Coffee Talk + A Rare Sunday Try-On Haul

Greetings and salutations on this snowy Sunday morning! It is really coming down out there. It’s those big, wet, heavy flakes that accumulate quickly and are so pretty to watch. I just hope it doesn’t turn to sleet at the end and pack it all down, which is how our other storms have gone this year.

I love it when a snowstorm starts in the wee hours of the morning, and you wake up to freshly falling snow, and there is no doubt about your day’s plans… Not that I’m thrilled today’s plans got canceled. I was looking forward to church, and we often go out to eat afterwards, which is always a nice time.

But I’m just glad we don’t have to wonder if we should cancel or not, or worry that the roads will be slippery when we get out and start to drive home. And thanks to Covid lockdowns last spring, Zoom worship services are now a thing, so we can still have church today. We will just all be watching from home.

In other news, I guess we’ll be watching the Super Bowl tonight, along with the rest of America. I’m not a big football fan, and the half-time show is usually an abomination (I sound like my grandmother more and more every day, haha!) but I’m all about an occasion to make dinner off of appetizers and dessert.

So to that end, we braved the grocery store yesterday, along with everyone else that lives in a 10-mile radius. I picked up deli meats and hoagie rolls for an easy lunch this afternoon, as well as ingredients for a buffalo chicken dip to enjoy while we’re watching the game.

If you don’t have a go-to buffalo chicken dip recipe, I highly recommend this one.

I have a SECRET that makes this THE BEST Buffalo Chicken Dip you've ever had. Trust me. You will NEVER go back. Get the recipe at jolynnedev.wpenginepowered.com.

I also have this buffalo hummus recipe, if you’re looking for a slightly healthier option.

And since it’s the perfect snowy day to stay inside and bake, I also picked up ingredients for Rice Krispie Treats and those peanut butter Hershey Kiss cookies. I guess I’ll be busy this afternoon!

So, shifting gears here. I didn’t do a Try-On Haul yesterday because I didn’t really have enough pieces photographed to dedicate a post to it, but I do now, so I thought I’d pull out a few favorites to show you, and a couple of things that are on sale. I hate to keep them until Friday, when they may be sold out.

Of course, once I got started editing my pictures, I wanted to share ALL OF THEM.

I’m like a little kid waiting for Christmas Day when I have new pictures. Whether they’re from Alison, or try-on hauls, or whatever, I can’t wait to share them. But there are LOTS, so here are a few of my top picks.

Marc Fisher Summa High Top Sneakers

sneakers // jacket // old turtleneck // similar jeans

This is the Marc Fisher Summa in Cloud. (See the black below.) I don’t need these, but I ordered them to show you guys because the price is amazeballs, and I just think they’re so cute.

Marc Fisher can really do no wrong, in my opinion. His styles are always on trend without being too far out there, and the comfort and quality often belies the price point… especially when you can nab them on sale.

Case in point, these sneaker boots were originally $149, and they’re marked down to $59! I honestly can’t believe they’re still so well stocked.

They have that cool-sporty vibe that is so popular right now, and they are also warm and easy to style with skinny jeans.

The black version is just as cute as the Cloud. In fact,  might like these better.

The contrasting laces add another nice detail. Oh, and the inside of the shoe feels kind of like leather, although it’s not, but it’s still comfortable and feels rather luxe.

The insole is removable, too, if you like to wear inserts.

Here you can see how cool these look with my all black outfit! (I would prefer the Cloud color styled with some lighter pieces, but I didn’t take the time to change.)

All that to say, if I needed these, I’d keep them in a heartbeat. Not only are they adorable, but they’re incredibly comfortable and the quality is fantastic.

They do run big, though. I ordered my usual size 8, and I really need the 7.5, so I recommend sizing down half if ordering.

Bernardo Leather Moto Jacket

jacket // sweater // similar jeans // boots

If you’re a regular around these parts, you know I have an old Bernardo leather jacket that I wear a ton in fall and winter. Since mine is long gone, I often link to this Bernardo leather moto as a similar option.

I decided that I really ought to try it so I know what I’m recommending, so I ordered it to show you. I’m wearing the size small, for reference.

My first impression was that it’s very nice quality leather, very soft and supple.

I wasn’t sure I liked the seaming detail on the sleeve or the trapunto stitching on the shoulders and collar, but it doesn’t add any visual bulk, and is actually a rather nice touch.

Pardon the Q-tips in the background. Someone needs to put her things away before taking pictures!

Here’s a better look at the sleeve…

And because I always get asked, here is how it looks zipped up, although I would never wear it this way.

And this is the back, while zipped. It is a tad snug, as you can see.

I think the medium would be a better fit through the torso, but I worry that would make the shoulders too big. That’s always the trade-off I make when sizing up in coats. I don’t like to add bulk in the shoulder area, as I’m already rather broad in that area.

As you can see, unzipped, it fits pretty well.

So yeah, I would say size up if in between and if you plan to wear anything bulky underneath. With t-shirts and thin sweaters, I’d be fine with the small, as I never zip it up anyway.

I like this one so much, I’m tempted to keep it! My other Bernardo is going on four years old, but it still looks great, so I can’t really justify another one right now. I don’t like this one enough more to sell the other one.

All that to say, I highly recommend this if you’re in the market for a quality leather moto. It also comes in four other colors, if black isn’t your thing.

Also, FYI, I checked, and my old one is a size medium. Makes sense, as I wear it comfortably over thicker sweaters, and it feels a bit roomy over t-shirts.

Reformation Cashmere Sweater

sweater // jeans (size down) // sneakers

This picture is actually from last fall, but this is the same Reformation cashmere sweater as the grey one I’m wearing under the moto jacket above, and I noticed that it’s now on sale!

The grey is low inventory, but this stripe one is really nice for this late winter/early spring transition time. The colors give a nod to spring, but it’s still cozy and warm.

I’m wearing the medium here, but I’m thinking of ordering the small. I know the model is wearing this oversized fit, and I have the grey in the medium, but I’m afraid the stripes add visual weight, and I think I might prefer the fit of the small in this one. I’ll report back!

Madewell Stovepipe Jeans

jeans // cardigan // mules

I shared these jeans in last week’s try-on haul, but they seemed a little roomy, so I ordered the size 27 to try. I am SO glad I did because these fit perfectly, and they are so so so comfortable!

They have some tencel content to them, which makes them feel more like pants than jeans. The exact fabric makeup is 44% cotton/42% TENCEL™ lyocell/13% poly/1% elastane Orta denim. Phew!

I played around with them a bit yesterday… this is the Gap button front cardigan, and it’s marked down to $55, but I paid $41 earlier in the week, so I’d hold off on ordering this if you like it.

Here, you can see this cardigan unbuttoned over a t-shirt. I think this length of sweater works really well with these jeans, and this is definitely the direction trends are going for spring.

Now, don’t go getting all upset with me. I’m not telling you to ditch all of your long cardigans, but you may want to consider adding a few shorter ones to your closet this season.

I also like these jeans with this Gap striped v-neck. It’s a lightweight sweater, perfect for transition season.

And here’s a look with a waffle knit tee and sneakers.

I’m actually really liking these jeans! I don’t know if my eye is starting to adjust to this style, or these are just really good, but I don’t mind these at all. I can see maybe wearing them this spring, with sneakers and loafers.

Definitely size down, if ordering. The 27 regular fits me perfectly. Unfortunately, they’re not on sale at the moment, but I’ll keep an eye on them.

Gap Lightweight V-Neck Sweater

sweater // jeans // mules

Here are a few more shots of this sweater. I like it a lot, but I wish it weren’t quite so low-cut.

The front tuck helps keep my vertical proportion in check with these cropped jeans, but I would wear it untucked with a full-length pant.

It’s marked down to $50 from $59, but I paid $42. So again, if you like it, I’d hold off for a better discount.

As for me, I think I’m keeping it. I might just need to wear a white cami underneath, so I can bend over without giving a free show!

Daily Ritual Fleece Oversized-Fit Lapel Coat

coat // old turtleneck // similar jeans // sneakers

I also want to make sure to show you this teddy coat. It’s not on sale, but it’s really cute if you’re looking for something trendy and fun to get you through the last few weeks of winter.

This coat is cozy and very much on trend right now. It comes in a bunch of colors and ships free with Amazon Prime.

Here’s how it looks buttoned up. For $59, I’d say it’s a pretty good value. I’m wearing the small, for reference.

I’m not keeping this one, although I’m tempted. I just think I’ll get more use out of the GapFit sherpa jacket (I kept the black) and I don’t really need two trendy coats/jackets at this point in the year.

Sam Edelman Aubrie Sneakers

Still thinking I wouldn’t mind having a pair of black sneakers in my closet, so I ordered these Sam Edelmans in the black, although it was the white pair that really caught my eye.

In fact, the white/greige combo is a nice alternative to the pricier P448 and Golden Goose sneakers, so I wanted to vet them for you.

These are very comfortable, and they have a lot of padding in the footbed. They fit true to size in my usual size 8. Notice the prescuffed sole — that is intentional, but I know it would bother some people, so I wanted to point it out.

My biggest complaint with these is they look my feet look reeeeally long and narrow. I also don’t love the combo of the black leather and black suede, for some reason. I like the white/greige pair a lot better.

All that to say, for a very comfortable fashion sneaker under $100, these are a solid choice. Just keep in mind the scuffed sole and the face that they’re quite elongating — for some, that may be a plus!

Okay, I better stop here and get my email out! I do have more, plus there are some more packages coming in the mail this week, so I’ll do the rest on Friday.

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links, it helps support my business (at no additional cost to you) so thank you!

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36 Responses

  1. Hello, those jeans look really nice on you! I like them best with the mules maybe because the mules show more skin and so elongates your legs better. Enjoy the Super Bowl!

  2. Happy SNOWY Sunday! It’s beautiful out, especially if you don’t have to go out! Thank you for this Try On Haul. I have, and recommend, the Marc Fisher sneaker boots. I bought the black, and I agree they are roomy. I bought my regular size, and I just wear heavier socks with them. Thank you also for zipping and buttoning up your coats (I’m one of the ones who wants to see how they look zipped up!) It helps!! 🙂 Love that GAP striped sweater. I like to wear a denim button-down shirt under sweaters like that. I love popping a collar!
    Enjoy the game tonight (I agree with you about most of the half-time shows!! HA)

  3. I always enjoy your try-ons so much.
    My Gap sherpa jacket in Ivory came, and I am so happy with it. It’s very warm, flattering, and well made. There are nice details, like the adjustable pulls on the hood and at the hemline of the jacket, and snap closures on the inside of the pockets. Love it!
    I’m glad you decided to keep one. That black version looks great on you, and will fit into your wardrobe perfectly.

    1. Ellen. Didn’t know it had hemline pulls to tighten. I liked the jacket and have debated over and over about it as I thought it would look too short and wide at the bottom. Might need to rethink ordering it now. 

      1. Yes, it has those toggle things, I haven’t used them but maybe I should play around with them. Also has them at the hood, so if you actually want to use it, it’s useful.

  4. Love the boots but we don’t have weather for them. I’m jealous of your snow. Sounds like you have the day planned out to snuggle in.

  5. Thanks for the try on haul… really like the black Sam Edelman sneakers.  Thanks for the dip recipes. Rarely have appies & dessert for supper but hey, it’s Super Bowl tradition so going all out. Carbs, schmarbs 😂
    The 1/2 time shows lately have been embarrassing and not family friendly. Fingers crossed that this one isn’t X-rated. 

  6. That was fun to have an unexpected try-on haul!  I have been wanting some casual wintery boots to wear with my skinnies for awhile and the Marc Fisher just spoke to me.  I just ordered them in the Cloud. Although I did waver between those and the black.  Both are so cute! And a great price.  Thanks for the link!  We have another good month where I can wear them this year.  Any gatherings we have are outside, so they are needed!  Enjoy your snow.  We have only gotten a few flurries this year. 

      1. Exactly what I was thinking!  I’m sure I’ll get a lot of use out of them into Spring around here.  😊 

  7. Yay for the try on haul and virtual shopping with you!
    We are counting down to our last week on Marco Island so I know I’ll be packing the shorts and sandals up and heading north to coats, gloves, and boots 🤷🏻‍♀️
    It’s all good though 😊 
    I love my cozy sweaters, too 

  8. Oh what fun to have more snow!  I am so tempted to order the sneaker booties, but I don’t really need them.  Have you seen the recipe Cyndi Spivey shared for the Five Ingredient Peanut Butter Protein Bites?  They are super super easy and so so yummy!  And they don’t have to be baked! In am about to make lemon squares for tomorrow to go with the smoked turkey.  We will not be watching the super bowl, but we will watch the puppy bowl.  Enjoy the family time!

    1. I didn’t but that sounds delish. I love peanut butter anything. And I also love lemon bars. My family isn’t big on them so I haven’t made them in YEARS but my neighborhood health food store often sells them in little wrapped single serving bars (they make them on site) and I will grab one if I’m feeling indulgent. 🙂

  9. The new moto jacket is nice, but I much prefer your old Bernardo black leather jacket. In fact I keep checking eBay trying to find that exact jacket! If you ever want to sell yours please let me know and I would be happy to buy it! It’s even the perfect size!

  10. Really like the Teddy fleece coat. It looks good on you. I agree….the black tennishoes make your feet look way longer and thinner than usual. I don’t get the pre scuff. I can do that myself. Lol. 

  11. Great try on. I loved ALL of it. The madewell jeans and short sweater look awesome on you.  I’ve don’t own any Madewell jeans, might need to snag those. 

  12. Well it’s another day after the Super Bowl. Boy was that a dismal affair. And the half time show was beyond an abomination. It droned on forever and made no sense at all especially after I muted the tv. Some of the ads were very funny so there was that! We’ve been Chiefs fans for that last few years and that was just awful. So glad that whole ordeal is over for them and I hope next year we can get some normal kind of halftime show again.  Don’t they  realize a huge segment of the population doesn’t care for that sort of music? 

    Looking forward now to buying some new things for spring. There were some really great looking clothes in the post!

    1. LOL, and see, I thought the halftime show was decent. My kids loved it, and I appreciated that it was clean and apolitical. Unless I’m missing something… which is entirely possible.

      And yeah, I went to bed sometime during the 3rd quarter. I felt bad for the Chiefs. They were a mess. I don’t know much about football, but even I could tell that.

  13. Hi there! I’m wondering about the short cardigan in rosebush pink from gap— are you wearing a small or medium? You may have said it somewhere in the thread but I couldn’t find it!
    Thank you!

  14. Hi Jo-Lynne, I’m trying to find the Aquatalia Tilly boots, and I did find them but not in my exact size so I’m wondering…did you get them in your true size 8 or did you size up in these?

    1. WRONG! I am sorry. I just looked back at my orders… I was working off from memory when I said I have the 8.

      I have the 8.5. I ordered the 8, after the 8.5 arrived, but they got canceled, so I never got my 8. So they’re true to size. I wish I had the 8. I kept the 8.5 since they were sold out.

  15. Thanks Jo-Lynne Re Aquatalia Tilly info.

    But your in luck! Go on Nordstromrack right now they’ve got them in size 8!

    I need size 7 tho and they’re sold out , but you can get your size 8! Good luck!

  16. The striped gap v neck  is now $35. Too low for me. I’m trying to find a baby blue sweater so I went to gap online and just happened to see it. 

  17. My husband and I look forward to going out for a nice steak dinner on Valentine’s! Usually Valentine’s and our anniversary are the only two times a year we eat steak and so we go for good ones! For years I taped a heart on each kid’s bedroom door with something about why I loved them from 2/1-2/14. This year I have two in college and the younger ones didn’t mention it, so I guess those days are over😓 Instead, the college kids got Valentine’s goodies (her) or Venmo for pizza (him) and the younger ones are getting little boxes of candy. Usually I host a brunch for friends but not this year!

  18. I’m glad your ordered the Bernardo moto jkt as I was considering ordering it. It helps to see it on you (by the way it looks great, perfect looking fit)wasn’t sure about the stitching but it is very sharp looking. I agree with you though, it’s hard to top the jkt you already have. I had ordered a Ralph Lauren classic moto leather jkt in a small from Zappos at a very good deal and will probably keep it as it fits so well, but would still love to try on the Bernardo. Thanks for all your shopping, it really helps me making decisions.

  19. I ordered the Marc Fisher shoes in Cloud as well as the Gap Sherpa jacket in ivory from another post. Love the jacket & not a big coat fan. This one is super good in the Texas snow. Shoes haven’t come. Hope I love them as they are so cute!

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