What I Wore Lately Vol. 41

Greetings and happy hump day! It’s been a couple of weeks since I shared my latest outfits, so today’s post is a long one. Let’s get right to it!

What I Wore Lately

SIZING NOTES: I’m 5’5″ and 135 pounds, with an hourglass shape. Unless I say otherwise, I’m wearing a 6/28 in pants/jeans, a small in tops, a 6 in dresses/jumpsuits, and size 8 shoe.

What I Wore Lately

This first look goes back two weeks, and I went for a run after dropping Savannah off for her dental surgery. I took a quick picture before I left the house, because I often get asked about my winter running gear.

This Zella training top and the Athleta polartec tights are both really warm, so all I needed on top was a vest. I’ve only ever worn this vest with street clothes, but it worked pretty well for running.

Zella training top // Athleta polartec tights // Marc New York quilted vest (similar) // Brooks Ghost running shoes // Trailheads fleece headband

After my run, I showered off and did my makeup, and I wore this cozy funnel neck pullover with jeans and wedge sneakers for the rest of the day.

I cut these jeans to be a better length for booties, and they work perfectly with these Dolce Vita high top wedge sneakers.

Zella Carey pullover // AG Farrah skinnies // Dolce Vita high top wedge sneakers // Lagos earrings

I went walking with a friend the next day, and afterwards did a bunch of try-ons. I wore this old favorite sweater for the rest of the day with my Agolde straight leg jeans. I was trying add some variety to my looks, but I don’t love the length of this sweater with these jeans.

Funny, when I wear skinnies with a 27″ inseam, I like the look, but the straight leg style seems to make my legs look shorter.

I’m also thinking it may be time to retire this sweater; it’s looking really stretched out. Before I give up on it, I’m going to throw it in the dryer and see if that helps it regain the original shape.

Vince v-neck sweater // Agolde Toni straight leg jeans // similar P448 sneakers // Lagos earrings

I wore this to my workout the next day, and then I just kept in on afterwards. It was a Friday, and the kids all had plans that night.

Paul and I discussed going out, but that would have required changing clothes and putting on makeup, so we ordered takeout from Outback and binge-watched Broadchurch instead. Do we know how to party, or what?

Zella Ava tee // Lululemon Align joggers // Nike zip-up hoodie (old) // On Cloud training sneakers // Lagos earrings

I did some try-ons after my run the next day, and then I took the girls to the mall. It was a cold day, but I was toasty warm in this wool blend sweater, down puffer, and faux fur lined sneaker boots.

FYI, these boots are restocked in all sizes, in both black and taupe, and they’re still on sale for $89. They are so warm and cozy, and they have good support. Highly recommend.

ribbed mock neck sweater (also here; teal only) // similar rag & bone jeans // J/Slides sneaker booties // similar REI puffer jacket // Yurman earrings and bracelet

The next day was Sunday, and I wasn’t feeling good, so I stayed home from church and read a book for most of the afternoon. I wore my Abercrombie sherpa and Zella lounge leggings for most of the day, but I don’t have a picture. You are welcome.

I had a photo shoot on Monday, and afterwards, I wore this casual look with an Old Navy cowl neck sweater and grey jeans. I showed this sweater with blue jeans in my last Try-On Haul, but I also really love it with the grey.

Oh, and it finally went on sale! It’s $42 plus 25% off in cart. It comes down to $31 and some change.

Old Navy cowl neck sweater // grey Frame skinnies // similar P448 sneakers // Lagos earrings

The next day, I just threw on joggers and a sweatshirt to go to a chiropractor appt.

I’ve had this sweatshirt for years, and it’s so basic, but there’s just something about it that I love. I keep it in my closet year-round, and it’s one I like to throw on with jean shorts on a cool summer night.

Wildfox sweatshirt // Vuori joggers (also at Nordstrom) // similar P448 sneakers // Lagos earrings

Last Wednesday was another boring day at home, and I threw on the Zella funnel neck pullover with joggers after I went for a run and did a few try-ons.

Zella Carey pullover // Lululemon Align joggers // similar P448 sneakers

I had a workout on Thursday morning, and then that afternoon, I had an appointment for a glycolic peel. This is what I wore to work out.

And then I threw this cozy hoodie on top to wear for the rest of the day. No sense putting on makeup or jewelry to get a chemical peel, so I just went as is.

Zella hoodie // Athleta Momentum tee // Lululemon Align joggers // On Cloud training sneakers

That brings us to last Saturday. R and I went to the mall for a while in the afternoon, and I got myself showered and dressed in one of my favorite #NSale outfits, lol! The sweater, jeans, and boots were all from the 2020 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

This is how it looks from behind. The jeans stay pretty well over the top of the boots in the front, and I let them sit inside of the tab in the back.

Also, these boots are 60% off and still available in quite a few sizes/colors. Don’t rule out the grey and olive green. I’ve seen both on, and they are gorgeous and highly versatile.

Vince sweater // Good American Good Legs “crop” skinnies (similar) // Vince Henderson boots // Yurman earrings

I was running late to church on Sunday, so I just threw my hair into a ponytail and did an abbreviated makeup routine. I knew I needed something tried and true to throw on that I didn’t have to think about, so I grabbed this Naadam sweater and my black AG Farrahs.

I opted for the flats rather than boots because they were easy to throw on and go, and pumps seemed a bit much with a ponytail. I realize no one else considers such things, lol, but that was my thought process as I made that split-second shoe decision.

Oh, and these flats are still well stocked and 66% off at Nordstrom Rack.

Naadam boatneck sweater // black AG Farrah skinnies // AGL studded flats // Yurman earrings

Alrighty then! Now we’re at Monday, I guess. I had a photo shoot with Alison, and then when I got home, R wanted to go to the outlet mall.

I had these jeans on from our photo shoot, so I threw on this sweater from last year and my Marc Fisher Chelsea boots because I knew I’d be doing a lot of walking, and they’re very comfortable, plus they have a low heel.

These are the AG Mari straight leg jeans we’ve discussed a few times. I actually tried them on last year at the mall but didn’t purchase them at the time.

I have more to say about these, but we can discuss in Friday’s Try-On Haul.

I threw my J.Crew wool cocoon coat on top, in an attempt to wear something other than my black The North Face parka, which is what I usually wear when I’m going to be out and about in the cold. R told me I looked bougie, but I felt cute!

old 360 Cashmere turtleneck (see more 360 Cashmere at Nordstrom Rack) // AG Mari slim straight jeans // Marc Fisher boots // B-Low the Belt baby belly bottom belt // J.Crew cocoon coat // Lagos earrings

And finally, this is what I wore yesterday. I already had on the Athleta Altitude tights from my run/walk in the morning, but I didn’t sweat much because I did a lot of walking, so I just kept them on because they are SO warm.

I changed out of my turtleneck and running jacket and into this Sweaty Betty sweatshirt, and I swapped my Brooks running shoes for these Cloud X trainers.

Sweaty Betty After Class Sweatshirt // Athleta Altitude tights // On Cloud training sneakers // Lagos earrings

And that’s a wrap! I’m running late for my workout, per my usual, so I need to dash. Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!

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17 thoughts on “What I Wore Lately Vol. 41

  1. Love the Mari jeans – I got a few pairs in the fall and they’ve been slowly replacing my Farrah’s as my most worn jeans. They look great on you with the Chelsea boots. 

  2. Trust me when I say, I am feeling the same way, gloomy weather in south Texas, COVID also increased here and all the political unrest. If it wasn’t for my 25 hour a week part time job, I would live in sweats. I’ve even tried wearing some bright colored sweaters to help elevate my mood this week. On another note, my on cloud sneakers came in and I was excited to wear them to my kickboxing class this week. But I’m wondering if I should have sized down? They felt wider in the toe area than my adidas. 

  3. I love your casual style. Isn’t it great to go to a church where you can go casual if you want. Praying for our country today.

  4. Yay!!!! I finally ordered a Naadam sweater, I can’t wait to get it! AND I just ordered the On Cloud sneakers too! Thank you for all your posts – I learn so much

  5. I enjoyed seeing all your outfits from the past two weeks. It helps me put together outfits with pieces I already have in my closet. I’m trying not to buy the Old Navy turtleneck, but it looks so good on you that I may cave and order it! The straight leg jeans look good on you and I’m looking forward to seeing them in another post. Thanks for all you do for us!

  6. Okay, I finally pulled the trigger on the Vince Henderson boots. They have always looked too high in the heels to me, to be comfortable. But then I saw the measurements and taking the front 3/4 inch, they are only 2 1/4 inches for walking purposes. The black leather was sold out in my size, but when I saw the gray, I was hooked!  I do not have a gray boot, or even shoes, for that matter. And after trying the black studded Vince flat, I know it will be comfortable. Can’t wait to receive them!

  7. Bougie is good! 😁 and I LOVE those jeans with that belt-great look on you! I can’t seem to pull off the look of a belt but yet I like the look on others who seem to make it look effortless. 
    I hope you’re still contemplating a Florida trip. We’ve been here (Marco Island) since before New Year’s Eve and it’s the best therapy ever. Warmth and sunshine does the body and soul good. If you choose a single family rental, be sure to look for southern exposure since the pool and lanai will be in full sun and you can use that area all day long ☀️☀️

    1. Interesting, thanks. I wouldn’t have thought of that. How do you even find that out? I just looked and Marco Island is really down there! That would be quite a drive. We are thinking of staying up towards Jacksonville/St Augustine, just to keep it closer, but one of my daughters isn’t sure it will be warm enough for her. We are thinking of going in late March or over their Easter break.

      1. If you’re thinking late March it may be warm enough by then for a northern area of Florida. Knowing that we visit in Jan-Feb, we knew the location had to be far enough south to guarantee warmer weather.
        We drive too, since Rocco our Shichon is with us. We could do it in a day, but we break it up with a stop in Lake City FL for the night and then we only have a 5-hr drive the next morning. It is a haul….

        When reading details about a specific home, see if it’s mentioned, or map it to see if the pool offers a southern exposure. If it’s a condo, most likely the pool will be placed in an area for full sun as well. 

  8. The jeans you kept on with the sweater and boots show off what a nice shape you have. I think you might sometimes cover up what you work so hard for. You eat healthy and exercise, so show off how amazing you look!  I can’t wait to see the next way you share those jeans. 

  9. Hi! I really like how you “side-tucked” your sweater in the outfit that you wore to the outlet mall. And I agree with Carol, this outfit highlights your beautiful figure.

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