What I Wore Lately Vol. 119

Happy hump day, friends! It’s time for another edition of What I Wore Lately! This is exactly what it sounds like, a roundup of my everyday outfits from the past couple of weeks.

Since these are my “real life” outfits, some items are older and no longer available, so I linked up current alternatives where I could.

Also, today is the last day to take advantage of Bloomingdale’s Friends & Family: Save 25% off select items labeled TAKE 25% OFF, and earn Loyallist Power Points on almost everything else! I made a note of those items, as well.

What I Wore Lately: Two Weeks of Everyday Outfits

SIZING NOTES: I’m 5’5″ and I usually wear a small in tops and dresses, a 29 in jeans, and a size 8 shoe. Gifted items are indicated by c/o; everything else I purchased myself.

These looks start out rather ho-hum. Even though I’ve purchased a lot of new clothes this season, when I go to my closet, I often feel stumped as to what I want to wear, and I find myself reverting to old favorites. I’m not sure what is up with that, but it’s something I need to figure out.

When in doubt, black and denim is always a safe bet! This sweater is an old Vince sale find. It’s a really nice basic, and the details are prettier in person than you can see in these pictures, but it’s long gone.

Vince sweater – exact & similar // MOTHER Dazzler (29) // P448 sneakers (39) // similar pendant // Lagos earrings

I wore this next outfit to run some errands on a mild day. I love this jacket, but I don’t feel like I have a lot of tops to go with it. I guess this works, but I like it best over my crewneck sweaters.

I like how the VEJA sneakers with black accents coordinate with the jacket and belt.

Rails Cheyenne jacket (S) (similar for less) // Caslon waffle tee (M) // MOTHER Dazzler (29) // Veja Espelar sneakers (39) // similar pendant // Lagos earrings

Yes, I wore the same jeans three days in a row. I really need another good pair of straight ankle jeans to wear with sneakers and flats on casual days.

Splendid Kendall cardigan – 25% off (S) // MOTHER Dazzler – Power Points (29) // Vince Cesta flats (8) // similar pendant // Kendra Scott earrings

These are my other favorite straight ankle jeans for wearing with sneakers and flats, but they’re no longer available. I still love them, though, and the washed black finish is casual enough for everyday.

And this is an old Naadam sweater that I can no longer link. I love this pairing, and especially how the LØCI sneakers tie it all together.

old Nadaam cashmere sweater // similar Fidelity denim (29) // LØCI sneakers (39) // similar pendant // Kendra Scott earrings

And this is just one of my daily walking/workout looks. I actually think I wore this to Pilates.

Vuori Canyon jacket c/o (S) // Athleta tank (M) // Vuori leggings c/o (M) // ON sneakers (8.5) // Lagos earrings

That brings us to the Saturday when I hosted the Ladies’ Christmas Tea for our church. I wanted to look festive, but I needed to be comfortable so I could set up all the food as it arrived and do all the hostessy things.

I started with this outfit, but I was afraid I’d drag the sleeves of my blouse through food or something as I was setting up and keeping things moving. It just seemed a little fussy for hostessing.

LOFT blouse – 40% off (S) // AG Mari – 25% off (29) // Marc Fisher pumps – 40% off (8) // similar belt //  LOFT necklace

Then I went back to my closet and grabbed this burgundy Naadam boatneck sweater. I’ve worn it a ton over the past two years, but it’s easy and comfortable, and I feel like it looks festive enough for the event with the crystal shaker necklace.

Nadaam boatneck sweater // AG Mari – 25% off (29) // Marc Fisher pumps – 40% off (8) //  LOFT necklace // Yurman bracelet

I ended up wearing the green blouse the next day to church and to meet Paul’s mom for lunch afterwards. This time, I paired it with my Vince stitch front seamed pants, and I left it untucked for a sleeker look.

LOFT blouse – 40% off (S) // Vince pants (M) // Marc Fisher pumps – 40% off (8) // similar belt // similar pendant // Yurman earrings

I topped off the understated holiday look with my black boucle coat.

Andrew Marc coat – 67% off (S) // LOFT blouse – 40% off (S) // Vince pants (M) // Marc Fisher pumps – 40% off (8) // similar pendant // Yurman earrings

And then here I am, back to one of my favorite winter sweater + denim combos.

Equipment sweater – 25% off (S) // MOTHER Dazzler – Power Points (29) // LØCI sneakers – Power Points (39) // similar pendant // Yurman earrings

I wore this next outfit to Bible Study last week. I went with ankle-length flares, and bookended the look with a black jacket and black booties.

As an aside, when I was in Chicago last weekend, I tried to pay attention to what people were wearing, and I noticed mostly straight ankle jeans. I saw a few women in wide leg styles, and a few in crop flares, but I did not see anyone in full-length bootcut jeans or flares. I thought that was interesting!

Rails Cheyenne jacket (S) (similar for less) // Jenni Kayne fisherman sweater (S) (similar for less) // MOTHER Hustler – Power Points (29) // Vince Hilda boots – 30% off (8.5) // Yurman earrings

Speaking of full-length flares… This is what I wore to attend the Nordstrom Annual Icon Party last Wednesday night.

I realize it doesn’t look very festive, but I was feeling low on style inspiration, so I just reverted to one of my tried and true outfit formulas: black sweater and blue jeans with black leather jacket and black booties. Add accessories, and call it a day! (Or a night.)

This sweater is an inch or two shorter than the leather bomber, so I felt like it looked more streamlined to leave it untucked. (If they were the same length, I would have front tucked the sweater and added a belt, to add interest and a better balance of proportions.)

Leather bomber (S) (similar for less) // Vince sweater (S) // MOTHER bootcut (29) // Vince Hilda boots – 30% off (8.5) // Yurman necklace // Yurman earrings

I have no photographic evidence of what I wore last Thursday, as I was preparing to leave for Chicago the next morning. I just remember the day being full of appointments, and then I had to pack for our weekend away.

That’s when I realized that I had spent an inordinate amount of time planning the outfit I wanted to wear to the holiday party, without one iota of consideration to what I’d wear the rest of the time we were in Chicago.

Thankfully, I have my seasonal wardrobe essentials nailed down, so it wasn’t too arduous of a task. I started by pulling out what I wanted to wear sightseeing on Saturday, in case I could repurpose some of those pieces for my travel outfit.

I ended up only reusing my coat and shoes for traveling, but that was fine because they were the bulkiest pieces, and I didn’t want to pack them.

Andrew Marc wool coat (S) // Rails sweater – 25% off at Bloomies; more sizes at Nordstrom (S) // similar scarf // MOTHER Dazzler – Power Points (29) // LØCI sneakers (39) // similar pendant // Jenny Bird earrings // Goyard tote // Away The Medium

I’m so annoyed that I didn’t get a picture of my dinner outfit that night. Paul got distracted trying to use the cab app, and then the restaurant was crowded, and yeah… the rest is history.

I basically wore this outfit, but with my black Andrew Marc coat, not the camel.

Rails blouse (S) // MOTHER Hustler – Power Points (29) // Sam Edelman boots (8) // Madewell necklace & earrings // J.Crew coat (6)

The next day, we set out early to meet a friend for coffee, and then we spent the rest of the day sightseeing.

I could have worn the MOTHER Dazzlers from my travel outfit, but I brought these black PAIGE Gemmas in case something happened to the Dazzlers when I was traveling. I also like the monochromatic look.

Of course, I could have worn the black jeans to travel too, but they’re new and I wasn’t sure how comfortable they would be. What can I say, I like options!

We took this picture in front of our hotel before we set off for the day.

Andrew Marc wool coat (S) // Burberry scarf (budget option) // Jenni Kayne fisherman sweater (S) (budget option) // Paige Gemma (29) // LØCI sneakers (39) // Gucci bag // Jenny Bird earrings

And here’s a picture from The Riverwalk. It couldn’t have been a nicer December day in Chicago!

Andrew Marc wool coat (S) // Burberry scarf (budget option) // Jenni Kayne fisherman sweater (S) (budget option) // Paige Gemma (29) // LØCI sneakers (39) // Gucci bag // Jenny Bird earrings

After an afternoon nap, I got dressed for the holiday party that was the purpose of our trip.

I wanted to do something more special with my hair, but I’m not good with up-dos, and I forgot to get a fancy bobby pin or clip to pin one side back, so I just curled it and brushed it out and tucked the one side behind my ear to showcase my earrings.

Eliza J dress (10) // Sam Edelman heels (8) // J. Crew earrings  // J. Crew bracelet // Loeffler Randall crescent bag

I also amped up my eye makeup and wore extra glossy lipstick, but it doesn’t translate very well in these pictures.

We asked someone at the front desk to take our picture, and she cut off our feet and part of Paul’s head in almost every picture, lol!!!

I snapped this picture in the mirror in the lobby of The Dalcy, where the event was held.

As you can see, I wore a faux fur jacket over my dress. I guess I should have worn my bracelet on my other hand, because it isn’t visible in any of the other pictures.

And then a friend took this picture for us at the end of the night. Again, I wish my bracelet was visible, and I wish Paul’s red pocket square was visible too. Since he didn’t wear a tie, it’s an important detail in his whole look.

Eliza J dress (10) // Sam Edelman heels (8) // J. Crew earrings  // J. Crew bracelet // Loeffler Randall crescent bag

He’s into the no tie look these days, and while I don’t have a big preference in the matter, I appreciate his willingness to try new things and stay up with the times. I also feel like it aligns well with my modern/polished/understated style goals.

Going without a tie needs to look intentional, so he made sure his shirt was freshly cleaned and starched, and he wore cuff links and a red pocket square to accessorize the look, along with red socks. Of course, the socks weren’t seen much, but when we sat down, they were visible. Also, it’s hard to tell in the pictures, but his suit is black with a subtle textured vertical stripe.

I didn’t think much about any of that at the time, but after I got a bunch of questions about his lack of tie on Sunday’s post and on Instagram, I googled the no tie look and found a few articles that were interesting. Turns out, he pretty much nailed the no tie look. Who knew?

I wore the same travel outfit home on Sunday, and we took this picture in the airport because the holiday decorations were so pretty. Chicago sure does it up right!

Rails sweater – 25% off at Bloomies; more sizes at Nordstrom (S) // MOTHER Dazzler – Power Points (29) // LØCI sneakers (39) // Goyard tote // similar pendant // Jenny Bird earrings

And that’s all I’ve got! I’ve pretty much been living in Vuori since I got back. I’ve got lots of blog work to do, and Christmas shopping to wrap up for my family, and I’ve been trying to work out every day, so yeah. That’s that!

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33 Responses

  1. Thanks- another great post- I think these are my favourite posts of yours & you looked glamorous but very chic at Paul’s work event. I always look to you for outfit inspiration & you never disappoint!
    Amanda x

  2. Fascinating that he went without a tie. I’ll have to read up more on this trend. I love how you tucked your hair behind one ear to show the earrings. Kate Middleton is always doing this. I do it a lot too since I wear mainly studs and tiny hoops.

  3. Great post. I love your comments about your outfits, what works, what did not work, and that you seem to reach for same outfit/items. It let’s me know I am not alone in wearing versions of the same look multiple times, my comfort zone outfits. Glad you had great weather in Chicago, and a safe trip. Have a blessed week.

  4. I wonder if you didn’t see full length flares because the weather was so nice??? Maybe had it been colder, more women would have opted for a full length jean….. At least that’s how I rationalize my jean choice! 🙂

  5. These are always my favorite posts and I don’t mind if there are sold out or no longer available because that forces me to shop my closet where 9 times out of 10 I have something that is similar to an item I want and I use these posts for outfit inspiration all the time.

    I noticed the same thing about jean styles while in Chicago at Thanksgiving. My theory is this is because it’s a city for walking and you don’t want to have to worry about the hems of your pants getting street crud on them. My friend who lives there and walks everywhere wore cropped ankle flares with pointed toe boots and looked perfect in them.

  6. You nailed it for the party! You both looked great! And I love the outfit inspirations. I tend to do the jeans, sweater look a lot myself. Happy Holidays!

  7. Great post, always love seeing how you put outfits together; helps me with reinventing items I currently have while incorporating new items as living on a budget is real after retirement.
    I actually like the no tie look, Paul looked very put together and comfortable at the same time. You both looked very appropriate for your event.

  8. What if you hung outfits together after you try on, so when going out you know what works with what, making it easier to wear your new pieces? I tend to reach for the same ones too – tried & true. A creature of habit.

    I read the article on the No Tie trend. Interesting! Times change and Paul is still in the work force so he adjusts. I still think a tie looks more formal and put together for a black tie event but then…I’m old. lol

    I think trends differ somewhat depending on what part of the country you live in. I’ll have to note the jean trend when I go to our Capital for Christmas.

  9. I’ve been wearing my Paige Cindy straight ankle jeans a ton this fall. I’ve had them since 2019 but did not wear them as much in the last two years or so because I felt that they were a bit long for ankle length. But, this year, they feel perfect and my Mother Insider step hem fray feel a little short for winter…. Funny how that happens.

  10. I love that dress!! I have a wedding and that would be perfect but I’m trying not to wear black as it is too harsh on me.

    I always love these posts!

  11. You look amazing for the holiday party! That dress is perfect on you!
    Did you think the Paige Gemmas were comfortable? I’m considering these

      1. I see the Paige Gemmas length is 29”. Did you have them shortened to 27”, which I believe is the length of the washed black Fidelity ones you love? I purchased the Fidelity Cher (27” long) in a medium blue wash that I love as well!
        Thank you!

  12. You have shown P448, Veja and LOCI sneakers. If you were only wanting to purchase one of these, which would it be?

    1. P448 are most comfortable, but I feel like VEJA are most versatile. I love the look of the LOCI but I wore them in Chicago and they hurt my feet. I was surprised and disappointed, so I would go with one of the other 2 – whichever aesthetic you prefer.

  13. No tie is a thing. We went to a semi-formal wedding downtown Chicago last Dec, and my husband needed new attire. We went to Nordstrom and got help of course. Ended up with no tie and a pocket square! My son in his 20’s was also no-tie. You both look fantastic!

  14. Love your choices here. I too grab my familiar a lot. I don’t know why either, when there is plenty in my closet I like. I keep purging, thanks to you and trying to make wiser choices. I think the main thing that has helped me is to dress for my lifestyle. There is many things I love, but I just don’t have a place I’d wear them and our church is very casual too. Just love the dress you wore to Chicago. A keeper for years to come.

  15. I purchased the LOCI sneakers in my usual size 37 and they left a huge blister on my right heel. I love the shoes but am debating on if it’s worth it to order up a size. Are you wearing your usual size?

    1. Yes, size 8. I feel like they’ve been a little big. I wasn’t in Chicago and they were not as comfortable as I was hoping. I had to put a Band-Aid under the tongue, so it didn’t jab into my ankle on the one side.

  16. That’s interesting about the jean choice that most people are wearing in Chicago. This past summer we went to the Boston/Cambridge area and I really paid attention to what people were wearing and by far it was original skinny jeans and leggings. You and Paul looked great! Love these posts for outfit inspiration. Like other readers, I shop my closet for what I have at this point.

  17. Hi, was the Andrew Marc Wool coat warm enough for Chicago weather? I’m an Earth friendly consumer, and I’m looking for a coat that’ll last me a while. I’d appreciate your feedback. Also, I’m looking for a party handbag, would you recommend the Loefler bag or do you have a favorite that’s timeless and works well for parties/ weddings. Thank you!

  18. Re: Chicago fashion. You were in the tourist area. You saw their fashion. Meanwhile in neighborhoods, such as Lincoln Park, Lakeview, and Andersonville, you would have seen some more on point and even eclectic styling. True, kick crops are not trending here-they are a downright unpopular look. But ankle length is everywhere with both flat and higher heeled ankle boots. Great color combos, and tops ranging from trendy cropped to classic cashmere. Lots of jackets over tops because it is usually colder here. Hope you visit again soon.

    1. It did occur to me that I was seeing a lot of tourists, but I trying to look for people that appeared more stylish and local, less tourist. It was the ankle length that I noticed the most, across all leg silhouettes. Since “current trends” have been leaning towards longer lengths, I found that interesting. And yes, the coat game in Chicago was strong. 🙂

  19. I love the “old” cashmere sweater with Fidelity denim and tennies so much that I had to comment – something about that outfit is so perfect – guess the dark denim with dark hair. Nailed it!

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