Mauve Teddy Coat

The teddy coat is having a moment this fall, and I couldn’t let my winter style series pass without styling one! Unfortunately, since we shot this look, Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend has come and gone, and so have most sizes of this coat.

There are still quite a few options in the mocha color, though; and it’s probably more versatile anyway, but I couldn’t resist this pretty mauve.

This teddy coat has that fun nubby texture that defines the style, but it’s a nice quality bouclé that I think looks more expensive than it is. Sometimes these teddy coats can tend to resemble a bathrobe, but this one has a quality look about it, and it’s really soft and cozy.

I like the open styling, which makes it so easy to throw on and go. That also makes it look like more of an outfit completer piece than outerwear, but it works as both.

I will say that the placement of the lapels is a bit unfortunate. I think it would look great on someone not quite so well-endowed, but on me it adds some visual weight, so keep that in mind if it’s something you’re considering.

Underneath, I’m wearing this ribbed mockneck from Madewell, and there are more sizes at Nordstrom. Both Nordstrom and Madewell offer free shipping and free returns, so it’s really a matter of who has your size and where you prefer to accumulate rewards points.

I like this sweater so much I got it in the burgundy as well. I think the ribbed texture is so pretty, and it’s that shorter boxy look that is on trend. It’s also made of that stretchy, supersoft yarn that is so comfortable. For size reference, I’m wearing the small. You could size up for a slouchier fit, but I was afraid if I went any bigger, it would look sloppy.

I accessorized with silver jewelry. These earrings and necklace are both from Kohl’s, and I often wear them together because the hammered metal in both pieces looks great together.

I also really like how lightweight they both are. They’re inexpensive but look a lot nicer than the price tag might suggest.

On the bottom, I wore bootcut jeans and sock booties, and I carried my black satchel. I love the barely boot jeans at Express, and you can’t beat the price for the quality.

I’ve had this satchel for years, and it still comes in so handy. It’s a great everyday size, and the black hardware gives it a little bit of an edgy vibe.

teddy coat // mockneck sweater (also at Nordstrom) // barely boot jeans // similar sock booties (budget option) // satchel // double ring pendant // circle drop earrings // photo credit: Alison Cornell

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24 thoughts on “Mauve Teddy Coat

  1. What length do you recommend for boot cut jeans? I am unable to wear heels, not sure where they should come with flat shoes.

    1. I think they should always come about a half inch from the ground, whether you’re wearing flats or heels. They shouldn’t drag on the ground, of course, but if they’re any more than in inch above, they’re going to look off.

  2. You look fabulous in this outfit. Those jeans…love them on you. They are out of my size in this particular pair, but I will definitely be checking into these jeans.ni see a trip to mall in my future. 
    Today is reserved for decorating our fresh cut tree. 

  3. Love the coat! I really like the feature at the end of your post where you show photos and prices of everything you are wearing.  It is very convenient.

  4. You have taught me something by sharing the Teddy coat, which I was not familiar with.  The color of it is so pretty.  Once again, you look so nice in that outfit.  If I were to wear a shorter length boxy sweater like what you have on, I would definitely want to wear high waisted jeans.  So, you are the reason I did not buy a handbag at Kohl’s yesterday.  THANK YOU!  I just ordered the one you shared in the email, and only had to pay $1.58 for it!  Score!!!  Can’t beat that price.  Instead I bought a Columbia fleece jacket and Trek Gear fleece top, both on sale, of course.  I couldn’t let the $30 Kohl’s cash burn a hole in my pocket.  Good luck with the flooring install and the other home improvements taking place today!  Can’t wait to see pictures.

  5. Love this outfit. I bought some jeans I think you would like…BLANKNYC Pull On Flare Leg Jeans from Nordstrom 🙂 our body types are very similar and they are super comfy!

  6. Hey Jo-Lynne, what size and length do you have in the jeans? They look great on you with the short sweater! Makes your legs look long and who doesn’t want that?

  7. Such a fun coat!  I think it would be down to my ankles since I’m so short, but I love the fabric.  I did buy a vest the other day in that “teddy fabric” that is similar to the coat.  Not super fuzzy, but just enough to be fun.

      1. I found it at Kohl’s – it’s Croft and Barrow.  They call it a “minky fleece vest.”  The description in the petite size has that in the title.  The regular sizes just says “fleece”, but the description below says “minky,” so I’m thinking it’s the same thing?  Definitely has more texture and softness than a normal fleece vest and better shaping.  “https://www.kohls.com/product/prd-3490239/womens-croft-barrow-fleece-vest.jsp?color=Mineral%20Black&prdPV=4

  8. Yay! Bootcuts! I like the outfit, but I might have done a brown boot for a little more texture. Of course a cowboy boot always looks awesome!

  9. I like the material of this teddy coat. It’s less bulky and won’t date as fast as the super trendy teddy. 
    I was wondering if you would have an indoor location that would be good for photo shoots. Somewhere with interesting architecture or pretty Christmas decorations. Then you could shoot regardless of weather.

    1. If I knew of one, I would surely use it! 🙂 We called the mall, and they don’t allow it. We may shoot some in my house next week, if the weather isn’t cooperating. I wanted to get my Christmas decorations up first.

  10. Super cute as always JoLynne! Thanks for the tip on the purse, I just ordered!! Love it when you share these awesome sales, thank you. Keep doing what you’re doing!! 🙂

  11. Great looking outfit.  What about taking the coat to a tailor and have the lapels narrowed.  Remember “What Not to Wear”, said make friends with a good tailor!

  12. That coat is so pretty! I also like both pieces of your jewelry from Kohl’s. Speaking of jewelry, sometime could you do a post or a Q&A on how you determine what style of earrings compliment certain pendants or necklaces. I know matchy-matchy isn’t the best option usually but how do your determine what shape looks right together. For instance the pendant you’re wearing in with your outfit today is a circle so do you keep your earrings round as well or does it matter? I never know if there are good rules to follow. when it comes to jewelry.

  13. Love this outfit! The detail on the sweater is so pretty and I like this longer teddy coat option. My tops tend to run long since I am short and short coats look funny with them.

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