How I Use the Dyson Corrale to Smooth and Curl My Hair

I get lots of questions about how I style my hair, and I finally got around to taking some pictures. I’ve mentioned the Dyson Corrale Styling Iron several times since I got mine last fall, and it’s high time to show you how I use it!

This is truly the only styling iron you need. I gave my flat iron and my curling wand to my daughters after I got the Dyson Corrale. It’s what I use for both my straight and wavy looks. Yes, it’s pricey, but as with most things Dyson, it is in a class unto itself.

What makes the Dyson Corrale Styling Iron unique is the flexing copper alloy plates that shape around the hair. I have very thin, fine hair that is prone to heat damage, so I’m extra careful with the styling tools I use. This technology provides better results with less heat than other styling irons.

I also love that you can charge this styling iron and use it cord-free, or if you forget to charge it, you can plug it right into the wall and use it that way.

You can also plug the Magnetic Charging Cable into the back of the Charging Dock so the styling iron charges when it’s sitting in the cradle.

I usually keep mine plugged into the outlet inside my vanity drawer, but if I forget and it’s low on charge when I go to style my hair, I can place it in the Charging Dock so it charges every time I set it down. This usually keeps it going long enough for me to get through my hair, and then I turn it off and leave it in the cradle to fully charge while I go on with my day.

Okay, so here’s how I use the Dyson Corrale to straighten and curl my hair.

How I Straighten My Hair with the Dyson Corrale

First of all, it has two heat settings, and I always put it on the medium setting, which is 350 degrees. It’s all I need to get results, and as I said above, I’m always careful about not damaging my fine, thin hair with heated hair tools.

To style my hair straight, all I do is pull the styling iron through each section of my hair. I work quickly, because I don’t want it to look too flat; I just want to get rid of the frizz.

The end result is something like this. This is how I wear my hair most days, but sometimes it’s fun to add some beachy waves, and I use the Dyson Corrale for that too!

How I Curl My Hair with the Dyson Corrale

When I want a wavy look, it’s a little more of a process, but it still only takes about 10 minutes. I usually take it into two sections. I twist and pin the top half of my hair up and out of the way, and I curl the bottom half first. Then I go back and do the top half. I always curl my hair away from my face, but you don’t have to. It’s purely a matter of preference.

You just place the styling iron in the section of hair, towards the root, turn it a half turn, as shown below, and then pull straight through to the end. I know, it sounds crazy, but it actually curls your hair!

The slower you move the iron through your hair, the more curl it will give. I tend to start slow at the top, and then pull it faster as I move down the length of the hair, so the ends are practically straight. If they look too curly, I just use the styling iron on the ends to straighten them out.

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photos: Alison Cornell

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  1. The Corrale and the Tarte set are on my wishlist lol. I did just order the mixed metal cuff bracelet and earrings from your VE collection. I’m really excited because I didn’t get to order when it launched, and it’s such a great deal now. Enjoy your weekend!

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