What I Wore // IG Roundup 02.16.18

Hello, friends! I hope you’re having a good weekend. Yesterday Paul and I took the day off and took my daughter and a friend to The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. It was really fun and a nice change of scenery.

Today I’ve got my weekly outfit post and Instagram Roundup for you. These are the outfits I actually wore this week, along with a few more thrown in there for one reason or another.

Being the end of season and all, a lot of what I’m wearing is sold out, but it gives you an idea of how I’m getting through this transition season.

This first picture is what I wore to go out to dinner with my husband last weekend. It was our Valentine’s Day dinner celebration, for lack of a better excuse. (Like I need an excuse to go out to dinner…)

I had another outfit in mind but it was raining, so I switched to this. The leopard cami is from White House Black Market, and the print I have is sold out, but they do have a few new prints for spring. It’s reversible, which is fun, although I’ve only ever worn the leopard side. I love the fit of these, although I usually wear a jacket over them so I don’t have to worry about the bra strap issue.

My black jeans and black leather jacket are old favorites, and these pumps are like 15 years old. For real. They are by far and away the oldest item I have in my closet. When you buy quality in a classic style, it lasts! I added a choker pendant, a stack of Alex and Ani bangles, and my gold clutch. Get the details HERE. (Shoes and necklace are similar, the jeans are Frame but I also really like the Loft ones. They fit great.)

I posted this selfie from the car on my Insta Story. It’s a little goofy, but it shows my necklace… which is sold out of course. But I love it. I find myself throwing it on anytime I want a little extra something-something with an outfit.

This is a quick top-down selfie I took on my way out the door to church last Sunday. It was raining. AGAIN. It seems to rain every Sunday lately.

I wore my Blondo waterproof tall boots, black jeans, and this color block sweater. I linked up everything HERE. (Everything I linked is exact except the necklace.)

I wore this outfit to the mall for a try-on sesh. The grey jeans are from the 2016 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. They’re Hudson, and I love them. I didn’t wear them for a while because I lost weight and they got baggy, but thankfully I put them in the attic and didn’t get rid of them because now they fit again. Not that I’m happy I gained weight, but at least I get to wear some clothes I really liked. #brightside #glasshalffull

I linked a lot of options because most of what I’m wearing is old or low inventory. Get details HERE.

I gave myself a grace day on Tuesday. Haha! I actually lifted weights that morning, but then I came home and showered, put my hair in a pony, and threw on these comfy clothes for the rest of the day.

I recently bought these joggers and I love them. (I’m wearing the medium.) They’re perfect for those days you don’t want to wear pants that button, but not look totally schlumpy. And this cardigan is old, but I love it and still wear it a ton. (It’s also a medium.) Amazingly, it is still available! Get the details HERE. (Everything I linked is exact.)

I posted this on Valentine’s Day, and I figured I’d include it here because… well, why not? I love this picture of us, taken in Turks & Caicos back in 2014.

I wore this on Wednesday. You can read all about it in THIS POST or just get the details HERE.

LOFT sweater // AG jeans (option) // Rebecca Minkoff mules // Boktier Perry leather tote (option/option/option) // pearl earrings // silver link bracelet (option)

And I wore this next outfit on Thursday for a few errands and a trip to the spa. The leather jacket is old, and I love the removable hood — it gives it a more casual vibe. I like wearing this jacket with jeans and Converse, and I normally wear a t-shirt with it, but for some reason it occurred to me to wear it with this grey v-neck sweater. I really like how it all came together.

Get the details HERE. (I linked some similar jackets since mine is old.)

And finally, I wore this outfit into Philly yesterday to go to The Franklin Institute. The weather was mild (but rainy; I wore my grey trench) and the light color palette makes me think spring.

This tote is the J.Crew Signet tote. I actually just ordered it to review for the blog, intending to return it because I have a Kate Spade hobo in a similar color. But when we got ready to leave for The Franklin Institute yesterday morning and Paul asked if I wanted to wear something we could shoot in the city, I grabbed this bag because it works so well with my outfit. (Bonus, it’s 30% off right now!)

As it turns out, I really love it. It’s very functional, and the leather seems like great quality. I think I’ll get plenty of use out of both bags. This is more of an everyday carryall, as opposed to the hobo, which I typically carry to church and with dressier outfits. Get all details HERE.

And that’s a wrap! When I do a week at a time, it doesn’t seem like I have that much, but I think I managed to get a picture every day, which is fairly remarkable.

Of course, the one day I was in sweats so that probably doesn’t count. Ha! I don’t usually photograph those days, but I figured, why not? That’s life, and I’m not trying to pretend there’s not real life going on over here. Plus those joggers are really good, and if you’re in the market for a pair, I highly recommend them!

Also, I got a box from Trunk Club in the mail this week, and I did a quick Facebook Live unboxing, then I hopped onto Instagram for a try-on sesh on my Insta Story. I saved it to my highlight reel so it won’t disappear after 24 hours, so hopefully you’ll be able to catch it if you’re interested. I’ll be posting pictures to the blog with links this week sometime.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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