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Good morning, and happy first day of September!

Even though I love summertime, I have to admit, I’m starting to get excited for fall. Maybe it’s because there are suddenly pumpkins everywhere I go, or because the kids went back to school last week, but it already feels like fall. In fact, I had to keep reminding myself last week that it was still August.

I feel like we’ve been in limbo for quite a while, and I’m excited to finally get into our fall routine. My new Bible Study starts up this week, the girls’ piano lessons resume on Tuesday, and all three kids will be in their 2nd week of school. Everything should fall into place . . . ha! 🍂 #nopunintended

I’m also super excited for this coming week because we are FINALLY going to see Hamilton!!!

We bought a season ticket package in spring of 2018 for the 2018-19 Philadelphia Broadway series so we could be sure to get seats for Hamilton, and I had no idea we were going to have to wait almost a year and a half to see the show. But it’s finally time — we’re going this week, and I am so excited. I hope it lives up to the hype.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to milk this long weekend for all it’s worth. I spent the laziest day at home yesterday.

Well, I wasn’t really lazy, as I put in about 6 hours of work, but it was the part of my work I enjoy most — sitting at my desk putting posts together. I got several posts mostly written for this coming week, so hopefully I won’t feel so rushed in the mornings.

After I got done working, I sat out on the deck and read my latest book — The Summer That Made Us.

The weather was absolute perfection — the sun was shining, but there was a mild breeze so it wasn’t too hot, and the yard looks so pretty with the giant hydrangea blooming behind the pool.

After about 3PM, the house shades our deck so I’m not in the direct sunlight, which is awesome. I can sit out there for hours.

The thing I dislike most about fall is when it comes time to cover our pool. We’re going to try to wait as late as possible this year, because it really isn’t very attractive once the pool cover goes on.

Also with fall comes hurricane season, and I hope those of you in the path of Hurricane Dorian stay safe and dry. Having never lived in an area prone to hurricanes, I can’t imagine having to drop everything to prepare for a possible massive storm a couple times a year. That has to be pretty unnerving.

We’re hosting friends for a last day of summer bash this afternoon, so today won’t be as relaxing as yesterday, but it should be fun, and then we have tomorrow to recuperate and get ourselves ready for the week.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your long weekend!

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  1. Hope you enjoy Hamilton. My husband and I saw it this past year. It really helped to read up on what actually happened historically. No need to study a lot, just a brief trip to Wikipedia is helpful.

  2. My sentiments exactly on fall!  I’m really bummed the grandkids didn’t get any pool time the last few weeks before school, but the temps dropped down so low here at night for a few days, that the water got REALLY cold!  I’d have to run the pool heater for hours to get it up to even a tolerable temp for them.  Sad to cover it 😕. I’m ready for fall football, pumpkin spice everything & to start wearing my fav fall outfits!  Oh, and I want to purge my summer clothes big time!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!  We have our annual Labor Day picnic at 5:30 & always have a fun time around the 🔥!  

  3. Jolynne, we live not too far from you in South Jersey.  We keep the pool open from April 15th to October 15th.  It might be too cool to go in the water, but there are plenty of days that are warm enough to sit outside.

  4. Enjoy the show! Our family has loved it since it’s debut! Lin Manuel Miranda is a genius in my opinion! I believe you enjoy historical fiction books too…if you need more Hamilton after the show, My Dear Hamilton: A Novel of Eliza Schuyler Hamilton Novel by Laura Kaye and Stephanie Dray is my current read and I’m loving it. (They also wrote America’s First Daughter which is another favorite!) Have a wonderful weekend! 

  5. I’m all about pumpkin spice beverages, while they exist.  The crisp air gives me a new sense of energy and joy.  Sounds like you’ve had a good weekend, thus far.  I mowed our yard yesterday, but the humidity just about did me in.  We were supposed to drive to Longboat Key, FL, which is on the peninsula, yesterday, but Dorian forced us to cancel our trip.  But I told Larry that it is my belief that God is protecting us from something by keeping us at home.  Evidently the northwestern side of the Bahamas had a catastrophic hit from the cat 5.  Praying it’s strength will decrease before touching the coast of FL, GA, and the Carolinas.  Enjoy your afternoon.

    1. Hi Ginger – thank you for your comments. I have a son in Ft. Lauderdale and he is so blase about this storm believing God will turn it away from you all. so you give me encouragement to think he is ok as you are safe now and not experiencing bad weather. I do pray for the Bahamas and yes, up our eastern coast.
      And on the post today, I feel the same way about all things pumpkin, although in South Texas we won’t be feeling those crisp mornings till November haha.

  6. Enjoy seeing Hamilton! I echo Gina P’s comment about looking forward to fall and its associated sweaters, football, PSL, and gorgeous foliage. We overdosed on college football yesterday 😉 So many good games! Praying for the safety of those in Dorian’s path. Hurricanes are a scary part of fall. Hope that the storm steers off course towards the Atlantic and doesn’t hit the SE.

  7. I think you will love Hamilton! My family finally scored tickets to the show this summer & it did not disappoint! Absolutely fabulous! We love the cultural arts & history! I learned so much about Hamilton’s life that was not in normal school history books. Enjoy!! 

  8. I agree the cooler weather in PA and DE area. Yesterday I went to Northern Va to see my nephew  what a temperature change is was hot. I couldn’t wait to get home where its cool.   hope enjoy your guest and get relax more tomorrow. have a wonderful weekend 

  9. Well Jo-Lynne you’ve encouraged me to finish tackling my closet which is on my to do list for tomorrow morning.. I’m going to take out my fall stuff and arrange in my closet with the new transitional pieces I’ve bought. I will still keep a few summer items in darker colors and patterns as our weather hasn’t cooled down yet and I have a feeling I’ll be changing many times a day.. cool mornings hot afternoons and cool evenings:) oh well… it’s been a busy weekend here. My daughter and sister and I saw Cirque Du Soleil Crystal on ice Friday night it was a fantastic show. Then my husband and I met up with family and friends at the  Air Show where we enjoyed the Blue Angels ( our second time seeing them). Today is getting the house cleaned and in order office work then yes some time by the pool in the sun.. I’m making pickles tomorrow ( second batch) and finishing my closet…
    Many thoughts and prayers for all of you in the path of Hurricane Dorian. Praying it will lose strength and pass quickly if at all. Stay safe and remember God is in control:)

  10. I agree – now that our girls have been in school for 3 weeks and the calendar has turned the page to September, I’m getting excited for fall, too. I think your family will enjoy Hamilton. We have two teenaged girls and we all loved seeing it! I found listening to some of the music beforehand to familiarize ourselves helped. Have a great weekend! 

  11. I hope you love Hamilton as much we did. My husband and I have seen it twice. The second time we took our 18 year old son (who was dying to see it the first time but had a conflict) and he loved it too! The tickets were his HS graduation gift. He learned the soundtrack in his 11th grade history class! And still loves it. My advice is, if you can, listen to the soundtrack before you go. It helped me understand the storyline better.  And sometimes in musicals, it is hard for me to catch all the words the first time hearing it live. If you’ve heard it a few times it really helps. The entire show and soundtrack are awesome! Every. Single. Song. I am so excited for you!!! 

  12. It sounds like an almost perfect weekend; ahead on your blog posts, time to just sit & read outside and friends dropping by. 
    I haven’t see Hamilton but heard great reviews. I’m sure you’ll enjoy you. I love live performances. They are always Exciting! 

  13. Love Coffee talk. Enjoy your friend time today. I’m ready for FALL. Bring it on.  Today we are headed to see my new grandbaby. Haven’t seen her for over a week so I’m excited. 

  14. Unnerving for sure!  We are a little west of Orlando, and currently looking safe. The waiting is so hard…along with the uncertainty!  The Bahamas will be decimated…praying all found safety. 

    Hope you enjoy your last of summer hoorah!  I love following you and seeing all the beautiful fall and winter clothes you get to wear!  I try to modify your look to match our warm climate. 

    1. So excited to see someone from Florida post! I don’t always take time to read the comments but I’m so glad I did.  I laugh when Jo-Lynne talks about cool temps and fall in the air and I’m dying here in the heat!!  It will be awhile before we can wear anything with sleeves. So jealous!  I’m 40 miles west of Gainesville and feeling pretty good about the storm.  My husband and I are over it all!! So scary every year. Hope you stay safe too. 

  15. You will LOVE Hamilton. I’ve seen it twice in Chicago. I agree that you will get a lot more out of it if you read a quick synopsis of the history before attending. I looked online before we went and was glad I did. Enjoy!

  16. We have tickets to Hamilton this week, too! Our subscription is for Sunday evenings. We were supposed to go last night but had to change to this coming Sunday. I can’t wait!

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