Blown. Away.

I am absolutely and completely blown away by the response to yesterday’s post. It just goes to show what most people are saying in the comments, it’s the posts where I sit down and write whatever is on my mind that resonate the most with my audience.

Well, that is certainly convenient because those are my favorite posts to write!

Let me be clear, I had no intention to quit blogging here or change my content when I wrote that post; I was just explaining my feelings about blogging lately. But you know what? Something about writing that post unleashed the floodgates because suddenly I have several posts brewing. I think that I’ve been so preoccupied over the last few months – first with speaking at Blissdom and preparing Eat Local Philly to be on display as my hyperlocal blog (I spoke on the hyperlocal panel) and then with launching All Things Chic and then with our massive car hunt – that I haven’t had any time to just be. And it is when I have the time to be that post topics come to me and I can write.

This morning I have 4 or 5 posts in my Draft folder at various stages of completion, and I suddenly feel inspired to write again. Which is always bad news for my design clients. Sorry, guys! I’ll be back to work soon!

Speaking of design, I got the inspiration yesterday to redesign this space. Or rather, to have this space redesigned.

There is something about designing one’s own websites that is daunting, and I’m just not feeling up to it this time. So I’ve asked a good friend, who is an extremely talented designer, to work on it for me. (Incidentally, she took All Things Chic and Eat Local Philly to a new level when I let her play around with them.) I am giving her free reign here at MOAH, and I can’t wait to see what she does with it.

With that, I’m heading out for a day of errands and a lunch date with my friend Trina. Funny how suddenly errands don’t seem like drudgery. It might have something to do with my new wheels.