What to Buy: Nordstrom Triple Points

Greetings and happy Saturday! I’m sitting here right now in the cleanest, sparsest house in the history of the Shane family… at least since the last time we sold a house, which was over 12 years ago.

You know how it is when you prep a house for sale… it’s like, Why don’t I do this every week???

I guess because it took a week to get it this way, that’s why. Maintaining a clean and decluttered house is truly a full-time job, although I do wonder why we can’t just pick up after ourselves as we go along as we’re doing right now. It would make daily living so much more pleasant.

Or maybe not, since I feel like all I’m doing right now is harping at the kids. They’re definitely tired of living this way, but I keep telling them it’s temporary. As soon as we get a contract on this house, we can go back to being slobs.

Any-Who. I almost skipped posting today because I didn’t have anything prepped and we have to be out of the house and have it spic-and-span by 9:30, but then I remembered that it’s Nordstrom Triple Points so I’m throwing together a quick roundup of my current Nordstrom favorites. And I’m actually just copying the code from my Nordstrom Favorites page that I updated recently.

See? No need to worry about me. I have my tricky ways of getting my blog posts up when I’m extra busy with life. Although I do appreciate your concern and encouragement to take time off when I need it. Truly, y’all are the best.

Also, thanks for all the prayers for my husband. He came home from the hospital yesterday, and he’s doing well. He’s weak but in good spirits. I’m so glad he was able to come home after everything was done and the house was ready for the showings this weekend.

If he had come home earlier when I was in the middle of the whole process, he would have felt obligated to help, and he needs to rest. So all is well, and we are grateful that it wasn’t worse and his diverticulitis didn’t require surgery.

What to Buy: Nordstrom Triple Points

In other news, I mentioned yesterday that Nordstrom is running another Triple Points Event!

Now through May 6, earn 3X the points in stores or online at Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack and HauteLook. Just add your Rewards number at checkout—or simply pay with a Nordstrom credit or debit card—and enjoy points in the fast lane. 

They only do this 3 or 4 times a year, so it’s a great time to earn 3x the points which you can turn around and spend during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in a couple months. Clever, right!?!

If you aren’t yet a Nordstrom Rewards member, I highly recommend it. Not only do you earn rewards towards “Nordstrom Notes” to spend on future Nordstrom purchases, but you get Early Access to the much anticipated Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in July. Remember how fast things sold out last year? Yep. SO worth it.

Here’s my roundup of current Nordstrom favorites. Some are wardrobe basics that I depend on for spring and summer, and some are trendy pieces that might be fun to add to your closet to enjoy for a few seasons. I also threw in a few of my favorite beauty products for good measure. I hope it’s helpful!

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