What I Wore Lately Vol. 110

Hi friends! It’s another Wednesday, and time for another edition of What I Wore Lately! Even though I just did one last week, I have quite a few outfit pictures since getting back from Italy, so I thought I’d go ahead and get them off my desk (or out of my Dropbox folder, rather!)

These are just my real life outfits from the past week or so… and if you’re wondering why anyone cares, so am I. Ha! Although I do enjoy putting outfits together, and I will say, knowing that my everyday looks are going to be plastered on the Internet for all eternity does motivate me to think them through and dress to be the best version of myself.

That means paying attention to fit and proportion, accessorizing thoroughly, and not wearing the same outfit three times a week… which I would probably do if left to my own devices. So anyway, here we go!

What I Wore Lately: Two Weeks of Everyday Outfits

SIZING NOTES: I’m 5’5″ and I usually wear a small in tops and dresses, a 29 in jeans, and a size 8 shoe. Gifted items are indicated by c/o; everything else I purchased myself.

This first look is quintessential Jo-Lynne, if that doesn’t sound too terribly self-serving. Wearing black and denim with a metallic sandal is one of my favorite summer outfit formulas.

These are the Celine sandals I purchased in Florence, and they’re a major splurge, so I linked a similar for less option. (By the way, they were a lot less over there. I can see now why people say to shop for luxury items in Europe!)

Evereve tank (S) // similar Frame Le High Straight (option) // similar metallic slides // old John Hardy hoops // Gucci sunnies c/o

The website shows the details on this twist trim tank much better than this picture, but I just realized that it’s sold out. Sorry about that!

The next day, I went out to breakfast with my dad. I want to get more wear out of this denim skirt, so I threw it on with a floral twist-front top, trying to avoid the tucking issue.

Sanctuary tank (M) // Amo Welder Skirt (28) // similar metallic slides //  Dragon Diffusion tote

It looks okay in this front-on picture, but I didn’t care for the view from the side, and the way the twisted portion sits on top of the skirt, so I switched into a white tee. So much for avoiding the tucking issue! I’m still having a hard time getting used to tucking my tops in, but sometimes there is no other option.

I debated adding a belt, but I didn’t take the time to try it and see if I liked it. In this particular outfit, I think I might prefer less attention to my waist, which seems to be more non-existent by the day.

And because this is a rather plain outfit, I added large rattan earrings for some summer fun. I also switched to brown sandals to coordinate with the woven bag.

Frame tee (XS) // Amo Welder Skirt (28) // similar sandals //  Dragon Diffusion tote (option) // Amazon earrings

That afternoon, we hung out in the pool, and I snapped a quick picture even though my swimsuit and coverup are old and no longer linkable. Both are Bleu by Rod Beattie, and there are lots of current options at Nordstrom.

Bleu by Rod Beattie one piece (option) // Bleu by Rod Beattie pareo (option) // Miller sandals (8) // rag & bone sunnies

Keeping it real, here, with what I wore to work out last Thursday.

Vuori Energy tank c/o (M) // Vuori Clementine shorts c/o (M) // Cloud 5 running shoes (8.5)

Afterwards, I showered off and got dressed to go to an appointment. I like this outfit a lot, but those white MOTHER jeans were binding my waist and driving me bananas.

As you can see, they fit fine in the hips and thighs, so I can’t really size up. Seriously, y’all, is this what it’s like to be over 50? I am not a fan of it.

Evereve tee (1) // MOTHER Hustler (29) // similar metallic slides // Dragon Diffusion tote // Madewell hoops // Victoria Emerson bracelet c/o

As soon as I got home, I changed into these Citizens blue jeans in a similar silhouette. I haven’t worn these a lot lately, but they’re very comfortable and little more forgiving in the waist area than the MOTHER jeans. I had a friend over that night to hang out and catch up from my time away, and I was much happier wearing these.

Evereve tee (1) // Citizens Isola jeans (29) // similar metallic slides // Madewell hoops // Victoria Emerson bracelet c/o

This is called, let’s see how long we can go without washing the old hair… I spent another day with my hair twisted up in a claw clip last Friday, and I threw on this stripe tank and shorts to run out for a mani/pedi.

stripe tank (M) // similar AG shorts (29) // Miller sandals (8) // Madewell hoops

And then I had another wresting match with my heretofore favorite denim brand… MOTHER, you cannot betray me now.

I threw on what I thought was going to be a quick and easy outfit to host friends for dinner – a white tee with blue jeans, but these MOTHER Dazzlers are no longer the perfect fit they once were. I didn’t feel terribly uncomfortable, but they were snug, and I was afraid they looked like I was trying to fit into jeans that are too small.

ATM tee (M) //  MOTHER Dazzler (29) // similar metallic slides // similar belt // Madewell hoops // Victoria Emerson X Jo-Lynne Shane bracelet (similar)

So then, I pulled on the size 30s that I bought at the #NSale last month, but these don’t look quite right either. I actually feel like these look a little too big, and the rear pockets are HUGE. (I’ll spare you the rear view shots.)

I went ahead and wore them, though, because I was out of time and didn’t want to feel uncomfortable all night. And since we noshed on cheese and crackers and then ordered pizza, it’s probably a good thing I wore the bigger pair!

ATM tee (M) // MOTHER Dazzler (30) // similar metallic slides // similar belt // Madewell hoops // similar Victoria Emerson bracelet

By the way, I’m sharing my struggle with jeans right now because I know that most women go through this from time to time, especially in our 50s, and I just want to keep it real around here.

I know I probably look thin and fit to the casual observer, and no one wants to hear the skinny girl complain about her weight, but this is different. The scale hasn’t changed much over the past year, but the way my clothes fit has, especially my beloved denim. This is one reason I’ve been embracing dresses lately; they’re a little more forgiving in the areas where we tend to put on weight during this perimenopausal season of life.

Speaking of which… Last Saturday night, Paul and I went to dinner at The Capital Grille to celebrate our 28th wedding anniversary.

I knew I wanted to wear that Ming Wang knit dress I showed you all in a try-on haul a few weeks back. I was kicking myself the whole time I was in Italy for not bringing it, so I planned to wear it the first chance I got. The only matter of debate was which shoe/bag combo I’d wear with it.

As much as I’m dying to carry my new Loewe bag that I bought in Rome, I felt like the taupe bag and shoes looked more summery, and I prefer more of a contrast against the black dress, so it wasn’t a hard decision in the end.

Ming Wang knit dress (S) // Stuart Weitzman heels (8) (option) // YSL bag (option) // similar hoop earrings // Baublebar chain necklace // Victoria Emerson X Jo-Lynne Shane bracelet (similar)

And you’ve seen this picture, but I figured I ought to include the reason I was getting gussied up to go out to dinner. He cleans up pretty nice, I think I’ll keep him!

I went for a classic navy and white outfit for church on Sunday. I really wanted to wear these PAIGE Leenah trouser jeans because it’s getting late in the season, and I haven’t worn them as much as I had hoped. Plus, they still fit comfortably in the waist, lol!

LOFT sweater (S) // PAIGE Leenah (28) // Dolce Vita wedges (8) // Yurman earrings // Yurman bracelet

Unfortunately, my ankle is still a bit unstable, and I was afraid I’d injure it further walking around in those wedge heels. I need that much height to pull off the PAIGE Leenah trouser jeans, so I switched into these silver wedges with the MOTHER Hustlers.

I figured I’d give them another try earlier in the day, and they were okay, but I still changed out of them as soon as I got home from church.

LOFT sweater (S) // MOTHER Hustler (29) // Talbots espadrilles c/o (8) // Yurman earrings // Yurman bracelet

Monday was a “grace day” and I didn’t do much with myself other than get dressed in joggers and a performance tee and twist my hair into a claw clip.

Zella Ava Tee (S) // Vuori Performance Joggers c/o (M) // P448 John in Peony (39)

I was feeling more motivated yesterday, and I got myself dressed and went over to LOFT to do some in-store try-ons. But before that, I had a workout. I’m not sure I like how these shorts fit me; they look too big, but they sure are comfortable, lol!

Vuori Energy Tank (S) // Vuori Cardiff Shorts (M) // On Cloud Runners (8.5)

This is what I wore to LOFT. This sweater tank is new from Gap Factory. I love the details in the knit, and how the color gives a nod to fall.

Gap Factory sweater tank (M) // PAIGE Anessa at Neimans & Saks (29) // similar metallic slides // Madewell earrings & necklace // Stella & Dot cuff

Also, I sort of forgot about these jeans. I don’t know how that happened; they were hanging in my closet the whole time, and I go through my jeans every few weeks to take inventory and decide if there’s anything that needs to go.

I noticed them when I was going through other What I Wore Lately posts to come up with my most worn summer wardrobe staples, so I promised myself I’d wear them this week. Anyway, sizes are picked over, so I linked them to a few different retailers below.

And I finally got to carry the Loewe Flamenco drawstring bag that I purchased in Rome! I’m also wearing the Celine sandals that I got in Florence, so yeah, if this outfit isn’t mixing high and low, I don’t know what is.

Gap Factory sweater tank (M) // PAIGE Anessa at Neimans & Saks (29) // similar metallic slides // Madewell earrings & necklace // Stella & Dot cuff

And that’s all I’ve got for today! I’m headed out to get a walk in before it gets too warm. The overcast, humid weather we were having has moved out, and it’s nice and sunny here today, with low humidity and a bit of a breeze. I have no excuse for not getting my steps in!

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58 Responses

  1. I love it when you keep it real! Seeing your daily outfits gives me ideas for my clothes. I also like when you show what doesn’t work. I went through menopause and have experienced the same thing with jeans. I reluctantly sized up last season. You look great!

    1. Yeah, I already sized up once recently, so to size up again feels really defeating, although I did buy a few size 30s at the #NSale. I am keeping tags on all but that Dazzler pair for now… hoping I can get this under control. I know I’m not doing all I can diet and lifestyle wise right now, but finding it hard to feel motivated to change those habits.

  2. Hi Jo-Lynne, I really appreciate your blog. I learn a lot by reading the thought process behind choosing an outfit. You really shine with your choice of accessories. I would love to know more about how you decide on those choices. I notice sometimes you wear a watch and bracelets, other times a delicate necklace, etc. I would appreciate any tips.

    1. Sometimes I just forget to wear a watch, lol, and I don’t wear it to work out, of course. Also, working at my desk, I often take it off b/c it irritates me when I’m typing. As for the rest of it, I can try to remember to add in those details. 🙂

  3. JoLynne-
    I’m a few years older than you and I totally know the struggle. I workout regularly and really try, but it’s just part of that process. I’ve also had to increase by one size, and tried my best not to let it bother me. Intermittent fasting has worked the best for me, by far. Just keeping it real at my house too!!

    1. It’s not as relevant at the moment b/c of the higher rise jeans and shorter tops, but I still do it sometimes, depending on the items I’m pairing. My teenage daughter recently said, “Mom, NO ONE front tucks anymore.” But I think that’s b/c they all wear crop tops, lol! There are definitely times when I think it works, but I’m not doing it as much as I used to. It seems to draw unwanted attention to my expanding midsection, lol. It looked better with lower rise pants.

  4. I feel your pain , I too am going through all of the fun of perimenopause or whatever you want to call it . Hot flashes , weight gain , it’s not for the weak ! Thanks for keeping it real! We are all in this together lol !

  5. I really enjoy your posts and seeing how you put your outfits together, helps me with new purchases as well as incorporating things I already have in my closet. I know the feeling of the waistline challenges but I still don’t want all elastic waist pants. Ha! Still love my jeans even after reaching the 70 mark; try to stay active and watch those carbs!
    Love your new bag!

    1. No, I am not resorting to elastic waist pants, lol. I don’t even like how they feel on me. I never have, but especially not now with more fluff in that area. I prefer jeans that hold things in, as long as they aren’t too constricting. PAIGE seems to work better for me than MOTHER in that regard.

  6. Oh girl!!!! We are paddling the same river and almost sharing the same boat!😜 All the old jeans I kept for barn chores had to go….. and worst, my AG Mari’s that were a gift at Christmas are too tight😭. On the bright side, ALL my Kut jeans still fit just fine, so I added 2 more from NAS. Thank you for keeping it real with us! That way, I can more easily reject the temptation to be down on myself❤️

  7. You do look very fit & slim, but I totally understand the over 50 body shape changes! 😬 Very frustrating! It makes me feel better to hear you talk about it too 😄

    1. No one is immune, least of all me. I have a lot of room for improvement in the diet and exercise department, but I also realize our bodies react differently to those factors in this season of life, and I want to do it right. I need to spend some time reading up on best practices for the perimenopausal woman.

      1. This whole discussion is making me feel so much better about things! I am that “woman of a certain age”, AND going through chemotherapy (again). You are so right about the weight being the same but the body is different. When you figure out those “best practices”, please share. I’m still small to anyone else’s eye, but I miss my waistline!

  8. I hear you on the menopausal middle, my friends. I keep asking where my waist has gone. Intermittent fasting has helped me feel better, but my waist hasn’t returned. I have found that Frame and Paige jeans fit me better than Mother– maybe it’s being post-menopausal. That never occurred to me! I have a pair of Mother jeans, but the brand isn’t my go-to even though I like them on others. I love the look of the Paige Leenah trouser jeans. I’m really enjoying the front patch and even “pork chop” pockets out there right now. I also love the Ming Wang dress. It’s so simple but so elegant. Did you enjoy wearing it, Jo-Lynne? That’s how I judge my clothing these days. Do I feel good wearing it? Great post!

    1. Yeah, I used to feel like Mother fit me SO WELL but these days Paige seem to be better… except the washed black PAIGE Claudine that I love. They’re reeeeeally tight right now, even in the 29. I had the 28 originally, bought the 29 last spring, and now even they are too tight. 😢 But yeah, Frame tends to run bigger in the waist, so maybe I need to focus on that brand for now.

      I did feel great in that Ming Wang dress, it’s so easy and flattering, and it doesn’t cling.

  9. The Struggle is Real , the Belly pooch messes up a lot of outfits, lol.
    By the way, y’all make a Great looking couple.

  10. I really enjoy your “what I wore posts” and your process for putting an outfit together. Totally relate to the perimenopause stage too ( it started to get difficult for me at 51).

    Do you still have your Sanctuary cotton shorts? I bought two last year after seeing them in your post. They feel lightweight and the flat front with zipper and elastized waist really feels comfortable. I leave my shorter tops untucked so the elastic isn’t even visible.

      1. I did not read the earlier comment about not resorting to elastic waist pants lol

        I like the feeling of being held in as well and not full elastic. The Sanctuary are “baby elastic” but could be the stepping stone to “full elastic” LOL I will proceed with caution.

        1. Oh, I really liked that option! The finished front with elastic waist in the back is the perfect compromise. 🙂 Not sure I’m ready to see that feature in my jeans, but for chino shorts, it works really well.

  11. Love seeing your “real” outfits. They are so helpful for me. I really like the tank top from Gap. I think I will order it.
    My middle has kind of disappeared (and I went through menopause over 20 years ago!) Being high waisted doesn’t help. I do workout daily, and that has helped my upper body and arms (and legs), but nothing seems to help my waist (which has gone awol.) Weight has stayed the same. Oh, well! If anyone finds what might work, please share.

  12. I too struggle with pants too tight around the waist due to bloating and menopause..lovely! I have used a button extender to give me additional room. It is a metal button with an elastic piece that attaches to your existing button. You can find them with the sewing notions or on Amazon.

  13. I am 55 years old and was always about the same size as you. My mid-section started expanding around the age of 50. When I was 52 I had to get a complete hysterectomy – since then I have lost 15 pounds and I am down to size 27 in jeans without trying. I feel great!

  14. I think what I wore lately is my favorite. Real clothes for us that don’t go to an office daily. Unfortunately every decade brings on some rearranging of the body. I miss the days where I could exist on Pepsi, BBQ chips and grandmas tea cakes 😂

  15. You look great, as always, Jo-Lynne, but I get it. As I have gotten older and gone through body changes (both weight gain and loss), I have spent waaaaay too much money on jeans. At long last, I have settled on Agolde 100% cotton jeans in several different styles. They seem to work with my straight body type (even when I am heavier, I still have no hips or butt). It’s just a process, and not a fun one. I don’t see very many posts on Agolde jeans, so wanted to throw that out there. I also have a couple pairs of Rag & Bone and one pair of Moussy Vintage, but other than that, it’s Agolde all the way.

  16. Going through perimenopause now. I’d love to hear what you eat in a day to maintain weight. I really need to lose 10lbs or so.

  17. Yep, changing hormones means changing body shape. Estrogen promotes fat deposition in the hips and thighs, giving a traditionally female/hourglass shape. As estrogen drops, fat accumulation occurs more around the waist – we become barrel-shaped.

    It’s not fun, but just think of all the new content you can develop – how to dress for our new, stouter figures! For real, I would appreciate this information.

  18. At 50 I was menopausal. I didn’t feel like myself and got hot flashes. I never took anything because I like to stay away from hormones. I began to take more vitamins and supplements so I was ok. Your body will change. My waist is bigger and my hips seem more narrow. I’m barely an hourglass. Depending on what I am wearing I can look like a rectangle. Very cute outfits. You look beautiful in the black dress

  19. Back about February, I couldn’t fit right in any of my jeans and was really discouraged so I took myself to task. I went to phase one of south beach diet for about 3 weeks. Since then, I mainly eat lean meat, chicken and fish and fill the rest of my plate with veggies. I found some great vegetable sides recipes on Eating Well. And now my jeans fit. Whew! I am 4’11” so a few pounds really show and of course at 61, the menopause waist didn’t help. Feeling a lot better now.

    1. Good for you. I know I need a major reset like that. I’ve done it a few times in my life, and it always works, but I really love food (and wine) and socializing over food & wine. I guess I have to decide which I love more, huh?

  20. Wearing brands that are friendly to those who are a bit older definitely helps: Kut from the Kloth, Liverpool, NYDJ. I think Stitchfix has the best selection of these of anyone. For a really special pair of Mothers I used my Nordstom alterations credit (you get it if you are high points ). I bought up a size and had tailored (the cost was as much as the jeans but since not out of pocket i didnt’ care). Sooo worth it.

    1. You look as nice as always, Jo-Lynne, but lots of us can commiserate. I’ve been trying to drop 30 lbs, and I’m at 15 or 16 now. That has taken me 8 months, it is much so much slower trying to lose weight at 66! I have trouble staying motivated to exercise these days, it’s either too hot or too muggy for me! I know I could use jeans that are forgiving in the waist also, plus tops that are a loose fit around the belly! Getting old isn’t for sissies!

  21. Hi, You look great. I am going through menopause and replaced all my pants in a larger size, then ended up losing it after quitting most carbs, especially during the week. That worked the most. Now I am back to smaller size…good thing I kept my smaller pants.

  22. I too suffer from menopausal belly which may be why I tend to focus more on shoes and bags these days and I just LOVE the Celine sandals! What size did you get?

  23. The struggle is real with perimenopause! 46 and on the struggle bus here, hah! On the plus side, I have had an excuse to shop for clothes that fit better. There’s always some kind of silver lining. 🥰

  24. HI Jo-Lynne! In the spirit of “keeping it real” about waistlines, I’ve seen that if I consume gluten, my tummy area bloats for a couple days. So that could be a contributing factor! I’ve had great results over the last five weeks by doing the 10 minute beginner’s core ab workout on YouTube https://youtu.be/1f8yoFFdkcY. My tightest jeans now zip and button with ease, including the pair of all-button ones!

    1. Yep. I used to be gluten free and i felt so much better. I don’t think it upsets my stomach but it could very well be contributing to the bloat. I’m going to focus on cutting back on carbs, sugar, and gluten and see how it goes.

  25. Not that I’m glad anyone else is dealing with it, too, but I’m glad that you’re talking about the whole 50+ belly thing. It’s been a problem for me, too, lately, and it’s good to know I’m not alone! It’s so frustrating!

    1. I would love to see that post too Heather. I have tried so many jeans, premium included, where if they fit my waist they are too baggy in the hips and especially thighs or if they fit everywhere else, the waist is too tight. I thought I was the only one with this issue. Only ones that have worked are the Kut Naomi or Madewell Stovepipe. But those tend to bag out sometimes.

  26. I am a day late on this .. but 100% the truth here – and love all your outfits – inspirations to put stuff together and also buy new ones with what you highlight. Glad to see we are all in this together! Thanks for your blog!!!Love it!

    1. Hi, Jolynne.
      Looks like you hit on a hot topic, developing a belly and larger waist as we age. Could you possibly do a post on dressing to accommodate this issue? Most of the clothes, especially tops, you wear flatter hourglass figures, but don’t work for those of us with midriff problems. Brands like Eileen Fisher are loose-fitting shapes, designed for older women. But EF can get rather boring.
      I’d love to see what you’d come up with!

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