Spring Coat Guide 2022

I’ve been getting some requests for spring jackets and coats, so I decided to put together a Spring Coat Guide for 2022. Spring jackets add an extra layer of interest to your outfits, so it’s nice to have a few if budget and closet space allow.

If you think about it, a lot of times people don’t even see what’s underneath your coat, so it doesn’t really make sense to spend all your time putting an outfit together just to cover it up with the same coat everyday. For that reason, I like to have several coats and jackets for various purposes.

I always make sure to have something appropriate for dressier occasions that might crop up, and then I like to have a few casual options for my daily life. Some spring jackets are worn as outerwear that I remove when I go indoors, and some are part of my outfit. I keep the ones that I consider “outfit completers” in my bedroom closet, and I keep the outerwear downstairs in a coat closet.

Spring Coat Guide 2022

Here are six types of spring coats you may want to have in your closet this year and what styles and colors are trending.

#1. Anorak/Raincoat

Barbour waterproof rain jacket

As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers… and in most areas of the country, we equate spring with a decent amount of rain. We certainly get our fair share here in Pennsylvania, so having something appropriate for wet weather is essential.

I love a trench coat, but it can feel cumbersome. An anorak or raincoat is the perfect casual alternative. My best tip is to make sure it has a hood so you aren’t obligated to carry an umbrella.

#2. Trench Coat

Mango classic cotton trench

A classic trench coat is my solution for dressier occasions when it’s raining or I need a light layer, but it can be worn as casual wear too. Don’t be afraid to pull out your trench and throw it on over jeans and a casual t-shirt, or even your gym clothes if you want to elevate your look to run errands after your workout.

I’m still looking for the perfect beige trench. I have a grey one that I like, but I really want a tan one that isn’t too yellowy. Maybe I should just go for a black one and call it a day. Also, be aware that a double breasted style may not be the most flattering. While it’s a little more traditional, I find that I look better in single breasted styles.

#3. Utility Jacket

KUT from the Kloth Bri Drawstring Utility Shirt Jacket

A utility jacket is great for casual wear when you don’t need rain protection, and it can be outerwear or part of your outfit. These look amazing with jeans and a tee or sweater, but you can throw them on over a casual dress as well. Utility jackets are traditionally olive green, but you can find them in other colors too. I have the one pictured above in black from last year that I wore a lot.

The military style with the drawstring waist is more traditional, but I actually prefer the shorter versions like the one pictured above. These days there are lots of military-inspired styles that aren’t quite as rugged as the originals.

#4. Moto Jacket

BlankNYC Spring Tweed Moto Jacket

I usually think of a moto jacket as a fall or winter jacket, but I love all the softer knit options available right now. Some of these are more moto inspired than others, but I think they’re all great options for spring.

#5. Denim Jacket

KUT from the Kloth Emma Boyfriend Trucker Jacket

A denim jacket is useful all year-round, but I probably wear mine most in the springtime. I don’t usually wear my blue denim jackets with blue jeans, but I’ll wear them with white jeans or any other color.

I also like to have a white denim jacket to wear with blue jeans, and it also lightens up black jeans for spring. And of course there are colors as well. I had a yellow denim jacket last summer that I loved.

#6. Shirt Jacket

Michael Stars Linen Shirt Jacket

Often called a shacket, the shirt jacket is a newer style that has been on the rise over the past few seasons. This is another nice layering option for transition season, and I’m seeing a lot of variations on this theme that aren’t quite so lumber jack as the originals.

I hope this is helpful! Of course not everyone needs all of these, but these are all good styles to consider if you’re feeling like you need another jacket or two to round out your spring wardrobe.

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8 thoughts on “Spring Coat Guide 2022

  1. You are speaking my language when you talk about jackets! I have 3 of the JCrew rain jackets, a trench, 4 denim jackets in various colors, and 2 utility jackets. I’d count my 2 sweater blazers as jackets too.Living in a warm southern climate, I wear these all Fall, Winter and Spring. I’m really liking the newer shackets you’re showing and need to look closer at those. Definitely wasn’t a fan of the lumberjack thing but these are more refined. Great post!

  2. I only have acquired rain jackets over the past few years–why is that?? They are so convenient because I don’t like to bother with an umbrella. I have 2; one is more lightweight and casual than the other. I would like a trench and a fabric moto jacket, so I will be checking those out. I have a utility, jean and shirt jacket. I love the shacket, I must say. Can’t wear it yet here in Ohio because it’s still so cold.

  3. I love all these spring jacket ideas and I have several of each style (except a shacket!). One other I would add is the “athletic” style zip-up hoodie jackets. I love ones from North Face, Zella, or Athleta, they have become my go-to for spring. Bonus points if they are a light, spring-y color!

  4. Yes coats!!! You can never have too many ! We usually try to shed the heavier winter coats by late March all depending on when our spring actually arrives! So I try to have a warmer spring coat to wear like a quilted style! Sometimes are springs just aren’t warm enough yet.

  5. JoLynne,
    I am in the same boat as you when it comes to a trenchcoat. Finding the right shade of beige and in a single breasted style is really tricky. I thought about resorting to black also. My current trenchcoat that I’ve had for over 10 years is a snake print… Very cool, but not versatile.

  6. I have wanted a “shacket” for a while but just couldn’t find one that was for me. Thanks for posting the pic & link of the one from Madewell—just ordered it! Hoping it’s soft & comfortable on me without looking sloppy. The ecru jacket from BRFactory was my other pick, so it may be my backup if the Madewell one doesn’t work.

  7. I think you should go with a black trench coat. That’s what I wear and I,too, am a “winter” in my coloring.

    Great post!

    Julie Marshall

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