What I Packed & Wore For A Week In Maine

I grew up in Virginia, but my mom is from Maine, so we spent a week or two up there every summer as I was growing up visiting family and vacationing. After I moved out and got married and started having kids, we continued the tradition.

Paul actually vacationed in Maine with his family several times when he was growing up, so we both have ties to the area and enjoy going back every summer with our own kids. My parents have a place on a lake near where my mom grew up, so it’s a great place to vacation as well as spend time with family.

Since Maine is a big tourist destination these days, I often get asked about what to pack and what to wear on a Maine vacation, so I thought I’d dedicate a post to that topic.

What I Packed & Wore For A Week In Maine

The key to packing for a Maine vacation is to bring a little bit of everything… but keep it casual. There is rarely a need to dress up, so at most I bring a pair of white jeans and flat sandals for dinners out.

On the other hand, the weather is quite variable, and you should be prepared for anything in that regard. I’ve been in Maine in July when it’s 50 degrees and pouring rain (last year, in fact!) and other times when it is 90 degrees and sunny and humid (just last week!) I never go without packing clothes for both weather extremes and anything in between.

You also need to think through your activities. We stay on a lake-front property, so water shoes and swimsuits are a must. We often go hiking, and I like to walk or run for exercise, so I always bring a good sneaker/hiking shoe along with some activewear.

Vuori Energy Top c/o (S) // Vuori Boyfriend Joggers c/o (S) // On Cloud Running Sneakers (8.5) // Lagos earrings

We spend a lot of time lounging and reading, so I like to bring some comfy clothes that don’t button and zip; and we rarely go anywhere fancy, so I don’t bring heels or extra jewelry.

One all-purpose handbag is all I need in that category, and it almost always rains when we’re in Maine, so I usually throw a rain jacket into my suitcase.

Okay, so here’s what I packed and wore for our week-long Maine vacation…

What I Packed for A Week In Maine

When it came time to pack my suitcase on the morning we were supposed to leave — I know, I like to live dangerously! — I first decided on my travel outfit. I chose my comfiest blue jeans that I like to wear with casual summer looks, and I topped them off with a white t-shirt and coral denim jacket, knowing they both could easily be mixed and matched with other versatile wardrobe pieces.

I wore neutral sandals with a molded footbed that are comfortable for walking in airports, and I picked out jewelry that goes with pretty much everything. I didn’t pack any extra jewelry beyond that.

KUT from the Kloth Kara (M) // ATM tee (M) // Mother Insider (28) // Dolce Vita sandals (8) // Lagos earrings // similar pendant // David Yurman bracelet // Goyard tote

Then I opened my suitcase and threw in a pair of white jeans for times when I might want a more elevated look (namely going out to eat; we like to take advantage of the plentiful fresh seafood while we’re up there!) I had just prepared yesterday’s White Denim Review, so I immediately picked the MOTHER Dazzler Mid-Rise Ankle, since I had named them the most versatile pair I own.

Next, I grabbed my favorite blue jean shorts and my favorite white jean shorts. Since my bottoms were all easy neutrals, I could pretty much throw in any of my tops and know that I had multiple outfit options.

I already had a white t-shirt in my travel outfit, so I grabbed a plain grey t-shirt. (I don’t know why, but I always travel with one of each. I think because the grey can go with white jeans as well as blue, and the same coral jean jacket, to give me a different outfit. And it can also go with either of the shorts for a simple look.) And later in the process, I added a plain black tee as well.

Then I threw in a couple casual graphic tees, the tie dye muscle tank, and that pretty Maeve ruffle sleeved tee for a dressier dinner look. I also added my cable v-neck sweater for cool nights by the lake. Did I need all these? Probably not, but I wore them all except the grey tank.

I only packed one swimsuit, as I don’t spend a lot of time in the water. I did wear it to lay out in the sun a couple times. And I always pack some comfy clothes when I travel, for lounging on lazy days or going down to the lobby for coffee when I’m at a hotel. My Vuori joggers always come with me, if I don’t wear them for traveling, and so does my Athleta Pranayama Wrap.

I also always pack workout clothes. Knowing I wasn’t really up for running, I figured my Vuori Energy Top and Boyfriend Shorts would work for both power walking and lounging, and even hiking, if we decided to hit up a trail. We didn’t get around to it this trip, but we often do.

Of course, that would require sneakers, and my On Cloud running shoes are versatile enough to handle any of those situations, plus they’re fairly small and lightweight — at least, compared to my Brooks.

In addition to those and the neutral sandals that I wore traveling, I also packed a pair of Birks, and at the last minute, I threw in these rubber slides. It’s always good to have a pair of sandals or flip-flops that can get wet. I packed two pairs of pajamas, as well.

And here’s what I actually wore!

What I Wore On Our Maine Vacation

I already shared my travel outfit, but here it is again.

KUT from the Kloth Kara (M) // ATM tee (M) // Mother Insider (28) // Dolce Vita sandals (8) // Lagos earrings // similar pendant // David Yurman bracelet // Goyard tote

When we arrived, it was hot and humid — especially for Maine — and my mom had lobster rolls for lunch.

I immediately changed into a comfy tank top and shorts. This picture was taken later in the week, but I love this grey Vuori Energy Top with the blue Boyfriend Shorts. It’s so comfy, but I can also exercise in it if I want.

Vuori Energy Top c/o (S) // Vuori Boyfriend Joggers c/o (S) // Lagos earrings

Our first full day at camp (everyone in Maine calls their lake home a camp) was a lazy day, although the kids and I did go into the nearby town of Ellsworth and wander through some of the shops for a few hours that afternoon. I changed into shorts and a graphic tee.

Good Vibes tee (S) // Fidelity Jimi (29; option) // Birks (39) // Lagos earrings // similar pendant // David Yurman bracelet // YSL sunnies (option) // LV Graceful PM

We hung around camp on Tuesday, and I didn’t do much to make myself look presentable until we made a spontaneous decision to go out to dinner that night. I pulled on white jeans and my trusty tie dye muscle tank — a favorite from last summer.

tie dye tank (S) // Mother Dazzler (29) // Dolce Vita slides (8) // Lagos earrings // similar pendant // David Yurman bracelet // YSL sunnies (option) // LV Graceful PM

Union River Lobster Pot in Ellsworth is one of our favorite places to go for lobster dinner, and they have lots of other really good seafood dishes as well. We often go more than once during a Maine vacation. I highly recommend it, if you’re ever in the area.

For hanging out by the lake, I often wore pajamas or my Vuori activewear/loungewear. I brought two pairs of pajamas, but I really only needed one. If it was chilly, I’d wear my Athleta Pranayama Wrap on top of my pajamas.

Soma Tank Crop Set (S) // Athleta Pranayama Wrap (S)

And I wore my Vuori Energy Top and Boyfriend Joggers a lot when we were just sitting around.

Vuori Energy Top c/o (S) // Vuori Boyfriend Joggers c/o (S) // Lagos earrings

We went to Bar Harbor on Wednesday. The kids like the shops, and we had a late lunch at a lovely spot on the waterfront.

I snapped this picture of Paul and the girls.

And here’s what I wore… just a simple black tee and white denim shorts. I got this tee on a really good sale at Saks OFF 5TH but it sold out, and it’s only available now at full price.

ATM tee (M) // Fidelity Jimi (29; option) // Dolce Vita slides (8) // Lagos earrings // similar pendant // David Yurman bracelet // YSL sunnies (option) // LV Graceful PM

I spent Thursday mostly in my swimsuit, reading a book.

Bleu Rod Beattie swimsuit (size 8) // 7FAM jean shorts (28) // Dolce Vita slides (sold out) // Girls Like Us (very good if you like crime dramas!)

Here’s a picture of Paul and Becca in the water.

At one point, I pulled on my cable knit sweater and jean shorts. I can’t remember exactly when I wore this, but I took a few pictures on our last day of outfits I wore that I forgot to capture at the time.

I think this is my favorite outfit of this whole spring/summer season. I’ve worn it so much, I’ve lost count.

cable sweater (S) // 7FAM jean shorts (28) // Dolce Vita sandals (8) // Lagos earrings // similar pendant // YSL sunnies (option)

We decided to go out for dinner that night in Bangor, so I changed into white jeans and this ruffle sleeve top. As you can see, white denim was my go-to for dinner outfits. Timber Kitchen & Bar is one of our favorite restaurants up that way.

Maeve top (M) // Mother Dazzler (29) // Dolce Vita sandals (8) // Lagos earrings // similar pendant // David Yurman bracelet // YSL sunnies (option) // LV Graceful PM

I bought this Lazy Lake Daze tank with our Maine vacation in mind, so it’s ironic that I didn’t wear it while we were hanging out at camp by the lake.

Caroline loves to thrift, so on Friday morning, I took her into town to do some shopping while I hung out by the river with a book and a cup of coffee. (We had a rental car, so I couldn’t let her drive herself.) Of course, that’s the day I ended up wearing this tank top!

Lazy Lake Daze tank (S) // Mother Insider (28) // Dolce Vita sandals (8) // Lagos earrings // similar pendant // David Yurman bracelet // LV Graceful PM

And that was also the day we traveled home. We stopped into Jones Lobster Company in Holden on our way to the airport, for one last lobster roll.

I wore the same outfit I wore on our way up.

KUT from the Kloth Kara (M) // ATM tee (M) // Mother Insider (28) // Dolce Vita sandals (8) // Lagos earrings // similar pendant // David Yurman bracelet // Goyard tote // Away Luggage

And that, as they say, is a wrap! Ironically, I never wore the Vuori joggers. It was so warm, anytime I wanted to be comfy, I just wore my pajamas or the Vuori Boyfriend Shorts. I also never wore the grey Splendid tee, but it would have been really cute with those pink joggers… just sayin’!

Otherwise, everything I brought came in useful. I could have gotten away with less, but it all fit easily into my medium sized suitcase, along with all of my toiletries and hair tools. #highmaintenance

I also stuffed the Louis Vuitton purse with underwear and packed it in my suitcase. I just put all my purse stuff in the tote, in a zipper bag. I use this tote organizer to keep everything in its place.

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49 Responses

  1. Looks like you were quite comfortably dressed all week – yay! And from one over pack or two another I think you did a great job!

    I love Caroline’s dresses in those pics. Can you share where she got them?

    1. I meant to say … “over-packer to another”. That’s what I get for using text to talk and not proofreading before posting. 🤦‍♀️

    2. LOL! Yes, I like options. I did better this time. I really needed it all except maybe that cable sweater, and it’s bulky. And I could have left a couple tees at home but they don’t take up much room.

  2. Jo-Lynne, the color of the coral KUT denim jacket looks more pink in your pic. The website pic looks very orangy. Which is it? Thanks!

  3. Hi Jolynne, I have a question about your high end (ATM) t-shirts. Do they get get little holes in the front?? I don’t have these shirts but do have several nicer t-shirts. I believe the little holes I always get come from rubbing against my counter tops! I’m short so are my arms and when I do dishes I stand close to the sink. Some shirts seem to get holes easier than others. Oddly enough it’s always the pricey ones that get holes! I guess I should be wearing an apron but it’s not a habit I’ve developed! How do the ATM’s hold up?? Thanks! Krista

    1. Krista…..I always got holes in my t-shirts until I started doing the front tuck. I think its the top of the jeans poking the t-shirt and the thinner the t-shirt the faster I got the holes. It was so annoying to ruin good t -shirts and I could never figure it out.

      1. I was curious about the same thing! I have the same issue. Last year a sales lady at Nordstrom told me it must be moths-lol. I replied I don’t think so. Anyway I saw the ATM shirts at the store last week, they are so nice, I need to wait on a sale. If you spot any let us know:)

    2. So, I get those holes too – it is very annoying. I literally thought it was just me, so happy to see others get them too. And guess what I am short too! My thought it was the pant zipper and button too rubbing, will see if the front tuck alleviates that! Thank you again for more advice!

    3. I also always got holes in my tees until we had to get a new washing machine. It doesn’t have an agitator, so even though I’ve always washed tees on delicate/cold, I chalked up the holes to the agitator. It hasn’t been an issue since then.

    4. I get the holes issue too…and have done a lot of “research” on if, lol! It’s definitely a trifecta of being short (I’m 5”1), not tucking in shirts, and the countertop/pants button/pant corner thing…when us shorties lean against a counter that’s right where it rubs. I’m lucky if I get 4-5 wears out of a shirt (high or low end) before it happens!! 😭

  4. Love ALL the pictures and love all the outfit ideas! Thanks!

    (Did Caroline find some “treasures” as we call it?? I love thrifting also! On a recent trip, I scored two LuluLemon pieces with tags for $14.99 each and an awesome piece of expensive pottery for $3)

  5. Glad you enjoyed your annual vacation to Maine! I have lived here my whole life and I can attest that we have become more popular than ever as a vacation destination. I had to laugh at your observation that “everyone in Maine calls their lake home a camp.” That is only true of native Mainers. Folks “from away” who own a summer home here usually call it a cottage or lake house. For those of us who live here, going “upta camp” can mean a stay at anything from a near-shack in the woods to quite a lovely lakeside home. I am the third generation owner of such a place myself and am currently sitting lakeside on a perfect Maine day. Thanks for your always fun and well thought-out blog. I am 67 years old and find your tips and ideas help keep me from sliding irrevocably into grandma shoes and polyester double knit!! 😂

  6. Great post. You did a great job of packing. You looked comfy and pulled together. I’m a terrible packer. I always take wayyyyy too much and too many shoes. I like to have different shoes for different outfits, so never can narrow my shoe packing down. Plus, if its hot, I don’t like to wear clothes over if I get them sweaty hot. I guess you probably had a washing machine if needed but since covid, well even before, I don’t like to use motel/hotel washing machines. Just me. I would love to see Maine someday. I live on the West Coast, an hour from the ocean. I was hoping the Dolci Vita puffy slides in cafe’ you are wearing in the post would go on sale at the Nordy sale, but they are still $80. They are fully stocked so maybe they will go down soon. I really don’t need them, so not really wanting to pay full price. I just like lots of shoes. LOL I’m now waiting for the navy Borne slides I ordered last week from your post. I think I’ll get lots of use out of them in the next month or so. Have a great day.

    1. We do have a washing machine but I didn’t really use it except for towels. On our last night, I did get food on my white jeans so I washed them so it wouldn’t get set in, but I didn’t need to wear them again. It did occur to me I could have worn them traveling and left the blue jeans at home but I’m always afraid to depend on white jeans as my only pants.

      1. Not sure I can post this, but if you have never used ” grandma’s secret stain remover” you must – and maybe let your readers know also. It is the miracle stain remover

  7. Hi Jo-Lynne, how does the SOMA top fit on the pajama set? I would definitely be a medium on the bottom but does the top run small? Thanks!

  8. My husband and I will be visiting Maine for the first time the last week of September. We will be staying in Bar Harborand going to Acadia National Park. I’ve noted your restaurant ideas but was wondering if you or any of your readers have lunch/dinner recommendations for Bar Harbor area. We are very casual–looking for good seafood and lobster roll places. Thanks!

    Love your blog!!

    1. Oh and for restaurants, I usually get good recommendations on Trip Advisor. We enjoyed the restaurant by the water in Bar Harbor. It’s part of the hotel. I’ll try to find the name.

  9. Hey Jolynne … I enjoy your blog so much! Today’s is perfect for me and appreciate the advice on what to pack as we are heading to Bar Harbour in 2 weeks!! Our first time and I have a feeling we are going to fall in love with it and want to return again!
    Thank you always for your advice
    Gi from Long Island, NY

  10. I love seeing what you packed ! Maine weather is very similar to ours in NS! Although this summer I don’t think I’ve had my jeans on too many times as we’ve been in the heat wave and enjoying 90’s and even topping 100’s!! I’ll take it though! We like Maine can have beautiful falls but the evenings do get cool! We start in Bangor than go on to Freeport and take the scenic route through to kittery! We usual stay in wells !

  11. Loved this post! Filled with all sorts of useful info. I must say I was surprised to see all the comments regarding tiny holes in t-shirts. I have had the same thing happen to me and seems to only happen to cotton slub knit tees. I thought jean button or zipper, but could never figure out the problem. It happened on 1 or 2 tees after I had only worn them once! knit As much as I like the slub knit fabric, I steer way from it. Will try the tuck in idea if I decide to go back to slub knits!

  12. Lovely post, not only do we get great fashion advice but also pretty scenery. That lake looks so clean and fresh, we’re just an hour from Gaston lake here in NC which has become really populated in recent years. You mentioned you grew up in Virginia and your parents still live there, what part of Virginia? We live bordering eastern Virginia. Love that cotton sweater and I have waited too long to order, great sale price now but small size is sold out.

  13. Hi Jo-Lynne, Very helpful, as always! I love your swimsuit! So flattering yet modest, too. I have the same bra size as you did b4 your surgery, but I am 3 inches shorter. Do you think that suit would work with the larger bust sz? A key thing for me if I can’t get a petite suit (rare) is to have adjustable straps so I can get the right torso length. Does it have such? Thanks—

    1. Oh and I also have had the problem with small holes around the belt buckle area of a few tees. Like so many commenters, I thought it was just me!! None of mine were slub.

    2. I don’t think I would have been able to wear this pre-surgery. I always wore swimsuits with full-on underwire bras inside, lol. There was never enough coverage in those soft cups, nor enough support. The straps are adjustable, though.

      1. Thank you so much for your honest assessment. I really appreciate it. I’ll have to look for a halter style neck at some of the swimsuit companies that do bra size. Even there, my size is so difficult to find. I must thank you again for a prior recommendation for a bra which has become my favorite–fit, lift, & adjustability = perfection for me: Wacoal t-shirt bra. You are the only person “I know” who wore my same bra size & understood issues. Hope all working out well for you!

  14. Hi Jo-Lynne,
    Love this post! How do you like the Away luggage? I haven’t purchased a hard shell suitcase yet but am thinking about this one. It looks like it gets great reviews.

  15. Hope u guys had a great time! I like how u packed just enough without overdoing it. I have a dilemma maybe you can help…I have an upcoming 15 day vacation planned. How on earth do I pack that for that when I’m only allowed one luggage (river cruise Europe in September)?? Do u recommend rewearing clothes, launder them? How can I make versatile outfits?? Could you maybe do a post on this? Thanks for all u do!

  16. Thanks for the recs, especially the lobster place in Ellsworth! We are headed to Maine here soon, staying near that area, so very timely post. Any other good restaurant recs? We are very much looking forward to it!

    1. You may like my other posts from Maine. I think I mentioned some other restaurants in some of these. Nothing else comes to mind at the moment. Some of our favorites changed hands or closed. httpss://jolynneshane.com/tag/maine

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