Coffee Talk 11.18.18

Good morning! It is really starting to feel festive around here. I think our early snow and cold temperatures are getting me in the holiday spirit… that and my daughters insisting on playing Christmas music all weekend.

Unlike their mother, they have no qualms about decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving. In fact, both have already raided the holiday decorations I store in the basement, and their rooms are all decked out in red, green, and white and twinkle lights.

I, on the other hand, feel like it’s some kind of sacrilege to break out the Christmas decor before the Thanksgiving turkey is put away. But they’re slowly wearing me down.

We ordered a tall, skinny tree for a corner in our kitchen, and instead of insisting on storing it until after Thanksgiving, I let them open it and set it up.

And so it begins…

It’s looking a little homely. I was hoping I wouldn’t need to decorate it since it already has pine cones, but it definitely needs some ribbon or something. I also need to find an old sheet to drape around the base.

Then last night, as we were tidying up, I came across this little sign I  picked up last week at the Hallmark store. Instead of leaving it to clutter my counter all week, I decided to hang it.

So I guess we have officially started decorating for Christmas.

In other news, my son came home last night from college, and we celebrated his birthday. Of course the dog had to be right up there in all the action.

We didn’t do a cake because I’m saving that for a get together with friends in a few days, but I did make his favorite Scotcheroos.

It’s so nice having all 5 of us under one roof again, and I’m looking forward to a nice, long holiday week together. We’ll be traveling over Thanksgiving, so hopefully we’ll all still love each other when we get back home. 12-15 hours with 5 adult-sized people in the car should be interesting.

There’s not much new in home decor news, as I’m still waiting on a large order that will wrap up most of the rooms downstairs, and the wood floors go in the family room next week. I picked out an area rug, and I’m crossing my fingers that it gets here before the floors go in. I’d love to be able to put it in place right away.

But I did finally get the tray for the ottoman that was backordered.

I had no idea it was going to be that big, but it sort of works. At least it helps break up the stripes, and it looks less like someone left the couch bed out. Ha!

I still feel like my couch is too short for the ottoman, or vica versa, but neither is returnable so we’ll make it work.

And I just placed those things on the tray because I had them handy, but I’d like to work on a more pleasing vignette. It definitely could use some more stuff — or different stuff anyway. It’s almost time to put the pumpkin away, so maybe a candle and then some other filler?

I’m sure some of you creative ladies will have suggestions.

I want to keep everything low so it’s not in the way when looking at the TV, and also so it’s easy to move the tray to the floor if we want to use the ottoman for seating or anything.

Anyway, that’s about it for me! As usual, it’s getting late for my run, and I don’t want to be late for church, so I need to cut this off and get moving. I’ve had some technical difficulties this morning that have slowed me down.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

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44 thoughts on “Coffee Talk 11.18.18

  1. I love the ottoman. What about some cute coasters? Also I like the idea of something green – maybe adding something red for the festive look or a miniature xmas tree in burlap. What about a bowl of festive pinecones that can be swapped out after holidays for something else in the bowl???

  2. Jo-Lynne, Happy Thanksgiving! The tree is cute! Home Goods has some cute “collars” sorta woven to cover tree bottom. What about if you made it a “themed” tree— an all over color to coordinate with decor or let your girls pick a fun theme. I have the same type ottoman. Can you pull your chairs closer to sofa to form an “L” which would balance the size of ottoman? I also use a tray. You may want to consider a heavier and larger wood tray to compliment the size of ottoman. ( sorry not trying to spend more !?) Try elevating the little boxwood with 3 books under it. Maybe add a nice smaller family pic in frame or a decorative bowl to hold remotes…The blog “StoneGable has a few posts on vignettes. 

    1. I like all those ideas. I love Stone Gable and I’ve been stalking her posts on coffee tables and vignettes. I need more stuff to work with, I think.

      I’m getting a chair to replace the white one that is bigger – I think that will help.

  3. Hello Jolynne,  I hope your day was a great day. I just wanted to tell you that I love your posts and that they have been a real help for me.  They help me feel connected to something real.  I struggle with body image and I my husband recently passed away.  I started following you before that but getting your posts and reading them helps me to see that I am not so different than others. That just because something doesn’t look good on me, it might be the style and not my body. Or the cut or just the combination of what I have put together and trying something different might make it a fabulous look.  You have also helped me to see that I need to take the time to find a good look rather than rush through shopping and just buying whatever.  Thank you.  My boys are all grown and finishing college and starting their lives. I had dinner with two of them last night and I found myself asking them how they would feel about me traveling without them. I feel guilty because this will be a first time for me traveling without them or my husband.  Seeing that you do this and The heathy relationships with your family gives me the encouragement  to step out and do this. Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful Sunday.  Thank you.  Also, I enjoyed the decorating ideas too. I have been making some small changes at my house to just make a bit different. That seems to help me.

    1. Wow, Candy. I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m sure the holidays will be bittersweet this year. Your comment means so much. I am always incredibly humbled and happy to hear that my frivolous ramblings about fashion and family can make a difference. Thank you.

    2. I was touched by reading your comment.  I’m sending you many hugs!  JoLynn surely helps keep us cute.  Enjoy traveling; it’s empowering to go off alone sometimes.

  4. I LOVE your little tree and that sign too! Where did you find the tree? Your ottoman is gorgeous! I’m the same, I like a low vignettes In a family room too. Some chunky candlesticks or a lantern with some sort of greenery falling over one side of the tray maybe. The key is to add some varying heights on the tray even if you are keeping the overall height low. Perhaps a rug under the ottoman would ground that space. You can add height to the room with end table lamps or a tall green plant in the corner. Your home is coming together beautifully! Thanks for sharing it with all of us!

    1. Sorry for yet another comment Jo-Lynne! Just another thought I had about your feeling the sofa is too short or ottoman is too tall. As I look at the photo, maybe put a tall sofa table that reaches just slightly below the back of your sofa. I think adding some nice decorator items on the sofa table would give your sofa the illusion of being taller and I think you’d still have a great window view.

  5. I so want you to put a 6 foot tall fiddle leaf fig plant in the corner of your family room! Perfect lighting for it and Pottery Barn has the silk ones.

  6. Oh wow – 12 to 15 hrs in a car travelling for Thanksgiving 😲 You are one tough cookie!

    Love the Christmas tree and wall sign. How about a low bowl of Christmas tree balls or pinecones and some low candles on your ottoman after Thanksgiving? I like the ottoman. It could be handy for extra seating for parties. Have a blessed Sunday.

  7. I LOVE your skinny tree!  We have one that is very similar.  I have added some very simple ornaments that fit us, but it is not overloaded because we like the simplicity of the tree.  Because we truly believe in the real reason for the season, we like putting our Christmas decorations up early to help lengthen the very special feeling of Christmas.  I know you will savor every moment with David being home, as well as the time with the extended family.

  8. Love the way your house is shaping up!  It looks fantastic. So happy you have your family together for the holidays. It does a mom’s heart good to have her crew together. If you really feel your coffee table is too tall/ couch too short, you can have the legs cut down an inch or so. From the photos it doesn’t look bad though. For me ours was too tall to comfortably put your legs on it. I really do love your posts and that you share so openly. Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family. 

    1. It’s comfortable to put our feet on. I think it’s going to look good when we get the area rug and lamps and all. I can’t wait to see it all put together. Happy thanksgiving to you too!

  9. Why not go with the flow? Your daughters are excited about Christmas in your new home. Is there really any good reason to not decorate before Thanksgiving? Will it take away from that special day? Will you be any less thankful? 
    I love your skinny little tree in the kitchen, just the way it is. Add a plaid, blanket scarf to the base and voila!  Or, why not add pretty tea cups tied with ribbon to carry on the kitchen theme? 
    Love your little tree shaped sign! It fits perfectly in that spot.
    I agree your ottoman is too big but you’re stuck with it. The big tray was a good idea so you can quickly put it down to use the ottoman for feet when watching TV. A plant, a candle and some books always make a nice vignette. You can top the books with a small seasonal item. Yvonne at StoneGable does beautiful vignettes. Maybe, check her out. 

    1. LOL. I think I am going with the flow. I have a christmas tree in my kitchen.😜 I was trying to be funny. I have no problem with people decorating before thanksgiving – I’m just not usually that organized and I’m not one to think that far ahead.

      I love Yvonne’s vignettes. I’m definitely using them for inspiration.

  10. I’ve never decorated for Christmas until after  Thanksgiving as well,  BUT this year I am! 🎄😊
    We had our family room and upstairs bedrooms repainted  last week so while putting furniture back and rehanging things on the walls, I decided to put away the fall decor and start the holiday decorating! We repainted our family room mantel white to match the baseboards and our white wood window shutters (it used to be dark wood) and it looks so great! (We have stacked stone around our fireplace.) 
    I bought some new all green wreaths with pine cones  from the Joanna Gaines Magnolia line at Target yesterday and I’m going to do mostly green, white, gold and silver decor this year. I’m excited! I already have a lot of cranberry accents in my house which give it an instant Christmas feel and I pulled out all my holiday pillows that are shades of green, cranberry and white (my sectional in the family room is that pottery barn darker green)…..it all looks so good! I have been just sitting in my family room alone drinking my coffee looking around ….makes me feel so happy. ☀️😊
    Enjoy having your family all around! My older son came home from college on Friday and it’s so nice to have a full nest again. 
    You’re lucky to have daughters to help you decorate! My husband and sons don’t have any “interior decorator” in them – LOL! I do it all myself. 
    Have a blessed Sunday! 

    PS: In regards to your new ottoman and tray: I’d suggest more green to pop from the others colors. A small bowl of pine cones with sprigs of red berries and holly leaves (Hobby Lobby has lots of decorative filler- do you have Hobby Lobby in PA? It’s one of my favorite home decorating & craft stores here in So CA) 

  11. JoLynne, your home is looking so good! I love your pencil tree in that corner! So perfect! Maybe just adding some ball ornaments in the color of your choice? It’s such a beautiful tree and inspires me to get a taller one than I have now. I have a pencil Alpine for our dining room corner, too, but it’s only 5 ft tall. I’m thinking a taller one like yours would be great… especially because we have tall ceilings. So, thanks for the inspiration! 😉 Enjoy your family this week & have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  12. I love your ottoman tray and think the size is just what you need. Since you asked you need more substantial decorative items to balance the tray and ottoman size. A 6-8 inch chunky candle would give some height without being tippy. Put your topiary on top of the book stack but be sure your heights vary, then put some flat decorative item for the 3rd piece, maybe a smaller tray or basket to corral the remotes or several, small Christmas ornaments for something seasonal. Try draping a throw over one arm and back of your sofa (where the pillows are, move them to the center) to visually lengthen your sofa. I think the hard wood floors will help pull everything together. Keep sharing your pics!

  13. Wow you’ve been given so many great ideas for the ottoman not sure I can add much. I do know that various heights work well. Where you’re tray is large you could easily do three heights. A little artificial  Christmas tree, or two at different heights and a large pillar candle would look nice. Also adding a tree of some sort in the corner with mini white lights would be nice too. The tree in your kitchen is perfect for the corner. I think once you add a tree skirt you’ll find it fine. If not just add some ornaments of one color … to match the area it’s in. Hope you have a great thanksgiving. 

  14. Love your home, it looks welcoming and comfortable!  A safe table with more heft may help visually balance the ottoman and darker wood floors with an are rug will ground the room much differently than light wall to wall carpet, just a thought!

  15. Love the ottoman and the tray!  Books, a plant that is less structured and a candle…make sure the heights vary,  would be perfect.  The end table needs to be lower, this will help make the couch seem taller.  A tall plant/ tree in the corner.  And table lamp that will add height.  Also could do a slim sofa table behind the couch with books and decor would help to add height as well.  Your home is coming together so nicely.  Having the dark wood floors will help to ground the room.  

    Hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving with your family!

  16. I think the size tray you purchased is perfect11 Anything smaller would look dwarfed on such a large ottoman and I like the round shape on the square base. I like the stack of books/magazines (can’t tell in the picture put perhaps you could get some with blue on the binding to tie in the colors in your room and them lay some of the wooden beads that are so popular over the top. I would suggest a larger plant/vase as the one you have there look small to my eye. You could change the greenery out over the year for each season . Like with our outfits, always take pictures and it really helps put thing into perspective. I think that you just need to get use to bigger items as it is out of your comfort zone but and they really do balance out the rooms you have better than the smaller items Go big or go home when it comes to decorating in most cases . I love Yvonne at Stone Gable and also listen to decorating tips and tricks podcasts which she is a part of with 2 other designers and they put out 3 podcasts a week to help in every area of decorating. You definitely should check them out, they have helped me with my decorating skills so much and they are very fun to listen too. Driven by Décor is also a great website for décor ideas. Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy that precious time with your family.

  17. Hi Jo-Lynn, 
    Your home is really coming together. So pretty! Like you, I’ve never decorated for Christmas before Thanksgiving, but I certainly enjoy others’ decorations! Honestly, if the truth be told, I usually barely finish decorating before Christmas. LOL. Trying to decide how much I will do this year since we will be gone from 12/22 to 1/4. Maybe just the mantle? What do other people do who see gone from home over the holidays?  

  18. Things are looking great at your house, JoLynne!  I think the tray adds so much to the ottoman, and love the suggestion by another reader to get a tall(er) side table.   Happy Thanksgiving!  

  19. Love my tray always hv Victoria magazines 
    My favorite and a festive candle. Your tray 
    Could use a latern filled with ornaments.
    Also love cute teapot in the winter.

  20. Hi Jo-Lynne! I have a big, oversized striped ottoman, too! The way I have managed my ottoman is to place a round tray (like you have) and a neutral colored throw on it to break up the stripes and help tie it in with the sectional. The tray and throw sort of ground and blend the ottoman in my room. I have a shorter candlestick/candle, a little green plant, a picture frame, and a fun little turtle made from a gourd on the tray…along with a coaster for hubby’s coffee. 🙂 I’ll see if I can post a pic for you on FB or send in email?

  21. Hi Jo-lynne – where did you get this tree? Is it QVC? If so, which one and does it have glitter? I hate glitter and everyone seems to have it on everything this year. I was looking at garland last weekend and it was on all the pieces. I’m in a new home this year and thinking a skinny tree would work best for me but not sure on the height.

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