Anyone Looking To Start An At-Home Business?

I would like to make a proposal.  Someone who has more free time and
creativity than this Philly Mom should start a clothing company that makes
age-appropriate, quality, ATTRACTIVE clothing for little girls.  Because there
is a market for it, my friends!

I can’t say I wasn’t warned.  All of my friends told me that when
their girls move out of the toddler sizes, it’s nearly impossible to
find clothes that are desirable.  And now I can attest.  It seems like
everything is a) made from synthetics (what, do kids not
wear cotton past the age of 5?!) b) made to look like an 18-year-old
tramp (hello, low rise jeans and camisoles with shelf bras?), or c)
frumpy and ugly (I didn’t say I wanted her to look like Laura Ingalls
either – no offense to Laura Ingalls, I am a huge fan of the books).
Oh, and affordability would be nice.  I do have THREE kids to
clothe after all.

I am at my wits end. Read more at the Philly Moms Blog.

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  1. i’m right there with you. however, my daughter is 14. let me tell you, the clothes choices just get worse as they get older. not all girls have the goal of getting dressed while covering as very little of her body as possible. even my girl is frustrated at the shortness of skirts/shorts and the low cut pants and tops. she’s had a lot of luck with layering but it is still hard.

    i wish i had some good advice or a fabulous place to shop. but at least you know you aren’t the only one who feels this way. :O)

  2. You should check out shadeclothing.com

    Their shirts for girls are cut longer so their backside doesn’t show, and their women’s shirts are made to be modest as well.

  3. I love to sale shop on all the designer brands polo is my favorite…I log in, hit the sale button, pick girls, sort price ascending (cheapest to most expensive) and often buy multiple sizes at once! This winter the girls each have 5 cotton long sleve attractive shirts in multiple colors that were $9.99 each and they are Ralph Lauren! A favorite splurge brand for trendy but not flashy icky clothes is Catimini. LOVE IT! GOOD LUCK.

  4. I wholeheartedly agree! A client of mine asked me to find a nice dress for her 10-yr old daughter for an impt event. I don’t have girls and so it was my first foray into shopping for girls clothing. Everything was synthetic and looked like it was sewn in 5 minutes. YUCK. And this was in Bloomingdale’s.

  5. We have that same problem. Half the Halloween costume Boo wanted to try on, not so much. To much skin showing. I have major clothes rules, no stomach, no booty and no low cut. I have found that buying t-shirts a size big works well. Old Navy t-shirts fit the best by my rules I have found. Plus, they are the cotton t’s.

  6. Not sure exactly what “affordable” is for you – especially these days – but I used to go to Kellys Kids home shows. I found their clothes to be really well made, but a bit pricey for my budget. But, if you go to the website http://www.kellyskids.com, they have a outlet section that sometimes has good deals. Or, CWD Kids often has a good selection of age-appropriate clothes for kids. Happy shopping!

  7. Oh girl I am right there with you. I have a heck of a time finding clothes for my skinny little 5 year old. Her bum hangs out of all the jeans and have you seen the saying that they have on the shirts in size 5/6?? Who in their right mind buys this stuff.

    Don’t get me started on the price. Why was I able to buy jeans in a 5T for $12 and now we are looking at $30 for 5/6 jeans???

    Shoes are just as bad. I don’t want my Kindy girl wearing heels to school!

    So far The Childrens Place and Old Navy and Target are where I can find the best deals.

  8. I know what you mean girl!

    Two teenage girls here and they have to go through the bend over rule. “Just so no to crack” has more than one meaning at our house.

    I would agree with another poster – Kohl’s has been pretty good at having one or two things that are appropriate.

    Good luck!

  9. Oh yes – I so agree! I have 3 girls, and have struggled with this since my oldest grew out of the toddler sizes. A couple of things that work well for me have been secondhand stores (so the clothes are a bit outdated – at least they’re appropriate for their ages!), and Children’s Place – they have a great selection of clothes that are still trendy enough – but that cover everything that needs to be covered. 🙂

  10. All I can say is AMEN Sister!
    I was out tonight trying to find E some pants and we came home with nothing! Well, a pear of sweat pants for those lazy days, but other than that it was all crap!

  11. I cannot agree more. My daughter will be 4 on Monday and wears a 7/8. Comfy clothes for day care are a must. If leggins didn’t come back in style, I do not know what I would do. Target is always good for that type of fun play clothes, but middle sizes go fast.

  12. Yep. And in just about 2 years, even if she isn’t a fashion diva (which mine is definitely NOT), Gymboree stuff is just not going to happen.

    We’ve found a happy balance at a store called Justice For Girls. Yeah, they have some shiny sparkly stuff that looks kind of glaring. Yes, they have the camisole tank with bra shelf. BUT…keep looking around and you’ll find shirts that are modest and cute at a price that won’t break the bank. You can hit the sale rack pretty regularly and never pay more than $10.00 for a shirt.

    And the cami tanks with shelf bras? You’ll start seeing how useful they are in about 2 years when some of your daughters peers begin to develop. ACKKKK. True story.

  13. I also wanted to add that clothes from Justice are long enough (I despise the butt crack look) and they wash exceedingly well. Some of the shirts here are on their 2nd sesason and beyond.

  14. I know that you probably do not have tons of time on your hands and I would LOVE to have time to start a business, but homeschooling, teaching, and parenting 4 kids keeps me too busy to even think about adding something ESLE! BUT, I have a DEAR blogging friend at https://sewsensible.blogspot.com/ who makes easy to sew patterns for boutique type clothing for girls. Believe me, I am NOT a seamstress but I have made three of these outfits for my daughter, each in only a few hours and they are PRECIOUS! I would love to make some and start a boutique of my own, but you should really check her out…your won’t regret it!

  15. I have been working on starting a home business and that age group is a great idea.
    I was shopping for a 7 yr old niece and I was surprised that all the clothes looked like teenagers. If anyone is iterested in something custom made I would be glad to give them a price if they send a pattern number and fabric idea from Hancocks or Hobby Lobby. Those are the only 2 fabric stores near me. Walmart has a little fabric also. I am an excellent seamstress and do very neat work. I am just now starting a blog but later plan to put some of the clothes on there. I have a few things now on etsy.com. Look for larue1577. Of course these are all smaller.

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