Fall 2020 Nail Color Trends

I’ve been getting so many requests for fall nail color trends, I decided it was time to write a post about it!

fall 2020 nail color trends

First, a couple disclaimers.

#1. I do not do my own nails. That is not my area of expertise. If you want advice on a DIY manicure that will last you a week or more, my friend Kelly Snyder is your girl. She did a whole Facebook Live broadcast on it last week, and it was fantastic.

If you want to know what is trending and my personal favorite nail colors for fall, that’s what we’re talking about today.

#2. Because I don’t do my own nails, I don’t experiment with a lot of different brands of polish. CND and Zoya are the two brands carried by my nail salon and the only ones I have recent experience with. Beyond that, I’m going off of pictures, not personal experience.

I get the CND Shellac for my manicures, but CND also makes a line called Vinylux that you can remove without soaking, and it’s available on Amazon.

I usually go for a Zoya color on my pedicure because I find it looks shinier and holds up better over the weeks. It’s also one of the more natural nail polish brands available, so it’s kind to your nails.

With all of THAT out of the way, here some of the top nail color trends this fall, as well as my personal favorites.

Fall 2020 Nail Color Trends

You can click on each picture to get the direct link to the nail polish color. They are also each linked in the descriptions below.

#1. Deep Mauve

You may not think of mauve when you think of fall, but it’s always a safe bet if you prefer to stick to more traditional colors.

CND Married to the Mauve is one of my all-time favorites, and I recently discovered CND Fuji Love. This is the color I’m wearing in these pictures.

It also has some pink undertones, but it’s a little more brown for fall — I’m looking at it on my hands, and it looks more brown in person than it does on the computer screen. It definitely depends on the lighting, though.

#2. Shades of Green

I am not so much a fan of these colors on my nails, but if you are, evergreen, emerald, and olive green are all very trendy right now!

Essie Sweater Weather is one I’ve seen recommended a few times, and Essie Heart of the Jungle is fun too. It has some yellow undertones. For a deeper shade of green without the shimmer, I love the looks of Zoya Mel.

#3. Toasty Brown

Now, this is more my speed. I would love to try this color called JJ by Olive and June. I wear CND Arrowhead a lot this time of year. It’s a little deeper and has a hint of burgundy.

Orly Canyon Clay is a good one too, and Essie Pearls of Wisdom was recommended by someone in my Facebook Group.

I often wear CND Rubble in the fall, but it’s not as much of a toasty brown. It leans a little more taupe.

#4. Neutral Taupe

I typcially go for darker colors, myself, but if you like to keep your nail colors more subtle, go with a more sophisticated neutral that is close to your skin tone. Just like neutral clothing is always sophisticated and elevated, the same is true for your nails.

A few examples are CND Unearthed or Essie Easily Suede. CND Field Fox is another favorite in these earthy neutral tones.

You could also try Sally Hansen Soft Plum. It’s also a plant-based color, for those who prefer that. Anything in the taupe family is on trend this season and will look more modern for fall than your summery white or pale pink.

#5. Deep Teal

This is close to the green, but I would be more likely to try teal. I feel like it would read as more of a neutral than the greens. I may not get brave enough to try it on my hands, but I may try it on my toes.

A few that I’ve seen recommended are OPI CIA = Color is Awesome and Zoya Danica. I will have to see if  my salon carries the Danica. Essie Go Overboard is another.

#6. Slate Grey

As I said, I typically gravitate to darker colors in the fall/winter. I feel like they complement my coloring and also have that edgy vibe that I love. I usually flit between brown and burgundy and mauve and navy blue, but the one color that has always eluded me is a good grey.

CND doesn’t seem to have a great shade of grey… at least, not one that’s carried by my salon. But when Kelly was doing her Facebook Live on nail colors last week, she was wearing the exact color I’m always looking for — Sally Hansen Soothing Slate. I am definitely going to have to give that a try.

OPI Rub-a-Pub looks good too, but it is verrry dark. It looks similar to the CND Asphalt that I often wear, but I really want something in between that and CND Rubble, which leans more brown, in my opinion. If you know of something, let me know!

In Conclusion

There are certainly more I could have listed, but I feel like this hits the highlights. You can never go wrong with a warm red or navy blue in the fall, but I find myself gravitating more towards the earth tones this time of year. And I think that deep teal is really fun for a change.

If you have any favorite go-to colors for fall, feel free to share them in the comments!

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