What To Wear for New Year’s Eve

It will be here before we know it, so today I’m teaming up with a few of my friends to talk about what to wear for New Year’s Eve.

Tania at 50 Is Not Old, Jen at A Well Styled Life, and Deb at Fabulous After 40 are some of my favorites, and if you’re not already familiar with them, I think you’re going to love their New Year’s Eve style!

My New Year’s Eve Style Uniform

Our New Year’s Eve parties are usually pretty subdued, but we often host a gathering with close friends, so I still like to look festive.

My go-to NYE uniform is usually some combination of a fun sparkly top with denim and heels. Bonus points for coated denim that looks more like leather pants than your everyday black jeans.

sequin shell (options here and here) // faux leather puffer (similar for less) // coated bootcut jeans // pointed toe bootie // necklaces one & two // earrings

Sequins are always appropriate for NYE, but this year they’re trending big time, so there’s no better option for adding sparkle and shine to your favorite denim.

sequin shell (options here and here) // coated bootcut jeans // pointed toe bootie // necklaces one & two // earrings

I’ve shared this top a lot over the past couple of weeks, and inventory is getting depleted, but there are tons of other options out there. I’ll round up a bunch at the end of this post.

If you’re not the one hosting, chances are you’ll need a coat to get to and from your party venue. I love a faux leather puffer for more casual winter events.

This works especially well with regular denim. It’s a bit much with the coated black jeans, but it works. I’d still rather wear this than a conservative wool coat.

Even if I’m hosting, I like to wear heels on New Year’s Eve, and these booties are the perfect accompaniment to this festive look. Plus, the price point is great for a pair of shoes I probably won’t wear all that much.

faux leather puffer (similar for less) // coated bootcut jeans // pointed toe bootie // earrings Saint Laurent WOC

If the leather-look jacket isn’t your thing, I also really like a faux fur jacket as an option for topping off a festive look. In fact, I think I like this better than the faux leather puffer with the coated denim. The contrast of textures is more pleasing with the fur.

For a monochromatic look, I love this sequin to from Anthropologie with these velvet flares.

Sequin Top (S) // Paige velvet ankle flares (28; also at Zappos) // booties (size 8)

Here’s a closer look at the booties I’m wearing with all of these outfits. Aren’t they fabulous!?! I love the hint of sparkle and the sexy stiletto heel, and they just went on sale!

BP. Braylee Pointed toe Bootie (size 8; true to size!)

And another sequin top I like a lot is this short sleeve sequin tee with black sequins on black velvet with black velvet trim. It’s so soft and pretty, and it pairs great with off-black jeans for a more casual, somewhat edgy all-black holiday look.

sequin tee (S) // flare ankle jeans (28) // booties (8)

Because so much of what I’m wearing has sold out or is low inventory, I rounded up some more options for festive tops and appropriate toppers in the shopping widget below.

Festive Tops & Toppers for NYE

Be sure to visit Tania at 50 Is Not Old, Jen at A Well Styled Life, and Deb at Fabulous After 40 to see how they styled their New Year’s Eve looks!

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photos: Alison Cornell

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24 thoughts on “What To Wear for New Year’s Eve

  1. What a fun post! I love my coated denim this time of year. I’ll be celebrating NYE casually with friends and plan to wear my black Kut utility Reese coated jeans and a long-sleeve, black sparkly top I ordered from Bloomies. Or my new Kut boot cut black coated jeans. I love the stiletto heels! They’re my go-to for holiday parties. I have a pair from a few years ago that is a 2.5 inch heel and super comfy.

  2. I think I just found my favorite faux leather puffer jacket (funny thing?: I’ve always tended-to avoid them because I thought they added more bulk than I wanted and, that style made my body look like a penguin lol!). However, the black -and in that length- absolutely rocks and LOVE IT!
    Would try it over the all-black Nordstrom outfit.

  3. All of the tops you shared with us are so pretty. I am contemplating taking my Kut coated jeans on our trip so that I can wear them on NYE if we go out to dinner. Enjoy walking around the mall and seeing the decorations!

  4. Fabulous looks, Jo-Lynne! I love those coated jeans on you. I don’t own a pair but I will soon…#influenced😁 How funny we both chose the same black top. It’s a winner. This was fun! Thanks for joining me. xo

  5. Jo-Lynne, I so enjoyed seeing all the dressy outfits from you and your blogger friends! I loved seeing everyone’s personality shine through! No one seemed to highlight my favorite item, my winter white pants! I have a lovely pair of Ralph Lauren trousers that I’ve had for years and wear them mostly at holiday time with dressy black or red velvet tops and sweaters. I plan to wear them this Sunday to a Christmas concert with my new black velvet blazer and a red plaid blouse from J. Crew! So many options, not enough places to go! HAHA!

    1. AND, as for the KoP Mall, my husband and I stopped in last Friday from about 11-3 and it was practically empty, such a great time to go! Had to take photos in front of the huge trees at the Nordstroms Court and Bloomingdale Court. I love just window shopping and checking the decorations! So well done. My husband spent a lot of time in a cushy chair near the Nordstrom’s tree reading his Kindle! We were both happy! HAHA! I made a purchase at Everlane because they were having their 25% off everything sale. Bought the perfect ribbed black crew neck tshirt. It was EXACTLY what I needed to wear under vests and cardis and even alone.

    2. Yeah, I was surprised everyone did black pants, ha! I love the idea of winter white pants, but I’ve never found a pair that work for me. I’ve done white denim before, though.

  6. I like all your outfits. I have black pointed toe suede booties with a kitten heel. I can’t wear real high stilettos. I’m glad I kept my gold sparkly knit top I bought at Macy’s years ago. I only wore it once. It’s a faux wraparound style in front and very flattering. Thanks for all the styling ideas.

  7. You look great in this post. I feel like a fuddy dud. We usually just stay home and watch the ball drop in our PJs or lately we are in bed before midnight. Lol. We just don’t like to be out on the roads with everyone drinking. Many years I remember my husband gone on car wrecks(paramedic) and the kids and I home. So some year you might need to do a PJ post for New Years. Lol.

    1. My husband was a paramedic on an ambulance for 17 years (back in February, he made the drastic switch to teaching Emergency Medical Response in our local high school!) and he spent many NYEs tending to wreck victims. Hence why we typically stay home now. 🖤

  8. PS. It will be good for you to get out and roam the mall by yourself and enjoy the festive decorations; a good break for you from all of the doctor stuff etc. Shopping always helps the spirit. Lol. Fun to see the other influencer post too.

  9. I love all these looks! I’m especially drawn to the short sleeve sequin top as it’s currently incredibly warm here. 82° 🙄 I also love those booties! I’m struggling to put together an outfit for my oldest’s last (ever 😭) Christmas band concert tonight. With it being SO warm, it’s hard to dress seasonably AND appropriately. I hope you enjoyed your stroll through the mall! I’d venture to say that you probably need that bit of “you time” with dealing with your sweet daughter’s sickness lately. I love love love looking at Christmas decorations! I’m ashamed to admit that most of my fall decorations are still up lol 🙈 But it’s hard to get in the Christmas spirit when it feels more like Memorial Day! 😜 Blessings!

  10. Hi Jolynne,

    Love all these looks on you!! I especially love the faux leather jacket – can you tell me which link is for that jacket please? The link above the photo seems to be a different jacket? Thanks as always!!

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