Trending Beauty and Skincare Items I’m Seeing Everywhere

When it comes to staying on top of the latest beauty trends, we can count on social media to keep us updated on what new skincare products and makeup techniques are all the rage. Because I’m a sheep, apparently, of course I have to try them. Let’s just call it blog research, okay?

These are some of the popular beauty products that are currently making waves on Instagram and TikTok, and to make it super easy, they’re all available on Amazon!

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Trending Beauty and Skincare Items I’m Seeing Everywhere

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these, and if you think they’re worth it or not.

#1. First Aid Beauty KP Bump Eraser Body Scrub // This skincare essential is designed to target and improve the appearance of keratosis pilaris (KP) and rough skin texture. Infused with glycolic and lactic acids, this scrub gently exfoliates, leaving the skin smoother and more refined. I have this situation on my upper arms and thighs, so I’m eager to try this one!

#2. Paula’s Choice Exfoliant // This liquid exfoliant works to gently remove dead skin cells and impurities from the surface of your skin. It helps unclog pores, refine texture, and brighten the skin, leaving you with a smoother and more vibrant complexion.

#3. Advanced Clinicals Bulgarian Rose Anti-Aging Rescue Cream // Infused with natural ingredients, this cream works diligently to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while promoting a more youthful complexion. This would be a great full body moisturizer to incorporate into your routine, especially as dry winter weather will be approaching in a few months.

#4. COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence // This is one of the most popular products I’ve been seeing mentioned on social media lately, and apparently it’s a game changer! The main ingredient is formulated from a substance derived from the mucin produced by snails (which is obtained in a safe and ethical manner; they say it doesn’t harm the snails.)

This mucin is rich in nutrients and compounds that are believed to provide various benefits to the skin, including hydration, soothing, and promoting skin health. I have to admit, I’m particularly intrigued by this one!

#5. Mielle Rosemary Mint Scalp & Hair Strengthening Oil // If you’re attempting to thicken or strengthen your hair, you’ll want to add this one to your cart. I’ve been hearing about this from quite a few sources, and I really want to give it a try. It’s infused with a blend of rosemary and mint essential oils, to deliver vital nutrients to strengthen hair strands from root to tip. You’re supposed to massage this oil into the scalp to help stimulate circulation and contribute to a healthier environment for hair growth. Basically, this is a more natural alternative to Rogaine.

#6. Maybelline Sky High Lash Sensational Mascara // Say hello to all-day stunning lashes that won’t quit with this inexpensive drugstore mascara. I’m a makeup snob, but I’m going to give this a try because I hear great things, and it’s under $10!

#7. L’Oreal Paris True Match Lumi Glotion // As we age, our skin tends to start looking dull, and this “glotion” is touted as a secret weapon for that coveted radiant, glowy look. You can mix it with your foundation or apply it to specific areas.

#8. Buxom Power-full Plumping Lip Balm // I love my Buxom Plumping Lip Polish; I wear it every day, so I’m dying to try this combination of nourishment and a touch of volume in a convenient balm form. It comes in four beautiful shades, but I think I need to order ‘Dolly Fever’.

#9. Hair Wax Stick // Say goodbye to flyway hairs with this affordable hair wax stick. This is perfect for those of you that can rock that super chic, slicked back pony look we’ve been seeing all year!

#10. Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper, Pack of 2 // Did you know that regular tongue scraping helps promote fresher breath and a cleaner mouth, enhancing your overall oral health routine? This two-pack of stainless steel tongue scrapers is under $10. I feel like I’m always getting cavities, even though I brush and floss regularly, so I may need to try this.

#11. Caudalie Vinergetic C+ Instant Detox Clay Mask // This skincare powerhouse is infused with potent vitamin C and works to visibly tighten your pores in ten minutes. Sign me up!

#12. EOS Shea Better Shave Cream // Swimsuit and shorts weather is still here for at least another month, and this used to be my go-to shave cream. It’s such a good price, I think I may give it another try!

#13. Tweezerman Folding Lash Comb // Add to cart! I cannot stand clumpy lashes, and as hard as I try to take time with my mascara, it inevitably happens 9 times out of 10. This lash comb is designed to perfectly separate and define your lashes while removing any clumps or flakes, and it folds up for easy storage in your purse or makeup bag.

#14. Ecotools Makeup Brush + Sponge Shampoo// I don’t know about you, but I can always tell a difference in how well my makeup goes on when I’m using clean brushes and sponges! If you need a great option for cleaning your makeup tools, this gentle yet thorough shampoo is specially formulated to remove makeup, oils, and impurities from bristles and sponge materials without causing damage. Its cruelty-free and plant-based formula ensures that your tools are not only clean but also free from harsh chemicals. I’ve been using it for the past 6 mos, and I can’t believe how well it works.

#15. Clean Skin Club Disposable Face Towelettes // I love the concept of these, as I hate ruining my nice washcloths with black mascara and eyeliner. They also sound like they’d be great for travel, so I’ve ordered a box to try.

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59 Responses

  1. Have to say I was interested in the lash comb until I read the scary reviews about how sharp it is and you have to be careful not to poke yourself in the eye! Anyone have any other less terrifying suggestions?

    1. I saved an old mascara wand and washed it clean. I keep that in my makeup bag and when my mascara goes on a little clumpy, I comb it out with the old wand.

  2. Hi, I have been using the sky high mascara for quite a long time now, and it works great. The wand helps to separate your lashes when applying the mascara so you don’t get clumps. I also use the glowtion which is very moisturizing and I mix it with my foundation gives that nice extra glow to my skin. Thanks for all the recommendations. I think I’m going to try the Mucin on my skin.

  3. I use the tongue scraper every day. It works well and makes a big difference. I’ve used the hair oil but recently switched to another I like better.

  4. Hello! I’ve been using the KP Scrub since January and I did see improvement. I added the KP moisturizer with salicylic acid in March and then I did see more healing and improvement in texture and appearance. Also, my aesthetician recommends cleaning makeup brushes with my facial cleanser – especially if you’re acne prone. If it’s safe enough to clean your skin, it’s safe to clean your brushes with it rather than adding other chemicals to your brushes that can transfer to the skin. That’s her recommendation, but to each their own. Hope you have a good day – and a less eventful weather one!

  5. The KP Bump eraser works like a charm for me. I use it regularly now that I have the chicken skin places under control!

  6. Oh my goodness. No, I haven’t tried any of these products. They seem to solve problems I didn’t know I had. I’m 65 years old and most days I moisturize with Aveeno and use a little mascara, maybe some blusher. That’s it!

  7. Mielle rosemary mint scalp oil is a winner! All of the Mielle rosemary mint products are winners. After using products that cost 3 and 4 times as much I’m sticking with Mielle.

  8. I HIGHLY recommend Paula’s Choice 2% BHA liquid. My son and I both have rosacea and adult acne and it keeps both at bay. We both have reactions to the gel so I do not recommend that for sensitive skin. The Paula’s Choice website has great articles that explain different skin issues and what products work best. It has been a valuable resource for me even if I end up using different brands.

    1. I also use a Paula’s Choice 2% BHA liquid, but it’s not this one. It’s in a blue bottle. That stuff is amazing. If I feel a pimple coming on, if I put this on it, oftentimes it doesn’t even materialize.

  9. I used Buxom lip gloss daily. It’s all I use now because I love it so much. I tried the lip balm in the Dolly color and didn’t like it. It was too pink and I didn’t like the texture. I ended up tossing it. I hope it works for you!

    Lots of fun things to check out!!

  10. I have tried the Paula’s Choice toner and found it to be too harsh for my 61-year-old skin. It really dried me out and caused considerable irritation, redness, and flakiness. I think it might work well for younger people whose skin is more naturally oilier than mine.

    I have also tried the Bulgarian Rose moisturizer. I thought it was okay, but not as good as my Cetaphil lotion that I use every day.

    I have also tried the EOS shave cream and thought it was okay, but kind of watery. To save money and to eliminate clutter in my shower, I don’t buy shave cream anymore; I just make sure I buy thicker, creamier body washes that can also be used for shaving.

    I think I will try the L’Oreal illuminating lotion and the mascara.

    Thanks for putting this together

  11. I swear by Paula’s Choice you have listed. I use it daily in summer. Have to cut back to every other day in winter as I find it a bit drying.

    I also follow RealSkincare on Facebook. Lots of fabulous info & product recommendations from low to high end for all skin types. I have super sensitive skin

    1. Are you referring to “The Real Skincare Discussion Group” on Facebook with Rachel Elizabeth? That group is really really informative.

  12. I have the lash comb, and Annie is correct, it IS very sharp. As long as you’re not rushing, and you’re careful, you shouldn’t have any problems. It does wok wonders with removing clumps and separating lashes. A less terrifying suggestion would be a clean spoolie. They sell them in bulk packs on Amazon for less than $10. I can’t wait to see the reviews on the other products! Thanks for the list!

    1. Yikes, I’ll have to be careful. I’m such a klutz. I have tried spoolies and they don’t work as well as I’d like, but that’s what I use in a pinch. That or my tweezers, lol.

  13. I love the EOS shave cream, but the Maybelline mascara clumps. I’m Anxious to hear what you think, since I’m hoping maybe I just got a bad batch.

  14. Apparently I was in the know and didn’t realize. I have the rosemary oil which I use every other week because I have fine hair along with hair Finity vitamins. I also have Esos shaving cream which leaves your legs smooth and soft. I think i want to try glotion and lotion that was #1 .

  15. I tried both the KP lotion and the lumi…. I had KP on my arms for years. Kleanspa scrub has completely eliminated it after many different attempts with DermaDoctor and other exfoliants. Highly recommend Kleanspa.com which is now on auto ship. The Lumi caused an irritation/reaction which surprised me but after a day of wearing as a highlighter, those areas were quite red! YMMV of course. Just that those were two I’ve specifically tried.

  16. I use DIME beauty for my skin care routine. I use “The Works” bundle. I only use “Clean” products when it comes to skin care and make up. I love how you can click on each product and then each ingredient in that product and see what it is.

  17. Re the First Aid Beauty bump eraser: It is. Good product (love the brand), but it is hard to clean off the tub or shower, wherever you use it. So be prepared for the cleanup.

    1. Hmmm. I usually spray off my shower walls and floor and use the squeegee, so hopefully that will work okay. I don’t want to do any extra cleaning, not even for the sake of beauty, haha!

  18. I have had numerous ocular problems/surgeries over the past few years ending up with glaucoma and loss of sight in my right eye, also have extremely dry eyes so can attest to being very careful with anything used around your eyes. I use a daily lid and lash scrub recommended by my opthalmologist called Optase which is very refreshing. Just a word of warning not to use anything unnecessary around the eye for the sake of beauty!

    1. Nancy, you’re so right. I had to accept having skimpy eye lashes because the lash serum was causing my dry eyes to get drier and have a discharge. I also got white heads on my eyelids. That had never happened to me before. When I did research I found out there’s chemicals that some people can be allergic to. The serum I was using was giving me longer and darker lashes but they came at a price. I’m glad I didn’t have one of the really bad side effects that cause you to lose fat around your eyes giving a sunken look. Vanity is not worth my eye sight. I’m always on the lookout for a great mascara though. I’m going to look into the product you recommended.

      1. Terri, the Optase cleansing pads are good for cleansing away any bacteria and have natural ingredients, I order it from Amazon. I swear by the Clinique Daily Eye Benefits, have been using it for years.

  19. I have been using the Buxom lip balm in Dolly Fever for a few months. Wear it around the house when I don’t care about having iipstick on. I really like the way it glides on and feels like a tinted ‘treatment’. You and I are similar coloring so I think you would like the Dolly Fever color. I’ve been using a tongue scraper lately and feel it makes a difference in my overall oral health. I also brush my teeth and tongue with baking soda after toothpaste.

  20. My son’s girlfriend got him the Mielle hair oil and he’s been using it for a few weeks now. He likes it! I just ordered the Buxom lip balm. I had an Amazon gift card from Prime Days, so this and some pretty water hyacinth placemats are on their way to me! I’ve been a bit unhappy lately with my selection of lip colors (and I’ve got a lot 😬) so hoping this gets me out of the rut! Hoping y’all are having calmer weather. We are still under “extreme heat advisories” every.single.day down here, and we are in a severe drought that has no end in sight. Crazy that we can still be SO humid! Lol

  21. I started using the Paula’s Choice exfoliant a month ago and I love it. I mostly use it on my nose pores and black heads (a post-menopausal issue, yuck) and wow, it’s incredible! They have almost disappeared. It is very strong so heed the directions on starting slowly before increasing to once or twice a day. It can be very drying. I’ll probably have to adjust usage when the cold weather starts but I have found this product to be a game changer.

  22. For the past year I’ve used both the Paula’s Choice Exfoliant and the Snail Mucin at the suggestion of a “mature” makeup artist I follow (Michelle Spieler). I think both have really made a difference on my skin! The exfoliant has smoothed my skin, and I think the snail mucin has helped a lot with hydration – I use it after a serum (like vitamin C-I use Youn Beauty or a peptide type of serum) and before moisturizer. At first I was a little creeped out about it actually being from snails, but it’s just a clear, odorless gel, and I’m over the creepiness haha. About the disposable makeup removers, also at Michelle’s suggestion, I got these little square dark gray microfiber wash cloths on Amazon. The brand is SINLAND and I think they came in a pack of 12. I really like them. Thanks for the fun post!

  23. Items 1 and 2 live up the hype, I have used the KP scrub for years. I added paulas choice a few months ago and it has done way more for my skin than the Dr Gross pads, and at a much better price point. I have the Cauldie mask in my cart but I haven’t pulled the trigger yet!

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