Coffee Talk 01.10.21

Ahhhh, we had such high hopes for 2021. I guess we should have known better, but it was a good five days while it lasted.

This meme was going around on Thursday, and it made me laugh.

I have no desire to rehash the events of the past few days; nor am I going to pretend to have any answers or tell you how to react, think, and feel. Lord knows there are plenty of other places you can go to get that. But I will say, it’s hard to remember much else from the past week.

When I wasn’t trying to make heads or tails out of what’s happening to our country, I was mostly working on content for the blog, exercising, or trying to get Facebook to take down this page that’s impersonating me (always a fun time.)

If you’re bored today, you can try reporting it for me as well, although a lot of people have already done so, and it hasn’t helped.

For some reason, when Facebook asks you to tag the person or business being impersonated, but it won’t bring up my page or profile in the search results. I’ve tried everything… typing in my name, typing in my name without the hyphen, typing in jolynneshanesblog (the url for my page) and typing in Modern Everyday Style with Jo-Lynne Shane (the name of my page.) I’ve also tried copying and pasting the URL of my Facebook profile and my Facebook page.

No matter what I do, neither my profile nor my page will show in the dropdown options, and I can’t figure out why. It’s not that I’m not important enough because lots of random profiles and pages come up when you start typing in my name.

I really think it could be that dang hyphen. That causes me so much trouble in this digital age. Oftentimes, when typing my name into an online form, I’m told I can’t use extra characters, and my name isn’t accepted until I remove the hyphen.

Things my parents could never have imagined when they named me back in 1972…

All that to say, I don’t think anyone at Facebook is actually looking at it. I just get a canned email reply to each complaint saying that nothing about the impersonation page goes against their community standards. (We also tried reporting it for harassment, for being a fake page, and for intellectual property infringement… no dice.)

The owner of the page hasn’t added any new posts, but whoever it is definitely keeps an eye on it because people have posted on the page on my behalf, and those posts get taken down. (So don’t even bother doing that. It probably just fuels their fire.)

I mean, for all I know, it’s a disgruntled or jealous blog follower doing this just to get a rise out of me. Who knows?

What I do know is, Facebook makes it so there is no way to get to an actual person to ask for help in these instances, and it’s beyond infuriating to be at their mercy.

So anyway, enough about that.

Paul and I started watching Broadchurch this week. It’s dark, but it’s good, and it’s given us a diversion from the news. (You can find it on Netflix.)

I also started a new book: What Once Was True by Jean Grainger. It was recommended on my Kindle, and it was free to “borrow” from the Kindle library, so I was skeptical, but I’m enjoying it so far. I spent a large part of last Sunday reading it, and I plan to do the same today. I really need to spend more time unplugged. It’s good for the soul… and the sanity.

Speaking of unplugging, I’ve been running or working out almost every day this week, and that feels really good. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to be this active.

My new Apple watch tells me when I need to stand and move around, and that’s helping me remember not to sit at my desk for too long. Even when I’m sitting around in the evenings, watching TV, I will stand up for a few minutes whenever my alert goes off.

Speaking of being active, I want to get outside for a run this morning before church, so I need to cut this off. I was only able to go 2 miles yesterday. My legs felt like lead, and I just didn’t have my usual energy, so I decided to cut it short and go out again today.

It’s cold, but sunny, and there’s not much wind, so it should feel pretty good.

I hope you’re all hanging in there and doing what you need to do to set boundaries and preserve your sanity during these trying times.

Have a restful and blessed Sunday!