Coffee Talk 06.05.16

It’s been a full weekend around here, but fun. We started off with my younger daughter’s piano recital on Friday night. She was so proud of her accomplishments, and she did a great job. She practiced right up until the last minute, and she was afraid she would mess up, but there was only one minor slip-up that I noticed. It’s fun to see how much she has progressed since this time last year. (Last year was her first recital.)

becca piano recital

Yesterday Paul and I got up super early and went over to the outlet mall to shoot some outfit pictures. That turned out to be a great location. The lighting was perfect, and since it was early and the stores weren’t open yet, there weren’t many people around. We’ll definitely be adding that to our list of locations for our shoots.

We were afraid our music festival was going to get rained out, but it didn’t. It was actually a fairly nice afternoon, but hot. I sunburned my legs. Oooops!!! I shared a few snapchats, but I forgot to take any real pictures for Instagram or the blog. It’s hard to think about all the things! I either remember Instagram and forget Snapchat or vica versa. Anyway, the point was to enjoy ourselves, and that is what we did.

We only brought my older daughter and our dog with us, so it was fun to spend time with just her. When you have 3 kids, you rarely get an afternoon with only one of them, although now that they’re getting older and have so many of their own plans, it’s getting more common.

I wore this old graphic tee with white jeans and my black sandals, although I ended up carrying my striped tote because I wanted to carry all the things.

what to wear to a music festival

This afternoon, I was planning to go to the pool, but the rain is back so now I’m thinking it’s looking like a good afternoon for a nap. I’m also eager to read more of the book I just started: The Good Neighbor. It’s written by a fellow blogger, and so far it’s the perfect light, summer beach read.

I hope to fit a quick run in this morning between rain showers. I’ve been having some weird sensations in the top of my left foot that makes me wonder if I have a stress fracture brewing, so I’ve been taking it easy, but I think I’ll go out and see how it feels.

I’m always on high alert when my feet start hurting or feeling different in any way because a couple of years ago, when I was just getting back to running after a long rest and recovery from plantar fasciitis, I got a random stress fracture in the opposite foot. Just when I thought I was on the road to recovery from THAT, but before I was even running again, I got a torn tendon in the same foot as the stress fracture.

We never really knew what caused those injuries, and it took what felt like forever to recover. I truly didn’t think I’d ever be “normal” again, and I just don’t trust my body at all anymore. It doesn’t help that my knees went all wonky on me a few months ago.

ANYWAY. My point is, now I over-analyze every ache and pain and twinge. I know I need to relax and not think too much about it, but I also know how long and arduous recovery can be, and I’d prefer not to get injured again, thankyouverymuch. 

As superficial as it may sound, the fact that these injuries significantly affects my shoe choices is a huge factor in my stress level. It’s hard to be a fashion blogger in orthopedic shoes.

All that to say, I will go running today, but I’ll take it easy, do a lot of stretching and some walking before and after, and hope that whatever I’ve been feeling in my foot is just a blip.

Work-wise, I’m gearing up for another week of summer fashion. I have all my pictures taken. (YAY!) Now I just need to write the posts. Unfortunately a few of the items I’m featuring already have sold out.

I can’t get over how quickly things are getting sold out this season, but I’m featuring them anyway. We went to all the effort to take the pictures, and I can find some similar styles to link you to. It’s a bummer, though. I know many of you use my outfits for ideas and inspiration, but others like to shop the exact pieces and get frustrated when items are sold out or low in sizes. I wish I had a way of knowing which pieces were going to go first. Just know that I do the best I can.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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11 thoughts on “Coffee Talk 06.05.16

  1. Good morning Jo-Lynne! Congratulations to your daughter! I love the picture of her at the piano! And I really like her dress.

    Paying attention to all of your aches & pains is smart, so keep doing it. As we age it is much easier for things to go wrong. You may have to alter your workout routine again, but that’s ok!

    Later today may be stormy here in GA, so it’s a great day for me to work inside getting ready for the carpet cleaners in the morning and our upcoming move.

    God bless!

  2. I love the shirt! It’s nice to be busy but yet have a moment of down time. And It’s good you listen to your body because injuries are no fun. I’ve had some foot injuries and now a nasty bunion which does make it hard to look cute when there are not many choices out there for wide feet, bummer! I envy those who can wear sandels! Enjoy your book and your nap!

  3. Learning to play the piano is a wonderful thing. I have always been thankful I was able to take lessons as a child. It is also something that takes time and commitment, so good for your daughter for sticking with it! I began playing at church at age 14, and at 64 I am still enjoying playing for services, so practice and commitment pay off! 🙂

    Take care of your feet. I dealt with plantar fasciitis over ten years ago, and I find that I still have to be careful with the shoes I wear. I am thankful that more shoe manufacturers are making shoes that truly support and that some of them are actually reasonably cute. Have you tried Vionic shoes?

    Enjoy your day!

    1. I love Vionic shoes! I lived in them for several years. I’ve been enjoying more stylish options this year, but I do wear my Vionic occasionally – probably should wear them more so PF doesn’t return.

  4. I read The Good Neighbor several months ago. It’s a good book, I really enjoyed it. Love your blog, thanks for all the time you put into posting it for us to read every day!

  5. My fear of plantar fascitis is primarily what keeps me away from flat shoes. I can wear four inch heels all day, but if I wear flat shoes, I’m in dire straits by the time I go home. I don’t really have to buy comfort shoes, although sometimes I will get a pair if they’re really cute. Some of the manufacturers have come a long way. I have a few pairs of Clarks boots, and always get the most compliments from them.

    1. Thanks for the reminder that it’s the flimsy flats that are the worst. I wear those too much, and I’m actually noticing that nagging feeling under that right heel again… so I think I’ll be doing more wedges.

  6. I love your style ideas!! You have really inspired me
    and I look forward to your email every day.
    the foot thing can be really annoying and painful at the same
    time as I have had to deal with it too. Keep up with
    the awesome styles❤️

  7. I hear you with the feet! I’m a 40-something runner and blogger, too (not nearly as stylish as yourself), but I don’t trust my body anymore either. You have to listen and be smart. I’m loving the fashion you post, though I live in a small town where putting on a sweater is dressing up 😉 I do my best to represent without overdoing.

    1. LOL, Susan. It is sort of that way where I live too. I hear ya. I think it’s one reason I tend to be more of a plain jane. I hate to look fussy and overdressed. 🙂

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