Coffee Talk 04.14.19

Good morning and happy Palm Sunday! I hope you all are having a great weekend. I can’t get over how warm it’s been here in Philly. Such a welcome change from the sub-freezing temps we were having just a week or so ago.

Paul spent some time cleaning off the deck yesterday so we could host a get-together last night. It was our first outdoor gathering of the season, and we’re all super excited for warmer weather and the pool opening in just a couple weeks.

I went for a run in a tank top yesterday morning for the first time this year, and I was so excited I had to get on Insta Story and share, haha! Unfortunately I waited until the sun was high, and it was actually quite hot so I ended up doing more walking than running, and I came in after 25 minutes.

It always takes my body some time to adjust to a sudden change in temperature, but no complaints here! It felt wonderful to be warm, and I just allowed myself to walk when I felt like it and enjoyed the weather. I also did straight leg dead lifts the day before, so my legs were already tired, and it was probably best to take it easy.

I’m headed back out this morning before church. It’s a little cooler with some cloud cover, so I plan to get a full 30 minutes in this time. My goal is to do 30 minutes of run/walk intervals at least 4 days a week until I’m running the whole thing. Then I’ll start adding on more time.

Let’s see, what else??? I guess my younger daughter has a few days off from school for Spring Break at the end of the week. She lost one day due to snow, so she only gets 3 days off.

Sometimes we visit my parents in Virginia over Easter, and we even talked about taking a short vacation to a beach destination this year, but then I found out that my son’s college doesn’t give any days off over Easter (their Spring Break was back in March) so we decided to stay put this year.

All that to say, next weekend will be fairly quiet, but hopefully the weather will be nice and we can just enjoy being at home.

Meanwhile, I have that balance testing scheduled for this Thursday, so I’m curious to see how that goes. I still feel a little off balance from time to time, but my vertigo is pretty much gone. I guess the balance testing will reveal the desired results even if I’m currently asymptomatic. I’m afraid they’re going to tell me I need an MRI, but I’m trying to take things one step at a time and not “borrow trouble” as my mom used to say.

At this point, I’d just like an answer… and hopefully an answer with an easy fix so we can prevent it from happening again or at least treat it when/if it does.

In other news, I’ve got some fun posts coming to the blog this week… my spring beauty routine, another collab with Walmart, and a couple of new spring outfits. I also think my 5 ways to wear a white denim jacket is almost ready to post, and I’m working on 3 (or maybe 5) ways to style cargo pants.

I’m also on the lookout for more casual skirts and alternatives to shorts per several of your requests. If you have any recommendations of ones I should try, let me know!

I better sign off and get myself ready for church. Hope you all have a blessed Sunday!

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  1. Good morning!  I’m excited about your white denim jacket post!  I just bought one at Costco(really good price too!), and I’m looking forward to seeing your matchups.  Happy Sunday!

  2. We are under a tornado watch until 2 today.  It looks very wicked outside.  I am so glad that you are proceeding with the balance test.  🙏. I finally found a Rider Levi’s indigo white jean jacket via Amazon that is laundered & ironed, and ready to wear, so I am looking forward to your post on how to wear it.  I ended up ordering the hooded Carlson sweater you have in white, in the striped pattern because I think I will get more wear out of it than a solid.  I also ordered a colored pair of W&W pants in Shadow (a blue color) because the pink color was so pale that with my very light skin, I was afraid it’d look like I was naked.  Yikes!  I just placed an order with Kohl’s for a maxi dress and a maxi skirt.  Hopefully, one of them will fit and find a place in my closet.  Have a blessed day!

    1. Yikes! I think your weather came to us last night. There was a tornado watch for some of the counties west of us, and we got a nasty thunderstorm in the night. In fact, Paul’s flight to Seattle was canceled. He was supposed to fly out this morning. Looks like a pretty morning, though. It’s going to get windy, but there’s some sun and high of 63. I’ll take it!

  3. Enjoy your warm weather! We are still waiting for the warmer temps to return. Its a cool +10C or 50F. We had a freak snow/sleet storm on Thurs which was tiresome in April. Looking forward to your 5 ways to style a white jean jacket. Good luck with your ENT appt. Hopefully you can get some answers.

  4. I love your weather reports—I always assumed Pennsylvania was a terribly cold place, but your weather is often similar to ours here in the Mid South. In fact, today you’ve got us beat by a mile. High a damp, cloudy, windy 52. Tomorrow is the official last frost date, but tonight will give it a run for the money. Please send some of your warm weather–ha! Looking forward to this week’s posts, especially the cargo pants. Have a wonderful Palm Sunday.

    1. Nah, PA is pretty temperate. I grew up in Roanoke, VA, and it’s similar to the weather we had there. Sometimes 5-10 degrees colder, but often the same. I keep both on my weather app because I’m always curious how they compare. Traditionally, PA has really nice 4-season weather. Sometimes spring can be a doozy, but even if the weather is crappy, it’s still pretty with tons of flowering trees. We’ve lucked out this year with the weather, and it’s been a pretty decent spring so far.

  5. 65 here and sunny but rain moves in tomorrow… I’d like to see some of your more casual dresses you purchased shown a few ways… I got back to shorts last year at 50 but there are still many occasions when I’m headed out I prefer a dress..Have a great day😎

  6. I’m envious of your nice weather.  Enjoy!  We’ve had nothing but rain and no sign of it letting up for awhile.  It’s sure hard to wear cute clothes when it’s cold and  raining!  Ha ha  Welcome to the Northwest.  Looking forward to your posts this week. Especially the white denim jacket and cargo pants posts. I love my white denim jacket and just never quite know what to wear it with.  Of course, that’s if it ever stops raining long enough to wear it!  Hoping your balance test goes well.

    1. Ugh, I think I’d shrivel up and die in the Northwest. We are getting some rain, but we’re due. It’s been nice for a while, and at least it’s still warm. April showers and all that…

      1. Sometimes I do feel like I’m going to shrivel up here!  I grew up in Arizona and when we first moved here 22 years ago, the rain was a novelty.  For the first few years.  Now, it’s just old. Like me. Ha  

  7. Beautiful spring picture!  We are in Tennessee and it has been very warm here. I’m turning 50 later this year and I am not sure how I feel in shorts these days.  Would like to see skirt or casual dress alternatives as well! Look forward to Coffee Talk on Sundays!

    1. Hi, interested in seeing your patio with the new furniture. I need to replace my big bright throw pillows this year. Interested in styling white denim jacket. Also, what shoes would you wear with dressier business ankle pants? And I found a fabulous navy sport at Kohls, would you style with sandals or tennis Vans?
      Happy Palm Sunday!!!

      1. I’m a huge fan of pumps with dressy ankle pants. They’re classic. But you can also do wedge sandals or ankle strap sandals or ballet flats or espadrille flats… depending on the rest of the outfit. Not sure what you mean by a “navy sport” – I assume that’s a typo. Skirt?

  8. What a beautiful picture! Curious question: do you eat before you go out on a run? I used to do morning walks/jog on an empty stomach, but now I feel I don’t have enough energy.

    Yesterday I stopped at the mall to do a “quick” return and wandered into Banana Republic. I haven’t shopped there in a couple years and I was surprised to find so many cute things for spring! My “quick’ trip turned into a long dressing room try-on session for me, and I ended up buying quite a few things (tops, pants, skirt, jumpsuit and shoes!) They are having a 30% off sale right now and prices are really good. One item I bought and thought you might like is this lightweight linen v-neck sweater. It is super soft and comfortable and comes in several different colors: https://bananarepublic.gap.com/browse/product.do?vid=1&pid=425196042&searchText=linen+v-
    I bought the blush pink color, but was considering going back for the white.

    These straight fit linen-cotton pants were another purchase. I bought the chambray blue and they’ll be perfect for work or weekends depending on how they’re styled.

    This button front denim skirt also came home with me:

    I bought several other things including a super cute jumpsuit (black with teeny tiny white polka dots) that I tried on with a denim jacket 😉 and it looked so cute! Now I need to figure out where to wear the jumpsuit! They’re so trendy right now, but with the jumpsuit comes the bathroom issues and having to unzip/undress/rezip all by myself!

    1. It depends. I try not to because I’m still dabbling with intermittent fasting. I used to always eat before a run — usually peanut butter toast or a granola bar. It depends on how late it is when I go out, though. On Saturday, I went out at 11am so I grabbed a fig bar first.

      I have been keeping an eye on Banana lately and ordering a few things here and there. I used to love that store. Love that denim skirt!

  9. Yes, gorgeous spring picture! Here in WI it’s 37 degrees with snow flurries…it was a chilly walk with our dog this morn! Can’t wait for your white jean jacket post…I’ve been on the fence and maybe this will finally help me decide. Have a blessed Palm Sunday.

  10. Hello! Hope all turns out well with your appointment this week. Enjoy your beautiful weather! We received about 5 inches of wet snow this morn in central Illinois! 

  11. Yes some alternative things to wear instead of shorts would be great. Like casual dresses just above the knee to wear with flat sandals. As I get older…. late 50’s, I just don’t feel comfortable in short shorts but feel frumpy at 5’3” in the Bermuda style shorts. I like skirts but it’s hard to get the right top with them at times. Do you have that problem? 

    1. Yes, absolutely. That is why I don’t wear many skirts. I guess you have to front tuck them, but I think it looks even weirder with skirts than it does with pants and shorts. I miss the fitted t-shirts of the 90s that were the right length to wear untucked over a skirt. They made so much more sense to me.

  12. I would love to hear more about the outdoor hosting! Is it a spur-of-the-moment thing? Do you invite neighbors? Does everyone bring something? Or maybe always the same sort of thing? We are looking for ideas! Maybe you can somehow make it a fashion post, too.  🙂

    1. It’s usually very spontaneous — we’re tight with a group from our old neighborhood, and they often come over on the weekend, or we go to one of them. Sometimes everyone brings something and sometimes we just have drinks and a few snacks. I hardly ever serve an actual meal, but when they host, sometimes they do. It varies.

  13. The Boden Robyn scoop tee is just what I was looking for. I read a few of the reviews on Nordstroms website and reviews are say it runs big! I am 5’2″ weight 110 and wear a 34C. 
    I know you said you’re wearing a small, but wondered if you thing an extra small would be to tight? Thanks.

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