Kid-Friendly New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

If your New Year’s Eve is anything like mine, it will involve several children, so I thought I’d put together some kid-friendly New Year’s Eve party ideas.

Celebrating New Year's Eve with the kids this year? Here are some fun Kid-Friendly New Year's Eve Party Ideas including crafts, decor, recipes and more!

Our New Year’s Eve festivities this year are going to be pretty chill. We’re planning to spend the evening with my brother’s family, and he has three small children, so we will have an early dinner and a fun kid-centric celebration that will most likely end WAY before midnight.

I bought some hats and noise makers, and I thought it would be fun to come up with some festive recipes and games and party ideas to make it a real celebration. Naturally, I went pinteresting . . . You know, it’s the new googling.

I’m guessing that you may have similar plans. At this stage of life, I find myself making most of my New Year’s Eves more about the kids than for us. And I’m almost ALWAYS in bed before that ball drops. So if you’re in the same boat, looking to make a festive New Year’s Eve for YOUR children, perhaps you’ll find these kid-friendly New Year’s Eve party ideas useful too!

Kid-Friendly New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

I love the idea of celebrating midnight with another country. Choose a time that works for your kids and your family. I have a feeling my brother is going to want to head home by 8pm, so maybe at 7:00 we can celebrate midnight along with the folks in London.

I totally want to make these adorable Milk Shots for the kids.

milk shots for new years eve

photo credit: Sweet Little Peanut (unfortunately, the site is gone, but these should be easy to make!)

Or how about a milk and cookies toast?

milk and cookie toast

Whenever you decide to celebrate midnight, consider having a balloon drop. I think I’m going to see if we can arrange this! You can buy a balloon drop kit or just go to your local party store and have them do it for you.

Consider making your own party hats. This would be a fun activity to do with the kids.

new years eve clock hats

Another fun craft to do with kids is these Countdown Shakers.

new year's eve shakers

I’m totally digging these Countdown Cupcakes.

countdown cupcakes

Or this is another cute cupcake idea using clock theme. Get the $1 printable.

clock printable

Send everyone home with a bag of Midnight Kisses. This is a cute idea for a kid or adult party.

midnight kisses

If you’re super ambitious, you can make your own confetti garland.


Or these shimmering New Year’s Eve streamers


In years past, we have had fondue on New Year’s Eve. The kids always love that. You can find my go-to fondue recipes here.


And I have a whole slew of New Year’s Eve Party Recipes that I put together a couple of years back. They’re all fantastic and (with the exception of the cosmo) kid-friendly.


Whatever you do, the most important thing is being together and having fun.

I’m sure I won’t go all out with some of these fancy decorating ideas, but we will definitely have special food and drinks, balloons, noise makers and a rollicking good time.

Who says you need a fancy night out to enjoy New Year’s Eve!??

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