Tie Front Tank in Portsmouth, NH

Happy Friday, friends! It’s hard to believe another weekend is rolling around already. Gotta love a 3-day work week! Okay, so I’m on vacation, but I’m assuming those of you who are working this week feel like it was super short.

On our way to Maine, we stopped through Portsmouth, New Hampshire for the night. It’s a great walking town so before we headed out the next morning, we went out to explore and shot this look.

I’ve featured this rust tie front tank before, but I realized when I was packing for this trip that I never did a full outfit post with it so this worked out perfectly!

I wore this top with shorts and sandals in Disney World last month when Cyndi and I were there on a press trip, but it works just as well with jeans and ballet flats.

Unfortunately my top shrunk in the dryer (I wasn’t supposed to dry it) so it’s a little bit shorter than it should be and you can see some skin (or in my case, shapewear, haha!) where it ties in front. This doesn’t bother me and I still wear it this way, but word to the wise, if you like the longer length, be sure to lay it flat to dry per the washing instructions!!!

These leopard flats were my birthday gift from my mom. I love my grey leather Minnie travel flats and wear them a ton, so I’m exited to add this leopard printed version to my closet.

I accessorized with this triple charm initial pendant and my favorite silver bracelets. In fact, I’ve worn these same accessories every day of our trip. There’s just no need to bring an assortment of accessories on a casual vacation and this is one way I try to keep my packing minimal. I always overpack tops so I have lots of options, but I’ll happily wear the same jewelry (and jeans, for that matter!) every day.

Speaking of packing, I’m thinking of doing a vacation packing post — it’s nothing groundbreaking, but let me know if you’re interested. I have a picture of mostly what I packed and I can whip a post up for next week sometime if that’s of interest.

Finally, a crossbody bag is perfect for sightseeing and exploring a new town.

I made a mistake here in Maine and brought my big tote with me on a day trip when we ended up walking over two miles, and I regretted that choice! I did need some of the stuff I had inside, but I should have brought it with me and left it in the car and transferred the bare essentials over to the crossbody for our excursions. Live and learn, I guess!

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tie front top // distressed skinnies (similar for less) // leopard Minnie travel ballet flats (similar for less) // similar off-white saddle bag (LOVE this – on sale) // triple charm pendant // sunnies

And it’s Friday so that means linkup day!

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46 Responses

  1. I understand that not putting tops in the dryer is better for shrinkage, but I’m way too lazy about that. I’m lucky if I can pull out my bras to dry naturally!! Luckily I’m short so usually if they shrink, it’s no biggie!!
    I love the leopard flats with this, Jo-Lynne!! They are so perfect with so many outfits—maybe that’s why I have a couple pair?? LOL!

  2. You’ve probably shared this a million times, but can you share the shape wear you are wearing with this?

    1. Well unfortunately my favorite piece has been discontinued. I bought a few while I still could but now they’re pretty much gone. I used to link to them on ebay, but they are even scarce there. I wish I could get the formula and manufacture them! I wear the Medium or the 2. I take off the clear straps and it tucks under my bra, and then the bottom tucks into my pants. It is great for smoothing out the midsection, which is where I tend to put on weight (and bloat.)


  3. Please, please do a vacation packing post! I am going on a ten day trip to western Canada soon and it’s been 7 years since I have traveled for an extended vacation so I am at a loss as to how to pack. I desperately need help. I would love your advice

  4. Love the outfit. I would also love a vacation packing post. Please do. Question, your TB leopard flats – love however I already own the Sam E. you recommend. They are “hair-like” for a lack of a better word. Can you wear those in the summer?

    1. Yes, I think you can and I do, but I admit I wear them more in fall and winter. Even these look more like fall to me, but I wanted to wear them right away so I did. 🙂 I think it is fine as long as what you wear them with is summery.

  5. Beautiful color combo with the burnt orange & the leopard. I’m always amazed at how many outfits you can wear leopard flats with! That stinks about the top shrinking. I’m long waisted, so I’d really be in trouble! As far as a post on packing for a trip, I always like to see how other people pack. I’ve tried the roll up everything approach, eh, it was okay but I think I rolled waaay to much clothing! Suitcase seems to weight a ton. So yes, love to see a post on how you pack. Enjoy the rest of your trip. We’ve had a really steady good rain going on here since early this morning. Hope it misses you up there!

  6. Cute outfit! I would love to see a post on vacation packing. With my 2 week trip coming up I am already stressing about not overpacking – which I always do – but still having options. Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Aren’t New England towns charming?? We just returned from a short trip to New England and really enjoyed walking around Ogunquit ME and Concord MA. And for that trip I packed way too much, but I did have many options for the crazy change in weather (jackets and long jeans in Maine, tanks and sun hat for Concord when it got into the high 80’s!). I find that if we’re taking a car trip and I have plenty of room in the back of our Pilot, I overpack! My poor hubby usually is the one toting my heavy suitcase around! HA HA! Enjoy the rest of your time in ME!

    1. Haha, we have a Pilot too and it definitely allows for plenty of overpacking. 🙂 I usually regret when I don’t bring enough choices for tops. I can be more minimal with shoes/jeans/jewelry.

  8. I love to see examples of how to wear leopard in the summer. This is a really great outfit, and such a lovely setting. On the top shrinking, I actually like this shorter length better, except for the problem of the little keyhole that shows the midsection. I always keep a bag of the really small safety pins around just for stuff like that. I bet if you were to pin the hole from underneath (along the hemmed seam edges, keeping the pin/s below the very outer layer of fabric), you might be able to draw the keyhole together enough that nobody can really see anything, without it looking obvious. Anyway, that’s how I roll! (I also pin between the buttons of gaping button down shirts. It’s sure easier than sewing.) Hope the rest of your trip is great.

  9. I’d love to see a ‘packing’ post from you! Doesn’t the shapewear make you hot? I have access skin below my back bra line leftover from the Cushings Disease that I’d love to smooth out, if possible. But, I am very hot natured, so adding extra layers does not excite me. I love the leopard print shoes! Great gift from your mom! Enjoy your day!

    1. I tend to be cold natured and I don’t live in a super hot climate so it doesn’t usually make me hot, however, on hot days I don’t wear it. I just try to wear looser tops that don’t outline the belly flab (and back flab – I have some of that too!) I do tend to put it on for photo shoots b/c invariably I will notice some unsightly bulges, but I don’t worry about it as much in daily life. 🙂 I think pictures can actually highlight issues like that whereas when you’re moving around and living your life, it’s not as noticeable.

  10. Cute outfit as always! Yes please on the packing post! Do you always wear shapewear under shirts? Thank you for always great outfit ideas! Enjoy your vacation!

    1. I do not always wear shapewear. It depends on how form fitting the shirt is and where I’m going (and how much I care about how I look wherever it is I’m going, lol.) I tend to wear it when shooting for the blog because pictures have a way of highlighting one’s imperfections. 🙂

  11. First, you look so cute and love your new leopard flats. I have some different ones and never tend to grab them, but if I do its in the Fall. I guess I don’t really know what to pair them with. 2nd, I don’t think its a big deal if you didn’t wear shaper wear. In the summer that little bit of skin showing through the hole would be no big deal. 🙂 Love the length the top shrunk too. 3rd, yes please do a packing post. I always overpack and its usually with shoes. I want the right pair with each outfit and enjoy wearing different shoes, especially on vacation. I tend to have to pack the same color schemes to scale down on the amount of shoes I pack and don’t like doing that. Also, I never have rolled my clothes. Does it really work best for fitting more in the suitcase and for wrinkles? My girls do it, so I’d like to try it. 4th, would you please some day do a post on traveling to your part of the country? You go to so many neat New England towns with so much personality and when my husband retires we’d like to travel that way, as we live in the Northwest, by the Pacific Ocean. We can be at the ocean in 1 hr. I’d love for you to post a vacation iteniery, like what states and places to be sure and see when there. Thanks for all you do.

    1. I do tend to grab my leopard flats more in the fall, but they really can operate as a neutral. They go with almost anything. 🙂 And I agree about the shapewear and a little bit of skin showing is ok. But in my perfect world, it wouldn’t. LOL. I do think (hope?) it is more noticeable in pictures than in person. I do roll most of my clothes, and I do think it is more efficient. I have a lot of posts on Maine but not a nice, comprehensive guide. Thanks for the idea! People are always asking for advice, so it would be nice to have a blog post to link them to.

  12. Looks like a really cute town! Hooray for great birthday gifts from moms. So have you tried washing the top and stretching it? One of my daughters dresses shrank and I of course turned to Pinterest and found the suggestion of soaking it in water with fabric softener and then stretching it back out…it worked. I did it on something of mine too and can’t even remember what at the moment. Just a thought. Thanks for hosting the link up and Happy Weekend!!!

    1. No, I didn’t try re-washing the top and stretching it because I didn’t realize how much skin it showed till I looked at these pictures. I will now. 🙂 I actually like the overall fit and length better with the way it shrunk, but I would rather the hole be over the waistband of my jeans/shorts.

  13. Really cute outfit! I’m always up for a packing post.

    Also, I would love for you to do a post on how you organize your closet and ideas for jewelry organization.

    1. I am not super organized. Fortunately I have a nice closet system that makes it easy. Shelves for shoes, drawers for lingerie, shelves for sweaters, hangers for everything else. I like my jewelry out where I can see it so I have some different jewelry stands/bracelet racks on top of my dresser. The rest are in dividers in my top dresser drawers.

  14. You look awesome. Question about the shape wear. Don’t you find it too warm in the summer months to wear shape wear everyday?

    1. I don’t wear it everyday. I usually wear it for photo shoots and then it just depends on the outfit and how much I care about the bulges showing through. 😉 With the looser tops trending, it often isn’t necessary, which is nice. I used to wear it more when tighter, more form-fitting tops were the norm.

  15. Love this color combination on you! And I, too, would love to see a packing post. I am also piggy-backing on Mary’s comment about closet and jewelry organization. It would be so helpful to hear your tips! Enjoy the rest of your vacation! And thanks for thinking of us during your time “off.” ????

  16. Hi JoLynne….great outfit today! I am drooling over those cute shoes, absolutely love them! YES, please do a packing post, would love to see that. We are traveling to Rockport, MA in August (my happy place!). I need to pack light!

  17. Yes please on the packing post!!! I have a vacation soon and could use ideas/guidance. Thank you! Love Portsmouth. Was there just last weekend!

  18. Those shoes look awesome with your top! Yes please to the packing post. Thanks for sharing your trip highlights with us.

  19. Mom gifts are the most special gifts. Love the shoes. Yes, would love to see a travel packing post. I think everyone can benefit from that. Enjoy your trip!

  20. Great post! Did you happen to get to check out Pretty Little Things near the Portsmouth whale parking lot? I think you’d like their styles.

    Full disclosure… It’s my daughter’s shop.!

    1. Oh wow!! No, we did not. We didn’t really go in any shops, just walked around. It was pretty early and not much was open. I would love to explore more sometime.

  21. I’m in for a travel packing post. Please tell your mom your new shoes are very popular
    I like them very much. Trying hard not to cover. Ha.Have a blessed week ????

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