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Greetings, happy Friday, and happy long weekend!

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Okay, now that THAT is out of the way… today I’ve got a fun summer sweater outfit to share with you.

A summer sweater may sound like an oxymoron, but I’m a big fan. I like how easy they are to throw on and go, and they don’t tend to wrinkle as easily as a blouse or tee.

This pointelle flare sleeve sweater is 40% off right now at LOFT, and I love this poppy color, but it also comes in white. For size reference, I’m wearing a small and the fit is perfect.

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I’ve worn this sweater a few times with white jeans, but it also pairs well with blue jeans.

This cropped pair is a great length for summer, and the fit is pretty good. They do tend to stretch some with wear so size down if in between; I have the 28. They’re also from LOFT so 40% off this weekend!

I wore neutral wedge sandals for this shoot, but I also like flat sandals with this outfit for a more casual look. These wedge sandals have been on ALL the blogs this spring. I can’t believe they’re still in stock.

I like that the platform isn’t as high as some, but they still give you a nice lift. They’re also a great cognac color — they go with everything.

I added my leopard clutch for some texture and print.

I’d carry this if I was wearing this outfit to a lunch meeting or something along those lines. Otherwise, I’d probably carry a neutral crossbody or tote.

I completed the look with a pair of white stone drop earrings and a stack of Alex and Ani bangles.

sweater // jeans // shoes // bag // earrings // bracelets

photo credit: Alison Cornell

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  1. we have moved a lot over the 14 years of marriage (by choice as I love houses – ha). needless to say we have also been very blessed and able to move over a period of time each time – even if a couple of days – we invested around $100 into as many Rubbermaid tubs as that would buy and packed stuff like the kitchen in those – unpacked and then reused. Also, for about $9 you can buy a rod that goes in your car for travel usually for clothing – way easier than packing it all up. Keep in mind I’m speaking about packing for just the two of us but you can see where this might help??? I enjoy UNPACKING cause I like organization but I will say packing can be overwhelming so yes start early with off season type stuff .

  2. As for moving advice:  when you have time on your hands, there is a temptation to pack random/seldom used things and stash them somewhere.  Be sure to pack all items from a room together.  If you walk all around the house packing “this and that”, you’ll end up with a lot more work (sorting) at the new house.  And, PURGE PURGE PURGE.  If you’re like me, you will purge at this house, and purge more at the new one!  Good luck!

    1. Good point. I don’t want the house to start feeling empty yet, though. The kids have 2 more weeks of school, and we’ll have a grad party that weekend. I think I will tackle the attic and basement first, and then we can do the rooms after that.

  3. Jolynne. We recently sold our home and packed up to move across the country.  My advice start early and take the time to purge yourself of items you no longer need or don’t use  You think six weeks is a long time……you’ll be surprised how quickly it passes. 

  4. I was lucky enough that when we did a PCS move with the Air Force that they came in and pack every thing for us and moved it to our new home then in another two years they would be at it again, Air Force wives always had a saying you knew how many time you have moved by the stickers on the back of your furniture, and that we had more curtains then wall mart world, cause no base housing had the same size windows, Good luck with the packing

  5. I have moved many many times. Depending how good your family is about cleaning out closets, throwing things out….I would start cleaning before packing.  Make hard choices about what should be moved and what should be discarded. Then begin packing, yes, putting boxes in basement and or …pack up areas not used all the time and out of sight. 

    1. We are pretty cleaned out from staging the house for sale. I’m sure there is more, but honestly, I think we’ve done most of our purging… at least until we get to the new house. We may purge more when we unpack. I think we’re going to tackle the attic this weekend. We can probably purge some seasonal stuff, but even up there, I went thru it last spring and got rid of a TON of old crap and organized it all. Maybe I’m totally deluded, but I FEEL like we’re in good shape there. And yes, I realize I will probably come back in a few weeks and tell you all how much MORE we’ve throw away. Ha!

  6. Last year at this time we (family of 4) were getting ready to move and put our house on the market. We knew a move was likely happening but we didn’t know when or how fast it would have to happen. As it turns out, we moved 10 days after deciding the move date! And about 7 of those days my husband was out of state at his new job! Needless to say I couldn’t have done it without our friends and church family! Thankfully I had already gotten rid of a lot of stuff but qe luved in the house 11 years and gained both kids while there. Looking back, yes it was a crazy stressful 10 days but i would do it again. For me, it was easier to get it done rather than live in that inbetween for several weeks/months. I would rather have a lot of chaos and stress for a short time then stretch it out.

  7. We’ve moved 14 time in 37 years!  Some with the Air Force, some with the company doing it all, and most all on our own.  Labeling is my best advice!  Color code boxes if possible, and either list contents on the side of box or number box and create a list for each box number.  Also, leave one unpacked box in each room for all the last minute packing on the day of move….be sure to pre-label those boxes…..” last kitchen box” etc.  
    Enjoy your new home!  Always exciting to buy a few new pieces!

  8. My moving advice is to purge as you pack.  We were in our first house for 15 years and I couldn’t believe how much stuff we had collected!   We have been in our current house for 7 years and I need to do another purge.  Good luck

  9. Love this outfit! The style and color of the sweater look great on you. 

    Good luck with the packing! I would start with any closets/drawers/cupboards that hold stuff you don’t use all the time. Any out of season items as well could be packed away, if they aren’t already.

  10. I really like the sweater Jo-Lynne!  I do not have a drawer to use, so I currently use an oblong woven fabric open storage box to store my sweaters in my closet.  Whenever I want to wear a sweater, I have no choice but to iron it, which means I don’t wear them too often.  I’m hoping that you or someone else can offer suggestions on better ways to store sweaters.  While I haven’t moved a lot, I would suggest to start boxing up the attic, basement, closets, etc., that contain items used every now and then.  Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

  11. We moved 3 years ago after being in our house for 18 years. I would start with all the boxes that you have tucked away or stored in the basement or attic. Do you really still need everything in those boxes? Purge, purge, Purge! 🙂 Then go through all the kitchen cupboards, again, do you think you will use everything in there in the next month? Nick-naks were next, then go through your closets and donate any clothing that you are not wearing (you are probably on top of that one!). Anything larger, put on kijiji so you don’t have to move it. Good Luck! hope everything goes smoothly.

  12. Has anyone else been have trouble receiving your emails lately? I’ve been receiving them with no problems but have not received them the last 2-3 days. I went on your website and updated my profile hoping that fixes it. But wanted to mention it in case others are having issues too! Happy Memorial Day!

    1. Hey Colleen, I just checked, and you are subscribed and should have received emails today and yesterday. Can you check your spam folder? You can also add my email to your contact list, so your email provider knows you want to get them: [email protected]. Let me know if you find it!

      1. I checked my spam and there were no emails there either and you are already in my contact list. Maybe it was just a weird fluke! Hopefully they will start arriving again :).

        1. Well, that’s no good! Okay so now I went in and searched again and did NOT find your email. I added it. Let me know if you receive any type of email confirmation – hopefully you’ll get my email tomorrow.

  13. Love this color on you!  I have a couple of short sleeve sweaters and love them.  They are easy!

    On my last couple of moves, I’ve numbered each box and kept a list of what is in each one.  It sure helps when you are trying to locate a certain box.  I do that with my Christmas bins, too. Happy Packing!

  14. I just never understood the short sleeve sweater.  Where I live if its warm enough to wear short sleeves, you wouldn’t want the weight of the sweater and if cool enough for a sweater, usually I want my arms covered…..like in air conditioning etc.  But, you look great in the one you are styling today and I always like the look of them.  Have a great weekend and I think you already got a lot of good advice for moving.  I’ve been in my house since 1991, so haven’t moved as you see for many moons. 🙂  

  15. Hi:  I wanted to comment on your packing strategy as one who has moved 6 times in my 28 years of marriage with 3 kids a bit older than yours. Were always moving in to larger homes until last time we downsized to a beach house. It can be very overwhelming so I would start as early as you can. Purge as much as you can. Sell donate yard.saler and plain old throwing out. You will not believe how much stuff is really not a necessity to be happy. In my case i live near a marine base. You will not believehow happyy they were to get kid items kitchen stuff cook books furniture toys  art supplys and women and kids clothing. Good luck if you do a bit every day it will not be as overwhelming. Kind of feels cathartic

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