Best Laid Plans

Yes, this is my 3rd post in 24 hours.  No, I have no life.

I WOULD have a life, but my son woke up in the night with a fever and headache, confining us to the house all day today.  Yes, he was sick earlier this week with the same thing.  Whatever it is, it’s fortunately mild, but it’s putting a major kink in my plans.

In typical 9-year-old fashion, he was more concerned about missing trick-or-treating than with his malady.  And I have to admit, I had similar concerns.  I was planning to do some errands today, and then I was supposed to attend the school Halloween parade and help out with my 6-year-old’s class party afterwards.

Of course I couldn’t send my son to school with a headache and a fever, so I missed the parade and the party entirely.

On top of that, I didn’t get any photos of my 4-year-old’s preschool Halloween parade yesterday because the camera was mysteriously lacking battery power.  It was one of those rare occasions when I THOUGHT I had it all together.  I arrived at the school a full 10 minutes early, which, in JST (that’s Jo-Lynne Standard Time, duh) was actually TWENTY minutes early, considering that I perpetually run 10 minutes late to EVERY thing.  I even remembered my fancy SLR camera.  I was so proud of myself.

And you KNOW what they say about pride.

As the kids began to process around the parking lot, I watched until I glimpsed a peep of my daughter’s silky blond head above a froth of pink organza, then I powered up my camera on and moved it into position.  Which is when I noticed the dreaded blinking battery in the upper right corner.  I clicked, just to double check, but it was dead as a doornail.

So I got no pictures of either event.  Boohoo.

Of course, as soon as we got home and I retrieved the CHARGED camera battery, I forced the little princess to pose in front of our house so I could take makeup photos.  Be prepared to be spellbound.

Pretty Princess

Of course there will be pictures of my trick-or-treaters tomorrow night, assuming all are well enough to traipse around the neighborhood and beg for candy.  Isn’t Halloween such a classy holiday?

Despite being stuck at home all day, I’ve managed to keep busy.  In addition to writing three posts in the past 24 hours, I have baked a loaf of sandwich bread, a loaf of banana bread, a double batch of granola, and a pan of granola bars.  And lest you start chiming in with all the “how do you do it all” comments, rest assured, I most certainly do not do “it all.”

Case in point — behold, the laundry room:


Just keeping it real, y’all.