A Classic Work Wear Look with Talbots

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As so many people are returning to the office, I’ve been getting a lot of requests for work wear, so I’m styling a business-casual look today with Talbots!

Talbots has a great selection of classic, versatile pieces to remix your modern classic wardrobe for spring, and their pants game is especially strong at the moment. They’ve just dropped a bunch of new styles in both dressy and casual options.

One of the most versatile is the Southampton Pants. These pants have a flattering straight leg silhouette with a flat front and a hook-and-bar closure, for a sleek and streamlined fit.

They’re made of a polished stretch fabric for all-day comfort, and they come in five color choices. While they’re all great options, I was drawn to this rattan color because it’s so easy to dress up or down and goes with just about anything.

Like most of Talbots pants, these come in a wide range of sizes including misses, petite, plus, and plus petite options. I’m wearing the misses size 6, which is my usual size at Talbots.

To keep this look elevated yet comfortable, I paired the rattan pants with a navy cutaway cardigan and a coordinating navy and white stripe tank. I love the white trim on this navy sweater and the classic cable knit texture.

It has raglan style sleeves and a classic fit that hits right about at the hip, which is flattering on almost everyone; and it also comes in misses, petite, plus, and plus petite sizes. I’m wearing the misses size small, for reference.

Because accessories make an outfit, I also picked up these refined drop earrings and this blue tweed crossbody bag. I love how the quilting and blue tweed fabric add pattern and texture to the look.

And these denim buckle flats provide a nice bookend to the outfit. Plus, I was really impressed with the amount of support they offer. They have a good amount of arch support and a padded footbed, without looking at all like a comfort shoe.

The tapered square toe and tone on tone buckle keeps them sleek and minimalistic, so they aren’t too precious for this classic look.

If you’re looking to remix your work wear wardrobe for spring, Talbots has so many classic, versatile pieces that you can dress up or down, depending on the dress code and your style preferences. See more of my top picks below.


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photos: Alison Cornell

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  1. You look very put together in the outfit. The cardigan has a lady jacket vibe. It would look good with wide leg jeans too.

  2. I have all these pieces, shoes, and most of the other tops you suggested. Another blogger posted these in January. I love the pants picked them up in navy and rattan. Love Talbots!

  3. I used to love Talbots, mostly for their pants, and have many of their clothes still in my closet. But most of their current pant styles are not available in long/tall lengths. I need a 32” inseam for flats, longer for any taller shoe. I seldom shop there now for that reason.

  4. Hey Jo-Lynne! I love this jacket, a different take on the Lady Jacket. I would certainly wear it with denim. Also like the striped tee underneath. When the weather is warmer it could be my outer wear piece.

  5. This is exactly the type of outfit I wear to church. I placed a Talbots order this past week and I received the light green Henley collared sweater. Love! I ordered the black and white version on clearance for $28! It hasn’t arrived yet. I wanted to try the Portland trouser and I love it! Per reviews, I ordered my larger of 2 sizes, and the fit is amazing! It tucks everything in and looks great! Highly recommend.

  6. You can pull anything off, Jolynne, you always look great – but this is so far beyond you usual style I find it amusing. Too stodgy/middle aged and reminds me of something Emily Gilmore would have worn, which is why in my mid-50s I am still not a Talbots fan and probably never will be.

    1. Totally agree with Susan, I chuckled when I saw the outfit. I’m also in my 50s and have tried SO MANY TIMES at Talbots but just can’t. However, one of my best friends would LOVE this outfit and I might send it over to her. To each her own!

    2. My daughter is 24 and loves Talbots classic clothes. Maybe that’s the problem, Classic, Classy, Cool.

  7. Well hello
    Absolutely love it… as I do many of your styles.
    At sixty two… I love the value of classic pieces.
    Thank you for featuring many brands… hv followed you for years.

  8. Hmmm, just not sure about the pants and shoes. I like the cardigan and shirt. If this was a try-on haul, I would be waiting for you to say these pants are just not me and going back. Perhaps waiting for you to try the cardigan and top with white jeans to make it more your personal style before deciding to keep.

  9. Teachers wearing old fashioned clothing? LOL I work in the schools and no teachers where I am at wear ‘old fashioned clothes” . Most try and dress as fashionable as possible while being appropriately dressed.

    1. Thank you! I just retired and I still tried to dress currently. One of my friends had a daughter in my class two years ago who told her, don’t tell Mrs F this but she always looks cool. And I’m pretty sure she wasn’t talking temperature. 😄

      1. You are welcome! not trying to be rude but people like this really don’t have clue about school employment; we take enough heat as it and don’t need more stereotypes. Especially when it comes to clothing. It just was very snooty

  10. Sorry I disagree as I work in the school system. We all wear nice jeans! Especially those of us who are in special education on our feet all day. LOL

      1. Yes! I don’t want to be unkind or rude but seriously, what does this person know about school employees?? We take enough heat as it is

  11. I am 64. I shop at Talbots and have for many years, primarily because they send me a catalog (smart!) and are located less than 10 minutes away. However, I only buy basics there, their tanks, denim skirts, shorts. I have never had luck with their jeans or pants. I did find a great casual jacket there last summer that I wore a ton. When I worked in an office, I liked their blazers. I feel my style is similar to yours. Maybe continue to work with them, if you are able to choose the items you try?

  12. Wow, some harsh comments on the outfit. Somewhere in the corporate/professional world, this outfit is very appropriate. It’s tailored, classic, and conservative. What’s wrong with that? If it’s not your cup of tea…keep scrolling. What fun would Jo-Lynne’s blog be if she only posted the SAME outfits over and over? What’s so wrong with variety? Not to mention, readers make requests for certain types of outfits…Jo-Lynne is only trying to keep the readers happy.

  13. Just to add my 2 cents…. I think the outfit would have looked much better, if you had chosen navy pants. The color you chose took my eye right to the pants, and distracted me from the other cute items. It seemed a mismatch. It was, however, refreshing to see you showing something other than jeans! I think we all need several pairs of slacks in our closets.

  14. Looking at the details of this outfit, I am impressed that you managed to stay true to your personal style, even if this style of work wear isn’t what you normally wear. I like that you are offering different options and variety.

  15. Hey, I love Talbots jeans. I’m size 6 and practically live in their straight leg style and flare. They fit nicely around my bum and thighs and skim nicely down to the hem. I tried their tee’s and dresses and they just aren’t quite right. Their shoes are great. I must have 8 pairs of Talbots shoes. Yep I’m a very young 72.

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