A New Concealer for Dry and Mature Skin

Happy Sunday, friends! I’m taking a break from my usual Coffee Talk today so I can tell you about a brand new concealer for dry and mature skin — the shape tape ultra-creamy concealer from tarte.

tarte shape tape ultra creamy: a concealer for dry and mature skin

I’m already a huge fan of tarte’s eye shadow palettes, and I used their best-selling shape tape concealer for some time. While I loved the coverage, it became a little too drying for my aging skin.

Evidently others have offered that same feedback because this new version of their iconic concealer is formulated to address exactly those issues. It’s an even creamier, cushiony formula of the original.

They sent me both concealers to try and compare, along with their quickie blending sponge for easy application.

tarte shape tape ultra creamy: a concealer for dry and mature skin

In addition to that, they sent their shape tape glow wand, so I’ve been testing out concealers this week like it’s my job! Okay, I guess it sort of is… but it’s been very interesting to compare the three.

First, I tried the original shape tape concealer on my left under-eye area, and the new shape tape ultra-creamy concealer on the right. (The color I’m wearing for both is 22N.)

The original applied just like I remember — the coverage is great, but it’s a bit drying and settles into my fine lines almost right away.

The new creamy version is exactly what it says it is — a creamier, more moisturizing version of the original. It also provides great coverage, but it blends in more quickly and doesn’t seem to draw as much attention to the fine lines in my under-eye area.

After I wore both all day, I definitely liked the results better with the new ultra creamy version. My under-eye area looked softer and less crepey. It truly is a better concealer for dry and mature skin.

I also really like the quickie blending sponge. I’m used to using my fingertips to apply my concealer, but I feel like I get a more flawless, even finish with the sponge.

tarte shape tape ultra creamy: a concealer for dry and mature skin

A few facts about the new tarte shape tape ultra-creamy concealer: It’s a full-coverage concealer with built-in eye cream for 24-hr hydration, and the waterproof formula nourishes the skin with mango, avocado, and shea butter.

It also contains hyluronic acid, which helps your skin retain moisture, and a host of other nourishing ingredients.

You will also be happy to know that all tarte products are cruelty-free and formulated without parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, triclosan, sodium, lauryl, sulfate, or gluten. In case you can’t tell, I’m officially a fan.

tarte shape tape ultra creamy: a concealer for dry and mature skin

I also really like the results of the glow wand. You can use it over the shape tape concealer for added brightness or alone for a sheer no-makeup look. You can also use it like a highlighter on the high points of the face, collarbones, and décolletage; or mix it with your moisturizer for all-over radiance.

The day of this photo shoot, I applied the glow wand to the under-eye area on one side. I have some eye bags that I can never seem to disguise to my satisfaction, and I was hoping the glow wand would help.

tarte shape tape glow wand

Here’s what I looked like with the glow wand on the right side only. (I already had the tarte shape tape ultra-creamy concealer on both sides from earlier in the day.)

I think you can see a difference; the right side looks more luminous to me. I’m going to be using the shape tape ultra creamy concealer with the glow wand from now on.

tarte shape tape ultra creamy + glow wand: the perfect combination for dry and mature skin

If you want to try out either of these products, for a limited time, you can use code Jolynne15 for 15% off the new tarte shape tape ultra creamy concealer for dry and mature skin, or any of the following bundles:

My top pick? The shape tape hydrate & glow is a winning combination.

I can also speak to the maneater mascara. (It’s included in two of the bundles.) It has a really cool 500+ bristle brush that does a really good job separating my lashes. I applied three light coats to my top lashes to get the look you see in the picture above. I really like it.

tarte shape tape collection

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photos: Alison Cornell

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34 Responses

  1. I wish I would have known this Friday! 🥺I just purchased shape tape concealer and it indeed looks dry under my eyes. I have never used concealer before, but felt it was time to try it. I will for sure be trying this. And the highlighter.

  2. [email protected]

    I’m dying to try and in the market for a new concealer but what shade??? I’ve got to get myself into a Sephora or ultra to figure it out. Thanks for the heads up on the 15% off! Have a chill Sunday.

  3. Good Morning Jolynne, do you have a link for the $40 concea and glow wand? I’m not finding it on their website? Happy Sunday and Thank you!

  4. I would like to know where you purchased the mirror too. I’ve always thought a quality swivel one on the wall would be nice too.

  5. Happy Sunday and we are having a gorgeous sunny spring day in San Antonio. I think we deserve it after what we went through a few weeks ago. I am definitely going to try this new concealer because I am almost out of the Colorscience total eye renewal which I was not impressed with for $65.00 and won’t be ordering anymore.

    1. I’m sorry you didn’t like it. I use both. Colorescience isn’t a concealer. If you’re looking for coverage in one product, I think you’ll like the tarte shape tape Ulta creamy better than the colorescience treatment cream.

  6. Are you wearing the Colorscience concealer under the Tarte concealer? I thing the Colorscience has improved my undereye situation but I still put another concealer over it. I like the idea of a concealer being made for those of us with older skin. I may try the new Tarte product.

  7. Okay, girlfriend, you shared great information that many of us will be checking into. But, nothing about your mirror. Can you please share more about it? What do you like about it? Any drawbacks with a mirror this large sitting on your bathroom counter? Etc. thank much. It’s a sunny 60 degrees in MN!!! It’s coming your way.

  8. Looks great! Love all of your suggestions.
    One other web design comment – on the highlighted link words that appear in mauve color, I feel like they would show up better in a darker shade type. I find it difficult to read they are so light.

  9. I absolutely love Tarte products, so i was so excited to see your review of the new creamy Shape Tape and Glow Wand. I just ordered the bundle and used your 15% off code. Thank you for the code!
    Great post as always, Jo-Lynne!

  10. I have been trying various Tarte products over the last year and so far I am loving them! So of course I just added the creamy concealer to my list! Oh and another blush. Thanks for the code!

  11. thank you for the link to the cool mirror..is there a coupon code for that as well 🙂
    you look beautiful!

  12. I’ve never used under eye concealer before. Do you only need it if you have dark circles? Or do you use to conceal wrinkles and bags too? I just never have used a lot of products but the more moisturizing one sounds like the ticket. I’m behind reading your post. Was gone the weekend visiting my grandbaby. 🙂

    1. It also helps brighten that area. Sometimes I don’t use concealer b/c I’m in a rush, or I’m just going to be at home all day, but when I do, I always feel like I look more finished, and my eye bags are less noticeable.

  13. YAY! I just purchased due to your review. Cant wait to try. i like the regular shape tape but i agree it does “settle” after a while. I got the combo with the wand. excited to give that a try as well. Thank you Jo-Lynne 🙂

  14. Hello Jolynne,
    I am interested to buy the Tart concealers; Tarte shape tape ultra creamy concealer and shape tape hydrate & glow.
    I not good at selecting any color for my foundation or concealers . How did you determined what color you selected for both Tart concealers?

    Thank you?

    1. I had to guess, so I just looked through the options and did my best, knowing my skintone is very light — especially this time of year. The neutral seemed the safest bet. I know I don’t have warm undertones — they are definitely more pink. I went with neutral to be safe, in case the pink undertone was too much. so I chose 22N (light skin with neutral undertones).

    2. Oh, and I assume you saw this, but click “Find Your Perfect Shade” and their concealer finder tool is helpful. When I did that, they suggested 29N Light-Medium (Light To Medium Skin With Neutral Undertones) – that will probably be better for me when I tan a bit this summer.

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