasured necklaces that just hit at the wrong spot and in a couple of my pieces I’ve taken them to a jewelry repair shop and had them shortened. As much as you wear and love your necklace, you might consider that.
    Blessings on your day! ????

      1. If you’re ever at the beach (Lewes or Rehoboth) my husband is a jeweler and can shorten the chain for you) I have him do that with some of my chains, he’ll put a few options with jump rings so I can custom fit where it hits.

  10. Love the outfit! As for dinner, I am at the store almost everyday! My husband thinks I have a second job there! Lol!

  11. Why is it no bother to get an outfit together every day, but it’s mind boggling on a daily basis to get dinner on my table?!! I, too, find myself at the grocery store too often with no meal plan! But hey, I look great in my JLS recommended outfit combos while I’m there 🙂

    1. I dunno… I spend an inordinate amount of time editing posts and nit-picking my graphics. I could definitely be more efficient! But I guess we all have our things.

  12. I really love how the clutch pulls the shoes and top together to make an awesome-looking outfit. Great job, Jo-Lynne! I love orange and blue together, in fact, those are the colors of my living room. A question, perhaps a silly one: I’m 5’7″ and I wonder where different lengths of jeans should hit my leg. Where should ankle length hit the leg as opposed to cropped jeans? I apologize if you have already addressed this issue. Thanks in advance.

    1. I know everyone hates this answer, but it depends on several factors. 🙂 Whether you are long waisted or short waisted plays into the right length of pant to give your body the proper balance. And the shoes you’re going to wear with them is key, as is the length of shirt. The idea is to create a pleasing 1/3 to 2/3 ratio of proportion and balance. I think I always had an intuitive sense for this, but taking that Adore Your Wardrobe class really helped me understand the how and the why behind it all.

      I like a 28 or 29 inseam on my skinny jeans – on my 5’5″ frame, that is considered ankle length. But I have some that are 27 (I consider those cropped) and I like those better with shoes that have an ankle strap or lace-up detail. Sometimes I cuff my ankle jeans to show that detail.

      I am short waisted so I don’t ever tuck in my tops. I let them hang out if the shape is flattering or I will front-tuck to get a pleasing length.

      I hope that isn’t too confusing! My best advice (beyond take the next AYW course, lol) is to try on different lengths of pants with your most commonly worn shoes (for me, ballet flats) and a typical top for you, and then take pictures standing straight-on in your mirror. Compare the pictures, and you will start to see which ones are more flattering.

  13. I too love the fresh start of a Monday! Out of curiosity, when do you get yourself ready for the day? I find that if I don’t go for my run as soon as I drop off the kids, it just won’t happen! I’m always curious how others work in getting kids out the door, household chores and exercise. I like to make the most of all of the minutes I have and I love hearing others’ daily schedules! (So anyone feel free to share!)????Lovely outfit as usual!

    1. Every day is different. Today, I worked in my pajamas until 11am, went out for a 3 mile run, and now I’m back and trying to motivate myself to get ready for the day. Some days I get ready early and do a photo shoot in the front yard before my daughter goes to school, lol. It is different every day depending on my schedule but usually mid-morning sometime.

  14. Wow!!! You get a lot done in the early mornings. I’m not a morning person, so still having coffee and my devotions and checking out yours and Cyndi’s blogs after you let your kids go off to school. 🙂 LOL I however could never go to bed at 8:30p.m. I’m up until at least 11:15p.m. and get up at 7:15p.m. Just my time clock. So, I have noticed all early AM people go to bed so early. How do you do that in the summer months? It sounds like key to starting Mondays is the coffee. 🙂 I didn’t like Mondays as well when I was working, but now that I don’t, Mondays are so different. I’m like you, a fresh start. Once you empty nest, you will find your mornings will change again. Thanks for all you do to inform us. I love the outfit with the block heels. Love the clutch. The whole outfit looks great on you.

    1. Thanks, Kathy. I don’t mind going to bed when it’s light out, lol! But during summer, I probably do stay up a little later. I am always in bed by 9:30 or 10:00 at the latest, unless we are out or have friends over or something.

  15. You look absolutely great in this outfit. You look chic and effortless! You put things together so well! I so appreciate your blog posts and look forward to them everyday. Keep up the great work and thank you!!

  16. I love that clutch and the outfit that you created around it. The flats are my favorite, but the heels do add an edgier look to it. I just don’t like to walk in heels!

    I get up early, too, but I’m not really a morning person. I do it to have some time to myself. 🙂 None of my families are morning people either, so we all mostly do our own thing quietly in the morning. I start with drinking several cups of water while I make my breakfast with coffee or tea. Then I do my devotional reading- Jesus Calling every morning, along with other things that change. Then I catch check my e-mail, catch up on some things on-line if I have time. On Monday mornings, I like to get my plan set for the week. I don’t love Mondays. I try to get some down time on Sundays, and Mondays mean the start of another whole week. Right now I have 2 who are being crabby about school, and a few days that are really busier than I like. I prefer the weekends, although I just have a few weeks of homeschool left & then I will have a more flexible schedule. 🙂

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