19 Years #HappyAnniversaryToUs

Nineteen years ago, a 23-year-old elementary school teacher married a Philly boy and moved away from her childhood home forever.

Wedding Day

I barely resemble that girl today, and it’s not just because I had the good sense to grow out my bangs.

Being married grows you and tests you in ways that nothing else can. Over the past 19 years, I have discovered many things about myself and about partnering with someone for life. For instance.

  1. It is possible to experience raging anger one minute and passionate adoration the next — for the same person.
  2. It’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission; but I wouldn’t recommend taking that approach.
  3. Tent camping is a lot more fun than it sounds.
  4. I’m not as high maintenance as I thought I was. (Or at least, I wasn’t until age and gravity started to catch up with me.)
  5. My body is capable of carrying and sustaining a life, and then pushing a 7-pound bowling ball out of a 1-inch tunnel. Three times.
  6. Child rearing will put your marriage relationship to the test; always present a united front.
  7. It doesn’t get easier; it just gets different.
  8. If you want a hot shower, get up early.
  9. Parenting is not for the faint of heart. See #5. And #6. And #7. And for that matter, #8.
  10. There is nothing quite as endearing as seeing your spouse mirrored in your offspring.
  11. I can run 13.1 miles and live to tell about it.
  12. And you do, in fact, never forget how to ride a bike.
  13. Love is a verb.
  14. Choose your battles wisely. This goes for any relationship — marriages, kids, friendships, co-workers…
  15. Life is a lot easier when you choose to find the humor in the hard times.
  16. It’s true that what goes around comes around, so extend grace when at all possible.
  17. Never underestimate the value of having someone in your court at all times.
  18. Be good to each other because if you aren’t, someone else will be.
  19. For better or for worse isn’t as romantic as it sounds, but it’s worth the effort.

My life’s lessons haven’t always been the ones I expected and certainly weren’t the ones I would have chosen, but I wouldn’t I wouldn’t change who I am today for anything in the world, and there’s no one else I’d want to do this life with than this guy.