Top 10 Posts of 2020

Good morning, and happy New Year’s Eve! 🥂 We have absolutely no plans tonight, except I have a bottle of Prosecco in the fridge that I plan to enjoy. How about you?

Today I’m sharing my Top 10 Posts of 2020, and I was actually surprised to see some of these in this list! You’ll have to tell me what you think.

According to my Google Analytics, these are the ten most highly trafficked posts that I published this year. I’m listing them in typical Top Ten order, with the most popular post at the end.

There seems to be a theme here, and I think you’ll see it as well. I can definitely tell what types of posts you all prefer!

Top 10 Posts of 2020

#10. Fall Wardrobe Essentials

Fall Wardrobe Essentials 2020

This post is one I update and republish each year, and it’s always well-received. It’s a great starting point if you’re restructuring or rebuilding your wardrobe, and depending on your climate, it could be relevant for winter as well.

#9. 2020 Swimsuit Guide

2020 swimsuit guide: swimsuits for women over 40

This is another post I update and republish every year, and I always get requests for it. It’s one of the more time consuming posts I do, so I’m glad it’s popular!

#8. Casual Alternatives to Shorts

Casual Alternatives to Shorts for Women Over 40

I wrote this one a few years ago and updated it and republished for 2020. A lot of women over 40 don’t like to wear shorts, so I tried to come up with a lot of other options that are still practical and comfortable.

#7. Old Outfits Updated for 2020

Old Outfits Updated for 2020

I’m hoping to do another one of these next month. I need to go back through my archives and find some winter outfits to recreate for 2021.

#6. How to Cut Your Jeans for a DIY Raw Hem

Fashion DIY Tutorial: How To Cut Your Jeans for a Raw Hem

In my opinion, the best denim trend going is the raw hem. The length of your pants can make or break an outfit, and this makes it easy to “alter” your jeans at home for free!

#5. 20 Fall Outfits to Copy Right Now


I love doing these posts because I can use pictures from my archives, and there’s no need to buy anything new or get gussied up for a photo shoot.

Fall is especially fun because there are so many layering possibilities, but I’ll definitely do one for spring as well.

#4. Understanding the Rule Of Thirds

make a better outfit by understanding rule of thirds

I get asked about this all the time, so I finally wrote a post about it! Not all outfits have to follow this rule to be flattering, but understanding this concept can help explain why an outfit might look a little off.

#3. Women’s Pant Lengths Demystified


And this is yet another older post I updated and republished this year. I was getting a lot of questions about pant styles and hem lengths, and I remembered that I had this post, so I tweaked it for today’s trends. It’s crazy how much styles have changed since I originally wrote it in 2018.

#2. Dos and Don’ts for Wearing Shorts

Dos and Don'ts for Wearing Shorts

Wow, I’m kind of surprised to see this one rank so high! Shorts really are a hot topic. I guess I need to remember that.

And the post that came in First Place this year…

#1. Are Skinny Jeans Out of Style?

Are Skinny Jeans Out of Style?

Possibly the most controversial fashion topic of 2020, the skinny jean… I maintain that skinny jeans can look stylish and on trend if styled in a modern way, but I’ve also been around long enough to know that nothing stays in style forever, and I see the straighter styles making headway.

A sure-fire way to get stuck in a certain decade is to stop trying new trends, so I’ll keep trying the straighter cuts, but I also believe in wearing the styles that are most flattering on your unique body, so we’ll see how that all plays out. For now, anyway, I’m going to continue wearing my skinnies!

So anyway, that’s a wrap. Over and out, 2020!

Tomorrow, I’m kicking off 2021 with my Year In Review, and there will be no new blog post on Saturday, but I will be sending out my Weekly Digest email newsletter. I’m working on a new format, and I’m excited about that! If you don’t receive those already, you can sign up here.

Whatever your plans are tonight, have a save a save and fun New Year’s Eve!!!

Fall/Winter Fashion

What I Wore Lately Vol. 39

Happy hump day, friends! As is the custom around here on Wednesdays, I’ve rounded up my outfits from the past week.

Of course, this was Christmas week for those of us who celebrate, and while we didn’t have any festive outings as we often do, I did try to dress for the various occasions… such as they were.

SIZING NOTES: I’m 5’5″ and 135 pounds, with an hourglass shape. Unless I say otherwise, I’m wearing a 6/28 in pants/jeans, a small in tops, a 6 in dresses/jumpsuits, and size 8 shoe.

What I Wore Lately

Last Wednesday, the girls wanted to run to the mall for a couple last minute things, so I went with them.

Cozy and comfy is the name of my game, and this is just another version of my go-to winter uniform. The only question was, sneakers or booties?

I chose sneakers…

And here’s a closeup of the sweater. It’s one of my favorites from this year’s #NSale, but unfortunately, it’s almost sold out.

I topped it off with a quilted jacket and grey scarf… at which point I realized you can’t even see my pretty sweater. Wahhh…

This is why coats are important. I should change mine out more often than I do. But aren’t my red nails a fun, festive accessory?

sweater (S) // jeans // sneakers // coat (old) // scarf // earrings // bracelet

I spent a few hours on the morning of Christmas Eve working, and then I went for a run and got showered and dressed… to basically go to the grocery store.

Yep! That was my big outing on Christmas Eve. Paul went with me, so we called it a date.

I love this tee, and I’m so sorry I can’t link it. The leather moto adds a bit of toughness but keeps it casual.

To that, I added blue jeans and my grey Sorel wedge boots.

The weather was starting to warm up, but there was still a lot of slush and snow about. I thought these would be practical for running errands and also stylish enough to offset the moto jacket and graphic tee.

The hem of jeans was falling into my booties, and you know how I hate that, so I cuffed them, circa 2018! That does sort of chop up the look, but the t-shirt is a lighter tone as well, so I think it works.

I also wore my Smartwool socks in the Natural color.

jacket // tee (sold out) // similar jeans // boots at Zappo’s and Nordstrom // earrings

Usually we go out for sushi for C’s birthday on Christmas Eve, but restaurants in our state are currently closed for indoor dining, and we were trying to be extra careful all week so we could see Paul’s mom on Saturday, so we did takeout instead.

I changed into a cardigan and slippers for the evening at home.

And this is what I wore on Christmas morning for breakfast and presents.

I always give Paul and the kids new winter pajamas on Christmas Eve, so for the last couple of years, I’ve been treating myself too.

pajamas // slippers

But here’s a funny thing. My mom gave me this exact same pair of pajamas for Christmas. When I opened her present on Christmas morning, I was wearing the same ones.

I’m planning to exchange hers for a different pattern. A girl can always use another pair of pajamas, am I right? By the way, if you need new pajamas, some of these sets are as low as $21 right now.

The slippers are also from her, by the way. I love how they match the pjs.

After we opened presents, I changed into my favorite sweater/jeans/sneakers combo for the rest of the day.

I kept it casual because that’s how we roll on Christmas Day. Dressing up for holiday meals was never part of our family culture, or Paul’s either, for that matter. Even though it sounds like fun to me, I don’t see it starting now.

Oh, and the bracelet was one of Paul’s Christmas gifts to me, and I love it. He picked it out, which makes it even more special. I guess I should have put it on the other wrist to get a good picture.

sweater // similar jeans // sneakers // pearl earrings // bracelet

The day after Christmas, we got together with a few of Paul’s family members for a short visit, and I threw on this simple outfit.

Wow, I’m looking puffy. Time to reign in the holiday eating extravaganza!!!

This angle is always more flattering… see?

If you ever wonder why I stand this way 75% of the time, that’s why.

sweater // jeans // flats // earrings // bracelet

That brings us to Sunday. I kept it simple, once again. I was running late, and it was cold, so I just threw on this tried and true outfit and dashed out the door. (I took pictures when I got home.)

I decided to class it up with my wool reefer coat, rather than my usual quilted jacket, and I added a red scarf because Christmas!

Here’s the obligatory fashion blogger pose, with my coat unbuttoned to show the whole lewk.

And this is how I really wore it because it was like 25 degrees outside.

sweater (also at Nordstrom; similar for less) // jeans // boots // coat // similar scarf // earrings // bracelet

When I got home, I changed into my new Zella leggings and this t-shirt Paul gave me for Christmas.

I’m not entirely sure what message I’m supposed to be getting from that one… Good thing I do love Philly!

sweater // tee // leggings // slippers

Okay, so Monday! R wanted to exchange one of her presents for a different size and get some craft supplies with her Christmas money, so I got up early to work and get my run in so I could spend the afternoon shopping with her.

We ended up meeting Paul for a late lunch/early dinner at a local restaurant because the weather was so nice. It was our first time eating out in a few months, and it was wonderful!!!

I would have dressed a bit warmer, though, if I’d known we’d be dining outside in 50-degree weather.

similar leather jacket // turtleneck // jeans // flats // belt // bag // earrings

And finally, yesterday… I wore the same jeans with my Zella ribbed funnel neck sweatshirt and these new high top wedge sneakers to go to a chiropractor appt.

I know I’m kind of late to the high top wedge sneaker trend, but I saw them when I was at DSW with R, and I thought they would make a good compromise between boots and sneakers this winter.

When I tried them on, I was sold. They’re sooo comfy, I love the fur trim, and the wedge gives me a bit of arch support too. They also come in black, but I went for the taupe.

pullover // jeans // sneakers // earrings

And that’s it for this week!

If you aren’t already a member, or if you are and haven’t visited in a while, be sure to join us over in the JLS Insiders Facebook Group. Every Wednesday, I’m inviting group members to share their style by posting one of their favorite outfits from the week.

I thought it would be a fun way to get to know each other better and get more everyday outfit inspiration. I hope you’ll join us!

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My 25 Favorite Outfits From 2020

Last year, I set out to create a post with my 10 favorite outfits from 2019, but I ended up with 20, and I said I could have easily come up with 30.

This year, I set out to do the same, and before I started whittling them down, I had almost 40! For a year of going almost nowhere, I’d say that’s pretty impressive, but I did narrow them down to 25.

I kind of surprised myself by choosing more outfits from my What I Wore Lately posts than I did from my dedicated outfit posts. Sometimes I’m drawn to the photography or the setting more than the actual outfit, but for this post, I tried to choose mostly outfits I actually wore in my daily life.

That means a lot of them are similar. When I come up with an outfit formula that works, I often repeat it over and over with different variables, don’t we all?

And of course, there are a few wardrobe items that get repeated over and over. While that may seem boring or redundant, I like how it demonstrates the concept of cost per wear. So anyway… let’s get started!


#1. Last January, I wore this outfit to a Phil Phillips concert in Philadelphia. That was one of my Christmas presents from Paul.

I wanted an outfit that was a warm, chic, a little edgy, but not try-hard. I think I nailed it.

The donegal pattern in this black sweater makes it just a little bit more special than a basic black cashmere turtleneck, but unfortunately, they don’t offer that color in the turtleneck this season. A  quick Google search didn’t turn up one anywhere else either. If you know of one, let me know.

similar leather jacket // turtleneck // jeans (on sale) // boots // similar belt // earrings // bracelet

#2. Yikes, my feet are pale, but not that pale! (And no, I was not wearing hosiery.) The light must have been reflecting off the cement.

This was a Valentine’s date night look I put together for a style collab with two other bloggers last February. I never wore this exact outfit anywhere, but I love how it came together. It’s a bit unexpected —  a pink suede jacket over an all black look, but I think it works.

similar jacket // tank // similar jeans // pumps // necklace

#3. Admittedly, not the most inspiring outfit of 2020, but probably the one I’ve worn the most… There’s something about the combination of light neutrals and the simplicity of this look that is so pleasing to my eye, and this sweater has the perfect v-neckline.

sweater // similar rag & bone skinnies // sneakers // necklace // earrings

#4. Moving into spring, this blouse was on heavy rotation, as were these jeans. I love the color combination and the silhouette of the blouse with the narrow v-neck, flutter sleeves, and fitted but relaxed shape.

blouse (on sale) // jeans (on sale) // sandals (only avail in white) // earrings // necklace // bracelet

#5. This look is very similar to the one above, and I almost didn’t include it for that reason, but it’s one that I wore a lot in various iterations. (I had this blouse in solid pink as well.) It has a similar silhouette to the one above, which seems to work really well for me.

And then these jeans are the AG Farrahs, which I love so much and have in several washes. They’re currently on sale right now, and I find them true to size.

blouse // jeans (on sale) // flats (on sale) // pearl earrings // necklace

#6. Of course, we spent most of the summer at home, but we hosted some small gatherings outside in our backyard.

I love the beachy/nautical vibe of this lightweight sweater paired with the crisp white shorts and minimalistic (minimalist?) thong sandals.

sweater // cami // shorts // sandals // earrings // bracelet

#7. Once restaurants opened up, we ate out a lot, and it was usually hot so I ended up wearing shorts a lot more than usual.

I love this black/taupe color combo and how the snake print sandals pull it all together.

tee // shorts // sandals // sunnies // similar earrings // bracelet

#8. This dress was an #NSale purchase, and I wore it to church a few times. My wedge sandals are a few years old, and the dress sold out, so I can’t link anything here. I still wanted to include it though — I think it’s the only dress in this post!

#9. I really started embracing the fashion sneakers this year. I would have most definitely worn ankle boots with this look a year ago, but now I’m loving the combination of the jacket/tee/jeans and sneakers.

draped jacket // white tee // similar jeans // sneakers // necklace // earrings

#10. As we move into fall, about half of my favorite outfits involve these jeans. The faded black wash goes so well with everything, and it’s not as dressy as jet black jeans but looks more pulled together than blue jeans.

I wore this outfit out to dinner one weekend in September. I love the combination of camel and off-black, and the way the leopard shoes pull it together. And this necklace is the perfect statement piece to draw the eye back up towards my face.

camel sweater // black jeans // leopard flats (size up) // necklace // earrings

#11. At one point I had 3 or 4 outfits with joggers and a denim jacket in this post, but I forced myself to pick two. I chose this one because I like the added interest of the graphic tee.

tee // denim jacket (on sale) // joggers // sneakers

#12. And I chose this one because… I dunno, I just love every component of this outfit.

This tee is supremely soft and has such a good classic fit, the Vuori joggers pair so well with these P448 sneakers. The denim jacket needs no introduction at this point.

I wore this to travel to Massachusetts when C and I went on a college visit back in November.

denim jacket (on sale) // grey tee (M) // joggers (also at Nordstrom; size M) // sneakers // earrings // necklace // bracelet

Speaking of the denim jacket, I have a kajillion outfits I love wearing this thing…

#13. I wore this outfit to church one Sunday in September.

Again, I used animal print shoes to pull the colors of the outfit together. I’m shocked these mules are still available. They’re on sale too!

rust tee // denim jacket (on sale) // jeans (on sale) // mules (on sale) // earrings // bracelet

And then there was that cheetah tee… I’m so very sad this sold out and isn’t available anywhere else.

The slub jersey schoolboy crew neck tee, however, is a staple in the ATM collection, and it’s available in lots of solid colors. Pricey, but very well made, and a classic you can have for years.

And I found a similar for less version of the cheetah print at Amazon.

#14. I paired it with black raw hem skinnies and topped it off with my denim jacket for a casual fall look.

cheetah tee (similar for less) // denim jacket (on sale) // black jeans // mules // sunnies // earrings // bracelet

#15. The cheetah tee pairs beautifully with those off-black Good American jeans as well.

I love how the studded pointy toe mocs and the belt with the silver buckle elevate this very simple outfit, and the quality of these pieces keep it classy.

cheetah tee (similar for less) // jeans // similar belt // flats // bracelet // similar earrings

#16. And when I top it off with a black leather moto, it takes on a more edgy, rock-and-roll vibe.

cheetah tee (similar for less) // leather moto (on sale) // jeans // flats // similar belt // similar earrings

17. This is one of those outfits I debated including in this post because I can’t decide if it’s the look I love or the photography/background/fashion blogger walk that Alison nailed with this picture.

Nevertheless, I do like how the muted rust/pumpkin-colored scarf becomes the focal point of this otherwise neutral outfit. It’s such a pleasing color combo, and the wall behind me sets it off perfectly.

sweater (on sale) /similar leather jacket // scarf (on sale) // jeans (on sale) // boots // sunnies

Speaking of pleasing neutral color combinations and quintessential fashion blogger photos…

#18. I absolutely love how this outfit came together, although it is one that I never actually got to wear anywhere.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing a taupe suede moto jacket outfit for fall

suede moto // tank // jeans // booties // similar belt // necklace // earrings // sunnies

#19. I tried to recreate a similar vibe for a dinner out the following month, but I wanted to incorporate a sweater for warmth.

I topped it off with my suede taupe moto, but I removed it inside the restaurant.

suede moto // similar sweater // grey jeans // similar pumps // necklace // earrings (old)

#20. I love an all black outfit, and this is what I wore for Thanksgiving. I probably have other all black outfits that are more interesting, but this one caught my eye as I was scrolling through.

I like the unexpected short-sleeve sweater and the pattern and bling from the bracelet, and of course those swoon-worthy studded flats always elevate a casual look.

sweater tee // jeans // flats // bracelet // earrings

#21. And there’s really nothing special about this outfit, except I just love it for its simplicity, and the fit and proportion. I feel like it makes me look long and lean. #yesplease

sweater // jeans // boots // necklace // earrings

#22. Once we get into wintertime, I start to tire of the earth tones and neutrals, and I love to break out my white jeans with a fresh, bright color or a frosty pastel. I wore this outfit to church a few weeks back.

These boots in the Cloud Suede are perfect for pairing with white jeans in the fall and winter. The low contrast creates a long, lean leg line. They’re also on sale!

blue turtleneck // white jeans // booties (Cloud Suede; on sale) // pearl earrings

I’m throwing this next one in here out of order because I’m too lazy to go back and re-number. It’s one I really wanted to include, and now that I’m nearing the end of the post, I have room for one more to make 25 total outfits. That seems like a good round number! Except it’s really an odd number, but I think you know what I mean.

#23. I love the combination of light neutrals and the overall proportions of this outfit.

I am also super excited to tell you this jacket is fully stocked and on sale at Evereve!!! It was sold out everywhere for the longest time. It’s even less at Nordstrom Rack, but sizes there are limited. It’s also on sale at Nordstrom in the sage at Revolve in the pink.

Rails Collins utility jacket in mini cheetah print at Evereve and Nordstrom Rack; also in sage or pink // white tee // similar jeans // mules // earrings

#24. This is similar to the outfit I wore for our family pictures, but I like this version a little better. The combination of grey, black, and oxblood is one of my winter favorites.

similar leather jacket // grey turtleneck (similar for less) // jeans // boots // earrings // sunnies

#25. I’m ending with one of my favorite looks AND photo shoots from the year. I realize the outfit is super similar to the one above, but I guess that just shows how well it works!

And again, I’m loving the fashion sneakers as an alternative to ankle boots. Either would work with this look, but the sneakers make it a little more modern and fun.

Luxe Meets Sporty: A Casual Monochromatic Outfit for Fall

similar leather jacket // grey turtleneck (similar for less) // jeans // sneakers // earrings // sunnies

Aaaaaand, that’s a wrap! I’m off to see my friendly chiropractor… I’m thinking he may discharge me today. I’m feeling much better. Have a terrific Tuesday!

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Coffee Talk 12.27.20

Well, friends, this is the last Coffee Talk of 2020! I hope you all had a nice Christmas, although it may have looked different than most.

Ours actually wasn’t all that different than other years, since we often spend Christmas Day alone by choice. But we did miss hosting our big Shane Christmas party, which would have been today, and it’s sad to think about this being the first Christmas without my father-in-law.

Fortunately the weather didn’t turn out to be as bad as we had feared, and we were still able to visit with Paul’s mom and a few other family members yesterday.

We will probably end up taking down our live tree this afternoon. Paul is the type to want it down as soon as the last present is unwrapped, and I have to admit, I don’t mind. I love getting my family room back.

That said, I have a feeling January is going to feel very bleak once Christmas is all put away, so I’m all for leaving up the lighted village houses and faux tree in the living room for a little while longer.

I usually like to take the faux tree down on New Year’s Day, but there have been years when it stayed up well into January… mostly because we’re lazy, but also because the girls and I enjoy it, and we’re the main ones who use the living room.

It’s nice to come downstairs in the dark of a winter morning to see the tree all lit up, inviting me in to enjoy my coffee and devotions before starting work for the day.

How about you? Do you like to take your decorations down right away, or wait for a while?

I’ve learned over the years that people have very strong opinions about this question. I liken it to asking which political candidate you voted for, so be nice, m’kay? 😉

While it’s tempting to dive right back into work, I really should take a few days and tend to the house.

I’m dying to clean and reorganize the pantry, mudroom, coat closets, and linen closets. Now that all five of us are living here full-time, doing school and work here, and the kids are getting older and more self-sufficient, those areas get out of control so quickly.

I’ve already cleared out my closet and office, and I’m working on getting everything I don’t need anymore returned and donated.

The sheer amount of stuff I manage to accumulate is my least favorite part about this job, but I love this little lull here between the craziness of the holidays and start of spring fashion.

Speaking of work, I’m floundering a bit with the end of year wrap-up posts. I’ve been trying to plan out the next couple of weeks, and I keep shifting things around and rearranging my editorial calendar. For some reason, it’s not falling into place as neatly as I want it to.

In addition to those, I also have a cashmere comparison post I wanted to finish up. I have all the pictures, and I took notes, but the thought of putting that together is overwhelming to me. That said, the sales are pretty stellar right now, so this seems like a good time to post that.

I’ve also started ordering things for my January Try-On Hauls. I know, I said I was going to enjoy the lull after the holidays, and normally I’m in no mood to start placing new clothing orders right away, but I got inspired when I saw the bright, happy colors and frosty neutrals in the new arrivals section of a few of my favorite retailers.

As much as I love my soothing neutrals, I’m ready to see some fresh, fun colors. I figure, even if people aren’t into buying right now, it might be fun to see what’s out there.

Also on my agenda: Get my stupid blog comments fixed so the Reply button works, and the replies get emailed to the original commenter. FIXED IT!!!!

So anyway. That’s where I am at the moment — a bit all over the place!

It’s kind of a strange week, with Christmas and New Year’s Eve falling on the weekends. It’s like we have this whole week in between that isn’t really vacation but definitely isn’t business as usual… I’ve got a feeling we’re all going to feel a little discombobulated.

I’m very much looking forward to January 4th, to be honest with you. Am I the only one who finds comfort and clarity in a regular routine?

With all that said, I hope you had a nice holiday celebration, and that you’re getting some time to rest and recharge. I definitely have a nap on my agenda this afternoon.

Have a happy and very blessed Sunday!

Fall/Winter Fashion

The Best After Christmas Sales: Time to Spend Those Holiday Gift Cards!

Greetings, and happy Boxing Day! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas celebration yesterday, or at least some time off to relax and recharge.

For those who had to work, thank you for your service, whatever that may be. I’m sure you get used to it, but I always feel bad for my friends who have to work on a major holiday.

I took yesterday completely off — didn’t even turn on my computer, although I had planned to send out a Merry Christmas post. Since that didn’t happen, here’s a picture if our holiday photo card. I wanted to share it with you all.

I plan to take most of today off as well, as we have a few family members visiting later on, but The after-Christmas sales started last night, and they are pretty stellar, so I’ve got my usual roundup of top picks for you today.

If you have cash gifts or gift cards to spend, this is a great time to reference my Winter Wardrobe Essentials and pick up a few things to freshen up your closet as we head into the new year.

What To Buy With Those Holiday Gift Cards

SIZING NOTES: As a reminder, I’m 5’5″ and 135 pounds; and I typically wear a size 6 or 28 pants and jeans, a small tops, a 6 in dresses, and a size 8 shoe.

Nordstrom // Half Yearly Sale

Where to even begin… it seems like the entire store is on sale!!! Okay, so first, some of my top picks from things I’ve worn or have in my own closet, and then I’ll do a shopping widget with even more things to consider.

Let’s start with boots and shoes! These Franco Sarto Asti booties are 61% off and still pretty well stocked. Size down half in these; I have the 7.5.

The Vince Camuto Gradina is under $100. I have the Tuscan Taupe, but the Tortilla Suede is fully stocked, and it’s a great color as well. I have another pair of booties in that color. I had to size up half in these; I have the 8.5.

My UGG Quincy boots finally went on sale. These are SO cozy, but size up half. I actually went with the 9, but I think they’re too big. The 8.5 would have been better.

Moving on to sweaters… the Halogen cashmere is all 50% off, and they restocked!

I ordered the turtleneck in black and camel. It’s such a classic winter layering piece, or it can be worn alone with skirts or pants for work, and jeans for casual everyday living.

Here’s a picture of me wearing the grey. It’s TTS and cut pretty generously, but you can size up for a slouchier fit. I’m wearing the small here.

I also have and love the v-neck; I have black and ivory.

And I had the crewneck in camel for several years. I finally retired it last spring, but you can get two to three seasons of regular wear out of these. For cashmere under $50, you can’t beat it.

If you want to go up a level in the Nordstrom cashmere brands, this Nordstrom Signature cashmere v-neck is gorgeous. I have it in both black and olive, size small. Shop all Nordstrom Signature sweaters on sale.

And then there is this Chelsea28 cowl neck sweater, for under $50. It is not cashmere, so great for those who are allergic. It’s a soft and spongy knit, and has a shorter boxy cut to it.

And another Chelsea28 favorite, this oversized v-neck sweater has the perfect slouch factor and it’s a soft, fine gauge knit. (A few other colors avail HERE.)

These jeans are also on sale, with very limited sizes available. There are more sizes in this very similar style, but they’re not on sale.

This is kind of random, but I noticed the AllSaints Emelyn Tonic Tee is restocked in all sizes and 20% off! I love this grey tee; I wear it a ton in spring and summer.

Yikes… not the most flattering of me, but I like how it shows the details of the tee. I have the size small. The black and white are also 20% off.

There are some good deals on coats too. The Vince Camuto denim jacket I wear all the time in spring, summer, and fall is 40% off. It’s TTS; I have a small.

And this leather jacket with the removable hood is back in stock, and still 40% off!
I have it in the small, but it’s a tad snug in the shoulders. If you run between sizes, or have broad shoulders or bigger arms, you may want to size up.

My The North Face parka just went on sale for 33% off. I snagged this coat at the #NSale last summer, and it’s my go-to for our coldest days.

The black is gone, but the olive green and silvery grey are nice options. TYI, I sized up to a medium in this.

And my The North Face quilted jacket is 25% off. It’s TTS; wearing the small.

The white seems to be sold out, but it also comes in black and navy. Here it is in the black — I was wearing the medium here, but I kept the small in the white.

The grey AG Farrahs I wore in this post are 40% off. I found these to run small. You may want to order two sizes and send back the ones that don’t work.

And these are probably my favorite AG Farrahs. I find these to run true to size, and they’re also 40% off!!

Love that chewed hem. The inseam is 28″ so take that into account. They work great for me with flats and heels, but I have to cuff with booties, and I find them a bit too long with sneakers.

Nordstrom Rack // Clear The Rack: Extra 25% off Clearance

There are some really good deals on sweaters here, and I’m sure other things as well, but these are what caught my eye…

This Vince ribbed mock neck sweater that comes in that pretty Aria color is now $121 down from $365. I have it in the ivory, if you want to see how it fits. (TTS; wearing a small)

This Vince textured funnel neck sweater is a gorgeous thick and cozy knit. It also comes in blue; it runs TTS with a generous fit. I’m wearing the small.

And this step hem turtleneck is a classic piece. It also comes in burgundy. TTS; wearing a small.

Also, this navy cashmere hoodie from the #NSale 2019 is 55% off. I love the thinner knit and relaxed fit with the sporty hood.

This Vince mixed cable turtleneck is similar to the one I tried during #NSale 2019, and it’s 62% off. I love the mixed cable patterns.

An I also noticed this rib knit crew with the lettuce edges. It’s TTS with a body con fit; wearing a small.

Here are those and a few more I noticed. I just ordered this ivory ribbed v-neck by 360Cashmere. I have one of their sweaters from last year, which I got on a super sale at the Rack, and I love the quality and how soft it is.

Talbots // Red Hanger Sale: Save Up To 60% Off

This sweater dress is one of my favorites from Talbots this season, and it’s marked $49.99 — down from $159!

I love the rich russet for fall, but the navy is a great neutral to have all year-round.

This beautiful fair isle sweater is $29.99 down from $84.50, and it’s still fully stocked. It fits TTS; wearing the small.

I would wear this well into February, plus it’s a classic you can bring out for the holidays year after year.

And this classic black and white stripe turtleneck sweater is just $29.99 as well!

I ordered this coat in the black, and here are more good deals from Talbots:

Athleta // Semi-Annual Sale: Up to 60% Off

This Essence space dye flow top is super cute on, and it’s $44 down from $59.

I got this balaclava for Christmas, and I can’t wait to take it out for a test run this morning. It’s only 25 degrees here right now!

Here are some more good deals from Athleta:

A Few More Random Mentions

Abercrombie has savings of up to 50% off, plus 20% off your total purchase. Their sherpas are super soft and cozy.

And this Vince sweater just went on an even deeper markdown at Gilt — $147 down from $445. It’s TTS; wearing a small.

I’m sure there’s a lot more, but I think this hits the highlights. I’m going to sign off here and spend the rest of the day with my family. Have a great Boxing Day!

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Fall/Winter Fashion

Neutrals in the Snow

Well, friends, it’s Christmas Eve, and I have one last winter outfit to share with you! Hopefully it will give you some outfit inspiration now and into the new year.

You may remember this scarf from my post with Express. It’s thick and soft and cozy, and the pretty pastel color palette will carry me well past the holidays. I love wearing grey/camel/blush tones in January and February.

I tried to round up some other options, for anyone who loves this look and is dying to copy it… LOFT has a plaid scarf in shades of pink and taupe that would be fresh and fun for winter after Christmas, and this one is pretty too.

And this cashmere check scarf from GOBI is on the spendier side, but it’s gorgeous.

I also wore my Naadam recycled cashmere crew in the Oatmeal with these Everlane skinny jeans in a shade of white they call Bone.

The jeans are a pair I’ve had for a while. I like the softer shade of white for some outfits — especially in the wintertime.

They’re on sale, and selling out, so be quick if you like them. FYI, I sized up to a 29 in these, and I’m wearing the ankle length.

I picked up this sweater when it was 40% off over Black Friday weekend, but it’s back to full price now. It’s worth watching, though. It may go on sale again after the holidays.

And these are those Sorel Lennox shearling boots that I featured in my winter boot review.

This combat boot/hiker boot combo is very much on trend right now, and I love that they’re as practical as they are cute. They’re very soft and cozy inside, and they’re lighter than they look but still have a pretty stiff sole.

These boots are 30% off and also selling out. You can find a few sizes left at Nordstom at Bloomingdale’s, and I recommend sizing up half if you want to wear thick socks with them. I kept my regular size 8, and they fit fine, but I only wear them with thinner crew socks.

Another option is the original Lennox boots without the shearling. These look and fit more like combat boots, and they’re very cute. There are also a few sizes left at Zappo’s and Evereve.

I decided to keep this pair because I decided I liked the more wintry vibe.

While I didn’t wear socks for this photo shoot, I will probably wear these cashmere trouser socks in the camel when I wear this outfit “in real life.”

I picked up these socks in the camel and grey when they were on sale over Black Friday weekend, and they are ah-mazing. Indulgent, yes, but so luxurious and soft and warm.

Also, how cute would this beanie be with this outfit? I would probably wear the grey, or maybe the white… I wish I’d thought to order it.

So anyway! That’s it, for what it’s worth — my last outfit post of 2020!

Shop the Post:

sweater // jeans // boots – 30% off at Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s // scarf options here, here & here // earrings

I’m off to hit the grocery store early this morning before the crowds… and the rain. We’re supposed to be getting some nasty weather tonight and tomorrow. I won’t even crack the obligatory 2020 joke, but you really can’t make this stuff up.

Whatever! We’re together and happy and healthy (at the moment) and I can’t ask for much else. I hope you have a very merry Christmas!

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photos: Alison Cornell

Fall/Winter Fashion

What I Wore Lately Vol. 38

Happy hump day, friends, and happy Christmas Eve eve! As is the custom around here on Wednesdays, I’ve rounded up my outfits from the past week.

There are definitely some hits and misses in this one, and one outfit evolution… although I went about it kind of backwards.

SIZING NOTES: I’m 5’5″ and 135 pounds, with an hourglass shape. Unless I say otherwise, I’m wearing a 6/28 in pants/jeans, a small in tops, a 6 in dresses/jumpsuits, and size 8 shoe.

What I Wore Lately

Last Wednesday, I spent most of the day at home, and I wore my Merry Christmas graphic tee with a cardigan and jeans. I feel like I went somewhere that morning, but I can’t remember where. Probably the grocery store.

This tee is from Kelly Snyder’s Adore Your Wardrobe Boutique, and it’s already sold out. Sorry about that!

And I believe the cardigan is gone as well; it was an #NSale purchase back in August that I’m finally getting around to wearing.

These boots may seem silly for indoor wear, but they’re lightweight and cozy and warm, and the soft microfiber lining feels good against the feet.

graphic tee (sold out) // Nordstrom Signature cardigan (sold out) // Paige Hoxton crop skinnies // Sorel Explorer Joan boots (also at Zappo’s & Back Country)

The snow started mid-afternoon on Wednesday, and Thursday we woke up to a crisp, cold morning with clear blue skies and brilliant sunshine. We had over a foot of snow at one point, but the sleet came in afterwards and packed it all down, and we were left with about 6-8 inches.

I threw on this camo hoodie and grey jeans to work at home all day. I love this hoodie. It’s verrrrry soft inside, but it’s kind of thin — probably better for fall or for those of you with milder winters.

Well, boo. I guess it’s sold out as well. It’s that time of year, friends! Everything is picked over.

I wore the same booties… they’re so cozy and warm, I couldn’t resist! But overall, this outfit is very grey. I’m not a fan of this combo, and I won’t put it together again.

Z Supply camo hoodie // Express jeans // Sorel Explorer Joan boots (also at Zappo’s & Back Country)

I did step outside long enough to get a picture in the snow to post on Instagram. Yes, the shovel is just a prop! Paul and R did all the work.

The North Face parka // similar scarf // Zella beanie // Express jeans // Sorel Explorer Joan boots (also at Zappo’s & Back Country)

I had a photo shoot on Friday, and then I went straight over to the spa to get a manicure. I took this picture when I got back.

We went with a bright Christmassy red, and after we chose it, we realized it’s called Devil Red. Kind of ironic… but anyway!

These are those Liverpool Abby ankle skinny jeans. They wear well all day and don’t bag out.

And my boots are still on sale; sizes are picked over, but you can find them at Nordstrom and Bloomies. (I have to l ink to the product page at Bloomies; the direct link to the boots redirects to the black ones, for some reason.)

Naadam sweater // Liverpool jeans // Sorel Lennox boots (30% off; more sizes at Nordstrom)

Saturday was kind of a slow day… we hung out at home, and I ended up working most of the day. We were going to make cookies, but the girls weren’t in the mood. We did hang out together and watch Elf that evening, though.

leopard Sherpa // gray tee // similar rag & bone Cate skinnies // UGG boots (also at Zappo’s)

This is me, all sweaty and gross after a 4-mile run on Sunday, but I wanted to show you this hoodie because I get a lot of requests for cold weather running/walking gear.

I’ve been wanting a base layer with a hood for cold weather running, and this one is really lightweight and comfortable, but I wasn’t sure how warm it would be.

Turns out, it was perfect for our 27 degree morning, layered under my favorite running jacket (also Zella, but old and no longer avail.) I did wear the hood up for most of my run, and it definitely keep my neck and head warm.

Also, the sleeves are nice and long and stretchy, so the thumbholes don’t pull at all and get uncomfortable.

I’m wearing my usual small. I tried sizing up to the medium b/c it’s so body-con, but it was weird around the shoulders, so I could tell the small is the right size.

I started out trying to cover my face with my iPhone, and then I realized my hair looked worse than my face, so I might as well just own it, in all my sweaty glory.

Zella tipped seamless hoodie // Lululemon thermal tights (old as the hills) // Balega crew socks (option)

Okay, so after that, I got showered and dressed for church.

I was running late, but this outfit had been in the back of my head as a possible church outfit this winter, so I threw it on and headed out the door without any debate.

I snagged this Vince ribbed turtleneck back in September when it was close to 75% off. I don’t remember how I came across it, but the price seemed too good to pass up — $106 for a $445 sweater!!

I figured it was long gone, but after some sleuthing, I found it on Gilt as well as Amazon, of all places. They have it priced at $179, so not as good a deal as I got, but still a hefty discount from full retail.

There’s also this one at Nordstrom Rack in the same color — Aria. And get this, it’s also listed here in more sizes, but for a different price. I can’t explain it — just sharing, in case you love this turquoise color.

I wore it with my Paige Hoxton skinnies, which I also picked up on a big discount — $59. They’re still on sale, but only a couple teensy-tiny sizes are left.

And these UGG Ava boots are a few years old. I believe they were another #NSale purchase.

I threw my grey wool cocoon coat on top, and the only jewelry I wore besides a ring was my oversized pearl studs. It seemed like enough.

Vince sweater (also at Amazon; option/option) // white Paige skinnies // UGG Ava boots (old) // J.Crew cocoon coat // similar earrings

I was in a hurry when I left the house, but when I got home, I played around with a few other footwear options. The knee-high boots seemed to fit the cold, snowy day, but I wanted to see what ankle boot options I had that could work in the future.

These Vince suede booties are a couple years old, and I confess, I haven’t gotten a whole lot of wear out of them, but they’re gorgeous and I want to wear them more. They have a bit of an awkward shaft — higher than most, and also rather wide.

My skinny jeans don’t tuck inside them very nicely, but they also won’t fit over top. Straighter styles don’t really work either — they get caught on the wide shaft.

You can see here, these white jeans are just a tad too long, and I don’t really want to cut them to work with one pair of boots.

I tried a cuff, but that looks rather sloppy… I think it’s b/c of the raw hem maybe?

Next, I tried them with the Sorel Lennox boots, but I think these are too rugged for the rest of the look. (I would wear socks if wearing these boots and jeans together.)

I knew I wasn’t going to care for this, but I tried it because I wanted to see if I was right… and I was.

The western styling of these rag & bone boots doesn’t really jibe with the rest of the look, and the jeans look a tad short.

I don’t think it’s that they’re necessarily too short for the boots, but that much skin showing in the ankle area doesn’t make sense with the chunky wool sweater on top.

Anyway, I found my winner winner chicken dinner with these Marc Fisher Oshay booties in the Cloud Suede.

The shaft height is perfect with these jeans. They just meet without touching or buckling, and also without showing much skin.

I would probably wear a light colored sock with this outfit, but either way looks fine to me.

I love this outfit, for those times when I don’t want a knee-high boot. I feel like it looks a little more modern with these booties, and the low color contrast between the boots and the jeans elongates the line of the leg and looks more cohesive..

It’s nice to have an outfit all put together and ready to go when you need it because there’s not always time to do a big try-on sesh before going somewhere. I’m going to remember this one!

Vince sweater (also at Amazon; option/option) // white Paige skinnies // Marc Fisher booties (Cloud Suede, TTS) // similar earrings

After church, I changed into this matching sweatshirt and sweatpants to make cookies and watch movies with the family.

By the way, both are 25% off at LOFT right now, and they come in TONS of colors. I have a size small in both pieces. They wash and wear well, and they don’t shrink much at all.

Lou & Grey sweatshirt // Lou & Grey sweatpants // similar P448 sneakers

I worked out Monday afternoon, so I just wore my workout clothes all day.

This Athleta Momentum camo tee is great for gym workouts. I love the colors and the seamless design.

It also has grippers at the hem so it doesn’t ride up. For size reference, I have the small.

My Lululemon Align joggers continue to be a favorite for workouts and leisure wear. I like how there’s no tie at the waist to show through when I’m wearing a more fitted top.

I did go with a size 6 in these, but I sometimes think I might prefer the 8 for a little looser fit. That said, this is how they fit on the models, so I guess I went with the right size.

By the way, I noticed they now have these engineered warmth joggers with a similar style for winter running and training. They’re pricey, but might be worth a try for those of us needing more outdoor activewear.

And I threw this Zella funnel neck pullover on top to get to and from the gym, and also to wear around the house for the rest of the day. It’s also a small, and this is the Brown Terrain.

Athleta Momentum camo tee // Zella funnel neck pullover // Lululemon Align joggers // Nike sneakers // similar earrings

And that brings us to yesterday. I had a chiro appt and some errands to run.

I usually wear a longer sweater and high rise jeans to the chiropractor because he’s always lifting my arm up over my head and moving it around, and I don’t want my muffin top hanging out, lol!

And I think I’ve finally made peace with these booties. I like how they pair with these jeans, in particular.

They’re such nice quality and so comfortable, but the heel gives me some extra height and also helps elongate the leg — especially when paired with dark pants or jeans.

This outfit is so simple, but I love it. It’s casual and unfussy but elevated — definitely going to be on constant repeat this winter.

I would typically wear a larger earring, like one of my chunky hoops, but I stuck with the pearl studs b/c of the chiropractor appointment. (Hoops get in the way when he’s manipulating my neck.)

Nordstrom Signature cashmere v-neck // Good American Good Legs skinnies (similar maybe?) // Vince Henderson boots // similar earrings

And that’s a wrap! Isn’t it crazy to think the next time I write one of these, it will be the Christmas edition!?!

Also, C’s 18th birthday is tomorrow, so it’s a big weekend over here.

I do have a post planned for tomorrow, and then I’ll be taking a couple days off this weekend. I may pop in on Saturday with a post-Christmas sale roundup, but I’m going to play that by ear, so to speak.

Have a great day!

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Fall/Winter Fashion

Girls’ Night with Comfy Favorites from Zella

Happy Monday, friends! We’re in the home stretch, can you believe it?! Four more days till Christmas!

We spent most of the weekend here at home, baking and watching Christmas movies and trying to make the best out of sheltering in place. It was the perfect opportunity to get comfy and cozy in our new Zella loungewear.

We went to Nordstrom a couple weeks ago, and I let them each pick out a Zella outfit so they could join me in this post.

It’s so much fun to watch them becoming friends…. you may not know this, but they haven’t always gotten along very well. They are very different.

They still have their moments, but the best thing to come out of this crazy year of lockdowns and sheltering in place is the gift of seeing my daughters growing up and enjoying each other.

But shopping with them is definitely a study in contrasts.

R wears a lot of cozy sweatshirts and leggings, and she went straight to this tie dye sweatshirt dress… although we didn’t realize it was a dress at first!

She says it’s very soft and cozy on the inside, and she got so excited when we were taking these pictures and she realized it has pockets! This is the small because they didn’t have her usual XS in-store, but it actually looks just fine.

We paired it with the Zella Live-In high waisted leggings in the grey. R’s been wanting another pair of leggings, and she thought they grey would be fun for a change, as all of her others are black.

C generally prefers jeans to leggings, but she likes how these Zella high waist studio lite leggings fit and feel. They’re extremely lightweight and designed to keep you cool during studio and gym workouts.

She also picked out this relaxed high low sweatshirt in the ivory grey heather. It really suits her simple style. We love the seaming details, especially in the back.

This is the perfect top to throw on over a tank after a workout, but it’s also nice for hanging out around the house.

As for me, I chose this ink print crewneck sweatshirt. It’s a little more pattern than I typically go for, but I thought it was fun.

It has a similar cut to C’s, but I think I could have probably sized up for a more relaxed fit. (She is in the XS, and I’m in the S.)

And these pants, you guys… these are the pants I’ll be living in this winter.

I usually wear jeans during the day, but I love to change into leggings or joggers after dinner to hang out and watch TV with the family, and these are actually leggings made for lounging.

These are the Restore soft pocket lounge leggings, and they have a lined ribbed waistband and ankle cuffs for added comfort. Plus, they are ridiculously soft inside and out.

They also have pockets. I sized up to a medium in these, and I’m wearing them in the black.

Finally, we all have on the Zella low training socks. They come in a 3-pack, which worked out perfectly!

These actually stay put too. I’ve even worn them running, and they don’t slide off.

These pictures are clearly posed, but we really did enjoy baking and hanging out together this weekend.

Anyone wanna tell me how Paul and I ended up with these two blondies? Genetics are funny.

It’s getting late to order anything for delivery by Christmas, but if you have your eye on any of these Zella items and you have a Nordstrom store nearby, order online and do store pickup. You can do their contactless curbside, or just go in and pick it up if your store is open. It’s easy and usually very quick.

And if you aren’t already a Nordy Club member, be sure to sign up so you can start earning points toward Nordstrom Notes when you shop, and enjoy exclusive perks like members-only access to sales, offers, and events.

Cheers to the holiday week, starting NOW!!!  🥂

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Coffee Talk 12.20.20

Good morning afternoon! I had hoped to get this post up this morning, but I got distracted with other things. I just got back from church, and I thought I’d throw up a quick post before I go make cookies with the girls.

We didn’t get to it yesterday, as planned. They weren’t in the mood, and I didn’t want to be a nag. They wrapped presents for me, instead, and I ended up… well, working. I KNOW. I need to take time off. But honestly, I enjoy working.

So yeah, that pretty much sums up my yesterday. I made breakfast for dinner, and we all sat down to eat, and then I watched Elf with the girls while Paul went for a walk and D did who knows what in his room. #boys

Here at the end of the year, I’m in that mood to analyze, plan, declutter, and basically simplify things. That goes for my house and my business.

I always get burned out over the holidays, and it’s exciting to get a clean slate in January. I want to work smarter, not harder. I’d like to cut back on some things and amplify others. I want to get some areas of the house organized that have gotten out of control, and I really need to figure out some ways to make the blog more manageable.

Thanks for all your feedback from my newsletter questions yesterday. That was all very helpful.

As I shared there, I plan to start taking Saturdays off from posting on the blog. I will still send out the Saturday newsletter, though. (It’s the Weekly Digest option.) The purpose of the Weekly Digest is to be a resource for people who do NOT want to get my daily updates, but want to keep up to date on all the happenings.

I’d like to make the Sale Roundup section more tightly curated with product picks and recommendations, and I think I’m going to move the Popular Last Week to Saturdays as well. (Those are the most popular products from the blog and my social media channels.) I usually share those on Sunday, but I think it might make more sense to include it with the Weekly Digest. That will keep Sundays more personal and less salesy, which is the whole point of the Coffee Talk anyway.

Anyhow, those are some of my thoughts… I’m still working it all out.

I always do a Year In Review and end it with a State of the Blog Address, so I will have more to say in that post, I’m sure.

With that, I’m going to close this out and go spend time with the fam. I hope you’re enjoying your weekend, and getting some time to do some of your favorite holiday things.

Have a blessed Sunday!

Fall/Winter Fashion

What to Wear for NYE 2020

I’m probably getting ahead of myself here, but I wanted to get this post up in case anyone does want to think ahead to NYE 2020.

While I realize many of us will be staying home and celebrating in our cozies, maybe you have plans for a NYE Zoom party with family and friends, or maybe you’re lucky enough to live in an area where small gatherings with people in your bubble are relatively safe.

However you plan to celebrate, I have a feeling most of us are going to feel like doing something to ring in the new year… especially This One.

This is me waving BUH-BYE to 2020. See ya later! Don’t let the door kick ya…

The idea here is to be comfortable yet festive — a little bit of shimmer is always a good idea on New Year’s Eve!

I shopped my closet for this post! I hosted a NYE party the first year we were in this house, and a friend and I went shopping earlier that day to find something new and fun to wear. I found this sweater on the discount rack at Ann Taylor, and I’ve worn it a few times. It’s the perfect understated holiday sweater.

It has just enough shimmer to be festive, and the pearlized button cuffs make it special. It also has a flattering v-neckline and a body-con fit. Unfortunately, it is no longer available, but I’m describing it in order to tell you what I’d look for if I were shopping for something new this year.

And never fear! I rounded up a bunch of options at the end of this post.

If you’re planning to stay in and party on Zoom this year, throw on a festive sweater with your coziest leggings, and you have the perfect 2020 NYE Zoom outfit!

I’m calling this Party On Top, Cozy On the Bottom… Just add a pair of sparkly earrings, pour a glass of wine, and you’re all set!

And if you are feeling like getting dressed all the way down to your shoes for NYE, I would wear this sweater with my favorite black jeans and pumps. Simple and easy, classy but not stuffy!

These jeans are the AG Farrah skinny raw hem ankle jeans in black ink.

I mentioned in my most recent edition of What I Wore Lately that I love how they’re actually denim. The fabric is 98% cotton/2% elastane, whereas so many black jeans have a lot of rayon and stretch and are more like pants. I also like how the raw hem adds some subtle texture and toughness to the classic outfit.

And those shoes… they were my first pair of Stuart Weitzmans. My mom has long been a big fan of the brand, and once when we were shopping together (it was like 10-15 years ago), we wandered into the store when they were having a sale.

While she tried on shoes, I grabbed these off the sale rack and tried them on for the fun of it, and she offered to get them for me. I’ve worn them so much over the years and they are so well broken in, they feel like wearing slippers with 4″ heels, ha!

It’s probably about time to retire them, as they’re starting to look dated and worn, but I still reach for them when I want to wear pumps and be comfortable, so I had them dyed last winter to give them a little more life. It just goes to show, quality pieces can last a verrrrry long time!

So anyway, to wrap this up! I’d love to hear how you plan to celebrate this year.

If you’re planning to shop your closet for your NYE festivities, I hope this post gives you some inspiration. And if you’re looking to grab something new to wear for New Year’s Eve, I wouldn’t waste any time ordering.

Better yet, do a store pickup if you have that option available. I have a very large order that I actually paid to expedite for a sponsored post, and it’s hanging out in limbo somewhere… C’est la vie! ‘Tis 2020, after all.

Fortunately, it’s just stuff, and stuff can be replaced or done without. I’m just so grateful for health and well-being despite everything this year has thrown at us.

For those who are shopping for something new, I rounded up some ideas below.

More Shimmery Favorites to Shop:

And as you plan your holiday menus, here are two delicious and easy champagne cocktail recipes you may want to try this holiday season!

And with that… I’m off to enjoy this COLD but sunny Saturday!

The girls and I are planning to decorate Christmas sugar cookies this afternoon, and then we’re debating whether to watch Elf or Christmas Vacation tonight… which is your pick?

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What to Buy: Nordstrom Holiday Bonus Points Event

Happy Friday, friends! Nordstrom is having a Holiday Bonus Points event!

Nordy Club members earn 5 points per dollar, and cardmembers earn 10 points per dollar now through Sunday, 12/20. Not a member? It’s free to JOIN.

It’s still possible to get packages in time for Christmas (with a $7 expedited shipping fee) but there’s also that handy BOPUS (Buy Online Pick Up in Store) option if you have a Nordstrom store nearby.

If you’re done shopping for presents, this is also a great time to do a little to-me, from-me gifting, or to shop those essentials that rarely go on sale.

Think bras, underwear, shapewear, skincare, makeup…  they aren’t fun to purchase, but they’re necessary, so you may as well buy them when you can earn extra Nordstrom Notes to spend after the holidays!

This is also a good time to buy any of those big ticket items you may have had your eye on.

I always think I’m going to start keeping a list of things I’ve been needing and wanting to purchase during events like this. Of course, I usually forget and order things as I think of them, and then these events roll around and they go to waste. Don’t let that happen to you!

I’ve rounded up a bunch of recommendations below, if you’re looking for some shopping inspiration.



Splurge Worthy

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His & Hers Gifts Under $100 & $50 {That Arrive By Christmas}

Good morning! This post is for those procrastinators out there… *raises hand*

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine // ten // eleven

I am actually AMAZED that I have my Christmas shopping done at this point. I’ve never been completely done this early before.

We just need to go to the drugstore and pick up stocking stuffers to round out the kids’ stockings, and I usually do that on Christmas Eve.

Ha! I know… I really am a procrastinator.

I noticed that Everlane is doing FREE express shipping on every order through tomorrow, 12/19, so I rounded up some quality, thoughtful gift ideas for him and her. All of these are under $100, and I also have a bunch that are under $50.

Women’s Gifts Under $50

Women’s Gifts Under $100

Men’s Gifts Under $50

Men’s Gifts Under $100

Get Email Updates

If you liked this post, be sure you’re signed up for my email updates. In addition to my most recent blog posts, you’ll receive exclusive newsletter content like special sales, my newest favorite finds, and an occasional peek behind the scenes — all delivered right to your inbox.

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links, it helps support my business (at no additional cost to you) so thank you!