My Most Worn Summer 2023 Wardrobe Staples

Before I completely transition my content to fall fashion trends and transition styles for the upcoming season, I thought I’d round up my most worn summer wardrobe staples. This post is always a fun one, but it’s also a worthwhile exercise and one I recommend every woman perform at the end of a season.

Assessing what clothing items we wore the most (and the least) helps us know what to eliminate when it comes time to switch out our closets for the new season, and it also helps us become better shoppers as we attempt to curate a workable wardrobe that matches our life and style.

This process is always evolving, but hopefully it gets easier as time goes on. I can certainly say that I’ve become more confident in my clothing choices and purchasing decisions as I’ve spent the last few years honing in on what truly works for me and makes me feel confident at this point in my life.

My Most Worn Summer 2023 Wardrobe Staples

After scanning the What I Wore Lately cover photos from the last couple of months, I came up with this list of my most worn summer closet staples from 2023. As much as I shop, I’m very selective about what I actually hang in my closet to wear on the regular, so doing these posts helps me be more strategic about what I keep and return.

also wearing: similar FRAME denim (29) // old AllSaints belt // Vince Camuto slides (8) // MOTHER Roller (29) // rattan earrings // Kork-Ease heels (8) // similar belt // straw clutch // Amo Welder Skirt (28) // similar sandals // Dragon Diffusion basket bag

#1. FRAME Le Mid-Rise V-Neck Tee // A great white tee is foundational to my summer wardrobe because it goes with absolutely everything, and it always looks chic and polished. When I’m ever in doubt for what to wear, a white tee with jeans never fails me. The key is for both pieces to be in good condition and fit well, and then to accessorize appropriately for the occasion.

I still love my ATM Schoolboy V-Neck Tee, but I find myself reaching for the Frame Le Mid-Rise V-Neck a lot more this year. It has such a flattering neckline and sleeves, and the smooth pima cotton fabric is classic and always looks polished, even after a day of traveling. (Yes, I’ve put it to the test!)

also wearing: Ciao tee (S) // Sam Edelman sandals (8) // Chaser tank S) // Tory Burch sandals (8) // Dragon Diffusion basket bag // Rails button-up (S) // white tank // Naot sandals (8)

#2. KUT from the Kloth Porkchop Shorts (more sizes) (6) // Denim shorts are always on repeat during the summer months, but these are the only ones I’ve worn with any regularity this yera. When I try on other shorts, attempting for some semblance of variety in my outfits, I usually revert back to these because they’re so comfortable and they go with everything. I really like the clean, finished hems and the way the porkchop style pockets add interest. They run big; definitely size down, if ordering.

also wearing: Sundry tee // similar sandals // LOFT sweater (S) // Vince Camuto heels (8) // old FRAME silk tee (S) // similar sandals

#3. MOTHER The Hustler Ankle Frayed Jeans (29) // I wear white jeans a ton during the spring and summer, and the ones I find myself wearing most this year are these frayed hem kick crop jeans. The silhouette helps balance out my ever-widening hips (thanks, perimenopause) and the length works well with both flats and heels.

also wearing: LOFT stripe dress (S)

#4. Dragon Diffusion Santa Croce large woven-leather basket bag // I was immediately drawn to this bag when Helena (Brooklyn Blonde) showed it on her IG Story. I love how it plays into the current trends, but it still has a classic summer vibe, and it’s not a bag that you see everywhere. When I got it in the mail, it was even more beautiful than I had anticipated, and I found myself carrying it more than any other this spring and summer.

Because it’s handmade, it goes in and out of stock frequently, but if you want one, you can add it to your Wishlist at Matches Fashion, and they’ll email you when stock becomes available.

also wearing: old graphic tee // KUT from the Kloth Porkchop Shorts (more sizes) (6) // stripe tank (M) // MOTHER Insiders (29) // Sundry side twist tee (1)

#5. P448 John Sneakers in Peony (39) // I’m a huge fan of the P448 John, and when I saw this white on white colorway with the metallic trim early in the season, I snapped them right up. I just love how they pair with everything from dresses to shorts to white or blue jeans.

#6. Vince Camuto Barcellen Slide Sandals (8) // I had quite a few contenders for my most-worn sandals this summer, but I think these walnut brown Vince Camuto slides win the day. (Or the season, rather!) For one thing, they’re supremely comfortable with extra padding in the footbed, and I think the woven knotted upper and square toe are so pretty and flattering.

The walnut brown color is highly versatile, and it coordinates beautifully with my beloved Dragon Diffusion woven tote! It will also carry me well into fall, if the weather stays warm, thus maximizing their cost per wear. If you want to snag yourself a pair, they’re currently on sale at Macy’s and QVC.

#7. similar FRAME Le High Straight (29) // I hate to include a pair of jeans that’s no longer available, but as the summer progresses, I find myself reaching for these straight crop jeans more and more. It’s between these and the MOTHER Insiders in Dancing on Coals, but I feel like I’m moving away from all the distressing, and these FRAME jeans seem a little more refined. These were an #NSale purchase from 2022, and the cost per wear is mere pennies at this point.

also wearing: MOTHER Hustler (29) // graphic tank (S) // Amo Welder Skirt (28) // stripe tank (M) // MOTHER Insider (29)

#8. Sundry Side Twist Tee // Speaking of items that are no longer available, this tee has probably been worn more than any other except for my white FRAME v-neck.

For summer tops that are still available, I’ve found myself wearing the Anna Printed Stripe Tank quite a bit since I got it a few weeks ago, and the Chaser Sunset Rays Tank has seen a lot of airtime as well.

The one common denominator here is that all of these tops are from Evereve! I swear by Evereve for finding stylish pieces (especially tops) that you don’t see everywhere. The quality is typically better than average, and the styles are grown-up but still relevant to the current trends.

#9. Sea Level Cross Front One Piece Swimsuit (8) // Between a week at the beach and my backyard pool, I wear my swimsuits a lot, and the one I reach for the most is this cross front one piece. It slides on and off easily, and it’s flattering and comfortable too. I like it so much, I have it in both red and black!

Which of your favorite wardrobe pieces did you reach for most this summer?

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42 Responses

  1. Madewell has an alternative to your Dragon Diffusion bag and I bought it to use this summer. It’s very similar in color and structure and has the same woven design. I unexpectedly get compliments all the time when I’m out and about. I got mine directly from the Madewell store but have seen it online at Nordstrom too. I think I paid just under $200, maybe less.

    1. I didn’t, although I still have them. I just always feel like they’re “a lot” and I often opt for the Kork Ease pair instead when i want a heel. I also added these wedges to my closet later this summer, and I’m sort of drawn to them more. Both are super high, though, and since the beach I’ve been nursing a weak ankle, so I’m afraid to wear either very much.

  2. You made my day with your comment about perimenopause. It helps me so much to know I’m not alone in my widening hips! Thank you. 🙂

  3. I think I’d say my most worn Summer outfit is the Kut from the Kloth denim pork chop shorts you recommended….. love them for the same reasons you mentioned and any of my white T shirts or my other white shirts. I’ve been working hard on purging my closet and staying true to my style and life style also. I still have more I could purge. I just have a hard time getting rid of things still in good shape. I take care of my clothes so they last along time.

      1. Yes I did debate because of the length. I thought they’d be too short. But you said not to pay attention to that and try them and I did and so glad. The length is good. Love the front patch pockets. Thanks again for recommendation. I also got them on sale for $8 off at time I ordered. Bonus.

        1. I love my porkchop shorts too, have worn them almost every day recently. Love that they are sturdy and comfortable, not too tight in waistline and surprisingly not too short, length is more flattering than most of my longer shorts. I also found mine on sale! Thanks!

    1. The Vince Camuto sandals on QVC had a light neutral and the darker ones JL owns. I just checked on them myself.

  4. The Porkchop short was on repeat for me this summer as well. I was exactly like you, anytime I put on a different pair of denim shorts, I always changed back into those. I am so glad that you featured them, otherwise I wouldn’t have thought I needed another pair of denim shorts!

    In regard to denim shorts, I know there are varying rules as to how often to wash denim jeans, how often do you wash your denim shorts? I feel like I wash them after every wear just because summer, sweat, outdoors more etc. But hope I am not doing too much damage to the fabric as I hope to wear them as much next summer!

  5. Love all these items! I’ve requested a notification when those porkchop shorts are back in stock in my size. I had a similar pair from Kut years ago and wore them all the time. FYI for any readers interested in the Kut Gidget (frayed hem, regular pockets), Zappos has them on sale for $29.94 in select sizes. Think it was only 0-4 and 12-14, but great steal if you wear those sizes.

  6. I have reached for my white denim shorts the most, plus I am wearing sandals a lot more often–my sneakers are often ignored! Also, I am loving dresses lately, and I can’t explain it. Maybe it’s the one-and-done aspect! 😁

  7. Hello,
    I look forward to reading your blog everyday. I appreciate all you fashion insight. After retiring last year, I’m in the evolving process of deciding what I should keep and what should go. I found bolero type sweaters in a variety of colors that I wore over dresses. Are these something I should hold on to for the occasional event I need a little something? Thanks for your thoughts!

    1. I think we’re going to see those returning, with all the shorter styles that are out right now. And sometimes, they are simply the best solution to the problem of what to wear over a dressy dress, even if they’re not super trendy.

  8. Thanks, like I needed another pair of shoes😂!!! I love those brown Vince Camuto slides ever time I see them in one of your posts. I hopped over to the Macy’s website and finally ordered them. I see how versatile they are and know they’ll get lots of use. Now I have to decide which two pairs of shoes have to leave my closet…

  9. I love this process, it makes me think what did i wear alot. I would have tosay to my gap draw string ankle pants. I have them in olive and black, they go w so many different shirts. I wish i could find the navy in my size.

  10. For evereve, when you return things from a single order, do you pay just the $5.95 when they are in a single box or is a flat rate per returned item? I find myself really liking their clothes but their return policy gives me pause…

  11. Love this process and I alwAys “purge” my closet from season to season I don’t often get rid of things I’m not wearing as much but I’m going to do that this year. I have too many clothes in my closet and most of them do not get worn enough. I’d love to curate a closet of clothes I love!!
    Thanks Jolynne!!

  12. I’m eyeing the P448, always looking for the perfect white sneaker. You chose a different pair for Italy, right? Were the P448 not as comfortable? Thanks 😊

    1. Yes, while I’ve walked miles in my P448s I wasn’t sure I could walk as much as we would be doing in Italy. They’re a tad heavy and not as flexible as the Taos sneakers that I brought. I also felt like a simpler style would be more versatile, although I think these would go with any of the outfits I wore there. If I go back sometime, I might try the P448s b/c I do prefer the styling.

  13. Just wait til the Hot Flashes start. My hips didn’t widen but I’m paying for it with hot flashes. No Fun!! Have a great day!
    Linda W.

    1. Ugh, I keep waiting. I do run hotter than I used to, especially at night. But I’m not getting hot flashes yet, I don’t think. I got something that sort of felt like one in church a few months ago, but it hasn’t happened again, so I’m not sure what it was.

      1. You may not get hot flashes. I have had a few “warm flashes,” although not for a few years. I have been in menopause for over 5 years, and so far I’ve been fine. The easy menopause makes up for a couple of other health conditions I’m dealing with, so I’ll take it! 😀

  14. I’m wearing the same clothes all summer. Cotton t-shirts, gauze and linen tops. I’m wearing the chinos I bought from Gap and Old Navy since they are cooler than jeans. I can’t wear long jeans in 100 plus weather. I’m so glad wide leg pants are in style. I’m petite but very hot natured in the summer. I’m post menopausal too so I can’t blame it on that. Only regret I have buying this season is crop flare jeans. They make my thighs look bigger and I look shorter. When I wear long flare pants I look taller. I’m glad I discovered that about my body.

    1. Isn’t it so liberating to understand what looks good on you!?! It hasn’t been as hot here in Philly as it has in other areas. I can wear jeans almost every day and be fine, but I expect that will change once the hot flashes start.

      1. Yes it is. I can’t believe it took so long to figure it out. I give credit to bloggers like you who have posts on body shapes. I wish I had read fashion blogs many years ago.

  15. I absolutely love your style! Since I am plus size, I can’t order the same items, but I’m starting to understand my style better and each season I improve my wardrobe.

  16. Hi, great post! Will you be doing a “worst” / least worn purchase post as well? Those are always super helpful and informative. Thanks for considering!

  17. I’ve been wearing the “Choose Joy” tank that you featured a ton this summer. This last week was a particularly rough one, so I was happy to have the constant reminder 🙂

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