Old Navy // LOFT Try-On Sesh

Hey guys! I got some boxes in the mail over the weekend so I thought I’d do a try-on post today. Most everything is from LOFT or Old Navy, and I definitely have some good finds in here.

Case in point, this striped sweater. It is sooo super soft, and the ribbing creates a nice silhouette without being clingy — it really flatters the waist. I like the extra long cuffs and the side slits. It comes in several other stripe patterns as well as a few solids. I normally stay away from crew necks, but in this case I think it works okay. And good news! Old Navy has 30% off your order today, no code needed!!! So this sweater is only $25.

Old Navy Plush Rib-Knit Sweater // AG Legging Ankle Jeans // Tory Burch Miller Flats

SALE ALERT >> 30% off your order at Old Navy today only, online only. No code needed. Exclusions apply.

I had high hopes for this bouclé coat, but I don’t love the fit. I think it would flatter someone smaller up top, but the single button placement isn’t working for me. For $39, I sure hope it works for someone! It also comes in a pretty fir green and a black marl.

Textured-Bouclé Everyday Coat // AG Legging Ankle Jeans // Tory Burch Miller Flats

I don’t really care for this plaid shirt. The side view is okay, but it’s way too long for me and it looks kind of frumpy from the front. I suppose it could be cute unbuttoned and layered over a t-shirt, but I don’t love the pattern enough to keep it. It’s really soft, though, and it comes in a bunch of colors and patterns. If you’re taller than my 5’5″, you might like it.

Old Navy Relaxed Plaid Classic Shirt // AG Legging Ankle Jeans // Tory Burch Miller Flats

Now this twill field jacket, I love! This is such a pretty color, and I really like the shorter style. For size reference, this is a small. In fact, everything I’m wearing in this post that’s from Old Navy is a small, and they’re all true to size. This coat doesn’t qualify for the 30% off because it’s a Best Seller but it’s only $44.99 at full price so definitely a good value, and it comes in a slew of colors including a camo print.

Old Navy Twill Field Jacket // AG Legging Ankle Jeans // Tory Burch Miller Flats

I ordered several pieces of Old Navy activewear to try for super casual days at home. When I pulled this lightweight hoodie out of the box, I didn’t think I was going to like how thin it is, but I actually found it to be quite flattering for having that kangaroo pocket (not my favorite pocket placement) and the material is really nice and and soft and stretchy. I also like this light silvery grey color a lot, so I think it’s a keeper. Bonus, it’s only $18 today with the 30% off.

Old Navy Lightweight Pullover Hoodie // AG Legging Ankle Jeans // Vince Verrell Skate Sneakers

This next one I like a lot too. It’s a little bit thicker than the grey one above, but still super soft and stretchy and very cozy. I like these pockets a lot, and the color of course. How many burgundy tops do I own right now?!? LOL!!! That said, I have that Athleta ribbed hoodie in a similar color so I think I may actually part with this one… or perhaps I should consider another color. This comes down to $24 on sale.

Old Navy Funnel-Neck Pullover Hoodie // AG Legging Ankle Jeans // Vince Verrell Skate Sneakers

This next hoodie is more of a sweater, and it’s longer than the ones above. I thought I was going to love it, but as it turns out I don’t love the longer length, at least from the front view, and it’s not as stretchy as the others so it is tight when I have my thumbs in the thumbholes. This one is going back.

Old Navy Fleece Pullover Performance Sweater // AG Legging Ankle Jeans // Vince Verrell Skate Sneakers

Now this little moto style sweatshirt is super cute and really flattering. I just wish it weren’t quite so short. It’s created with Go-Warm technology that somehow generates heat to help keep you warm, and I can tell you that I was roasting within 30 seconds of having it on. I noticed it right away, even though I wasn’t aware of this technology at the time. If you need something cute and stylish to keep you super warm at outdoor activities, this is for you!!! (Plus, it’s only $27 on sale!)

Old Navy Go-Warm Sweater-Knit Moto Jacket // AG Legging Ankle Jeans // Vince Verrell Backless Skate Sneakers

So that’s it for my Old Navy haul, but with that 30% off sale, you may want to poke around and see what else you can find.

This next sweater is from J.Crew, and it’s a big splurge, but it’s great quality and a classic style that will never be out of vogue. I impulsively ordered this color and the camel during a 30% off sale a few weeks back because I’ve been looking for this exact type of sweater to wear alone as well as under my leather jacket and quilted vests.

According to the website, this is a new style that has been knit more tightly in order to pill less, as they were having complaints. It’s such a great fit, and the quality is fantastic, so I’m definitely keeping the camel, but I’m undecided on this color. I love it, but even at 30% off, the price is pretty steep… and also, I have this “rule” against buying duplicates so I may just wait and see what else comes along. After all, something always does! For size reference, I’m wearing the small.

J.Crew Ribbed Turtleneck in Italian Cashmere // AG Legging Ankle Jeans // similar OTK boots

SALE ALERT >> 25% off full price styles (exclusions apply) PLUS free shipping at J.Crew with code GETSHOPPING. Unfortunately the cashmere turtleneck is excluded from this promo.

Okay, moving on to LOFT. This red cardigan will be great for the holidays, and I like the styling with the open front. It’s also 40% off right now. I know some of you don’t like the pockets on the hips because it can create visual weight, but I don’t mind them too much on this sweater. It’s true to size; I’m wearing the small.

LOFT Ribbed Patch Pocket Open Cardigan // AG Legging Ankle Jeans // Vince Verrell Skate Sneakers

SALE ALERT >> 40% off tops, sweaters, and scarves at LOFT (select full price styles only) plus extra 40% off sale styles

I don’t like this grey one as much — I think it’s the length that I don’t care for. Other than that, the color and texture are nice, and it has a subtle but interesting knit detail on the back. It also comes in winter white, olive, and navy, and it’s 40% off. For size reference I’m wearing a small.

LOFT Textured Pocket Open Cardigan // AG Legging Ankle Jeans // Vince Verrell Skate Sneakers

I also ordered some pants. These are actually more like leggings, but I like the cargo styling. They’re reeeeeally tight so I would only wear them with a tunic. I’m wearing the size 6, but I could barely button them so I’m going to say they run small and you may want to size up. They also come in black, and while they aren’t tops, sweaters, or scarves, they are 40% off as well.

LOFT Cargo Leggings // similar Tory Burch flats

I also ordered these sanded sateen cargo pants, and they have potential, but they kind of fit weird. They’re a little short for my liking, and they’re tight where the seams are located on either side of the knees. The size 6 fits well. They look tight, but I’m sure they’ll stretch out with wear because LOFT pants always do. I’m not loving how the flaps on the pockets stick out on the sides either so I guess I’m returning these. I love the idea of cargo skinny pants, but it’s hard to find a pair I really like. These are also 40% off.

LOFT Skinny Sanded Sateen Cargo Pants // similar Tory Burch flats

Finally, a dress!!! I’m always a sucker for a sweater dress in the fall and winter, and the blouson sleeves are a fun modern twist on this otherwise classic dress. I think this would look great with a scarf and tights and over the knee boots or sock booties as pictured here.

For me personally, I’d prefer a mock turtleneck or a deeper neckline; this crewneck style isn’t the best for those of us with a larger chest, but it would probably be okay with a scarf. It’s not on sale, so if you like it, I’d recommend waiting. I’m sure it will be on sale before too long, knowing LOFT.

LOFT Sweater Blouse Dress // similar booties here and here

And that’s that! I have a few more things coming in, but I wanted to get this posted today because the rest of my week is pretty much spoken for. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

In other news, I’m super excited to be teaming up with Cyndi again for 25 Days of Winter Fashion. We’re starting on Monday, and we will each post a new winter outfit every weekday for 25 days, taking a break over the Thanksgiving holiday. I’m super excited, but I admit I’m starting to get a little stressed out as I try to plan outfits for the various types of holiday events coming up. If you have any requests, feel free to let me know. I’m making a list and trying to be organized so I have a good variety for you. The more general suggestions are most helpful for my blog posts, but if you have a super specific type of event to attend and you’re unsure about what to wear, feel free to ask and I’ll just reply in the comments.

Thanks for stopping by!

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71 Responses

  1. These are all great finds. I didn’t see any that were colossal misses, and I actually love that ON hoodie you’re sending back so I may look for it when I’m over there today. I also came so so close to trying those cargo leggings from Loft. I’ve just never even tried on any bottoms from there, so the risk was too high for me. Really wish they’d change their shipping rates!
    I think this was a great haul! And, as always, it’s super helpful (and fun) to see items styled more realistically.

    1. Honestly, I don’t love their pants, but I’d be curious to hear what you think if you try them. They either fit weird or bag out significantly after an hour of wear (or both) but I keep trying them hoping to find something because I know people want more budget-friendly recommendations. I’d rather spend a little more for White House Black Market. I find their pants hold up better and fit better than LOFT.

      1. Have you tried both the Marisa fit and Julie fits or the Modern and the Curvy? I have found the Marisa and Modern to be best for me. I don’t seem to have the bagging out issue with any of their pants. I have a couple Curvy Skinny Jeans (in regular fit because they are ankle length) and I love them. For some reason I can only do Modern in the petite. I have been really pleased with their clothing, although I did discover my pencil pants have no belt loops and I have lost weight, so I can complain about that I guess lol!

        I will shop WHBM online but not in store anymore. I have gone to two different ones in the area and I have found the sales people to be overly pushy and do not like to hear the word no. I have shopped the outlet and will definitely go back, the sales staff there was friendly and helpful. 

        1. I have tried all their pants at one time or another. I can’t wear their curvy styles as they are too tight in the waist.

          I hear ya on WHBM. I actually like their ideas, but like you, I sometimes avoid going in because I know they’ll hold me hostage in the dressing room (LOL) and bring me a gazillion things to try on. LOL!!! I usually end up finding something I might not have otherwise noticed, but I can’t always take that much time. Plus it is exhausting.

      2. I just finished reading through the comments and it seems like a lot of people have issues with Loft pants. Bummer! 

      3. Yes, can you take a hit for us and go to WHBM for a try on sesh? I want to see how their jeans fit, and the ponte knit pants and anything that would give you ideas for casual business wear. 🙂 Pretty please.

  2. HI JoLynne–I ordered the red open cardigan from Loft the other day after seeing it on someone else.  The red is a beautiful color and I’m anxious for it to arrive.  I like the sweater dress on you and love your sock booties.  Are your booties still available?  I saw the ones you linked to but I’m loving yours.  Have a good week.  Are you healed up from your oral surgery?

    1. Thanks, Rose, they are not available. I was SO bummed to discover that when I was putting this post together. They’re the Steve Madden Enact bootie if you want to search it.

      And I’m still healing from the surgery, there is still quite a hole back there, but it is slowly closing up and not causing more pain. The cap beside it is broken off tho so I have to get that replaced soon. Ugh.

  3. Hi Jo-Lynne! I really enjoyed this post. I am surprised to say that I liked the Old Navy items so much better than the Loft items. The Loft sweater dress looked amazing on you, but the rest of the stuff was pretty bland. I find that Loft is very “hit or miss”…either I love everything they have or can’t find one time I like.

  4. I’ve ordered a black jumpsuit for the holiday season.  I hope I like the way it fits (if I don’t, I plan to try other jumpsuits by different designers).   I have ideas about styling it, but I would love to see you do a post about different ways to style a black jumpsuit.  Looking forward to the Winter fashion series with you and Cyndi!  

    1. That’s a great topic! I styled a black jumpsuit a couple years ago. They’re really hard for me to get to fit right, though, because I’m so short-waisted. I could still do some product collages to give ideas.

      1. I’m worried about the fit of a jumpsuit, too…especially the “rear view”. I know shape wear will be required. Yikes!

  5. I really like this post p. Like the previous writer, I love the long hoodie. I do like Loft jeans. I had to try different fits and finally found the fit I like. I just can’t pay $150.00+ for jeans! 

    I’m not sure, but they may not charge shipping if you g to the store to order. 

    1. I hear ya on the price of premium denim, and I’m so glad you found LOFT pants you like. I know they work great for some women. I think you’re right about the order to the store option — great way to make sure you get what you want and avoid shipping. Just check your bag before you leave the store. I learned this the hard way — did store pickup, got home, and didn’t have the right order. SO annoying.

  6. I bought that burgundy twill jacket from old navy a couple weeks ago and love it. Now just waiting for cooler weather in Georgia!

  7. I poked around that Old Navy sale last weekend when everything was 50% off but didn’t end up ordering anything as I feel like I’ve been ordering a lot. I have a bunch of returns to go back to LOFT. I agree that their pants fit kind of weird – but I just can’t find pants that work for me. I ended up having some JCrew ones tailored as the waist was gaping but fit otherwise. I love the Old Navy sweaters and casual tops you showed. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I love your try-on sess posts, Jo-Lynne and i’m not sure why. Maybe because it’s like I’m trying everything on but I don’t have to box things up to send back, lol? I haven’t had good luck with Loft pants– they never seem to fit me right. I’m intrigued by the cargo skinnies, though. I haven’t ever bought much from Old Navy because the quality always seems poor, but I’m in need of some super casual things so I might just try the funnel neck hoodie. They’re already out of the green online in a L, though.???? I haven’t been in an ON store in years, but I may just have to check out my local one.

    1. I detest shopping ON in store. I feel like I’m in a bargain basement. (Not that there is anything wrong with that… LOL! Just not my thing.) However, they’re pretty easy to shop online, and the free shipping for $50+ orders and free returns makes me willing to try more from them. Their quality varies, but it is good for cute tops and occasionally dresses, and I’m really pleased with the activewear I tried. I know some people like their jeans too, but they always bag out on me.

  9. I love all of your finds! I am so loving the burgundy color this fall. It is perfect with almost everything. You did good girlfriend! Thanks for sharing

  10. That was a fun post for my morning coffee, thank you and I’m sure your exhausted from all the changing. Lol
    I am loving the ON striped sweater and it comes in petite! But I do already have several striped tops and would have to hide this one in the spare bedroom closet or my husband might think I have a problem ????I also really liked the ON fennel neck burgundy hoodie on you. I think it’s your color because you always look amazing in burgundy everything. The J.Crew turtleneck is way too rich for my blood but if you do decide it’s worth it, you might want to consider a medium. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to 25 days of fall fashion even though it’s going to be 89 in Texas again today. 

    1. Yeah, I was actually wanting to try the medium in that t-neck, but from experience I know if I go up a size in a chunky knit, it adds visual weight. I am up about 5 lbs from my ideal weight, and it shows more in some things than others. As I said to someone above, turtlenecks are tricky. They really do look best on people who are smaller chested and/or thinner on top. I usually layer mine under a leather jacket, utility jacket, or quilted vest and it looks best that way, as opposed to worn alone. Anything to create that vertical column down the front is slenderizing.

  11. I would love to see you style a cape, something I’m seeing in stores but never see styled on Blogs. I’m thinking one might be a nice alternative to a coat when wearing holiday outfits out and about. Blessings!na

    1. PS: I have to agree with you and many other Readers, Loft’s pants and jeans do not fit well. I don’t even bother trying on their pants anymore. 

      1. Aww, so sorry to hear that Jo-Lynne. Several of the capes I’ve seen have a sophisticated, classy style and I was thinking of them more as a wrap to slip on with a holiday outfit and skip the bulky coat. I understand though, if you’re not comfortable wearing something you shouldn’t wear it. My motto has always been, ‘If I have to question if something is too short, too low, too tight (or too aging), it probably is and is best left on the rack!’ Have a wonderful day!

        1. I do think they look sophisticated and classy… on everyone else. Haha! I will keep an eye out tho. Also, I’m still planning on putting together some head-to-toe holiday party outfits using product pictures, and I will definitely include a cape in one of those looks.

  12. At some point, I’d love to see a post with what you do with all your clothes…how to you store them in your closet?  Do you catalog in some way?  I’m continually “finding” new things I’ve stuffed in my drawers that I forgot I have!  Love, love the red cardigan for holidays!!

    1. I’m actually pretty ruthless about cleaning out my closet and drawers on a regular basis. With this blog being my job, I cycle through my clothes a lot faster than the norm. I can’t stand clutter, and having stuff sitting in my closet that I don’t wear makes me feel overwhelmed and stressed out. So no, I don’t catalog. If I have too much to see it all hung and folded in my closet, I know it’s time to move some stuff out. 🙂

      It is actually kind of ironic that I do this for a job. I’d be much happier with a small wardrobe of quality basics that I wear over and over, but I end up buying a lot of fast fashion and wearing it once or twice before moving it out because it sells out and I can no longer link it. I am trying to find a happy medium, but doing these 25 days of outfits series makes that difficult.

      I have had a few requests to see my closet and how I organize my clothes so I am planning a “Peek Into My Closet” post. 🙂

  13. I’ve put myself on a temporary hold at Old Navy. Their stuff is too cute right now and I’m buying too much! And then I have to get some stuff for my daughters, too. 🙂 (My teens are tiny and they carry petite XS, so yay! And they still wear girls’ size jeans!) But I did end up with a much needed updated jean jacket and that cute long open cardigan (in the olive). The quality isn’t terrible and better than I remembered. Thanks for taking such time and care in your posts – you must really love your job! 🙂 I hesitate with turtlenecks anymore, they don’t do me any favors. I used to LOVE wearing them and they look cute on you! Looking for the perfect neutral cashmere crew/scoop neck layering sweater…have a great day!

    1. Turtlenecks are tough and can definitely add visual weight, but they’re also such a classic look that I love. I like them MUCH better on me when I’m down 5 lbs. Right now, I’m borderline, but I do really like this one. It looks best layered under something else, which is often how I wear them.

  14. That olive green J Crew sweater.. Oh my! I’m in love….classic perfection…
    Can’t wait for the new series to start!

  15. I have the ON striped sweater and love it. Soft and warm at a great price. Also bought the one button everyday coat. It’s just ok in my book. Loving the Loft green Tneck sweater on you.

  16. I didnt see any misses and thought everything looked great on you. I have to say that i really thought the green sweater looked great on you. I liked the satedn cargo pants but also didnt like how the pockets stuck out. I love to wear sweater dresses to work in the fall / winter with boots. loved the one you had in today’s post. Thanks for the great ideas!

  17. I was wondering if you would be doing a Winter series, happy to know it starts next week!

    Love the J Crew sweater on you! It looks amazing. 

    I had ordered that boucle coat in Black Marl last month. I returned it as it looked cheap and it did not fit me well at all. I did get a peacoat and a longer wool blend coat from there that I do love. I am having to have more winter options now for the days I don’t need to wear a parka. 

  18. That berry color is awesome on you! I took your advice and picked up some cute jammies on the Old Navy site sale yesterday. Also picked up some pj pants for my hard to please teen son. Thank you for reminding me the cute p.j. sizes go fast this time of year – you are the best Jo-Lynne!

    1. Yes, they do! Glad you found some good ones at ON. I am still planning a post on that too… at this rate I’ll be posting twice a day to get thru holiday season with all the ideas I have. Haha!

  19. I actually really like both the crew neck pieces in this post on you.  Maybe they are just big enough.  I was actually thinking they were the most flattering pieces I’ve seen you in.  Very slimming and figure flattering.  Thanks for these posts.  They are fun and show so many pieces on a real person!!

  20. Like everyone else, I love these try-on posts!  So fun to see all the different styles and options.  Loved the first striped top – it looked great (and I’m not usually a stripes person).  Why do you avoid a crew neck?  I thought it was flattering.  I also loved the red cardigan (the length was better than the grey one).  Interestingly, I thought the plaid shirt looked good, if you are looking for a different look, although it didn’t exactly look like you, if that makes sense.  Fwiw, I own the first ON coat that you didn’t like as much (in light grey), and I love it, and have gotten lots of compliments on it.  Perhaps, as you say, it helps to have a smaller top when wearing that style.  I bought it because it was so cheap, but it is the perfect coat for a Georgia winter.  I have owned it for a few seasons, and it still looks good.

    1. I avoid crewnecks because a wider/deeper neckline is generally more flattering on those of us who are bigger on top. The crewneck can look kind of dumpy, lol, but sometimes they work okay. I’m willing to compromise on neckline if I like other features. Plus variety. 🙂 I’m glad that coat worked for you. It gapes funny on me, especially as I move. I need it to button up higher than that, but it’s a cute coat — and perfect for those of you with warmer winters.

  21. Great post Jo-Lynne. Thank you. The sweater dress looks super cute on you. That
    would be a keeper for me. Ha. The little black moto jacket from from ON looks
    really nice too. Looking forward to the 25 days of winter. Will be online shopping
    at ON today.

  22. Sorry about that, I don’t know why it skips lines like that.
    It does that every time for some reason.

  23. I will have to say that once you go to premium denim, it spoils you.  But not so good on the pocket book!!!! Thank you for doing the ON athletic wear post.  I see it but like you, I dread the store.  I am built like you and I vicariously let you do my shopping!  I know now that I will order that funnel neck gray top I never would have otherwise! Thank you so much for the try on sesh!  Love them!  I would like to see some dressy ideas for the holidays utilizing jeans in a kicked up way!

  24. Thanks for the nudge–never thought about ON on-line since the stores are everywhere–just got all our Christmas jammers on-line!  Also, my favorite shoe of the season is on your foot with that burgundy dress–just wish I could find them with a lower heel…they could make a paper bag look MODERN.  Loved the post 🙂

  25. Love these posts, Jo-Lynne. I buy my pants/jeans at Loft all the time and normally have no problem with fit as long as they’re a straight leg or bootcut. I’ve noticed that the skinny jeans/pants are waaay harder to fit. I’m not at all overweight (could stand to lose 5-10lbs tho) and the legs on the skinnys are so narrow, esp around the knees. makes me feel like a stuffed sausage. Anyway, you wear clothes well and do an awesome job with all of your posts. I look forward to a daily visit!

  26. So many of those are cute. I just don’t need much. We may never have winter here. 83 today. Savannah, GA. I kinda like the plaid shirt on you but I get that you don’t. Sometimes we have different perceptions of ourselves. I am very long waisted so have the opposite problem as you. Well, maybe they aren’t problems. Just how we are. Short jackets don’t work well on me.

  27. Great post! Thanks. I really like the ON striped sweater. It looks great on you. I agree with you about shopping in the store, but love shopping online at ON. 
    I have a request: my family will be attending a military graduation in Chicago in December. What to wear???!? I need for it to be WARM (we live in Georgia, so we’ll need to make some purchases) and dressy casual as I understand the dress code to be. I have asked myself – what would Jolynne wear?????

  28. It’s probably a blessing in disguise that I didn’t have the opportunity to read this yesterday or I would have been on the Old Navy site, adding even more clothes to my closet.  That is something I don’t really need to do!  I really liked all of the items from ON, especially the striped sweater and the flannel shirt, but I would wear it open with a fun tee underneath.  We’re still waiting on sweater wearing weather to arrive and remain for a while.

  29. Have and LOVE the striped ON sweater. As for the plaid, if you are bigger on top, never go with the relaxed fit. I have that problem and the relaxed looks terrible!  Give it another try with the regular flannel (classic?). Much better cut and more flattering. I own every one!!

  30. I totally agree about the green cargo pants. They fit WEIRD. I ordered 2 sizes and neither worked but that was partly due to the Marissa style, I really need Julie????????. You had some cute finds. I’m intrigued by the little black jacket with the heat technology. I think I’ll check that out. It would be perfect for those days when we take the train into the city. It’s always windy and cool if not cold. Happy Friday Jo-Lynne!

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