Coffee Talk 01.10.21

Ahhhh, we had such high hopes for 2021. I guess we should have known better, but it was a good five days while it lasted.

This meme was going around on Thursday, and it made me laugh.

I have no desire to rehash the events of the past few days; nor am I going to pretend to have any answers or tell you how to react, think, and feel. Lord knows there are plenty of other places you can go to get that. But I will say, it’s hard to remember much else from the past week.

When I wasn’t trying to make heads or tails out of what’s happening to our country, I was mostly working on content for the blog, exercising, or trying to get Facebook to take down this page that’s impersonating me (always a fun time.)

If you’re bored today, you can try reporting it for me as well, although a lot of people have already done so, and it hasn’t helped.

For some reason, when Facebook asks you to tag the person or business being impersonated, but it won’t bring up my page or profile in the search results. I’ve tried everything… typing in my name, typing in my name without the hyphen, typing in jolynneshanesblog (the url for my page) and typing in Modern Everyday Style with Jo-Lynne Shane (the name of my page.) I’ve also tried copying and pasting the URL of my Facebook profile and my Facebook page.

No matter what I do, neither my profile nor my page will show in the dropdown options, and I can’t figure out why. It’s not that I’m not important enough because lots of random profiles and pages come up when you start typing in my name.

I really think it could be that dang hyphen. That causes me so much trouble in this digital age. Oftentimes, when typing my name into an online form, I’m told I can’t use extra characters, and my name isn’t accepted until I remove the hyphen.

Things my parents could never have imagined when they named me back in 1972…

All that to say, I don’t think anyone at Facebook is actually looking at it. I just get a canned email reply to each complaint saying that nothing about the impersonation page goes against their community standards. (We also tried reporting it for harassment, for being a fake page, and for intellectual property infringement… no dice.)

The owner of the page hasn’t added any new posts, but whoever it is definitely keeps an eye on it because people have posted on the page on my behalf, and those posts get taken down. (So don’t even bother doing that. It probably just fuels their fire.)

I mean, for all I know, it’s a disgruntled or jealous blog follower doing this just to get a rise out of me. Who knows?

What I do know is, Facebook makes it so there is no way to get to an actual person to ask for help in these instances, and it’s beyond infuriating to be at their mercy.

So anyway, enough about that.

Paul and I started watching Broadchurch this week. It’s dark, but it’s good, and it’s given us a diversion from the news. (You can find it on Netflix.)

I also started a new book: What Once Was True by Jean Grainger. It was recommended on my Kindle, and it was free to “borrow” from the Kindle library, so I was skeptical, but I’m enjoying it so far. I spent a large part of last Sunday reading it, and I plan to do the same today. I really need to spend more time unplugged. It’s good for the soul… and the sanity.

Speaking of unplugging, I’ve been running or working out almost every day this week, and that feels really good. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to be this active.

My new Apple watch tells me when I need to stand and move around, and that’s helping me remember not to sit at my desk for too long. Even when I’m sitting around in the evenings, watching TV, I will stand up for a few minutes whenever my alert goes off.

Speaking of being active, I want to get outside for a run this morning before church, so I need to cut this off. I was only able to go 2 miles yesterday. My legs felt like lead, and I just didn’t have my usual energy, so I decided to cut it short and go out again today.

It’s cold, but sunny, and there’s not much wind, so it should feel pretty good.

I hope you’re all hanging in there and doing what you need to do to set boundaries and preserve your sanity during these trying times.

Have a restful and blessed Sunday!

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  1. I hope that your legs felt better today after your run!  It was in the low 20’s when I got up this morning and has just now made it to freezing.  Like there, the sun is out today, thank goodness.  I have opted to watch much of the world news this week mainly because the networks do such a great job of not being totally factual and not giving the real story.  Last weekend one portion of Sheryl Atkinson’s show talked about all of the inaccuracies from most of the news outlets on air and in print, which was staggering.  Today is the last day of deer season here.  As I did last night, I will be hunting from our home vs. sitting outside in the freaking cold, where we haven’t being seeing deer any way.  Have a blessed day!

    1. Not wanting to cause a stir here, just wanted a fellow follower to know I appreciate your comment about the news.  Makes it hard for any of us to be objective.

    2. Yes, if you want to know what is really going on, you have to get off the major networks and dive deeper. I’ve started listening to some podcasts to understand more, but I find that I get too obsessed with it all if I listen too much. It’s a delicate balance.

  2. I hope you enjoy Broadchurch. I watched it a few months ago and really enjoyed it. Prayers for healing for our country. Have a great week! 

  3. Hi Jo-Lynne, I feel your pain re the dang hyphen in your name! People and technology can’t wrap their heads around that concept! Anywho, I also been suffering from hip/lower back issues since August (hip dysfunction 🤷🏻‍♀️) and been told to really try to NOT sit so long while @ my desk, watching TV, driving…you know, life! Don’t have an Apple Watch yet but I was wondering what the watch is doing so u know when to stand & stretch? Is it an app or simply a timer that goes off every hour? Thanks, Maria Newport-Jones (it’s not my maiden & married last name that I decided to hyphenate either, it really is all my last name 😂)!! 

    1. Hey Maria. Too funny about your last name. I often wonder why anyone would do that intentionally, lol. It just has these alerts that tell you (literally) to stand up and move, one that tells you to breathe (I tunred that off) and there are stand goals and exercises/move goals every day — you can set it the way you want it. It’s pretty simple, though, and I really like it.

  4. It is scary how people can easily impersonate others online. I feel like years ago Facebook stopped being about connecting with people. I left 4 years ago and have never regretted it. They make it very difficult to even find out where to delete your account. I feel bad for those that have businesses though as I am sure it is a very easy way to reach others. All this wonderful technology has started to feel like it is pulling everyone further apart. Setting boundaries is a good thing for all of us–sometimes we just need to be reminded that we did once function without all of this technology and we were fine:)

  5. Well needless to say that must be very frustrating to have someone pretending to be you and have no help from needed sources to have it dealt with! I just started watching Virgin River on Netflix and just about to end season 1. So far it’s pretty good and I’m probably late on the band wagon for that one which is normally the case. I received quite a few books for Christmas so now that the start of the year organization is just about finished time to get started 😉. I’d like to save some for poolside reading when we can open the pool again. Have a great Sunday 

  6. Thanks for the Netflix suggestion. My husband and I are going to try it this evening. I can’t watch the news; it’s disheartening and not trust worthy. Praying for our country. 
    Stay well. I need to increase my activity. Love that your Apple Watch is reminding you to get away from your computer and to move. 

  7. UGH I’m so sorry about your Facebooks struggles. I’ve gone more rounds with them than I can count, as I manage social media for a nonprofit. They are ZERO help when I have an issue, but they’ve frozen our account multiple times due to “inappropriate activity” which has always turned out to be their error (never so much as an apology, of course.) Such a bother. I wish we were not so dependent upon social media for communications. Hope you get things worked out quickly!!!

  8. I’m sorry about that Facebook impersonator. I deleted my Facebook account about 4 months ago because I just got tired of their shenanigans. Luckily I didn’t need to use it to support a business like you do. I hope you eventually get somewhere with it. Enjoy your Sunday!

  9. It really bothers me when there is not a human to talk to when there’s an issue.  I hope your FB problem is rectified soon.  We all need to send positive thoughts out into the world regarding our country.  The state of things is heartbreaking.  Have a nice run and a beautiful Sunday.

  10. Thank you for your column, you just said everything that I feel about our current situation.  And reminded me of other enjoyable diversions.  I’ve been more active too and it helps so much.  Doing yoga too.

  11. So sorry for your technology troubles! They’re so frustrating! I really enjoyed Broadchurch-the acting was superior and the setting was beautiful. We just watched Yearly Departed on Amazon and it was hilarious! It was several female comediennes saying good-by to 2020. It was raunchy but also thought provoking; no more blowing out candles on a birthday cake?!

  12. I am sorry about your Facebook issues. That must be really frustrating—first, someone is impersonating you, and then you can’t get a real person to help. I decided when Facebook first came out that I would not join. I saw friends and family who were obsessed with it and spending so much time on it. Then I saw people getting into arguments with others and thought I just didn’t my life to be more complicated. I have never regretted that decision, but I am sometimes disappointed when I can’t join in something like your special page for your readers. But it’s not a big deal, and I stand by my decision. 
    I am glad you are back to your fierce working out schedule again. I was having a lot of hip pain and my doctor sent me for an X-ray, even though we both figured it was my sciatica acting up again. To my surprise, it showed I had moderate to severe arthritis in that hip. Doggone aging! I will have to work around that now!

    1. I agree 100% with with Patt commented.  I trust Facebook and the Social Media folks like I trust the tap water in Tijuana.  I never joined on Facebook; I may miss out on some fashion or IF groups or see photos of friends from college but c’est la vie.  My husband  asked the IT whiz guys in his multinational company if they were on Facebook and none of them are for the lack of security issues; if they aren’t on Facebook that tells me all I need to know.  Enjoy Broadchurch; it is dark at times but the acting and story line is stellar.  The first season is the best however the other seasons are also good.  “In the line of duty” is also good drama series: very addicting to watch. Glad the Apple Watch is helping you to stay active and get up.  Try to turn it turn on airplane mode from time to time  to avoid extra radiation.  In these crazy times, it is so important to protect our mental health and take breaks away from the news and negativity.  Unplug, recharge, relax, enjoy fresh air, take a nap on a lazy Sunday afternoon: sounds good to me!  Have a blessed Sunday. 

    2. I don’t blame you for not joining. You aren’t missing much… except for my amazing JLS Insiders group, of course! 🙂

      Sorry about the arthritis diagnosis. That stinks.

  13. So sorry to hear about your troubles with Facebook. So violating. I never have had Facebook and never will, but I don’t have a business that relies on it. Have a relaxing Sunday. I had to laugh at the Cindy Brady saying. So true. I’ve felt such a heaviness lately. My husband and I got out yesterday for a long drive….. weather nice and it helped to get away from the house. I even stopped in Barnes and Noble to buy my grandkids Valentine books. It wasn’t too crowded. That store is my happy place. I could have ordered the books on Amazon cheaper, but I love going into a bookstore. I love to read but finding myself too restless to sit and get into a book. Been doing too much sitting. I started yoga with Adriene on Friday, per your recommendation and hope to get on the mat at least 3 days a week. I could tell after the one time how stiff and sore I was. Thanks for encouraging us to keep moving. So important for our mental  health as well. 

  14. I just love the common sense expressed in this blog, not only of the commenters, but the “leader” especially. The meme alone says it all, right? We love getting to other shows through Netflix or Prime. There are so many really good British, Australian, and others making great stuff. Broadchurch is certainly one we enjoyed. I am currently reading The Authenticity Project by Claire Pooley, somewhat fun and not too heavy. I want to get off Facebook so much but as others have said it is a way to connect. I have heard of options such as Parler, MeWe. These mega social media companies have truly taken over the world and it is difficult to step off. I am soooo looking forward to this weeks wonderful fashions, Jo-Lynn!

    1. Yeah, I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. I really do learn a lot from reading other people’s points of view, and the conversations in their comments. I have a diverse group of friends, due to spending so many years in the social media space, and I value that.

      Plus, I enjoy my groups, and the way to connect with friends from afar. Instagram is fun, but it doesn’t seem to provide the same connection.

      I’ve seen the new apps, and I just joined MeWe for the heck of it to see what it’s about, but I don’t see one of them taking off the way FB has.

  15. I have an apostrophe in my name. Try that for irritation. Shop clerks stare blankly when I use the word and it appears on none of my credit cards. Broadchurch is great, if it is the British version. They refilmed it in Victoria Canada and changed the ending!!

  16. I had to chuckle about the naming in 1972…I was born the same year, and my parents didn’t give me a middle name. Screwed up all of those standardized tests with the little bubbles as a kid…and I could never get anything monogrammed without it looking stupid. I tease my mom about it to this day!

  17. Gosh, so sorry about your facebook ordeal!  I reported it, but it sounds like that isn’t enough.  Funny, I am a parent born in 1972 who named my daughter “Jada-Lynn” in 2009.  I should have known better, ha ha!!  Thanks for always being REAL, that’s what keeps me around.  Have a blessed day!

  18. I’m so terribly sorry about the Facebook situation. They absolutely do not care, though. I had a small organizing business several years ago and had a page. Well, Facebook FORCED me to create a personal page or else they were going to delete my business page! Bullies. So, I did it just so I could keep my business page but I Never go on the personal page.

    For the folks who want to delete Facebook, do it. Matter of fact, go watch The Social Dilemma on Netflix and you won’t think twice about deleting accounts – or seriously cutting back on the amount of time spent on them. Many of the ladies who commented here today are absolutely correct in that the technology of the world is driving us (human) apart. Use it wisely, folks… Take care. Blessings!

  19. In the final scene of the movie, The Wind and the Lion, Sean Connery, playing a Berber chieftain named Raisouli, reviews a defeat in battle with his ally.   The friend says, “It was a bad year, Raisouli,”.  He responds, “Yes, my friend, and next year will be worse,”

    In August, I suggested that my family go buy a few gifts and exchange them the following weekend.  Then the following weekend, we would stay up late, make a lot of noise for a few minutes and call 2020 done.  Everybody thought that was a great idea.  They are not laughing anymore.  

    If anything, these two years teach us that, like President Lincoln told us, “Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”  May we, like you, Jo-Lynne, bloom where we are planted.  

  20. My son had a similar problem with Facebook about 6 years ago. He used it to communicate with all his clients, and whoever sabotaged his page made it impossible for him to use his own page or reach his contacts. Facebook provided NO help or any assistance whatsoever. None! It was a horribly stressful experience; he stopped using Facebook entirely as have I. It is ludicrous to me Facebook cares so little for the users who have made it millions upon millions of dollars. Absolutely shameful. 

    1. I agree. It is beyond maddening, but I really have no choice but to be on Facebook. I need my business Page to support the blog (even if I don’t use it much, I need it for sponsored campaigns) and I have my Insiders Group there too.

      If I delete my profile, that would remove any social proof that I am THE Jo-Lynne Shane, and this thief gets to claim my name and pictures. At least as it is now, if you search my name on FB, you see my legit account (and Page) as well as the imposter account. Anyone with a modicum of common sense can tell the difference, so if no one will help me, I guess I just have to let it be.

  21. Not sure what made the difference in one day.. Dec. 31 to Jan 1. COVID is still here.. hatred is not gone..however hope is never gone. God is now and forever and our hope is in Him. Has been and will be. Not 2020 or or 2021. 

  22. I’m sorry about your Facebook issues! I deactivated because instead of reading about friends, I was reading everyone’s opinion. If you can’t say something kind, then you shouldn’t post. No one has ever changed someone’s opinion by posting on fb. 

    I stick to Instagram and I’m very selective about who I follow. It’s working so thank you for still posting!! Also, thank you for posting a wide variety of price points!! 

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