Denim Mistakes You May Be Making & How To Fix Them

It’s been five years since I wrote this post about some of the common denim mistakes women make that can make them look frumpy, and it is consistently one of my most highly trafficked posts. I thought it was time for an update!

similar sweater // jeans // boots

Jeans are one of the most common wardrobe items in a woman’s closet, and these days there are soooo many styles and options available. It seems like it should be simple, but finding jeans that fit right and don’t make you look frumpy can be quite a challenge. If you’re worried that your jeans are making you look frumpy, this post is for you!

Denim Mistakes You May Be Making

#1. Wearing jeans that are too big or too small.

AG Mari size 28 (just right) // AG Mari size 29 (too big)

This is probably the biggest mistake women make with denim. If your jeans are too big, they will sag and bag and look schlumpy. If your jeans are too small, they will create unsightly bulges that add visual weight.

Most women actually tend to wear their jeans too big. If you go into any department store and work with a seasoned sales associate, they will almost always encourage you to size down in your denim. This is because most women are worried they will be uncomfortable or look bad if their jeans are too tight… but most jeans stretch out some with wear, even the high end brands will give a little and mold to your body.

If you’re unsure if a new pair of jeans is the right fit, wear them around the house for a couple hours before taking the tags off and see how they look after they have some time to stretch out a bit (or to see if they will stretch out.) Some jeans stretch out a whole size after the first hour of wear, and others never really stretch out, so the only way to find out is to wear them for a while.

In the pictures above, the difference is subtle, but the ones on the right are too loose in the thighs and through the knees; the ones on the left are the right size. It’s also important to note this is a slim straight leg style; it’s meant to fit close to the body. The ones on the right are also too long to wear with those shoes… more on that below!

As with any wardrobe item, but especially with jeans, it is super important to dress for your current size, not the size you want to be. Most women fluctuate some with their weight; I know I do. Many of us probably keep a couple of sizes in our closets, and that’s okay. Just make sure the ones that fit best at the present time are up front where they’re easy to see and grab.

#2. Ignoring the rear view.

MOTHER The Weekender Fray (29)

I used to hate my rear view in jeans, and I figured it was just my shape. Then I found the brands that work for me, and here I am posting tushy shots all over the internet. Haha! But really, different brands fit differently, and we all have different shapes, so you just have to try a bunch until you find the ones that work best for you.

I’ve heard women say, Who cares, I can’t see it. Well, that doesn’t mean no one else can!!! Let’s face it, people are seeing us from behind probably as much as they’re seeing us from the front, so be sure to check your rear view — particularly the pocket placement. Some sit high, some sit low, some are wide apart, some are close together… and depending on your shape, some will look better than others.

This is why I always show rear-view pictures when I do my Try On Hauls. It’s not that I relish having those pictures circulating the Internet for all eternity, but it is so important to take all angles into consideration when purchasing jeans.

I always take pictures like the ones above when I’m determining which jeans to keep or return. The MOTHER Weekender fits my rear view perfectly. The pocket placement is just right, they’re the proper size, and the jeans just have a way of shaping and molding to the body in a way that is almost magical! You pay a premium for MOTHER denim, but in my experience, they fit and flatter like no other.

#3. Not hemming your jeans.

Edwin Marli Wide Leg Jeans (29)

When jeans are dragging on the floor, it definitely detracts from the overall appearance and creates a sloppy look, especially as we get older. But then again, if jeans are too short, they will cut off the leg at an awkward spot and look frumpy, so you definitely need to find your sweet spot with length and then hem your jeans if necessary.

Currently, it’s on trend to wear wide leg jeans a little too long, but for those of us who like to keep our looks more polished, it’s important to choose the exact right length, even if “the look” is to be a little long. In the photos above, the jeans on the left are too long; the solution is to wear a higher heel (as I did in the photo on the right) or to hem the jeans.

I think even with the picture on the right, the jeans could be an inch shorter. I prefer them not to buckle on top of the shoe, but with current trends as they are, it’s probably okay.

With crop and ankle length jeans, this isn’t QUITE as much of an issue as it is with straight and bootcut styles, but it’s still something to consider. Even ankle length jeans can look awkward if they are too long or too short.

FIT TIP: In general, skinny jeans should come to the top of the ankle, straight-leg jeans to the mid-point of the ankle, and wide leg and flares to about a half-inch off the ground… although these traditional guidelines are evolving a bit at the moment.

I know, so many factors! But as they say, the devil is in the details (and I would add, so is good style!)

Here’s a little visual for you. It’s hard to find pictures online that are exactly what I want to show… don’t assume they are shown the way they should look on your favorite retailer websites! Often the models are verrrry tall, and they will be longer on us mere mortals, but these look about right to me.

straight // flare // wide leg

#4. Wearing too much embellishment or too much distressing/whiskering.

I wear moderately distressed jeans, and I know there are some who think that whole trend is ridonkulous, but we’ll have to agree to disagree on that.

However, there is no doubt that wearing jeans with lots of embellishments, excessive rips and tears, dramatic whiskering on the hips, and faded spots in unfortunate areas can add to the frump factor and look like we’re trying too hard.

Also, the quality of denim really matters here.

#5. Tucking jeans that are too wide into your boots.

Since I wrote this post, more relaxed denim styles are back in style, and I’m noticing fashion-forward women tucking jeans into their boots and letting them look kind of bulky. That’s a hard look to pull off and make it look intentional. I will be steering clear of that, myself. Use your best judgement, based on your personal style and the look you’re going for.

These days, I’m not wearing skinny jeans in my knee boots much at all, but if you like this look, I recommend keeping a pair of legging jeans in your closet for this purpose. Cropped or ankle-length skinny jeans are ideal for this because they don’t require you to roll up the hems to fit inside your boots.

If you must roll your jeans to fit into boots, create one large cuff, and then pull your socks on over top to hold your pants in place and keep them from looking bulky in your boots.

While we’re at it, let’s discuss some denim care tips. After all, if you invest in good quality denim, you want them to stay looking good for as long as possible.

How to Care for Denim

These are best practices, not saying I bother to do all of these… but I always wash my jeans on cold and hang to dry.

  • Don’t wash your jeans too often. If they don’t look or smell dirty, put them back in your closet.
  • Wash your jeans inside out in cold water and hang to dry to protect the wash as well as the elastin.
  • Add vinegar to the water before you wash them the first time to help lock the color in. (This is more for dark wash jeans, not as necessary for lighter washes.)
  • Fold rather than hang your jeans. Supposedly hanging can wear on them over time… (although I do hang mine.)

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Coffee Talk 01.29.23

outfit details

Good morning! It’s been a quiet week over here, as Paul was traveling for work, and it seems like Becca is never home anymore. When she doesn’t have band-related activities, she’s usually out with friends.

I miss her, but I’m just so happy she’s been able to get back to normal and have a typical high school experience after that strange Covid year… or, rather, two Covid years. Some days it seems so long ago, and other days I marvel that we ever got back to normal.

While it was a quiet week in some ways, it was also very busy, so it felt short. I flew back from Virginia early Monday morning and hit the ground running. I had an appointment that afternoon, and then I went to Bible study the next day, where I reconnected with an old friend. That was super fun!

I also went and had a Geneo facial one day, as I’m trying to rejuvenate my tired winter skin for my trip to Florida in a few weeks. You can google it if you want more information, but it uses special equipment that’s designed to exfoliate and hydrate and brighten, by triggering a natural oxygenation process within the skin.

Suffice it to say, my skin looks and feels so incredibly soft and radiant, and I’m definitely going to do it again. I really can’t say if it’s more effective than a typical facial, but they’re the same price. I just wish I’d waited another week or two, and done it closer to my trip, but it’s probably close enough.

I also wanted to let you all know that those Tory Burch Chelsea boots have been restocked! They have most sizes available, as of this morning.

Tory Burch Chelsea Boot (8) // AGOLDE Riley Long Jean // also at Bloomies (29)

The more I wear these boots, the more I love them. I traveled to Virginia and back in them last weekend and wore them exclusively except for church on Sunday. They were comfortable right off the bat, but they’re breaking in beautifully, just as I expected them to.

They’re true to size, unless you like to wear thick socks, and then you may want to size up. I usually wear my Sheec boot socks or my J.Crew cashmere crew socks with them.

Okay, that’s it for me. I need to cut this short because I’m trying to be more intentional about fitting in time for exercise in the mornings. Have a blessed Sunday!

And go, Eagles! 💚🦅💚

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photos: Alison Cornell


2023 Swimsuit Guide: The Best Swimwear for Women Over 40

This time of year, I get tons of requests for bathing suit recommendations, so I’m updating my Swimsuit Guide with the latest trends and tons of swimsuits for women over 40!

It’s a big task because every woman’s body is different and we all have different features we want to camouflage or flaunt, but I did my best to cover all the bases.

coverup (S/M) // tote // flip flops (7/8) // sunnies

We probably all have challenges when shopping for swimsuits. Maybe it’s a long torso, a menopausal midsection, a pear shape, a mastectomy, extra weight, or a large chest… My point is, we all have problem areas that make shopping for swimwear a bit of a challenge. Thankfully, there are swimsuits designed to target all of these issues.

I highly recommend shopping online so you can try on your swimsuits in the comfort of home. The lighting is more forgiving, and you can get the opinion of your husband or kids, which I always find helpful. When I’m in the market for a new swimsuit, I usually order a bunch and send back the ones that don’t work.

The Best Swimsuits for Women Over 40

swimsuit (sold out) // pareo // sandals (8) // tote (sold out) // sunnies

When you get to a certain age, swimsuits become extra challenging because it’s all too easy to fall into the frump zone if we’re not careful, but it is possible to look good and feel confident in your swimsuit. It just may take some trial and error to find the right one.

As with most garments, you tend to get what you pay for with a swimsuit, and quality garments become more important as we age. A few brands that do a good job designing modern suits with the coverage and support more mature women need are Bleu by Rod Beattie, Sea Level, La Blanca, Summersalt, Birdsong, Athleta, and Miraclesuit.

When it comes to bathing suit styles, one-piece suits are definitely trending right now, and bikinis seem to always be in style. I haven’t worn a bikini top since I was 3 years old, but I think some women look fabulous and perfectly appropriate in a bikini top. It’s definitely easier to pull off if you’re smaller chested.

Amy and I rounded up a bunch of swimsuits for your consideration, and we broke them down into categories to help you with your search for the perfect suit. If you have a recommendation, feel free to let us know in the comments!

Swimsuits for a Larger Chest

photo credit: Bare Necessities

One of the best things to happen to swimsuits recently is bra-sized swimwear. If you have a larger chest, I highly recommend swimsuits with a built-in bra. Most stores carry them now; even Target has hopped on this train! Unfortunately. not all stores that carry bra-sized swimwear offer a wide variety of sizes.

Before my breast reduction surgery last spring, I was a 32G, and I had the best success with bra-sized swimwear in extended sizes at Bare Necessities. Everything But Water, Swimsuits For All, and Her Room have a good selection, as well.

Shop Swimsuits for a Larger Chest:

Swimsuits for a Smaller Chest

photo credit: Zappos

I’m no expert on this category, but I can tell you what I cannot wear and wish I could! Ruffles, padding, and push-up styles all add volume and give the illusion of a larger chest. Deep v-necks and halters also enhance smaller chests.

Shop Swimsuits for a Smaller Chest:

Swimsuits with Thigh Coverage

photo credit: Macy’s

There are lots of suits with features that help minimize the appearance of wider thighs. Swimsuits for All and Macy’s both have dedicated sections to thigh-minimizing swimsuits.

If you like hip coverage, swim shorts and swim skirts are always an option, but they can quickly cross over into frump territory. I recommend the ones that are cut close to the body without a lot of flowy fabric.

Shop Thigh-Minimizing Swimsuits:

Swimsuits with Tummy Control

photo credit: Bare Necessities

If you’re self-conscious about your belly, there are a lot of great options that target this area. You can try to downplay the belly area with a blouson or swing top, but I would pair these with a bikini bottom or super close-fitting shorts. If you add a blouson or swing top to a skirt, it’s going to look frumpy.

Another great option for disguising a bit of a tummy is to wear a swimsuit with some ruching or shirring. Busy patterns also help distract the eye from any bumps or bulges we don’t want to draw attention to. Also, look for swimsuits with tummy control.

Shop Tummy-Control Swimsuits:

Plus-Sized Swimwear

photo credit: Macy’s

If you need plus sizes, Bare Necessities and Swimsuits for All both have a nice selection, and they also have a ton of filters on the sidebar so you can drill down by the feature you’re looking for. Macy’s also has a lot of good choices.

Shop Plus-Size Swimsuits:

Long Torso

source: Nordstrom

Got a long torso? Summersalt and Andie both have a good selection of longer length swimsuits, and Lands’ End has a bunch as well. Some are also available in long plus sizes. I also found some good ones at Boden.

Shop Long-Torso Swimsuits:

Post-Mastectomy Swimwear

source: Neiman Marcus

Several ladies recommended Lands’ End for post-mastectomy swimwear. I also found a large selection at Amazon and Swim Outlet. If this is something you have experience with and you have another recommendation, feel free to leave it in the comments.

I hope this post is helpful as you’re swimsuit shopping this spring and summer.

And hey, when in doubt, throw on a cute coverup!

Cover-Ups for Women Over 40

coverup (S) // swimsuit (8) // sandals (8) // sunnies // tote (sold out)

Seriously, coverups are where it’s at! I practically live in mine during the summer months. Shop some of my favorites below:

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Fall/Winter Fashion

How to Wear Sneakers in the Winter

Wearing sneakers with your street clothes is now a widely acceptable sartorial choice, and I’m a fan! I love it when trends are practical, and I often find myself passing over my boots and loafers in favor of my favorite fashion sneakers.

I’ve had some questions lately about how to wear sneakers in the winter, so let’s discuss!

old Naadam sweater // AGOLDE Riley Long Jean (29) // Veja Esplar (39) // J.Crew Cashmere Blend Crew Socks

This post is actually by reader request:

I would love to wear sneakers with jeans in the winter but it’s too cold without socks! Is it ever ok to wear socks with them? Or what about wearing high top sneakers/shoes (not boots) that would be hidden under straight leg jeans? Would love a post on this.

Great question! First, let’s discuss the best kind of fashion sneaker to wear with jeans in the winter, and then what socks to wear with them.

What Sneakers to Wear with Jeans in the Winter

I usually opt for leather or suede rather than canvas sneakers in the wintertime because they’re warmer, and they hold up better to the elements. My favorites are my Veja Esplar sneakers, followed by the P448 John.

jeans (29) // sneakers (39) // socks

Another good option is a hightop sneaker, although I don’t personally have any. They provide good ankle coverage in messy winter conditions, so that makes them a practical as well as stylish choice. Retro sneakers like the New Balance 237 are also very much on trend right now.

Shop Sneakers for Winter:

What Socks to Wear with Sneakers in the Winter

I almost always wear my sneakers without socks, even in the winter, mainly because I’m lazy, and I like the look. But it’s perfectly acceptable to wear socks with your fashion sneakers, and I notice stylish women doing this more and more these days.

Which begs the question… what kind of socks, and what color?

socks // sneakers // jeans // earrings // watch

The safest bet when it comes to wearing socks with sneakers is to match your socks to your sneakers or your pants. It doesn’t need to be an exact match – it just has to be close. If you don’t have a good match, you can wear something in the same color family.

You can also choose a sock in a contrasting color or a fun print to add a bit of whimsy to your look, if that aligns with your personal style.

photo credit: Free People

I like to keep it simple, so when I was wearing white sneakers with beige accents with light wash blue jeans last week, I grabbed this pair of ivory cashmere trouser socks. They coordinate well with the shoes and don’t create too stark a contrast with the jeans, which aligns well with my style goals. (I define my personal style as current, polished, and understated.)

I picked up these socks when they were on sale at J.Crew during the holidays, and they’re a pretty good price right now, but unfortunately they’re backordered. I have the camel and grey as well, and I highly recommend them. They’re so cozy and soft and warm, and I wear them with everything from booties to sneakers.

I also like to wear them around the house in lieu of slippers. I always bring them when I travel in the winter, to use for that purpose, since they’re much less bulky than slippers.

socks // pants // top // bracelet

Of course, there are plenty of less pricey options out there that would work just as well with sneakers. These Smartwool cable crew socks are another solid choice, and I just ordered this 3-pack from Amazon when I saw another influencer I follow wearing them with sneakers. They also work well with boots.

If you like to have a little more fun with fashion, it’s also very trendy right now to wear chunkier socks and scrunch them a bit.

Tube socks are big right now, too. Also, look at the pictures on the Free People website to see lots of other fun styles and colors, if that’s your thing.

Shop Socks to Wear with Sneakers:

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photos: Alison Cornell


January Home & Beauty Deals at QVC

Greetings, friends! I’ve got a rare Saturday post for you today because the QVC TSV (Today’s Special Value) is one of my most-loved and most-used hair tools, the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer WITH the stand, brush, and a myriad of attachments… most of which are usually sold separately.

The stand has not been available anywhere for months, and for today only, this entire bundle is available at QVC for the unbeatable price of $429.

If you’ve been hanging around these parts for awhile, you’ve probably heard me singing the praises of this hair dryer. It definitely carries a hefty price tag, but there is truly nothing like it on the market.

It cuts your drying time in half, for starters, and it’s calibrated to prevent heat damage and protect natural shine. It’s so much gentler on my hair than hair dryers I’ve used in the past, even the pricier ones, and it leaves my hair smooth and shiny and frizz-free.

This hair dryer also stands up to a lot of use and abuse. I’ve had mine for three years, I use it every other day, and it’s still going strong. I’ve dropped it numerous times, I travel with it, I stash it in my bathroom vanity drawer, and it still looks almost new and works great.

Another notable thing about the Dyson hair dyer is, it never gets super hot. It has 3 heat settings, and even on level 3, it feels cooler than my old hair dryer did on its highest setting (and that was a gentle hair dryer.)

The attachments never get hot either, so you can exchange them without burning your hands and put them right against your hair without causing damage, but it’s insanely powerful at the same time.

The secret is to this magic is, they put the motor in the handle. In fact, right after I got it, I kept finding my engineer-minded husband on my side of the bathroom, playing with my new hair dryer and looking at it from all angles, trying to figure out how it works. It was hilarious.

Finally, the simplicity of the controls and the minimalistic styling is definitely a plus if you care about the aesthetics. This set comes with all the pieces you see here… I’ve never even seen a couple of these attachments! And some of the others, I had to purchase separately.

Here’s what you get (and I highly recommend watching their video to see a more extensive explanation/demonstration of each):

  • Supersonic Hair Dryer – self explanatory!
  • Dyson Supersonic Stand – so convenient, especially if you don’t have a good out-of-sight storage spot for your hair dryer and attachments. Before our bathroom remodel, I kept my hair dryer on the counter, using this stand. The attachments are magnetic, so it holds them too!
  • Diffuser – perfect for curly girls. I don’t use this, but my older daughter loves it, and I love how it sets neatly in the stand.
  • Wide-tooth comb – this works as a root lifter, and is one of the attachments I’d never seen. I love it, and now it’s the one I use when I start out drying my hair, to get most of the moisture out.
  • Styling concentrator – this is what I use when I go to style my hair at the end, using the round brush (pictured above).
  • Gentle air attachment – another new one to me! This helps diffuse the air and create a cooler airflow, for those who want to be extra gentle on their hair.
  • Flyaway attachment – usually sold separately, I actually purchased one of these after seeing it on another blog. This little gizmo actually reduces static and prevents flyaways! I use it occasionally when I’m having an especially staticky day… definitely a bonus to have in this set (pictured above).
  • Dyson Round Brush – this is a nice one; I like how this grabbed my hair when I was styling it at the end.

Typically that all adds up to well over $500, but today only, it’s at QVC for $429.99 + free standard S&H. You also have the option of 5 Easy Pays of $86.00+ S&H and tax.

Dyson Supersonic with Stand and Round Brush in White/Silver

I also wanted to let you know about another deal QVC is running right now. I hate how dry it gets in my house this time of year, so when I saw this Homedics Total Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, I wanted to try it for my office.

Simply put, I love this thing! Not only does it put off a cool mist to help combat the dry air, it comes with an oil tray and three aromatherapy pads so you can add essential oils to create an at-home spa-like experience.

I’ve always loved the idea of diffusing essential oils in my house, but I never seem stick with it. With this 0.97-gallon top-fill water tank, you can get up to 48 hours of running time before you have to refill it!

It also operates as a night light, and it automatically shuts off when it runs out of water, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn it off when you leave the room.

In addition to all that, it looks sleek and sophisticated sitting on the file cabinet in my office! This humidifier is currently a QVC IG DEAL, for marked down from $85 to $69.98 + $7.50 S&H.

Homedics Total Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier in Platinum

While I’m sharing QVC deals, I just wanted to mention a few smaller add-ons you might want to consider. You all know how I love ELEMIS products, and they have the perfect little travel set on sale for $48 (originally $88).

The ELEMIS It List Cleanse, Treat & Moisturize Discovery Set contains three of their best sellers: Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm, Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Pads, and Pro-Collagen Marine Cream SPF 30. I’ve already put these into my travel bag for Florida.

ELEMIS It List Cleanse, Treat & Moisturize Discovery Set

And I shared this tarte Maracuja Juicy Lipstick & Lip Liner Set on my Instagram Story last week, but in case you missed it, I’ve been using this along with my favorite gloss on top ever since I got it.

My favorite part is the Maracuja Juicy Lip Liner… yes, I’ve finally found a lip liner to rival the one I’ve been using exclusively for YEARS. It goes on so smoothly, it feels moisturizing, and it has lip-plumping qualities.

I have a very thin upper lip, so I line around the outside of my natural lip line to add fullness, and then I fill in my lips with the liner before applying the lipstick.

I love how much fuller my lips look when using this, and the Mauve color is so pretty. The lipstick is incredibly moisturizing, as well, and it has a really nice pigment to it. I also like how it’s retractable, so it keeps it shape.

This set includes a full-size Maracuja Juicy Lip Liner and Maracuja Juicy Lipstick for $26 + $3.50 S&H (full retail price is $40) and you get four gorgeous colors to choose from. (As always, tarte is a clean beauty brand and cruelty-free.)

tarte Maracuja Juicy Lipstick & Lip Liner Set in Mauve

Finally, this Beekman 1802 Cherry Blossom Goat Milk Bath & Body 3-pc Set would make a great Valentine’s gift for someone, or just a nice treat for yourself! It’s regularly $39, marked down to $25 through the end of the month.

This is also a clean beauty brand, and it uses goat milk as a base for all their products. I’m so glad I watched the video on the QVC website because it explained all about the company and what makes the goat milk so good for your skin.

I tried the whipped body cream right away, and it’s incredibly luxurious. It melts into my skin and makes it feel soft and smooth for hours. Plus, it smells divine.

I haven’t tried the soap yet, but isn’t the packaging so gorgeous!?! For now, I’m using it as part of the display on our master bathroom tub.

Beekman 1802 Cherry Blossom Goat Milk Bath & Body 3-pc Set

Whew! I know, that’s a lot, but there were so many good deals this month, and with this variety, hopefully there’s a little something for everyone.

Also, if this is your first time shopping at QVC, new customers can get free shipping with code FREESHIP on their first purchase!

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photos: Alison Cornell

Fall/Winter Fashion

What To Wear to a Winter Wedding

I’ve had quite a few questions about what to wear to weddings you have coming up, so I thought I’d update this post about what to wear to a winter wedding.

Although, I realize, you may be getting more invitations to spring weddings at this point! I’ll try to get that post updated soon, but in the meantime…

Eliza J Cascade Ruffle Cocktail Dress (option/option) // Kendra Scott earrings // crystal frame clutch // hose // pumps

I generally think of winter weddings as dressier than summer weddings, but of course the formality of a wedding depends on the venue, time of day, and whatever dress code the bride and groom designate.

Because they vary so widely, I’ve come up with winter wedding guest outfit ideas for four basic levels of formality: formal/black tie, black tie optional, cocktail, and dressy casual.

Wedding Guest Dresses: Formal/Black Tie

dress // similar wrap // shoes // bag // similar necklace // similar earrings

Weddings labeled formal or black tie require a floor-length gown. Darker colors and richer fabrics are nice for winter weddings, but there are lots of nice pastels and muted shades available this time of year as well.

In the formal outfit above, I selected a beautiful shade of cocoa, but that dress also comes in navy, burgundy, and black. It used to be that wearing black to a wedding was taboo, but not anymore. You just want to accessorize in a way that looks festive, not dour.

The shoes I paired with this dress are by Naturalizer, and they have a lower heel so they should be comfortable for dancing all night long. You could certainly wear a closed-toe shoe, if you prefer; that Jute Glam is gorgeous! But I have no problem with open toe shoes in the winter for a formal event. Just make sure to get a pedicure!

In the winter, some type of wrap is essential. I like a faux fur capelet because it adds a luxe element to the ensemble, and it also provides a bit of warmth.

Finally, don’t forget accessories. An evening bag is a must for a formal wedding, and sparkly jewelry to complement the dress is appropriate as well.

Shop Formal Wedding Guest Dresses:

Wedding Guest Dresses: Cocktail Attire

dress // wrap // shoes // bag // (similar earrings)

Cocktail attire generally indicates a knee-length dress, or a dressy midi dress works as well. You want something more glam than what you would wear to church or work, so think dramatic details or sparkle and shine.

I chose a sleek navy scuba sheath with a dramatic shoulder detail for this sample outfit. Navy is a classic choice for a wedding guest dress, and it’s less harsh than black.

I like to accessorize a navy dress with metallics, either silver or gold or pewter. I chose dramatic statement earrings and left the neckline bare, so as not to compete with the shoulder. I also chose closed toe pumps, but in a jute fabric that has adds some texture and shine to the outfit, since the dress is more of a matte fabric.

A pashmina or silk wrap will help keep your arms warm. Have your significant other drop you off at the door, if it’s a cold night. Of course, you may prefer a dress with sleeves during the wintertime, so I rounded up a bunch of other options below.

Shop Winter Cocktail Dresses:

Wedding Guest Dresses: Black Tie Optional

dress // wrap // heels // bag // bracelet // earrings // lipstick

Black tie optional is in between formal and cocktail attire, and you will likely see a mix of both. If in doubt, it’s best to err of the side of being overdressed. In a situation like this, I usually ask around and see what others are wearing so I can ensure I don’t feel totally out of place.

I attended a black tie optional wedding a few years ago, and I looked high and low to find something that felt right to me. I finally settled on a black cocktail dress with a dramatic bow on the side.

Shop Black Tie Optional Dresses:

Wedding Guest Dresses: Daytime/Festive Attire

dress // coat // shoes // bag // necklace // earrings // lip gloss

Typcially a daytime wedding or an event in a more casual location like a barn or at the beach is a dressy casual affair. For this look, I picked a dress that I might wear to church. Because this is a winter look, I went with a closed toe pump with so you have the option of wearing pantyhose if you wish.

I would go with something very sheer and close to your skin tone. See also: What Hosiery to Wear with a Cocktail Dress

When picking accessories for a dressy/casual wedding, you don’t want to go as blingy as you would for a more formal evening affair, but you definitely don’t want to overlook this part of your outfit either.

I chose some pieces with gold and pearl accents that complement the style and formality of the dress, and I went with a classy crossbody bag. You don’t need a fancy clutch for a daytime event, but you also don’t want to carry your everyday shoulder bag. And for outerwear, a dressy wool coat is most appropriate for this outfit.

Shop Dressy Casual Wedding Guest Dresses:

Complete the Look

I addressed appropriate coats and wraps, shoes, and accessories with each outfit, but these are important components of any wedding guest ensemble. Beware of focusing so much on finding the right dress that you forget to complete the look.

Wraps & Outerwear

Outerwear is an important consideration, especially for winter weddings. Nothing ruins a gorgeous dress faster than a big puffy parka. A wool coat will work over all but the most formal outfit, and a faux fur jacket is a really nice option to have.

If your dress is sleeveless, you may want a coat for getting to and from the car as well as a scarf or wrap to drape around your shoulders and arms during the event. Most venues will have a coat check for bulky outerwear that doesn’t complement your outfit.


Sandals or strappy shoes are appropriate with more formal looks, even in the wintertime, but only go that route if you’re willing to bare your legs to the elements. If you want to wear hose, go with pumps or slingbacks. A d’orsay style is also a good option, as it tends to look a little more special than a basic pump, but it allows you to wear hose.

The color and level of formality will depend on your dress, but here are a bunch of options. Many of these come in other colors than what is pictured.

Bag & Accessories

I usually prefer a clutch or evening bag with cocktail dresses and formal gowns, and a dressy crossbody or shoulder bag with the dressy casual looks, but you can mix it up depending on what you have. It is not necessary to match your bag to your shoes, but it is certainly okay to do so.

Over the years, I’ve built up a small collection of bags such as the ones below, so now I almost have what I need for a dressy event. Metallics like silver and gold are the most versatile, but it’s nice to have a black option as well. This is also a good time to borrow from a friend, if you don’t have something and don’t want to go out and purchase something you may not use again.

I didn’t do a shopping widget for accessories, but I did link up some good options with each of the outfits above. The point here is to be intentional and don’t let your jewelry be an afterthought. It really can make or break the look. I usually choose one statement piece that doesn’t compete with a feature of my dress, and then the other pieces can support the statement piece.

So if the dress has a big shoulder detail or it’s really busy in the neckline, go with statement earrings and either a small pendant or no necklace at all. And then definitely add a bracelet.

If the dress has an open neckline and you feel like it needs a statement necklace, go with smaller supporting earrings and a complementary bracelet.

Also, leave your clunky smartwatch at home. If you don’t have a delicate, dressy watch that goes well with the rest of your jewelry, it’s best to go without.

Pantyhose: In or Out?

Finally, the great debate! Women tend to feel very strongly about pantyhose, and it tends to be a regional thing.

I maintain that pantyhose are a classy and appropriate choice for a dressy winter event, as long as you wear closed toe shoes. I generally recommend matching your skin tone, but you could potentially wear sheer black hose or fishnet stockings with a black dress and black shoes.

Quality definitely matters here, and I always recommend the Donna Karan line called The Nudes that are designed to give the look of bare skin. I also hear good things about Wolford, and they seem to have more options for darker skintones.

See also: What Hose to Wear with a Cocktail Dress.

I am not an expert with any professional qualifications, but I do pay attention, and I think my advice here is pretty reliable. That said, a lot of these topics depend on your region of the country and the culture of your area, so take it all with a grain of salt.

If in doubt, ask around, and see what others are wearing, but most of all, wear what makes you feel most comfortable, and have fun!

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photos: Alison Cornell


2023 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Dates & Info

The 2023 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale dates have dropped! This year the public sale starts on July 17th, and Early Access starts on July 11th!

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2022 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale dates

In case you’re wondering…

What Is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

First of all, this is NOT a summer clearance sale. This is brand new fall 2023 merchandise, brought out specifically for this sale, and immediately reduced. We’re talking brands like Tory Burch, Stuart WeitzmanMadewell, Vince, Barefoot Dreams, Mother Denim, and more. Savings are usually 30-40% off retail, making this is the best time to stock up on high-quality basics like cashmere, boots, and denim, that will last over multiple years and seasons.

What are the 2023 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Dates?

The 2023 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale online preview will go live sometime in late June, with Early Access shopping in store and online beginning on July 11th. Icon cardmembers are the first to shop; they have 24 hours before the next-level of Nordstrom cardholders (the Ambassadors) start shopping on July 12th. Influencers (all cardholders) may shop on July 13th, and public shopping begins on July 17th.

I admit that I’m never in the mood to think about fall fashion in July, but I’m always glad I did when cold weather rolls around. As many of you know from my What I Wore Lately posts, a large portion of my fall/winter wardrobe staples that I wear all season long are items I purchase during the #NSale in the dead of summer.

These Are the 2023 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Dates To Know:

2023 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Dates #NSALE

Here’s How It Works

Everyone will have the ability to preview all #NSale items online about a week before the sale starts. You will be able to save your favorites to your Wish List, so you can check out faster when it’s your time to shop.

Cardholders get to shop first, so if you don’t have one and you’re a frequent Nordstrom shopper, it’s worth considering, but make the decision that is right for you. While items do sell fast, they often get restocked later in the fall, so there will be more opportunities down the line.

Icon members can start shopping on July 11, Ambassadors on July 12, and all cardholders on July 13. (Follow this link and log-in to find out your status.) You’ll also earn Rewards points while you shop. (Every 2,000 points gets you a $20 Nordstrom Note to use online or in-store at a later date.) The #NSale opens to the public on July 17 and ends for everyone on August 6, 2023.

I already have an appointment at my local store on July 11, and I’ll bring you along with me! I do my best to be a  resource for you all, and I like to be on the ground so I can show you what I find and get lots of pictures. That said, I recommend shopping online for the best selection. See more on that below.

How to Prepare for the 2023 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

#1. Sign up for The Nordy ClubAs I said above, I highly recommend the credit card as well, if you aren’t opposed to having another card, because the credit card is your ticket to Early Access. But at the very least, sign up for The Nordy Club so you can earn rewards as you shop.

#2. Schedule a Personal Double Points Day during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Then be sure to make your biggest purchases that day to maximize your rewards points earning potential!

#3. Join my JLS Insiders Facebook Group. This is where I share of-the-moment information, restocks, etc. Plus, you have access to me and other members who are shopping the sale to give you insights into fit and sizing.

If you aren’t on Facebook, never fear! I will still be posting plenty of #NSale coverage here on the blog. See #4.

#4. Sign up for my #NSale email list. This way you’ll be the first to know when my #NSale posts go live on the blog. I’ll be posting my #NSale Preview Early Favorites as soon as the preview period starts on June 29, and of course, I’ll be doing all my usual #NSale coverage once the live shopping starts.

I’m already familiar with their brands and pricing structure, so my goal is to help you navigate the #NSale without getting overwhelmed. I know this sale well, and I can let you know what the truly good deals are and what not to miss out on. I really try to be a resource for you all during this sale, so if there’s anything I can do to help make it easier for you, let me know.

#5. Make a shopping list, and have a plan to shop the most popular items first. This is the time to go through your fall/winter wardrobe — and summer too, because there are always some great wear now-and-later pieces that are part of the sale — and make a list of things you need or want to add to your closet.

What’s New This Year

  • Shorter Early Access Phases: Early Access to allow for a longer Public Sale and more access
  • More to come, when I get more info!

How to Shop the #NSale

#1. Shop early and often. Popular items sell out quickly, and they can disappear from your cart while you’re making up your mind. I always recommend checking out multiple times. If you KNOW you want something, purchase that first. Then go back and take your time and start sorting through the rest.

#2. Shop online and choose the Contactless Curbside Pickup option. This is the best way to avoid the chaos and crowds AND get the things you want immediately.

If you have a store that’s local to you, you can place and order and pick it up same day. Of course, not all stores carry the full #NSale inventory, so you may have to wait for some items to ship.

#3. Buy 2 sizes. If ever in doubt, buy two sizes and return the one that doesn’t work for you. I promise you, you will thank me later for this advice. The hottest items will sell out within the first few hours (no joke), and if you wait to get your order, find out you need a different size, and go to re-order, it may not be available.

#4. Pay for expedited shipping. In recent years, this sale has become so popular that the computers can’t always keep up with how fast the inventory is moving, and sometimes people will check out and then later on receive an email that items from their order were canceled.

So, if there are any items you really want and are worried that they’ll sell out before your order is processed, pay for the next day or two-day shipping. Your order will get processed more quickly, and it is less likely to get canceled.

Obviously, this cuts into your savings, but if it’s a high ticket item, or you have a few things in your cart, it may be worth paying a little bit more to ensure you get your order.

#5. Finally, have fun! You guys, this is a sale. My best advice is to look at it like a game.

You may not get all the pieces you want, and yes, those with higher cardholder statuses get first dibs… whether or not you agree with that, it is what it is. There will be more sales, more clothes, more boots, more bargains.

Go in with a positive attitude, have fun with it, and at the end of the day, you may walk away with a few great deals on new fall items.

And remember, a lot of #NSale items get restocked during the fall season as people make returns, and they do go on sale again eventually, so if you miss out on something you really want, just keep an eye on it  you may get lucky later on!

Former Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Best-Sellers

I thought it might be fun to round up some of my best selling items from past years, along with some of the items that quickly became some of my tried-and-true. I still have and love all of these.

Mother Denim (29) // Vince sweater (S)

 Spanx Perfect Black Pants // ATM cheetah tee

Marc Fisher Oshay booties

Caslon leather jacket // ATM cheetah tee // AGL loafers

Eileen Fisher sleeveless knit dress

The North Face Miss Metro II Water Repellent Hooded Parka

Vince Henderson Weatherproof Chelsea Boot

I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2023. Stick with me, kid. I’ve gotcha covered!

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Fall/Winter Fashion

Essential Shoes To Have In Your Winter Wardrobe

I briefly touched on shoes in my Winter Wardrobe Essentials, but I want to do more of a deep dive into the essential shoes to have in your winter wardrobe.

essential shoes to have in your winter wardrobe

Winter weather varies, of course, depending on where you live, but I’m writing this post from the perspective of someone who has spent the majority of her life in the Northeast. Here in Philly, it can be cold from September to May, so I spend a lot of time in winter shoes. From sneakers to the boots, these are the shoes I like to have in my closet for every type of winter weather.

Before we get started, here are some of my other winter and shoe-related posts that you may find helpful:

Winter Shoe Essentials for Women

Best Waterproof Dress Boots: Blondo (save) or Aquatalia (splurge)

Blondo at Nordstrom // Aquatalia at Nordstrom

winter shoe essentials: waterproof dress bootssimilar Aquatalia booties // similar coat (6) // jeans (29) // scarf (option)

When I want to dress up but it’s snowy or wet outside, I rely on Blondo and Aquatalia for waterproof suede fashion boots that are both practical and stylish. They’re also very comfortable to walk in, so both brands are great for travel.

Unfortunately, my current favorites are sold out or have low inventory, so I linked to general categories above.

boots (8.5) // jeans (28)

Blondo is more of a mid-range price point, and Aquatalia is higher end, but both offer a variety of stylish and functional fashion boots that hold up well to inclement winter weather.

Best Lug Sole Boots Under $100: Blondo Dagger (or Dahlia)

at DSW // on sale at Nordstrom // at Bloomingdale’s

The Best Lug Sole Boots Under $100 Blondo Dagger (similar on sale at Nordstrom)

This is a great pair of fashionable lug sole boots for wearing with a variety of denim styles. I like that they have a bit of a heel, and the buckle is a fun detail. Since the shaft is narrow, you can wear them with skinny jeans or slip them under straight or bootcut silhouettes.

They’re also very warm and comfortable. I walked all over the North Shore of Boston in these one day last fall, and my feet were very happy. They run true to size; I have the 8.

Best Winter Fashion Boots: Sorel Hi Line Chelsea Boots

on sale at Zappos // on sale at Nordstrom // on sale at Macy’s

boots (8) // jeans (29)

These are a new addition to my winter shoe wardrobe this year, and I love them for a fashionable and fun winter boot that can also hold up to the elements.

As you can see, I went with the Chalk/Ceramic, which is going to be more prone to marks and stains than the black and brown leather options, but it’s fun for a change and goes great with light wash denim.

These boots run true to size, or size down if in between. They’re also especially good for narrow feet. I have the size 8, for reference.

Another good option in this category is the Sorel Brex Chelsea Boot, which is also on sale at Zappos, Nordstrom, and Macy’s.

boots (8) // jeans (28) // sweater (S; similar for less)

I shared more about these in my last Try-On Haul, but they also run true to size and are very comfortable and practical. I just decided that the Hi Line Chelsea Boots are more my style.

Best Western Style Boots: Dolce Vita Volli

at Nordstrom // at Zappos // at Bloomies

Winter Shoe Essentials: Western Inspired Booties

Western-style boots are trending big time, so I wanted to include this pair because I wear mine a lot, even though I would consider this more of a fall boot.

I like these so much, I have them in all three colors (Well, my black pair is the Vikram, but it’s the same style with a higher shaft.)

boots (8) // sweater (S) // jeans (29)

These boots are extremely comfortable, and a great way to update your look without breaking the bank because they look great with all denim styles. They run true to size, or size down if in between; I wear the size 8.

Best Knee Boots: Talbots Lilia Suede Wedge Boot

at Talbots

Winter Shoe Essentials: Knee Boots

I haven’t found myself reaching for my knee boots much this winter because I haven’t been wearing skinny jeans, but I do like them with tights and dresses.

This pair from Talbots is supremely comfortable, and they’re very good quality.

Knee boots with sweater dress for winterboots (8) // dress (S) // tights (B) // earrings

They aren’t as dressy as some, so they won’t work with all styles of dresses and skirts, but they look especially nice with sweater dresses, which is what I mostly wear in the winter.

Best Snow Boots: UGG Adirondack

at Zappos // at Nordstrom // at Macy’s

You can’t talk about winter shoe essentials without talking about snow boots! I’ve had a lot of snow boots over the years, and most of my favorites have been Sorel, but the UGG Adirondack tops them all.

I first discovered these 5 or 6 years ago when I was visiting my parents in Maine, and I borrowed my mom’s. I even wrote a post about it back then.

I didn’t buy myself any at the time because I had other snow boots, but this year when I was looking for a new pair, I did some internet research that pretty much confirmed that these are the best snow boots for my needs.

essential shoes to have in your winter wardrobe: snow boots

For starters, they’re shockingly lightweight and flexible, considering how bulky they appear. Plus, they’re completely waterproof and fully lined with UGGpure™ – a textile made from wool that’s designed to feel and wear like genuine shearling. They’re so cozy and soft inside that I never wear socks with mine.

You can also flip up the top of the shaft and lace them all the way up to make them taller and warmer, but I usually wear mine turned down as pictured above.

Not only do I wear these with jeans when we get snow, I keep them in the mudroom and pull them on to go to and from the gym. They’re super warm and cozy, and I often have to cross wet grass, so they protect my sneakers from getting muddy and keep my feet warm and dry.

Best Sneaker Boots: Sorel Explorer Joan

at Nordstrom // in Grey // at Zappos // Explorer Carnival Cozy // Out N About Conquest

I love a sneaker boot for casual, sporty looks, and I really wish these boots weren’t selling out almost everywhere! They are so lightweight and cozy and soft and warm… all of the adjectives!

essential shoes to have in your winter wardrobe: sneaker boots boots (8) // similar jeans // similar coat // similar beanie

They work great with leggings and skinny jeans, as shown above, or you can slip them underneath straight leg styles. I’ve actually been known to wear these around the house instead of slippers when I’m really cold.

boots (8) // similar jeans // sherpa (S) // t-shirt (M)

Since these boots are selling out everywhere, I’m wondering if they’re being discontinued, and I went ahead and linked a few other options for Sorel sneaker boots above. If you do manage to snag a pair of these, they’re true to size or size down if in between.

Best Leather Sneakers for Winter: Veja Esplar

at Bloomies // at Nordstrom // at Shopbop

Speaking of sneakers… sometimes I don’t want to wear boots in the wintertime. When I want a casual, sporty look that isn’t a boot, I usually wear my Vejas.

Because they’re leather, they protect my feet from the elements, and they have a casual-cool vibe that I love. I’m not wearing socks here, but sometimes I do wear my J.Crew cashmere trouser socks with these.

These sneakers feel stiff at first, but they break in easily and are very comfortable. They run true to size; I am consistently a 39 in this shoe.

Best Winter Flats: Sam Edelman Loafer

at Zappos // at Nordstrom // at Bloomies

Another pair of essential shoes to have in your winter wardrobe is a flat loafer or ballet flat. While I don’t wear my loafers and ballet flats a lot in the dead of winter, we do get mild days here and there, so I keep a few pairs in my closet all year ’round.

The Sam Edelman Loraine Loafer that I linked above is the newer version of the Lior Loafer that I’m wearing here. I just picked up a pair of the Loraine in black because I’ve been wishing I had black loafers in my wardrobe. It’s very comfortable and a good value for the price point. They run true to size; I have the 8.

Best Winter Pumps: Marc Fisher Zala Pumps

at Nordstrom // at Bloomies

Finally, these are my go-to pumps for wintertime. When I want to dress up my jeans, or I need a dress shoe that isn’t a bootie with a dress or business casual outfit, these are my favorites. I also have the beige suede.

The pointy toe elevates the look, but the chunky 2″  heel keeps them walkable. They go with just about every style of pants or jeans, as well as dresses and skirts. They’re also true to size; I wear the 8.

What are your essentials shoes for winter?

As with most wardrobe items, everyone’s list of essentials will look a bit different. I’d love to hear from you!

Which shoes do you consider essential for winter, and are there any you would add to this list?

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My Current Skincare Routine

It’s been a while since I’ve shared my current skincare routine, so I thought I’d update this post for today. I try a lot of products for the blog, but I have my personal skincare routine pretty down pat, and I don’t deviate much. I do have a couple of new products I’ve added or swapped, though, since I last posted my skincare routine.

By way of disclaimer, I’m not any sort of skincare expert. Most of what I use was recommended by my dermatologist, or I tried it at the recommendation of a friend or favorite influencer. I also don’t have a lot of lower priced alternatives to share. This is just what I do, and it seems to be working well for my aging skin, but I think consistency is probably more important than which skincare products you choose.

I’m linking mostly to Amazon because it’s widely available, and they make shipping and returns so easy. If you’re concerned about an item being legit, you can check the seller. I try to always buy from the manufacturer and make sure it’s fulfilled by Amazon.

Here’s a screenshot showing where to find that information:

I don’t like to buy from random 3rd party sellers, but sometimes I do if their reviews are good.

In addition to these skincare routines, I see a cosmetic dermatologist every other month for a Glycolic Acid Peel, and I do get a bit of Botox in my forehead a couple times a year. She recommended or approved most of the products in this post.

I’m prone to dryness, but my skin isn’t super sensitive, although I do have some melasma and rosacea to contend with. In the wintertime, I need lots of moisture, and I have to exfoliate occasionally to keep the flakies away.

My Morning Skincare Routine

I usually just splash water on my face in the morning, and go right into the Vitamin C serum. If I do wash my face, I use whatever face wash I have handy; right now it’s the La Roche-Posay Toleriane Hydrating Gentle Cleanser.

#1. Timeless Skin Care Vitamin C and E Ferulic Acid Serum (also at Target) // I first learned about the Timeless serums from Angie at Hot & Flashy, and I’ve been using it for several years. My dermatologist approved it, so I assume it’s doing something good! I do like how it feels and smells on the skin… this is basically how I determine what I like in a skincare product.

#2. Timeless Skin Care Coenzyme Q10 Serum // I apply this after the Vitamin C. When I took these two products in to my dermatologist, she didn’t think the Coenzyme Q10 is necessary since that ingredient is in lots of other products. I like how the Coenzyme Q10 feels moisturizing, though, so I continue to use it.

I used to keep a mini-fridge in my bathroom to keep both of these serums cold, but it broke, and I didn’t replace it. I guess that makes them last longer? I probably should get another one.

#3. CeraVe PM Facial Moisturizing Lotion // I use this as my daytime moisturizer, also at Angie’s recommendation. I love the price point, and it’s just a nice lightweight moisturizer without any fragrance. I use the PM version because I don’t want the chemical suncreen in the AM version, but if that doesn’t bother you, you can use that and skip the next step.

#4. ISDIN Eryfotona Ageless Sunscreen SPF 50+ // This tinted mineral sunscreen was recommended by my dermatologist, and I love the consistency and how easily it blends into the skin. It does tend to stain clothing, though, so be aware of that. I make sure not to let it touch my pajamas or robe when I’m applying.

#5. Revision Skincare Nectifirm // This product is a big splurge, and if I had to cut back on anything, this would be the first to go, but I want to feel like I’m doing something for my neck. After all, it’s one of the first areas to show signs of aging, and one that’s easy to overlook in our skincare routine. I can’t remember where I heard about this, but my dermatologist recommended the Revision Skincare Hydrating Serum, so I figured the brand is a good one. I use this morning and night.

I let all that set up while I do my hair, and then I go back in and apply my makeup, but that’s another post! I’ll update that one within the next few weeks.

My Evening Skincare Routine

Okay, I know that looks like a lot… bear with me! I’ve been using this skincare routine for a couple of years, and it works really well for me. I have very dry skin, so I have to use rich creams and serums to avoid getting flaky skin in the wintertime.

#1. Almay Longwear & Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover Pads // I always start by removing my eye makeup, and I’ve been using these Almay remover pads for years and years. I don’t wear waterproof eye makeup, but I find the waterproof eye makeup remover works best.

#2. Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm // My second step is always a cleansing balm, and my current favorite is the Elemis. It gently melts away dirt and makeup, it smells divine.

#3. La Roche-Posay Toleriane Hydrating Gentle Cleanser // If I’m feeling lazy, I’ll skip this step, but I almost always double cleanse. You can google the benefits of double cleansing for more information, but it’s highly recommended, and I do notice a lot of leftover makeup on my cotton paid if I use a toner after the cleansing balms.  I’ve tried different cleansers, but some are too harsh, especially during the winter.

#4. PCA Skin Nutrient Toner // I started using this toner after my friend Lindsey at The Motherchic shared it, and I love it. It’s exfoliating and moisturizing, and it smells amazing. It also makes my face feel another level of clean.

#5. Revision Skincare Hydrating Serum // I first bought this from my dermatologist, and now I have it on auto-order at Amazon. I was having trouble with dryness, so she tweaked my Retin-A prescription and told me to add this to my nighttime routine. I would use it in the mornings as well, but I figure the Coenzyme Q10 has a similar function, and it’s a lot cheaper.

#6a. Prescription Retin A // Every other night, I apply the Retin-A prescribed by my dermatologist.

#6b. skinbetter science AlphaRet Overnight Cream // On the nights I don’t use Retin-A, I use Alpha-Ret. I also get this from my dermatologist. She used to have me on a glycolic cream, but I had trouble with dryness, so she has me using this instead.

#7. Replenix Age Restore Nighttime Therapy // This was also from my dermatologist; I was using La Mer because it was the only thing I could find that was rich enough to keep my skin from flaking. She seemed to think La Mer is overpriced, and she suggested this instead. I love it. It’s thick and rich and creamy, and I apply it liberally to my face, neck, and chest every night. I also have it on auto-order at Dermstore.

#8. Revision Skincare Nectifirm // Again, if I had to cut back on anything, this product would be the first to go, but I’m currently using it morning and night.

#9. RevitaLash // This is my secret to long, luscious lashes. Okay, so it’s not much of a secret, as I’m sharing it with the Internet. I’ve always had long lashes by nature, but as I’ve aged, they’ve gotten thinner and shorter. I’ve tried a few different lash serums, but this is by far my favorite. I only need to use it every other night, now that I’m in “maintenance” but I used it every night while my lashes were growing out.

#10. LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask // This is the final product I apply to my face… or my lips, rather. My lips get very dry and peel, and this helps prevent that. I’ve tried others over time, but this works as well as anything, and I like how it feels.

One final note: When my skin is still struggling with the flakies despite all that, I apply a face oil before my moisturizer. I love the Colleen Rothschild Face Oil N°9 for this, but I ran out and I had the Elemis Superfood Facial Oil in my cabinet, so I’ve been using that lately.

FYI, the general rule of thumb when layering skincare products is to go from lightest to heaviest. Supposedly the night cream seals in the oil, and that’s why you apply it last. I probably don’t need the oil and the serum, but I figure in this case, more is more, so I use both.

Okey-dokey! That’s about it. I mean, I’m sure I could say a lot more, but this is what I do. I’m not an expert, but I’m happy to answer any questions in the comments.

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Try-On Haul: Winter Boots, Cashmere, Transition Tops & More

Happy Friday, friends! I’ve got a new try on haul for you today, with some winter boots and a smattering of other late winter/early spring styles from some of my recent orders.

SIZING NOTES: I’m 5’5″ and I usually wear a small in tops, a 28 or 29 in jeans, and a size 8 shoe. Gifted items are indicated by c/o; everything else I purchased myself.

Winter Boot Try-Ons

Lately, when I’ve been going to get dressed, I find myself struggling when I want a casual flat shoe. I often opt for sneakers, but sometimes I want to level up, and I just realized I don’t have any flat or low-heeled boots in my closet at the moment. All that to say, I set out to fill that hole in my winter wardrobe.

I ordered a few Sorel styles to try when I saw them on sale last weekend, and then I set out to the mall in search of a pair of black leather boots. I had in mind some type of Chelsea boot or lug sole boot, but something more urban and not quite as rugged as the Sorel boots I ordered. So that’s where we’ll start!

Tory Burch Chelsea Boot

at Nordstrom (8) // brown option // at Tory Burch (8) // sweater (S; similar for less) // jeans (28)

These are the boots I found at the mall. I only went to Nordstrom, and there weren’t a lot of options for what I was looking for, but this pair pretty much nailed it. AND they were on sale! (They still are, but sizes are getting depleted quickly, so act fast if you like them!)

The leather is a bit stiffer than some of my Vince boots, but I wore them to dinner with friends Sunday night, and it softens up quickly with wear. They look very high quality, and I’m sure they’re going to hold up well.

I also love the 7 1/2″ high shaft because it slips easily under straight crop jeans. And while they’re not completely flat, the 1 3/4″ heel feels a lot lower than the 2 3/4″ heel on my Dolce Vita Vikram boots. Here’s a side-by-side comparison.

Tory Burch (8) // Dolce Vita (8)

At first, I was afraid these two pairs of boots would be too similar to justify having both, but once I put the Dolce Vita on to compare, I realized it definitely has a higher heel and more of a Western vibe. I think I’ll find myself opting for the Tory Burch pair when I want a more walkable, low-heeled boot and a less edgy style.

VERDICT: I kept these, and I’ve already worn them once!

Dolce Vita Vikram Bootie

at Evereve (8) // sweater (S; similar for less) // jeans (28)

These are great boots, too. I’ve had them for a few months and worn them quite a bit. They have a higher shaft than the Dolce Vita Volli, which I appreciate when I’m wearing more of a cropped length of jean. (These jeans are ankle length.)

As I said above, these have a little bit of an edgy vibe, and the Western styling is very much on trend this season.

While Dolce Vita quality isn’t considered on par with Tory Burch, I have no complaints. I feel like they look almost as nice, and they’re typically about half the price. If you’re debating the two, you can’t go wrong with either; it’s just a matter of which style you prefer.

La Canadienne Connor Waterproof Boot

at Nordstrom // at Bloomies // at Saks // Sundry top (1) // jeans (29)

Because I can’t leave well enough alone… I ordered these lug sole Chelsea boots when I got home from the mall that night. In fact, I also ordered the Freda Salvador Brooke after seeing them on another influencer as I was perusing Instagram.

I realized as soon as I saw them that this is more of the look I wanted, with the rounded toe and lug sole. They remind me of the Blondo OTK boots I wore so much for a few years with skinny jeans and leggings.

When I searched the Freda Salvador Brooke, this La Canadienne Connor also came up, so I ordered them both. And since then, I’ve also ordered the Vince Remi to compare.

I used to struggle with this style of boot when all I wore was skinny jeans, but they’re perfect with the straighter styles that are trending right now.

My first impression when opening the box was these are gorgeous boots. I’ve never had La Canadienne boots before, but I always consider them on par with Aquatalia.

But once I pulled them on (and they are remarkably comfortable), I felt like they almost look plasticky. I guess it’s because they’re waterproof.

They also may be more clunky than what I want. I like the more streamlined silhouette of the Tory Burch… which is a good thing, because by the time these came in the mail, I’d already worn the Torys!

I wish I had the Freda Salvador Brooke and Vince Remi to show you and compare in this post, but they won’t be in for a few more days, and I wanted to get this post up while the Tory Burch pair is still somewhat in stock. I’ll do a big side-by-side picture of all the boots when they come in, and share my thoughts on each.

SOREL Brex Boot Chelsea

at Zappos (8) // at Macy’s // at Nordstrom // sweater (S; similar for less) // jeans (29)

Okay, switching gears a bit here, these are the first pair of Sorel boots I ordered. I was drawn into the ivory with camel and rust accents, and I thought they looked practical and casual and comfortable for wearing with my light wash blue jeans.

I also tried them cuffed, so you can see more of the details of the boots, but I’m not such a fan of this. I feel like all it does is make my legs look shorter and stumpier, and it really isn’t necessary, as the shaft of the boot is slim enough to slip underneath the jeans when they’re worn un-cuffed.

Here’s how they look with an ankle flare jean. This works too!

Mother Hustler in Au Revoir (28)

These boots are extremely comfortable, and I love the styling, but I’m afraid they’re a little too rugged for my personal style. If I lived in an area with a lot of snow, I would definitely consider keeping them, but when the next pair came in the mail, I knew they were The Ones.

SOREL Hi-Line Heel Chelsea

at Zappos (8) // at Macy’s // sweater (S; similar for less) // jeans (29)

These boots look more like a fashion boot and less like a snow boot, and the grey trim ties into the cool tones in my wardrobe a lot better than the tan sole on the Brex, as does the white suede as opposed to the ivory leather.

I also tried these with the jeans cuffed, and here you can see my Smartwool socks. These boots are not as soft and supple inside as some Sorel boots I’ve owned, and I felt the need to wear a comfy sock with these. Also, when I sit down, even with the jeans un-cuffed, a bit of my calf is exposed, so the socks look better.

Happily, these boots work really well with the ankle flares too…

Mother Hustler in Au Revoir (28)

And here they are with a full length flare. I don’t mind this look, but I’ll probably end up wearing a pointed toe boot when I wear these jeans. I just don’t love that rounded toe with the full length flare, even though these boots do have enough height to keep my proportions in balance.

I also ordered these boots in the Umber/Ceramic, but I forgot I had them until about 5 minutes ago, so I ran upstairs and threw them on real quick.

If I hadn’t already worn the Chalk/Ceramic pair, I might have considered keeping these instead. This is such a good brown… it has cool undertones, so it works with my wardrobe better than a lot of other brown shades. The nubuck would also be a lot easier to keep clean than the suede.

Evereve Boxy Snap Front Henley (S) // Mother Dazzler (29)

Although, I feel like the heel almost looks clunkier on these… Maybe because it’s lighter than the upper, which is the opposite of the Chalk/Parchment version?

Anyway! I already wore the Chalk, and I don’t want to keep both, so these are going back.

SOREL Joan Of Arctic Next Boot WP

at Zappos // at Nordstrom // sweater (S; similar for less) // jeans (29)

These boots definitely fall into the rugged snow boot category! They’re amazing, and so so so warm and soft inside, but I just don’t think I have the need for anything like this.

VERDICT: I kept the Sorel Hi-Line Heel Chelsea Boots in the Chalk/Ceramic combo, and I returned the Brex, the Joan of Arctic Next Boots, and the Hi-Line Heel Chelsea Boots in the Umber/Ceramic.

Quince Try-Ons

I ordered a few random items from Quince last week. I often get asked if Quince is legit, and how their quality compares to other retailers. Quince is one of those retailers (sort of like Everlane) that uses a factory-direct model to cut out the supply-chain middlemen and reduces costs.

I feel like they provide a better than average value for the quality. It’s a good place to get quality basics, especially cashmere, and they have free returns for up to 365 days!

Quince Brushed Lounge Jogger & Brushed Short Sleeve Lounge Tee

joggers (S) // tee (S) // slippers (8)

These two pieces are odd because they sound like they go together, but the fabric is slightly different. I have no idea why, but I don’t think it’s intentional.

That said, they are impossibly soft and so comfy. I wish I could live in them. I do think I could size up in the joggers, though. The waist was tight, and they look a little short.

VERDICT: Returning. I would want them to match better, and I’d need to exchange the joggers for a medium.

Quince Mongolian Cashmere Sweatpants

sweatpants (M) // top (S) // similar sneakers (39)

Okay, now these I LOVE. I ordered the small and the medium, because I’ve ordered their cashmere joggers in the past and remembered they ran small. The medium is definitely the better fit.

The pockets were really visible on the size small, and the waist was too tight. These, however, fit perfectly. I also like the length and slouchier fit better on the medium. (Compare to the lounge joggers above, to see what I mean.)

For some reason, I did not order a matching top… I think I meant to? But I have other black cashmere sweaters I can wear with them, if I want a matching set. Or the thermal I’m wearing here actually works.

VERDICT: Keeping! I will likely only wear them around the house, but maybe not… I can see wearing them with a cashmere hoodie or a white tee and denim jacket to run errands on a mild winter day.

Quince 100% Organic Cotton Mockneck Sweater

sweater (S) // jeans (29) // boots (8)

I think I’d like this better if I sized up for a more relaxed fit, but it’s a nice transitional sweater in 100% cotton. I chose this Dark Pink in an attempt to add some color to my closet, but it comes in a bunch of classic neutral hues as well as a pretty bright blue that plays into the 2023 winter color trends.

It has a classic fit with a mock neck and flattering raglan sleeves. (At least, they flatter me! I love the way the diagonal lines of a raglan sleeve de-emphasize my broad shoulders.)

I also like the slightly shorter-than-average length. It isn’t cropped, but I can leave it untucked, and it looks good on my short-waisted body type.

VERDICT: I returned this, but I may re-order i the medium.

Quince Cashmere Tee

at Quince (M) // jeans (28) // slides (8)

I love a cashmere tee, so I ordered this one to try. It’s a nice transition piece for spring. The fabric is incredibly soft, and the fit is classic and flattering.

It does run small, though. I ordered the small and medium, and this is the medium. I could not wear it any smaller.

VERDICT: Keeping!

A Few More Random Try-Ons

Here a few more things I’ve ordered recently. I was going to save them for my next try-on haul, when I have more from these retailers, but I always worry about them selling out, so here you go!

Maeve Short-Sleeve Pointelle Sweater

at Anthro (S) // jeans (28) // slides (8)

I thought this might be a cute sweater for spring (I ordered it with my Florida trip in mind) but the fit is on the small side.

That said, I love the pointelle knit and the black trim. The neckline is flattering, and the gathered sleeves are feminine but not too precious for my minimalistic tendencies.

VERDICT: I might order the medium, but I returned this size small.

Dolce Vita Lucas Wood Platform Sandal

at Evereve (7.5) // Quince cashmere tee (M) // Mother Hustler (28)

I love these platform slides for spring and summer! I think they’ll look amazing with the wide leg pants that are trending… I ordered some of those too, so stay tuned for next week’s Try On Haul!

These shoes are surprisingly comfortable and easy to walk in, and they aren’t too wide for my flat/narrowish feet. They run true to size, or size down if in between.

VERDICT: Keeping!

SUNDRY Pigment Thermal Pullover

at Evereve (S) // Agolde Riley (29) // John P448

Sundry rarely disappoints, and this thermal top is right up my alley! I knew the second I saw it on the Evereve website that I’d love it. I even texted Amy with the link to announce my delight in this fabulous find!

The wide crew neck, raglan sleeves, 23″ length, and lived-in pigment dyed fabric in the perfect shade of pink to pair with light wash blue jeans… perfection!

I like it with both the sneakers and the lug sole boots, but I expect I’ll wear it mostly with jeans and sneakers.

VERDICT: Keeping! I’ve already worn it once. My only hesitation is that maybe I’d rather have a medium. I hope it doesn’t shrink. 🤞🏼

Reese Floral Print Mix

at Evereve (S) // jeans (29) // booties (8)

Finally, this long sleeve floral blouse is a great little transition piece. I should have also tried it with white jeans and pumps for spring, but I love how it pairs with these dark wash flares and light beige boots for now… although I just realized it’s black, not navy, so I might prefer it with black jeans.

The puff sleeves aren’t my best sleeve silhouette, but I think they’re okay because of the flattering v-neckline and the shorter (23″) length of the top.

VERDICT: Keeping for now… I will see if I reach for it before the return window expires.

And that’s all I’ve got for today, although a bunch of stuff came in yesterday, so once I go through it all and try it on, I’ll have more to show you!

Let me know what you’re shopping for right now, and I’ll see what I can find.

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Fall/Winter Fashion

5 Wearable Winter 2023 Fashion Trends to Try

The votes are in, and it was unanimous! You all want to see more winter style inspiration, so let’s discuss the latest winter fashion trends.

As you probably know, the big seasons for new fashion trends are Spring and Fall, because that’s when the Fashion Week runway shows happen. But there are always some micro trends and new colors that pop up in the off-seasons at the mainstream stores where most of us shop, and that’s what we’re talking about today.

I did some Google research to see what the “experts” are saying about Winter 2023 trends, but this list of wearable winter fashion trends is more or less what I’m seeing from our favorite retailers like LOFT, Evereve, J.Crew and Nordstrom.

As always, I have to make this disclaimer when discussions fashion trends: At the end of the day, you should wear what you love, no matter what the “trend reports” say. Just because it’s trending doesn’t mean you have to wear it. Be selective with trends, and try the ones that align with your personal style, body type, lifestyle, etc.

That said, don’t automatically disregard something because you don’t like it at first. Being unwilling to try new things is a sure-fire way to end up in a style rut, so try to be openminded, and consider how you can interpret one or two of these trends to work for you before deciding to pass on all of them.

5 Wearable Winter 2023 Fashion Trends to Try

Here are 5 wearable winter 2023 fashion trends you may want to try this season. These are either new to the fashion scene or fall trends that are still going strong.

#1. Bold & Bright Hues {Especially Blue & Green}

photo credit: Ann Taylor

We saw bold and bright colors taking hold last fall, and “dopamine dressing” is still a thing in 2023. (Dopamine dressing is dressing in bright, statement colors that boost your mood.)

But while fall was all about pink and red, and those colors are still out there and very much on trend, what I’m noticing now is all the blue and green! If you click on just about any mainstream fashion website, or walk into their stores at your local mall, you will notice this shift in color palette.

If you’re a fan of these colors, now’s the time to stock up! If they aren’t your favorite, you may still want to consider how you can incorporate one or two pieces into your wardrobe… or maybe go for a different bold or bright hue. (I wasn’t feeling it so much in the fall, but I’m loving pink right now!)

Shop Bold & Bright Winter Trends:

If you don’t care for bright colors, feel free to sit this one out. I also saw one trend report saying that 90’s minimalism and simpler silhouettes with muted tones like browns, grays, creams, and black are making a bit of a comeback at the moment… Go figure!

photo credit: AYR

The nice thing is, there’s something for everyone out there right now, and more than one way to be in style. Authenticity trumps fads any day of the week!

Okay, moving away from color trends, here are some of the shoe and clothing styles that are popular right now…

#2. Puffer Boots

photo credit: Madewell

Yes, puffer BOOTS! Puffer coats and vest are also going strong, but puffer boots are one of the micro trends we’re seeing pop up for winter 2023. Think 80’s moon boots reimagined for 2023.

The nice thing about this trend is it’s so practical and comfortable. If you need snow boots, that’s the easiest way to participate, but you can also find fashion boots that aren’t too far out there, if you’re not sure you want to go full on 80’s moon boot.

Shop Puffer Boots:

If you don’t love this look (and I had a hard time finding a pair I can actually see myself wearing), consider a chunky lug sole boot. I’m seeing a lot of these right now, and I feel like they have a similar silhouette to the puffer boots, but look a little more refined. Also, any snow boots with all the wrap-around laces are very on trend right now.

Shop More 2023 Winter Boot Trends:

#3. Wide Leg Silhouettes

photo credit: Madewell

Puddle pants were on several of the winter trends lists that I read, and while I don’t see the women who are reading this blog going quite that far, wide leg silhouettes are where the pant trends are going this season, and they’re more wearable.

I expect we’ll see a lot more of these in the spring, so you may want to start trying them now. I recently ordered these Good American palazzo pants to try, and I rounded up some more denim options below.

Shop Wide Leg Pants & Jeans:

#4. Leather

photo credit: Ann Taylor

Leather was a big trend for fall, and it’s sticking around for winter. Leather blazers are on almost every winter trends list I read, and I’m also seeing a lot of leather dresses and leather tops at my favorite retail stores. Of course, faux leather pants and coated denim are always an easy way to participate in this trend.

Shop faux leather for winter below:

#5. Big Scarves

photo credit: Free People

Go big or go home is the motto for scarves in 2023, as we discussed at length in my post answering the popular question, Are scarves in style?

This is a trend pretty much anyone can enjoy… as long as you live somewhere with real winter. I usually wear mine with a coat, but you can put yours on over a sweater to keep you warm indoors, if you like. The traditional long, oblong shapes are the most current.

Shop oversized scarves:

In Summary

For me, I’m shopping for some bold and bright colors to liven up my neutral wardrobe. I just ordered this Rails sweater (it was on sale when I ordered it) and this cute thermal pullover. I can see myself wearing these next year, as well. I’ve also ordered some blue, but it’s the bright pink tones that are calling my name.

I recently realized that I don’t have any casual flat boots, and that’s definitely a hole in my winter wardrobe, so I’ve been shopping for some that aren’t too chunky but still play into the current trends. I’ll share some of those in tomorrow’s try-on haul.

And I’m not sure I can pull off the wide leg pants and jeans, but I’ve ordered a few to try because I think they’ll be going strong into spring. I’m also being mindful of tops that work with that silhouette, and ordering those when I see them. So far, I’m falling a bit short in that area.

I have coated denim jeans that I like and plan to keep wearing, but I don’t see myself adding a leather blazer to my wardrobe because I don’t wear blazers. I love the idea of a faux leather dress or top, though, so I’m keeping my eye out for one of those.

That said, dresses are hard for me, and faux leather tops sound cold, so yeah… not sure about that! I do want to wear my leather bomber and faux leather puffer more this winter, though.

And while I love the chunky scarves, I haven’t ordered any bold colors. I tend to stick to my neutral favorites because they feel more elegant to me.

How about you? Are you planning to add any of these winter fashion trends to your wardrobe this season?

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Fall/Winter Fashion

New Year Wardrobe Refresh with Gap Factory

Gap Factory just started their Winter Sale, so this is the perfect opportunity ​to give your wardrobe a refresh for the new year without breaking the bank! They’ve got almost everything marked 40%–70% off through 1/17, plus you’ll save an additional 65% off clearance items with code GFCHILLY.

I styled three casual outfits for your winter style inspiration, and I rounded up my Gap Factory Winter Sale picks for men and women at the end of this post.

Forever Cozy Ribbed Crewneck Sweater in Birch (S) // High Rise Destructed Vintage Slim Jeans with Washwell (29)

This ribbed crewneck sweater is super soft and cozy, with flattering raglan sleeves and banded cuffs, and it runs true to size; I’m in my usual size small.

It comes in a bunch of pretty colors, but I chose the Birch because I love wearing ivory with light wash jeans in the winter. (On the website, the color circle looks beige, but it shows the model wearing the sweater in this ivory color, and that’s the one I ordered.)

I paired it with these destructed slim straight leg jeans, for a casual vibe, but you could also wear it with non-distressed denim or work pants.

These jeans have a really nice fit, and they’re a good choice for those wanting to branch out from skinnies but not ready for a wider silhouette.

They run true to size, and they come in petite, regular, tall, and extra tall lengths! I’m in the 29R, and they fit great, but they do stretch some with wear.

If you want to add a few winter accessories to your look, I love this fair isle poof beanie and ribbed neckwarmer. Unfortunately, this navy fairisle color-way is sold out, but the ivory is really pretty. 

I also grabbed this v-neck sweater in the black, but I went with a size medium in this one. I tried it a few months ago in another color, and it felt a bit snug, so this time I sized up, and I like the fit much better.

Unfortunately, this sweater has sold out in most sizes, but this one is similar.

The side slit and the waffle texture add interest, plus it has a really flattering v-neckline. This sweater is soft and comfortable, and there’s no wool content, for those who are sensitive.

It also looks great paired with these destructed blue jeans. I love black and denim together; it never gets old for me!

Gap Factory V-Neck Sweater (M) // High Rise Destructed Vintage Slim Jeans with Washwell (29)

For those in milder climates, here’s more of a transitional look with a denim jacket and black flares.

Icon Denim Jacket with Washwell (S) // Waffle Knit T-Shirt (S) // High Rise 70’s Flare Jeans with Washwell (29)

This classic trucker style denim jacket in the medium indigo wash with subtle fading is the perfect closet addition for a casual lifestyle. I love how it pairs with black or white denim.

And these High Rise 70’s Flare Jeans with Washwell are right on trend for this winter 2023 season! I love the inky black wash for dressing up casual looks like this one, or you can pair them with a blouse and leather jacket for a night out.

These jeans come in short, regular, and tall lengths; I’m wearing the size 29R, with the 32″ inseam, which is perfect for me at 5’5″.

They fit snug at first, as black denim tends to run smaller than blue, but they do settle in nicely and feel comfortable after an hour of wear.

Underneath, I’m wearing this waffle-knit t-shirt in purple plum pudding. This is such a great little layering piece for now and later! It will carry you right into spring.

It’s true to size, or you can size up for a looser fit; and it also comes in petite and tall sizes!

We actually had some mild weather last week here in Philly, but unfortunately it was short lived. This outfit was perfect for that, so I’m hoping it works for some of you ladies down south. It will also transition well to spring.

Don’t forget! The Gap Factory Winter Sale is going on right now until 1/17, and you can get 40%–70% off almost everything, plus save an additional 65% off clearance items with code GFCHILLY! (FYI, the sale excludes clearance, faux leather, and gift cards.)

Shop my Gap Factory Winter Sale picks for women:

Shop my Gap Factory Winter Sale picks for men:

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photos: Alison Cornell