Rainy Day Outfits That Are Stylish and Practical

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I’ve had several requests lately for stylish rainy day outfits, and I hear you. There’s nothing like a rainy day to put a damper on your fashion game, but it doesn’t have to.

Helly Hansen rain jacket (M) // MOTHER denim (29) // Blondo Waterproof boots (8) // Coach shoulder bag // ShedRain clear dome umbrella

With the right combination of clothing and accessories, you can stay stylish and dry even on the gloomiest of days!

How to Look Chic in the Rain

These are my best tips for putting together a rainy day outfit that is both fashionable and practical, and you can find everything I’m wearing in this post at Nordstrom! Gotta love one-stop shopping.

#1. Invest in Stylish Outerwear

To be comfortable and stylish in rainy weather, you’ll want to invest in a quality raincoat or trench coat made from waterproof materials like Gore-Tex or PVC. These coats not only keep you dry, but they can also be a stylish addition to your wardrobe.

Opt for classic neutrals like black, beige, or navy for a timeless look; or have fun with it, and go for a bright color or bold pattern. In fact, if you live in a rainy climate, you may want to have both options in your closet.

You know me. If in doubt, wear black, is my motto, and I recently added this Helly Hansen hooded insulated rain jacket to my fall wardrobe.

Helly Hansen rain jacket (M) // Vince sweater (S) // MOTHER denim (29) // Blondo waterproof boots (8) // Coach shoulder bag // necklace // earrings

Helly Hansen is known for quality outerwear and performance gear, so you know you’ll stay warm and dry in one of their raincoats, but they look good too. I actually picked up two of their styles to test out.

I wore the black Aden hooded insulated rain jacket all day on Tuesday when I was out and about, and I love the 33″ length. It’s nice to know you can sit down on a wet surface, and your pants will stay dry. This jacket will be perfect for football games and marching band events this fall.

Helly Hansen Aden (M) // Caslon waffle henley (S) // AG Jeans (29)

It also has two-ply, seam-sealed construction to block the wind and rain, a convenient stowaway hood, and long sleeves with snap-tab cuffs. So many great features, and it’s comfortable too. It runs true to size; I have the M=6-8, for reference.

Helly Hansen Aden (M) // AG Jeans (29) // similar P448 sneakers (39) // Madewell bucket bag

If you prefer color in your raincoat, the Helly Hansen Lisburn Waterproof Insulated Raincoat in Hickory is a nice option, as well. This raincoat is 33 1/2″ long, and it has a convenient drawcord-toggle hood and adjustable hook-and-loop cuffs.

It also has reflective details to give you better visibility in low light or at night, and I really like how the contrasting black trim adds interest and ties into the black in the rest of my outfit.

#2. Choose Functional and Stylish Footwear

When I go to put together an outfit for a rainy day, I always start by choosing my shoes. Wet feet can quickly ruin your day, so I make sure to have several practical footwear options to choose from, no matter what the season.

Helly Hansen Aden (M) // Vince sweater (S) // MOTHER denim (29) // Blondo waterproof boots (8) // Coach shoulder bag

That can be a rain boot, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, I rarely wear rain boots, even though we get a lot of rainy days here in Philly. Other good options are leather sneakers, weather resistant fashion boots, and even some leather pumps or loafers are enough protection for milder rainy days.

These Blondo Sadie Waterproof Booties are great when you want a more elevated rainy day look. They’re made of a sturdy, weather-proof resistant suede, and they’re also extremely comfortable to walk in and wear all day. They come in five different colors, and they run true to size.

When you want to keep it casual, these Steve Madden Leopold Chelsea Boots are a great choice. The glossy leather is extremely durable and keeps your feet dry, while the lug sole provides great traction in rainy weather.

The 4 1/2″ shaft slips easily underneath straight leg jeans and the other relaxed styles that are trending right now.

Another good footwear option for a rainy day is leather sneakers. I often wear my P448 sneakers in the rain because they’re durable and comfortable too.

My exact pair sold out, but this pair is similar. If you’re going to wear them in the rain, just make sure they’re all leather. I have some with suede accents that I don’t wear in the rain. I also wear my VEJA leather sneakers a lot on rainy days.

Caslon waffle henley (S) // AG Jeans (29) // similar P448 sneakers (39) // Madewell bucket bag // necklace // earrings

The point is, you don’t have to have rain boots to stay dry and comfortable in rainy weather. Just be sure to have some options among your regular street styles that work for both dry and wet weather.

#3. Layer Up

After I choose my footwear, I select a pair of pants or jeans (or dress, if I’m dressing up) that will work well with them, and then I always make sure to wear a top that is appropriate for the temperature. Rainy days are usually chilly, so I often wear a cozy sweater or long-sleeve top.

Earlier this week, I wore this Vince wool and cashmere sweater with wide leg jeans and the Blondo suede booties to go to my weekly Bible Study on a rainy day.

I love how the pretty berry color brightens up a gloomy day, and I wore my black raincoat and carried a black leather bag coordinate with the black boots.

For a more casual look, I went with a monochromatic palette and wore the black Chelsea boots with black jeans and a cozy v-neck sweater in a marled grey.

This time, I used the raincoat to bring in a pop of color, and I carried a black bucket bag.

Helly Hensen Lisburn (M) // Treasure & Bond sweater (S) // AG Jeans (29) // Steve Madden Chelsea Boots (8) // Madewell bucket bag // necklace

#4. Embrace Waterproof Accessories

Don’t forget to accessorize your rainy day ensemble with pieces that can withstand the rain. Water-resistant handbags or backpacks will keep your belongings dry.

Pebbled leather, like this Coach shoulder bag, holds up well to the elements, and I love the black hardware. It gives off that chic, edgy vibe that I love.

This Madewell bucket tote is a softer leather, but it isn’t the kind that gets water spots. It’s easy to wipe off if you get caught in a downpour, and the leather interior is durable, as well.

Plus, it just has such a great sleek, minimalist aesthetic. These are two great everyday bags to have, no matter what the weather!

And don’t forget jewelry. Even on rainy days, I like to complete my outfits with a few pieces of understated jewelry. For these looks, I wore a pair of small silver hoops and a cubic zirconia pendant.

Nordstrom Cubic Zirconia Pendant Tennis Necklace // Jenny Bird Small Le Tome Hoop Earrings

#5. Complete the look with a fashionable umbrella!

If your umbrella is looking old and tired, or it has a loud company logo on it… you know who you are! Consider purchasing something new and fun that adds some style to your rainy day outfits. Go for an elegant black, a classic pattern, or a fun color… whatever best represents your unique style.

I love how a clear umbrella keeps you dry while showcasing your outfit underneath.

I’m not a big fan of rain, but it doesn’t have to slow you down. As long as you have the appropriate shoes, accessories, and outerwear, you can look stylish and feel comfortable no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.

As always, when you shop at Nordstrom, you get their free shipping and free returns. And don’t forget about their BOPUS (Buy Online Pick Up in Store) and contactless curbside pickup options.

And if you aren’t already a Nordy Club member, be sure to sign up so you can start earning points toward Nordstrom Notes when you shop. You also get to enjoy exclusive perks like members-only access to sales, offers, and events — like the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, which will be here again before we know it!

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photos: Alison Cornell

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24 Responses

  1. Great post! I was excited to see you wearing 29” AG jeans with sneakers. Last year I believe it was best to show some skin around the ankle, so 26” or 27” was what we were seeing you wearing (and me copying, lol) with sneakers. But 29” with sneakers “is a thing” now? Thanks!!

    1. I don’t know if it’s “a thing” or not, lol. I still like the 27″ and 28″ length with some ankle showing, but I feel like this combo works. I like how the jeans sit just above the sneakers and don’t buckle on top of the foot.

      I tried them with a different pair of sneakers, and they didn’t look as good and were getting caught on the heel, so I think you just have to try different combinations and see what looks good to you.

  2. I have a question on sizing and scrolled a little through blog but easier to email and ask…..the Kut from Cloth jacket your wear, I was wondering what size you wear? I want to order the burgundy coated one and not sure on size for myself….. thank you.

  3. I’m embarrassed to say that I was in my late 40s before I realized that it might be a good idea to have rainwear! So now I have a couple of rain jackets…game changer! I used to just run thru the pouring rain like a maniac! Now I just stroll thru the rain and have fun with it. I did get a quality umbrella a couple of years ago. I have fun rain boots, a red pair and a taller black/white pair, but I see your point about nicer waterproof footwear. And I am realizing that a longer raincoat like those on this post would have a place in my wardrobe 🤔

  4. On my screen, the hickory colored rain jacket looks berry colored on you, but when I click through to Nordstrom, it looks brown. I am interested if it’s closer to berry than brown. Which one would you say is more accurate? Thanks!

  5. I noticed in your post where you are wearing straight leg jeans and sneakers that your jeans are a bit longer. I just bought a pair of straight legs and am ready to get them hemmed to wear with flats and sneakers so that they don’t break on my shoes. Is this a good idea?

    1. I think you just have to try them on with the outfits you plan to wear them with and see how they look to you. There are really no rules about pant lengths anymore. I like having a few different lengths to work with various shoe and top combos.

  6. You mention dresses briefly. How would you modify your advice if my destination is such that I must wear a dress or skirt on a rainy day?

  7. How do you keep the mother denim jeans bottoms dry in the rain when I wear this style the bottoms soak up inches of water or would you only wear that style if you were running in and out of somewhere?

    1. I would wear them on days when it’s drizzling, not in a downpour. 🙂 The day I wore this outfit was drizzly all day.

      On Sunday, I was caught in a downpour, sloshing thru puddles and walking thru wet grass for a ways to get to the overflow lot at church. I wore these Paul Green boots and MOTHER Weekenders, which I guess are also long. So maybe the hems got wet, but I had the boots on, so it wasn’t a big deal.

      I did look at the boots after they dried off to see if there were any stains, and there are none. They look like new.

  8. This is super helpful, I’ve been struggling with what to wear on rainy days with various jean silhouettes. I’m trying to get away from sneakers (nothing wrong with them, I just have been not using them responsibly and relying on them way too much lol) so it was helpful to see you wearing the various boot options with different jeans.

  9. A question… do you like the Mari jean and feel it’s current? I actually tried on this “City View” color yesterday at Evereve and thought it was a great color! And oh my goodness COMFORTABLE with this fabrication! I definitely cannot do the inked black colors as they won’t set. (black denim DRAMA!!) LOL. But I did like this wash, and was curious about the leg opening being current. And oh my goodness…. this clear dome umbrella is a huge throw back for me! I remember thinking I was so cool when I got my first one as a teen! Again, LOL.

    1. I love this particular pair, and they look current to me as more of a classic style. I am not going to ever feel like myself in really slouchy, relaxed looks so I feel like this is a good update to skinny jeans and the slim straight ankle styles.

  10. Thank you for this post as I realized recently that my rainy day wardrobe was lacking. I was traveling to Boston for college tours at the same time as Hurricane Lee. I bought the Athleta Rainout Sutro Long Trench. It was pricy but it was exactly what I needed and I liked the longer length. I highly recommend it!

  11. Safety tip from a former ER nurse: raincoats and umbrellas should ALWAYS be a bright color. I have seen people get hit by cars and trust me it’s not pretty. A black rain coat with a clear umbrella is the perfect way to blend in with the dark cloudy day. A large reflective strip could help but a tiny reflective logo is not enough fyi increase visibility. At the very least if wearing a dark rain jacket pair it with a bright umbrella.

  12. Rain, what is that? Actually Sunday we got a storm and caused damage on some rural areas. I didn’t know you could wear regular leather in the rain. I thought you had to spray leather protector first? I hope one day I can use my raincoat again and fall clothes. So frustrating to still keep having to wear summer clothes.

  13. Love this! It usually feels like Southwest Louisiana is the rain capital of the world. But we have been in a severe drought for a few months now. Never thought I’d be wishing and praying for rain! Maybe if I update my rain gear, we will get some rain?! lol

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