A Bright, Bright Sunshiny Day!

kids july 2007 - 1

Yesterday I challenged you to get off the computer and go do something with your family.  Well, we did exactly that.  We took the kids and went for a walk at a local park.  Well, Husband and I walked.  The two big kids biked.  And the baby rode on Husband’s back.

The heat and humidity broke on Thursday, and it has been beautiful here since.  Sunny, warm, breezy, dry.  PERFECT weather for walking and bike riding.

But I want to ask, does anyone else have trouble getting their kids on board with family outings like this?  Whenever we suggest going somewhere as a family, my 7-year-old son balks.  This morning he actually yelled, “I’m not going!” and stormed from the room.  When did my first-going-on-second-grader turn into a snarky teenager??

After we came to an understanding, we all piled into the car and headed for the park.  And D had a great time.  It’s just so hard to get him out of the house; he’s such a homebody.  But once we get him going, he is usually glad he went.  Especially when food is involved.  We went out to lunch afterwards, where he scarfed down two very large chocolate chip pancakes.  As you can see, I use the term lunch quite loosely.

But back to our morning adventure.  D is doing great on his new bike.  He kept riding way ahead of us and then coming back to find us.

C (4 years old) had a harder time keeping up, but she did it.  I think we covered a total of two miles when all was said and done, with only a couple of breaks for the littlest biker chick.

R (21 months) was happy as a clam riding along on Husband’s back, and on the way back to the car, she actually fell asleep sitting up, her little towhead bobbing up and down as her daddy tromped along.