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Hello, friends! Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m taking you shopping with me today. I actually went shopping on Monday, but I took loads of pictures so I could report back to you.

I’m also expecting a Trunk Club delivery this week so I have a Trunk Club Unboxing coming to you soon as well. I was hoping it would be here in time for my Facebook Live today, but so far no dice. I’m keeping my fingers crossed though. I’ll do my best to hop on a Live Chat at 1PM EST. There’s a lot going on at my house today so hopefully it will work out. Bring your questions! I’ll also be talking about some of my favorite spring trends.

Okay, so as for my shopping trip… it’s a doozie. I shopped at Nordstrom, LOFT, J.Crew, and Madewell… but I didn’t try on anything at Madewell. They’re hit or miss for me, and right now it’s a lot of cropped sweaters and voluminous blouses. #notforme

I do have some of their jeans that I really like, though. I ordered them online, and they came in over the weekend so I have those for you in this post as well.

First off, for size reference, I’m 5’5″ and about 140 lbs at the moment. I typically wear a size small or 6/8 in tops and dresses, and I’m 28/29 in pants. For the Adore Your Wardrobe students or graduates out there, my body type is short-waisted curvy, and I’m a cool skintone.

Let’s start at LOFT. I’ve actually had my eye on this coral sweater for a while, but I wasn’t sure I’d like the fit. As it turns out, it’s adorable on! I really like the length, the boat neck, the contrast ribbed knit details, and the weight of it as well. It’s a perfect transition piece.

Incidentally, this sweater also comes in white and navy. I had a hard time choosing between the coral and white. Since nothing was on sale, I didn’t purchase either, but I’m thinking of getting one if LOFT runs a good President’s Day sale this weekend. (I have no insider info, but I’m assuming they will!)

These are also LOFT jeans — they’re the Modern Skinny Crop jeans, and I really like them. They have a nice shape and fit, and the destructed light indigo wash is fun for spring and summer.

Here’s a rear view of both the jeans and the sweater. I think the pocket placement is flattering, and they provide good shape.

I’m assuming they would stretch out some, but they’re 98% cotton so maybe not. They’re thicker than some of my favorite jeans, but the thicker denim is trending right now so there’s that.

I took one picture in a straight-on pose so you can see the fit of both pieces a little better. It’s not the most flattering stance, but it gives a better idea of the fit and proportion.

I also tried on this striped tee, and this gives you a side view of the jeans.

This is their Spacedye Stripe Vintage Soft Tee, and I have it front-tucked because it has a curved hemline that is too long on me and isn’t terribly flattering, but I like the color. It’s a small.

Here it is with a cardigan on top. This Rib Trim Pocket cardigan is a nice weight and fit, and it also comes in white. It’s 100% cotton, so nice for springtime, and the chunky knit will be warm on cooler spring days. For size reference, this is a small.

I also tried on these frayed hem cropped chinos. I can’t find them online, so if you see them, drop me a link! I realize it’s hard to tell if the look good or not without shoes, but the black booties definitely did nothing for them.

I don’t love them because they’re a little wider through the calf than I prefer, but maybe I just need to get used to that since the straight crop style is definitely trending. I still prefer a cropped skinny.

I love this mixed stripe bell sleeve sweater, and I definitely plan to get one when it goes on sale. SO cute for spring.

And same with this black and white striped whipstitched sweater. LOVE this.

Aren’t the sleeves the cutest??? I thought it was navy, but it says it’s black.

I feel like it flatters the curves without being clingy, there are some fun knit details, and the length is nice — not too long or too short. I can so see this with white jeans this spring.

I wanted to like this spacedye slit cuff sweater more than I did. I think it’s the neckline — it’s a little too high for my personal preference. It might work for someone else, though. It’s really pretty for spring.

I tried it with the coral pants, but the proportions don’t work out very well. I think the sweater is too long for the cropped pants, and it kind of cuts me in half instead of creating that pleasing 1/3 to 2/3 body ratio.

OK! That’s it for LOFT. Moving on to Nordstrom

I started out in the T.B.D. Department, where they carry premium denim and brands like Hinge, Treasure & Bond, and Madewell.

I tried this stripe tie back top in two colors and sizes. This is the medium in navy and white stripe. I think it would be pretty with white pants or jeans for spring, and it could make a nice work wear piece for those of you looking for that.

Personally, for me, it’s a little too long, but it might work for someone else.

I love the sleeve detail.

Here’s the ivory and grey version in a small, but I can’t seem to find this one online. My guess is it’s coming soon.

I guess I like the fit of the navy a little better? It’s a tough call, but if it shrinks, it would be better to have the larger of the two sizes. Also, that weird lump on my shoulder is from the hanger. The shirt will lay right once that gets ironed out.

This is the popular Madewell Whisper v-neck pocket tee, and I’m wearing the medium. I really like this, and it came home with me. It’s a bit thinner than I’d prefer in a white tee, but it has a nice silhouette — not clingy but not too relaxed either. I’m not a fan of the boob pocket, but that just seems to be the way it is with most t-shirts. I will wear it mostly as a layering tee, but it works okay on its own; the split hem is a nice detail if I want to leave it untucked, but the front tuck works too.

I’m also wearing the Paige Hoxton high rise skinny ankle jeans, and I’m smitten. I’m pretty sure these are the ones from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and I tried them on at the time but didn’t think I needed them. Well, this time they came home with me.

The high rise feels so good, it holds everything in but has enough stretch to not be binding anywhere. Also, they’re a nice dark wash that is easily dressed up or down. For size reference, I have the 29, my usual size in Paige jeans.

I tried on this pink ribbed sweater by Rails even though I knew it wasn’t going to flatter me. Why do I always fall for these? It has that trendy oversized cropped look with the split hem that’s more flattering on those who are smaller up top, but I LOVE how soft and luxe it is… Of course, for the price tag, it better be!

This Treasure & Bond varsity tee is super cute on. I love the casual, athletic vibe, and I can see it with both light indigo jeans as well as white denim this spring and summer.

I have it front-tucked, and for reference, I’m wearing a size small. It’s made of a nice quality t-shirt material, and it’s very soft and comfortable.

Here is how it looks untucked and full-length with the Paige Hoxton jeans. I definitely prefer the front-tuck on me, but this is so you can get an idea of the length.

And here’s the back. I think Nordstrom needs to clean their mirrors!

This Hinge tie sleeve sweatshirt is AMAZING. It’s thick and soft and fleecy inside and sooo cozy. The tie sleeves are a fun touch, and they are knotted so they stay tied pretty well. The waist fits kind of snug so you can place it where you want it on your hips, which I like.

I’m wearing this with a pair of Rag & Bone ankle skinny jeans, but I don’t like them as much as the Paige. You may remember the pair of black Rag & Bone jeans I ordered from Revolve because I wanted to try their high rise. I loved them, but the hem of the ankles flared in a funny way, and these do the same thing. I may just have to give up on Rag & Bone jeans.

I liked everything else about them. They’re super flattering through the leg and the rear, and they have a comfortable 8.5″ mid-rise for those who don’t want a high rise but aren’t crazy about low rise jeans either.

Moving on to the Point of View department (this is the area that carries mid-price casual and career wear and brands such as Halogen, Caslon, and Vince Camuto.)

I tried on this Halogen bow back sweater. I’m not a huge fan of the bows, but the gorgeous shade of green caught my eye. I love wearing this color in March. I actually have a similar sweater from last year in this color. It’s more of a simple v-neck sweater, though. This one is fun and different.

It’s really soft and cozy and slightly oversized. I’m wearing a small, and it almost felt too big, but judging by how it fits the model, I think this the way it’s supposed to be.

I also tried on this Sanctuary Tie Shoulder Floral Shell. At first, I was kind of digging it. It’s a pretty print, flattering through the waist area, and has a fun tie shoulder detail…

The back is cute too, although I don’t love the longer length. The split detail is kind of fun, though.

Then I turned to the side… (Warning: bra shot.)

WHAT is going on there? Does anyone try these clothes on before they go to market? Who is this intended to fit, exactly? I mean, I guess I could try a petite, but I NEVER wear petites. Anyway, needless to say, this top did NOT come home with me.

Now that we’ve gotten past the shock of that… let’s discuss these pants. I recently wrote a post on ways to wear olive green pants, and these are a nice choice for spring.

They’re the Wit & Wisdom Ab Solution ankle skimmer jeans, and they have a 24 1/2″ inseam with a 12″ leg opening and a comfortable 9″ front rise.

Here’s a front-on look. They do that little flare thing at the hem, I think in this case because they have a small slit on the side. In my experience, this brand tends to stretch out, so take that into account. You may want to size down.

I’m wearing the 8, and I can’t imagine needing a 6, but I would probably want to try both and wear them around the house before taking the tags off and making my final decision.

They have this cool internal elastic waistband that makes them super comfortable. Here’s a look.

And here’s a closer shot of this white tiered hem linen top. I like this a lot, although it is on the thinner side. I would probably want to wear a nude cami under it.

Surprise! I tried on a dress. I wanted to like this washed black modal blend dress by NIC+ZOE, but it needs some tailoring if it’s going to work for me, although after looking at the pictures online, maybe it fits the way it’s supposed to. I know it shows my curves, but I feel like it needs to be nipped in at the waist to fit properly. For size reference, this is a small.

I like the pleated details on the side and shoulder, but I don’t love the asymmetrical hemline.

Here’s a look at the back. I dunno… maybe I just need to see it with heels. For size reference, this is a small. It is lined too — nice quality if you’re looking for a versatile black dress.

I have mixed feelings about this Halogen ruched tie sleeve top. On the one hand, I think it’s a pretty print, I like the modest v-neckline, and it’s a nice length. But the ruffle on the sleeve is a bit much, and it’s kind of busy. Maybe I need to see it with white pants.

One more from Nordstrom, and then we’re moving on to J.Crew.

This is another one of those sweaters that’s all business in the front…

And party in the back!

I’d like this sweater a lot better without the bows, personally. I love the stripes and the tailored look from the front. Even the white stripe across the boobs seems to work okay. I think it would be super cute with white jeans or light wash jeans this spring.

Okay, guys. Home stretch!

I just found a few things I wanted to try at J.Crew. This v-neck boyfriend sweater is wider than I was expecting, but it is super soft and luxe. I like the combination of light grey with white jeans this time of year. It’s still warm for those of us in cold climates, but the lighter colors remind us that springtime is just around the corner.

These jeans are the 9″ Toothpick jeans, and they’re pretty good. They’re quite thick for white denim, and the fit is really nice.

Here’s the rear view. You can see the pockets are rather small and well placed, and they overall have a nice fit. I probably should have tried them without the boots to make sure the hem works well for me, but I believe it did.

Oh, and hey, how fun is this cropped fatigue jacket? I love it as an alternative to the traditional utility jacket we always see this time of year.

And finally, this long open cardigan is a nice piece. I don’t have a lot of long cardigans — I had a grey one last fall but didn’t love the quality so I passed it on. This one is much nicer, plus I love the exposed seams and the longer sleeve length with ribbed cuff detail.

I’m not sure that it’s particularly flattering from behind, but then are any long cardigans flattering from that angle? Some more so than others, for sure, but I think this one is okay. I brought it home with me because it was on sale, but I’m still debating.

The tee I’m wearing underneath is their Perfect Fit T-Shirt in white, size medium. It’s quite snug, but makes an okay layering piece if you want something more body conscious. It has a good weight to the fabric — not thin or see-through at all. I personally prefer a looser fit, like the Madewell one above.

And that’s it! I actually have a few more pieces that came in the mail that I wanted to share, but I ran out of time. Maybe I’ll add them later, but I’m off to a photo shoot this morning.

Have a great day, and don’t forget to stop over to my Facebook Page around 1PM EST for a live chat!

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