What’s On the Menu: Memorial Day BBQ

We’re not entertaining today, but I still want to enjoy the holiday with a fresh and delicious summer meal worthy of this official Kickoff-To-Summer weekend. The weather is certainly feeling festive today; it’s upwards of 90 degrees here in Philly.

Because about the only meat we have left in our freezer is boneless breasts of chicken, I decided to go with our favorite grilled chicken recipe — Ina Garten’s Tequila Lime Chicken. It’s the perfect dish for having our favorite Guacamole and margaritas as a pre-dinner snack. And since I can’t enjoy guac anymore (it gives me horrible stomach aches and I have no clue why), I picked up a bag of my favorite “homemade” honey roasted peanuts from the farmer’s market.

With the chicken, I’m serving grilled corn on the cob, fresh from Georgia — our farmer’s market sometimes carries off-season produce that is usually a step or three above what you can find at the grocery store. We’re going to give this corn a try since our local corn isn’t coming in quite yet.

We’ll also have locally grown green beans that I’ll steam lightly and oven roasted asparagus. They said they just picked the asparagus this morning, and it’s the last of it so I snagged two bunches.

For dessert, I’m making a strawberry rhubarb crisp with, you guessed it, locally grown strawberries and rhubarb. And if I get ambitious, I’ll make some homemade ice cream to go with it.

What are you eating today??

And for What To Wear to a Memorial Day BBQ, check out the post I wrote this morning for All Things Chic. Since I’m not going anywhere or entertaining anyone, I’ll be wearing none of the above, but it was a fun post to write.

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  1. JoLynne – why no more guac? Just curious. (since I am recently GF and I know you are too…) Just wondering if there a development I missed?

    1. It just doesn’t agree with me – I don’t know why. I ate it twice in 2 weeks – different batches, of course. Both times it made me feel overwhelmingly nauseous. Horrible. So not I stay far, far away. My family likes it though, and it is so nutritious, that I go ahead and make it anyway.

  2. That sounds delicious!!!!

    I’m curious about the guac, too. I don’t think I could live without that joy in my life.

  3. That sounds like an amazing feast!

    We’re feasting today, too. Grilled shrimp, steamed crab, corn on the cob, risotto primavera (with fresh peas and asparagus), and Chocolate eclair cake. Mmmm.

  4. How weird! I have the same problem, it’s the avocados for me, I know this because I’ve attempted to eat plain avocados twice now and both times I felt exactly like you did. I have managed to eat a 7-layer dip that included guac without getting sick, but I only ate a little. It’s a really big bummer and if you figure out what the deal is, tell me!! I’m super curious.

    1. just wondering if you have noticed that water chestnuts and/or bananas cause any problems for you also?? i am allergic to all three of these & according to my allergist this is associated with my allergy to LATEX!! you might wanna check it out!

      1. Nope, I tolerate bananas and water chestnuts just fine. And I’ve never noticed a problem with latex either, although I have a friend with that allergy. I’m wondering if I should consult an allergist with my issues.

  5. We went very low key…..grilled burgers with traditional fixings. Baked beans, Ranch style Potato salad and even Potato Chips! Sweet Tea. Homemade Pound cake with fresh strawberries and/or watermelon wedges for dessert. The highlight of our cookout was the splash pool for the grandson! We had a great lazy family day. We wrapped it up watching baseball on TV! 😉

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