LOFT & Banana Republic Try-On Haul

Here we are again, another Friday, and I’ve got a new try-on haul for you today! I placed a large Banana Republic order when they were having a Friends & Family Event, but there isn’t a sale happening now. I also have some items from a LOFT order, and they are on sale. I believe it’s 40% off sitewide this weekend.

SIZING NOTES: I’m 5’5″ and I usually wear a small in tops and dresses, a 29 in jeans, and a size 8 shoe. Gifted items are indicated by c/o; everything else I purchased myself.

New Fall Styles from Banana Republic

I ordered a bunch of pants from Banana Republic, but the sizing was all over the place, and quite a few of them weren’t even worth photographing. I ordered the size 8 in all of them, but I definitely should have ordered both 8 and 10 to try. Here’s what I can show you…

BR Siena Slim Italian Wool Ankle Pant

at Banana Republic (8 Regular) // BR sweater shell (S) // similar loafers // Yurman earrings

This first pair did fit, but I don’t love the silhouette. It’s supposed to be a mid-rise slim, straight ankle pant. There are four color options, and they come in petite, regular, and tall lengths. (Inseams: Petite/Short 26″, Regular 28″, Tall 31″.) I’m wearing the size 8 Regular.

I styled these pants with loafers and a simple ribbed sweater for something you might wear to work (with a blazer on top, assuming sleeveless tops aren’t appropriate for most workplaces.) If you have a need for something like this, the quality is excellent, and I guess they fit nicely, but it’s just not a look I enjoy wearing.

I used to keep a few pairs of classic wool trousers in my fall/winter wardrobe for wearing to church and other random events that might crop up, but I can’t imagine needing these. They are far more conservative than anything I would need at this point in my life.

VERDICT: Returning, but if you need a pair of work pants, these are worth a try.

BR Nezha Merino Sweater Shell in Malbec Red

at Banana Republic (S) // AG Mari (30) ($50 off) // Tory Burch boots (8) // LOFT earrings

I decided to try the same top with an outfit I might wear, because I do like this top quite a bit. These jeans are $50 off at Bloomingdale’s, by the way.

I like the wider ribbed knit, and how it’s cut around the shoulders to cover that flabby bit of skin we ladies tend to get around the bra straps. I call them my chicken cutlets, lol.

This is the size medium, and I certainly wouldn’t want it any smaller, so I would recommend sizing up, if in between.

Here’s how it looks with a jacket on top. Some of you have asked about when it’s okay to wear a shirt that shows beneath the hem of a jacket, and I think with a cropped jacket like this, it can work.

I do like it better tucked, though, and this is how that would look. I would add a belt and a bracelet if I were to wear this out and about. I would probably not wear a necklace, but you certainly can.

A long pendant would add interest and draw attention in and towards the waist, where this outfit looks rather plain in the middle, but that’s a rather dated look. If you like it, do it, but I would use the belt as the added interest and attention to the waist, and forego a necklace.

VERDICT: I did keep this top. It’s a nice one for transition season, and our weather has gotten warm again.

BR Essential Long-Sleeve Polo

at Banana Republic (S) // BR The Straight Jean (29) // Tory Burch flats (8) // Yurman earrings

I like the idea of this jersey knit button-down, as one of the reasons I tend to steer clear of button-down shirts is the fabric often feels stiff and uncomfortable to me. But it’s really long, so that it doesn’t look good untucked, but it’s bulky to tuck.

These jeans were featured in last week’s Fall Denim Try-On Haul, so you can get more info on them there, if you like, but they run small and are verrrry tight in my waist. There is no way I could wear this outfit without sizing up in the jeans, and then I fear they would look too big in the legs.

VERDICT: Returned the jeans and the shirt.

BR The Straight Corduroy Pant in Potters Clay

at Banana Republic (29R) // BR polo (S) // leopard flats (8) // Yurman earrings

These corduroys have a similar silhouette to the jeans. They have a 11″ high rise, with a full-length, straight-leg silhouette. (The inseam measurements are : Short 27″, Regular 29″, Long 32″.) I’m in the 8 Regular, and they are a good length, but I just don’t like the silhouette. I wish they were cut slimmer through the thighs and legs.

I also wish I’d tried them with boots, as shown on the model, but I still don’t think I’d like them for me.

VERDICT: These pants went back.

I also didn’t really mention the shoes. They’re very comfortable, but I feel like the bow is too sweet, and the light-colored print against the darker pants draws the eye to the feet and then just leaves you there. LOL! I don’t like this look at all. It feels very juvenile to me. They’re going back, as well.

BR Vasto Pleated Italian Wool Pant

at Banana Republic (8 Regular) // BR polo (S) // similar loafers // Yurman earrings

Okay, another pair of trousers… No. Just, no.

BR Nezha Merino Sweater Polo in Malbec Red

at Banana Republic (S) // BR The Relaxed Flare Jean (29 Petite) // Vince Hilda (8) // Jenni Bird earrings & necklace

I love this whole look! These jeans were also reviewed in last week’s Fall Denim Try-On Haul, and I kept them. The sweater is a nice ribbed knit, and I love the slightly flared sleeves and the easy length. It looks fine untucked, but I could also front tuck and wear a belt.

The neckline is right on trend at the moment, and I appreciate the set-in sleeves. It’s very flattering the way it fits through the shoulders and upper arms.

VERDICT: Keeping!

BR Hannah Ribbed Crew-Neck Sweater

at Banana Republic (S) // MOTHER Roller (29) // Vince Hilda (8) // Jenni Bird earrings

This is a nice base layer to have in your closet. I like the texture, and it sits close to the body without being overly clingy.

It’s a little long to leave untucked, so I showed it here with a front-tuck. I would add a belt, and wear it under a long wool coat.

VERDICT: Keeping!

New Fall Styles from LOFT

LOFT is doing 40% off site-wide, which is a pretty good deal for them. I have a few items I ordered a couple weeks ago that have been trickling in.

Topstitched Wedge Tee

at LOFT (S) // MOTHER Roller (29) // Kork-Ease clogs (8) // Yurman earrings

I’m sorry that this shirt is sold out in the navy, but it’s fully stocked in the red. I love the details on the sleeve. I tried to get some close-up shots to show you.

I also tried it with the Banana Republic The Straight Jean… It’s a cute look, I guess. I still prefer a slimmer leg silhouette on me, though.

Even with the wide leg jeans above, the fit is slim through the hips and thighs. That’s what I need, no matter what the jeans do from knee to hem.

VERDICT: I kept this top; it’s just a nice elevated tee to wear on casual days.

Also, regarding the shoes, they’re excellent quality and very comfortable. I love the sleek, square toe silhouette, but I just didn’t love the contrasting T-button emblem on top. I think I’d prefer a pair where that blends in a little more. (This pair is the Almond Flour.) That green snake color way is really fun, and the Spark Gold and Perfect Black are nice too.

LOFT Stripe Ribbed Boatneck Top

at LOFT (size S) // FRAME Le High Straight (29) // P448 sneakers (39) // Jenni Bird earrings

Yoiks, this top is sooooo tight. I could barely pull it on over my body. It’s a cute design, but definitely size up, if ordering!

Ribbed Mock Neck Top in Magical Plum

at LOFT (M) // FRAME Le High Straight (29) // P448 sneakers (39) // Marc Fisher boots (8) / Jenni Bird earrings

I had the good sense to order this top in the medium, and I need every bit of it. I wish it wasn’t so long, and I feel like the sleeves are an awkward length. They end right at the boob line, so if you are trying to downplay a larger chest, this top may not be fore you.

If that is not your issue, it might be a nice one to have. It stands alone nicely, or it can be layered under a blazer or other type of jacket.

VERDICT: Returning. I have others in this color that I like better.

Collared V-Neck Sweater

at LOFT (S) // AG Mari (30) ($50 off) // Marc Fisher boots (8) // Jenni Bird earrings & necklace

I love this sweater, and the grey has been restocked! It has a nice, easy fit; and it’s a verrry soft and comfortable knit. I love the collared, v-neck design, and it’s the perfect 23″ length to wear untucked.

The fabric is 47% Nylon, 29% Acrylic, 20% Cotton, 4% Spandex; so if you can’t wear wool, this one is perfect for you!

VERDICT: Keeping! If I was the type to buy multiples, I’d probably snap up the Pale Pearl Heather, as well.

Scoop Neck Midi Dress in Charcoal Grey Heather

at LOFT (S) // Marc Fisher boots (8) // Jenni Bird earrings & necklace

Ribbed dresses continue to trend for fall, and this is a nice one. It’s very soft and comfortable, and I feel like it’s fairly forgiving, although it does cling pretty tight through the thighs and legs.

While I like it when my jeans fit snugly through the hip and thigh area, I prefer my ribbed knit dresses to hang straight down from the hips. I could maybe size up, but the small fits properly through the shoulders and arms.

It also comes in a pretty shade of ivory called Maple Sugar Heather; and the fabric is 68% Rayon, 32% Polyester, so safe for those who can’t wear wool.

VERDICT: I returned this one; I think I can do better.

Ribbed Collared Midi Dress

at LOFT (S) // Marc Fisher boots (8) // Jenni Bird earrings & necklace

And finally, this is the same as the red-orange one with the short sleeves that I styled a few weeks ago. I was waiting anxiously for this dress to go on sale, and then I snagged it.

I ordered the small this time, even though I have the red-orange one in the medium. I’m glad I did because I think it fits okay, and I wouldn’t want the sleeves any longer. This dress has more of an A-line shape through the skirt area, which helps to balance my wider hips and shoulders.

It’s starting to sell out, so if you like it, grab it now! I will probably wear it with knee-high boots rather than ankle boots.

VERDICT: Keeping!

And that’s all I’ve got for today! I haven’t been trying on clothes lately, but I do have some boxes to open, so I’ll definitely have more to show you next week. Have a great weekend!

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26 thoughts on “LOFT & Banana Republic Try-On Haul

  1. You are so funny! We can tell right away when you don’t like something just be the look on your face. Thank you for sharing all of the oufits.

  2. I have tried Banana Republic pants and jeans many times over the years and have never once kept a pair. I also found that the sizing was so inconsistent and they just felt wonky on my body. However, my sister looks great in their pants and loves them. Go figure!?! I loved the knit dresses on you 🙂

  3. LOL made my day ! Your face – we don’t even need to read the caption to know you don’t love what you’re trying on – love that you keep it real.

  4. Thank you for including Banana Republic! I love their revamped minimalist style and rarely see their pieces shown by bloggers. I love BR Factory too!

  5. I really like the sweaters with the Johnny collar. Like you, my pants need to fit below my backend even if they are full from the knees down.

  6. Thanks for featuring some BR items. BR forms the base of my “dressier” clothes– which often just means jeans, a nice top/sweater and heeled boots in the fall and winter. As Jamalyn said, they have a great minimalist style– I read that as classic. That said, their sizes are wonky! I really like their Ryan pants. I have a brown windowpane pair from sometime in the last 2 years and every time I wear them, someone asks me where they came from. I keep hoping that BR will release them in a black houndstooth or windowpane. I don’t love plain black dress pants but I LOVE a simple pattern. I have the Garnet Merino sweater in my cart. I’m so bummed that I missed it during the sale.

  7. I actually like the Banana Republic straight leg jeans. It’s a bit of a different look, but I think they’re flattering on you. I also really like the black sweater, even untucked. I feel like it’s flatteringly form-fitting, which keeps it from looking sloppy when it’s untucked. But…I’m absolutely not an expert. At all.

    Thanks for showing a picture of a shirt underneath a cropped jacket! I feel more secure wearing mine now.

    I was forced to return my entire LOFT order today. I feel like their sizing is off, or something. Very disappointing.

    1. Oh, dear. Teacher Jo-Lynne wore Talbots printed sweaters and cords, and overall jean dresses, haha! She was not very chic or sophisticated in her style at the time. But then, again, it was the 90’s.

  8. I think some of the pants look too matronly. By your face I can tell you don’t like them either. I think BR pants seem to work forthe tall slinder run way model look. I’ve tried their pants many times, jeans too and fit isn’t right. The first black wool pants would look better with heel pumps. I think the flat loafer doesn’t work.

    1. I used to love their pants, I wore them all the time. But I was about 10 pounds thinner and 10 years younger, lol. Maybe they’ve changed, but I know I’ve changed, haha! I was disappointed because I was expecting to get some great finds. I love how they’re putting outfits together right now. Lots of great inspiration from their website.

  9. I, too, find BR sizing to be weird, but if you can find the right style and fit, their stuff is beautiful. Classic, well made, great fabrics. I am heading into retirement as well as an overseas move, so I am not buying anything right now, but if I were still working and sticking around, I would be purchasing several of the items that you showed. Thank you for including BR in your posts – as someone else mentioned, a lot of influencers seem to ignore the company, and I don’t understand why.

  10. I tried on a bunch of Banana work pants recently, and I too found the sizing to be wonky, with most being too small and tight in the waist. I blamed myself for gaining weight so it’s nice to see that someone several sizes smaller is also having this problem.

  11. That color “merlot red” is so stunning on you! I love that sweater with the flared jeans. Do you shop at BR Factory too? Fit wise, it’s often hit or miss & I feel like lately more tight in the same size, but their price point and sales are amazing & I feel like that’s now my favorite of all the Gap/BR/Old Navy lineup.
    Thanks for all your try ones and posts – they are so helpful!

  12. Nice post and I also struggled with BR factory sizing, different than the Gap Factory in Jeans/pants. I bought the burgundy coated Kut jacket and love it, very comfortable. It’s a great piece to elevate everyday casual.

  13. I like the brown dress and the two burgundy sweaters from Banana Republic. I think the black pants would look better with different shoes or booties. The loafers look too mannish. I haven’t ordered much from Loft this fall other than a black sweater vest. I don’t like their fall collection too much.

    1. I agree, I wish I’d tried other shoes and boots with those pants. I think I was just so disenchanted with how they looked and felt, I didn’t feel like working with them. But it would have still been helpful to see.

  14. Hi there- I’m just catching up on your blog posts from last week and love the last ribbed merlot colored polo style dress in your try-ons. When I clicked on the link it takes me to a page of floral dresses at LOFT. Do you have a direct link to that exact dress; I can’t find it on their website.

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