5 Ways to Wear Olive Pants

Good morning, all! I’ve been asked for some more 5-Ways posts, and after I’d almost finished putting this post together on 5 Ways to Wear Olive Pants, I realized I did a similar one last fall. OOOPS. I didn’t have time to start over with a different wardrobe piece, so I hope this is helpful and not terribly redundant.

5 Ways to Wear Olive Pants This Spring

Olive pants or jeans are a great wardrobe essential to have in your arsenal, especially as we head into spring. I tend to pair mine with other neutrals, but you can definitely throw in a pop of color or leopard print here and there.

Here are 5 ideas for ways to style your olive pants this season.

5 Ways to Wear Olive Pants

#1. Olive Pants + Ivory Sweater & Taupe Ankle Boots

I realize we’re not going to be wearing heavy ponchos for much longer, but any ivory sweater is nice with olive pants. You can see another time I wore army green pants with an ivory sweater in THIS POST. I added a blanket scarf and leopard flats.

#2. Olive Pants + Striped Tee w/ Denim Jacket & Leopard Flats

This is an easy outfit formula that works well in spring and fall. You can just take off the denim jacket for summer and still have a complete outfit. I love the pattern mixing, and the olive pants are a nice alternative to black — which, incidentally, would also work well with this outfit.

#3. Olive Pants + Grey Tee & Taupe Booties

This is just a simple combination of neutrals. You can jazz it up with leopard flats or a color. Burgundy flats would be fun with this, or throw on a pair of Converse. I just like the easy casual combination of grey and olive green.

#4. Olive Pants + Black Top & Gold Flats

This is another basic outfit formula that you can play around with. I love olive and black together, and in this case, I think the gold espadrilles are so fun. I also love the pop of coral in the bag.

#5. Olive Pants + Black Stripe Top w/ Black Moto Jacket & Black Booties

This outfit was on the blog last fall. Again, black and olive seem to be a match made in heaven, but this time I wore a black moto jacket over a black and white striped top with black booties.

I hope this post gives you some ideas for wearing your olive pants this spring!

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49 thoughts on “5 Ways to Wear Olive Pants

  1. Love these outfits! #2 and #3 are my favorites, but my husband has often commented on my love for gray t-shirts. 😀 But then, I also love stripes. 😉 I have a pair of olive green skinnies, which are really more like leggings that I got from Stitch Fix, so I always feel like I need to wear longer tops with those. I also have a pair of olive green cargo-type pants, but they’re a lighter weight, so I’m waiting for warmer weather. Which seems months away here in northern Illinois. 🙁 Love the cargos you’re wearing in pics 2 and 3. I may have to try to find a pair. 😉

  2. This is really helpful!  Yesterday I was in my closet thinking about season transitions. When I saw my olive pants I wondered about some fresh looks for them.  When I saw this mornings topic I thought you’ve got to be kidding me!  Love these outfits (that orange bag is striking)!  Thanks for sharing! 

    1. I’m with you Jodie! I love my olive green pants. I have a work/dressy pair and a pair of cords for winter. I love to wear them with a dusty rose color or red. It just seems to make them pop! But I do love the classic black top with them as well – that looks awesome on you Jo-Lynne.

  3. I have a 5 ways post idea: 5 ways to style rain boots for church! Lol. But seriously.

    I love my olive pants. Thanks for the fresh ideas.

  4. My favorite is #4. I love that pop of color in your handbag with the olive and black! Thank you for your advice on the type of necklace to wear with my gray sweatshirt. I was leaning towards a long necklace but needed that extra reassurance! Be blessed!

  5. I loved it. Always struggle with olive pants. Guess you treat them as neutral color. Thank you. Is anyone familiar with Universal Thread at Target. Saw ads in paper Sunday. Cute denim.

  6. So glad you reminded us how to wear olive pants in the spring. I enjoyed it when you did it in the fall and actually ordered some olive pants then but they just weren’t the right fit. I recently tried ponding the off on my daughter because they were the perfect shade of olive. Not too dark or too light. So I’m going to invest in some new ones and Old Navy has some in petite that are on sale ???? so they’re in my cart. Thank you and have a wonderful day,! 

  7. I did like this post.  I just need to work on my confidence in pairing various colored tops with my olive green pants.  I also enjoyed your post on Sat. & Coffee Talk on Sunday, even though I haven’t commented on them yet.  I hope it’s not as wet and dreary there as it is here!  We do need the rain though, so I don’t need to complain.  And since we have sandy soil, the ground pretty well absorbs it.  Have a blessed day!

  8. Lol!  I can barely remember last week much less last year so … yeah.  ????

    Outfit #2 is exactly one of the ways I wear my Wit and Wisdom olive pants – stripe top and leopard flats (sometimes with the blue jean jacket sometimes not).  I also wear my cream colored Tory Burch canvas flats. I like the idea of the black or gray top.  

    Have a great week! 

  9. I absolutely love this post!
    Olive pants are so versatile and all of your outfits are adorable.
    Sooo ready for spring ????

  10. I love my olive pants you recommended from Nordstrom last fall Kut from the Kloth. What other color denim will be good for the spring? Is pink still going to be ‘in’ or recommend some other color? THANKS!

  11. The “How to Wear Olive Pants” is fantastic! I think everyone would look stylish in at least one of the outfits. Seeing the jeans with different colors & tops is helpful in putting an outfit together. I prefer viewing different outfits as compared to several views of the same outfit.. Thank you for sharing your ideas!

  12. Repeat or not I was delighted to see the post. This weekend, I bought a really nice pair of olive faux suede leggings from Old Navy. I wore them with a solid beige sweater, which looked really nice. Now I have a few others ways to style them. Thanks a bunch for your suggestions.

  13. I don’t think you should apologize for having previously done a similar post. People don’t always think to go back and look and it’s always nice to get a refresher and bring something back to the forefront of our minds. Olive pants are so versatile. I need to wear mine more. I just can’t help but grabbing for a pair of jeans ????

    1. I do the same. I wore grey jeans today on purpose – b/c I wanted something different than blue. I still would rather wear blue jeans. Not sure why they seem more comfortable and flattering, but they do.

  14. My olive pants are chinos so I haven’t had them on since last fall. I love the versatility of olive pants. They also look great with blush pink and we all know there is no shortage of that color in the stores. ????

  15. Thank you for this post! So many cute ideas.  I bought a pair of olive jeans in the Fall, but didn’t really have much to wear with them other than black.  I’ve also been on the hunt for tops with longer short sleeves and I just found the striped one in your links, ordered it, and now I’m all set to wear my olive jeans!

  16. I have also discovered the versatility of olive about 2 years ago. Since I am lighter colored (summer?) I often wear it with softer colors, pinks, corals, lighter blues, soft yellows, lighter lime greens, and of course whites and ivories with accent color handbags. I always feel “put-together” in these outfits. I found some really cute olive loafers to wear because I am so short. I got olive jeans from Christopher and Banks in petite that fit perfect and some nicer pants off QVC, Issac Mitzrah which are also petite size. Love them both.

  17. I adore my olive pants!! I love all of these looks ! My favorite color to wear with olive is coral, that handbag and gold shoes – love it! 

    1. I don’t know – do they have rear pockets? I wear “legging jeans” just like any other jeans. But if there are no back pockets and an elastic waist like leggings, then maybe longer tops are better.

  18. I have a pair of Olive travel weight cargo pants from Athleta that i wear on the plane- I pair it with a navy tee and long navy cardigan and white cole haan sneakers or my cole haan patent leather ballet flats. I always get compliments on this outfit- the navy and the olive look really chic and fresh together.

    1. Yes, I love navy with olive as well! I had another picture with a navy sweater and olive pants but it was super old and I figured 5 was good, but I also like navy with olive. And also blush and pinks!

  19. I enjoyed your ideas! I need this because I tend to get stuck in a rut wearing the same clothes. Thanks for sharing!

  20. I love olive colored pants, the color is almost a neutral and goes with so many other colors and designs on top. One of my go to outfits with my olive cargos are with a grey short or long sleeve plain tee and denim vest on top. I like to wear my leopard print slip on Sketchers to finish it off, for running errands around town. Love the looks you styled with yours, too!

  21. I realize not everyone will have this, but your colour block (fushia, olive, black) top would look amazing with your olive pants!

  22. Thank you for this post! I have no sense of style so I wear black pants most of the time. Your blog has encouragement me to take an interest in my wardrobe and stretch a little. So I have added olive pants to my shopping list. It’s nice to have someone who has style and lives a normal everyday life like me that I can relate to. I do have one question that is outside the realm of this post. I haven’t bought a new pair of dress pumps in a looong time and desperately needed a new pair. So I purchased a pair that has a 1.5″ heel. I like the toe of the shoe but now that I look at them I wonder if they make me look like I’m wearing my mother’s shoes. I’m in my 50s and only 4’11”. Do you think I should go with a heel that has a little more height? Have your written a post about this question before? If so, I’d love to read it. Thanks for your help.

    1. Hey Angel, a lower heel can be a bit matronly but not necessarily. Kitten heels are supposedly trending this spring. I think it depends on the shape of the heel (and toe) of the shoe, to be honest. So many factors, right?? 🙂 If you can wear a bit more height, I do think it is more flattering in general, but I know not every woman can wear heels, so then it is about finding the “right” pair. 🙂

  23. I hadn’t had any olive pants until this last Spring.  I love them with Navy and blush pink.  I found mine last year at LOFT on sale.  Great fit and looking forward to wearing them again.   

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