Coffee Talk 02.18.18

Good morning, friends. Happy Sunday! It’s a cold, snowy one here in Philly, but it’s supposed to be 72 on Wednesday so I’m not complaining. Weather whiplash, anyone???

While we were in Philly on Friday, I was alerted to an issue on my blog. As soon as we got home, Paul started working on it and he worked for 10 hours straight. He went to bed after midnight, got up again yesterday morning, and went back to work on it till he finally got it all fixed sometime around lunchtime. It was crazy!

Then to top it all off, after we got that all figured out, he spent the rest of the day working on our taxes to send to our accountant. Yes, he’s a glutton for punishment.

At least I managed to fit in a run during the middle of the day when it was the warmest outside, so that felt good.

By about 4PM, we decided we needed a change of scenery, so we headed out to our favorite Happy Hour spot and had dinner and a couple of drinks before the snow started. I hit the jackpot with a Saturday date night two weekends in a row!

I don’t even understand everything about the blog situation, even though he tried to rehash it all last night over dinner. I realized at that moment — after 22 years of marriage, mind you — that my husband actually enjoys talking through technological challenges, so I just kept smiling and nodding and sipping my wine. If he can commit 12 hours to working on my blog, I guess I can spend a half-hour listening to him rehash the process. That’s life with a computer engineer!

Today I’m looking forward to church this morning and a nap this afternoon, and that’s about it. I know, big goals!

I also promised to share more try-ons on my Insta Story, plus I’ve also got a bunch of returns to box up and some organizing to do around my office, but I may not get to that till tomorrow. (And you thought fashion blogging was a glamorous occupation… ha!)

So yeah, that’s about it for me. Not much excitement going on here at the moment, but things will be ramping up later this month! I’m starting to think ahead to my spring style series with Cyndi, and Paul and I are taking a trip to Nashville in a few weeks for his birthday, so I’m looking forward to that.  He’s never been, and he loves live music, so I know we’re going to have a blast.

I hope you all have a restful and blessed Sunday!

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28 thoughts on “Coffee Talk 02.18.18

  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend – well maybe not for Paul – but for you not to have too much going on.  Sometimes we just need that.

    Wow!  The snow is beautiful but I’m sure you’re tired of it.  But from my perspective in Texas it’s awesome!  😁. I know what you mean about changes in weather though.  We’ve had 70s then 40s then 60s then 50s and then all over again – then throw sleet and sun and rain all in there too.  Lol.  Certainly keeps us on our toes.     

    Have a blessed day!  

    1. I don’t mind snow in February. When it snows in March or April, I get cranky. I hope this is the last of it. Esp now that I do that spring style series in March, I really have no patience for winter weather after March 1st.

  2. Boy, mother nature and the technical issues with your blog seemed to have a lot in common this past week.  You’re lucky to have a husband that assist with the technical issues!  I too love live music, but Larry isn’t as crazy about it due to his hearing damage from Vietnam Nam.  Enjoy your nap this afternoon.  I’m look8ng forward to your upcoming blogs.

  3. I hear you about this weather! We have the same craziness up the road in Delaware but i think we got maybe a 1/2 inch of snow and only on the grass im good w that.  Minewhile Friday i was in a tee shirt sweating in my office .  Then i went to breakfast at panera  yesterday,  the sun was shining it was fairly nice.  I love your sunday goals they some like mine.  Enjoy 

  4. Happy Sunday, Jo-Lynne! Your husband is like mine, loves to “tinker” with computers! I’m grateful for an expert in the house! 🙂 I loved hearing about your trip to the Franklin Institute last week. We have a yearly membership and have been there several times in 2017. I can’t wait to see where you took your outfit pics. The area around the Institute would be awesome for shoots. The snow is beautiful today!

    1. It was pretty but I don’t think we took full advantage. We were kind of in a rush and chose a spot and then so some better ones later. Would probably be worth taking a trip downtown just for outfit photos sometime… could even stay overnight in a fun hotel and do dinner out.

  5. Happy Sunday! As I clicked to load today’s post I noticed at the top of my phone a “readers view” button. So excited to finally find this as it loads the post quicker and is easier to read! I’ve never known about this before.  It’s the little things that make life so enjoyable.

        1. Read Only View – I think it’s an extension on your browser. It is definitely handy! It will show pictures, but it will not show my shopping widget. I do link most everything, tho, with text links.

    1. I’m using an iPhone. It’s the 3 long lines and 4th half line just to the right of jolynneshane.com and before the refresh circle at the very top. It loads just the blog content and that’s all. So nice and much easier to read the blog!!

  6. What a great husband you have! As for the snow at least no rain. 🙂 guess we have to go with the flow when it comes to weather.

  7. What a great husband you have! And good for y’all getting out for another date night.  Enjoy the pretty snow while it lasts.  We didn’t get snow, but our temperatures dropped over 30 degrees within 24 hours.  Crazy weather all over.  Happy Sunday!

  8. Happy Sunday!
    Yes more snow in Chicago last night
    Had to dig my car out for church!
    Please tell hubby thank you for keeping the blog
    Going😁 love it!

  9. Jo-Lynne, when y’all go to Nashville check out the line up for the grand ole opry. When we pass through there on our travels we have managed to see some pretty awesome shows. Little big town was there the last time we visited. We had great seats and really enjoyed it. They also do concerts of all different kinds of music at the Ryman auditorium. The acoustics in that building are amazing. It was originally built as a church. I’m sure y’all are going to enjoy Nashville!

    1. Yes, and really, even if you don’t think you’re interested in the acts at the Grand Ole Opry, it is always a good show.  You do not have to like country music to enjoy that experience.

      Nashville is a wonderful city!  Check out downtown Franklin, that Carnton Plantation, Belle Meade Plantation.  I’m sure you’ve heard of these, but they are wonderful.  You can get a good lunch at Belle Meade, too.  🙂

      1. I actually love country music, the old stuff especially. I grew up in southwestern VA and my dad loved/s country. 🙂 I grew up watching HeeHaw, haha!! I love Franklin, my SIL took me out there one day many moons ago. I’ll look into the plantations. 🙂

  10. I don’t know how to access Insta Story. I clicked on the Instagram page on the blog, but don’t see a link to Insta Story. Do you need an I-Phone to access it? (Not urgent to answer.)

      1. Hi there! Actually, I can get Insta Stories on my HP laptop as well as my phone. They are on the right-hand side of the screen instead of along the top (like on the iPhone).

      2. IT’s me again. I can get to your Insta Stories on my laptop by going into my Instagram account, then I can see all the Insta stories on the right-hand side. I wasn’t trying to get to your story through your link. Sorry for the confusion!!!

  11. I had to laugh at your story about listening to your hubby ‘talk computer’ to you while you just smile & nod like you understand. Totally relatable moment!  I am also married to a software/computer engineer & most of the time I have no idea what he’s talking about.  He jokes that he’s our ‘tech support’ once he gets home from work!!

    1. He is definitely my tech support. I don’t know what I’d do without him. This issue was a really weird thing too – like a 3 prong issue but ultimately something really obscure that no one on my tech team or new host could figure out. I do actually pay a tech team on retainer to have on hand for stuff so I’m not always bothering him, but half the time he ends up fixing stuff they can’t figure out, lol.

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