Sneakers + Wool Reefer

Happy Friday, friends! I didn’t have enough pictures for a full try-on haul today, so I decided to share this outfit instead.

This look is inspired by street style looks on Pinterest. I probably wouldn’t have put this outfit together on my own, but I think it’s so chic and wearable.

I mentioned in my last What I Wore post that I tend to gravitate to my shorter wool coats, especially with casual looks, but I’m loving the juxtaposition of this traditional wool blend reefer coat and the sporty sneakers.

This coat has been in my wardrobe for several years, and it’s still available and on sale. It’s a traditional single breasted car coat, or reefer as they call it.

It has a nice slim silhouette with front welt pockets, and it’s made of a sturdy wool blend and fully lined. While oversized wool coats are more trendy at the moment, I feel like the clean lines and slim fit of this one are a better fit for my personal style.

This coat runs slightly big; I actually have it in the size 4. I will say, it’s a bit snug over heavier sweaters, but it fits perfectly over dresses and thinner knits.

Underneath, I’m wearing a simple black sweater and blue jeans.

The sweater sold out, but any black sweater would work with this look, or grey would be another good option.

I went with black because I wanted to wear a grey scarf, and I like the way it pops against the black coat and black sweater.

This is the Everlane scarf that I’ve talked about a lot, but the grey is no longer available.

I like it, but I think I’d prefer a wider option. It’s a great size for versatility, but it’s not very warm because there’s not a ton of material. I’m on the lookout for something cozier.

And these are my AG Farrah skinny jeans in the 12 Years Fluid wash. It’s a really good medium blue denim wash with some slight whiskering and fading. They’re TTS; I have them in the 28.

The Everlane Studio Bag is the perfect mid-size shoulder bag, and I love the pocket on the front — both because it’s a unique detail and also because it’s the perfect spot to stash my iPhone.

And finally, I love how the black accents on these Vejas repeat the black from the coat and help to tie the outfit together. I talked more about them and my decision to purchase them in my last What I Wore Lately.

All that to say, I love this simple yet elevated look. I will definitely be wearing this “in real life” in the very near future.

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black sweater (similar) // wool reefer // AG jeans // Veja sneakers // Everlane scarf // Everlane Studio Bag // Gucci sunnies (similar for less)

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photos: Alison Cornell

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  1. I bought the black and white Veja Esplars last year after you recommended your white ones. I really love them, and I feel like they go with everything (at least when the weather is warm enough to wear them)! I think you’ll be happy you have them. Thanks for your style inspiration. You  always keep it classy, but not frumpy. 

  2. Love Love Love!
    Each plain and basic piece, put together, make for a classic but current look. And it works for real life 

  3. Cute! Looks like a great traveling outfit, whenever that happens. Or shopping, eating out, or just hanging at home. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Love the look, Jo-Lynne, although I can’t imagine leaving my coat open outside today. It’s in the single digits in Chicago. 🙂 Probably off-topic for this post, but I wonder if you are considering updating your post about skinny jeans going out of style – I’m praying that they are not. I’m seeing a lot of high waisted, wide-leg jeans being styled with sneakers (cringe). Also, I was just getting brave enough to try some straight-let ankle jeans and now I’m wondering if they are on the way out.

    1. Wendy I’m with you on not wanting the skinny jeans to go out of style.  At least we know they will stay for fall and winter with tall boots!

  5. Yessssss – love love love this look. So simply, yet classic. Will be recreating this one for sure! Love these posts where you put basics together to create a stylish look. 

  6. Love this look on you. So cute, classic and stylish. You have to wear it out and about. I hear you on wanting to get out. I’ve only been to the grocery store this week. 🤪 I can’t believe it’s Friday already. I’m not getting how time seems to go by fast in this new normal and you wouldn’t think it would. Your weather sounds cold today. We have the usual drizzle rain with clouds. Suppose to get colder here next week. It better snow before March or I don’t want it. 

  7. What a great look on you!  I love the light snow on the ground.  By looking at your hands I am guessing that you were cold, but I could be wrong.  I looked at the items you pictured from Nordstrom.  I just ordered a pair of W&W straight legged jeans that are 26 1/2” in length to compare them with the Levi’s you recommended.  Even though the W&W pair is a higher price, I have a feeling they will be the ones I keep since they do not have any rips on the legs.  I know that you are happy to be released from the chiropractor and that you did get a run in yesterday.  The European model for next weekend (8 days away) is showing that my part of GA could have winter precipitation.  I’ll believe it when I see it!  And we are going to be close to 70 next week and we’ve not had a consistently cold winter, so it won’t stay long, even if it does fall.  I hope you have a good day!

  8. I really like this look. Unfortunately I can’t justify buying another wool coat. I have a camel one and love it. I have worn something similar with my Adidas superstars l. 

  9. Hi,
    This is one of your very best looks.  The proportions are great and the solid black and gray with the blue jeans are very flattering.  The White/black Veja sneakers pop and make it modern.  
    Great post!

  10. Love the outfit on you, very well put together w/o looking like trying too hard. You’re going to make me buy those AG jeans yet, still love the skinny jeans.

  11. Love, love, love this look!  So effortless and chic!  Love the juxtaposition, as you say, between the elegant purse and coat with sneakers.  I am one who can not wear wool due to allergies.  Forgot that that your grey and camel J Crew cocoon car coats are also made of wool.  Was keeping an eye out for sales. Sigh….. too bad.  They look terrific!  Will admire them from afar on someone else.  A polar vortex is descending on us.  Really, really darn cold -5F.  Good weekend to hunker down, get appies and snacks for the Super Bowl. It will be strange not having or going to a Super Bowl party but it is what it is. 

    1. Yoiks! That’s cold. We don’t usually do much for SuperBowl – except the year the Eagles were in it. But I’m sure it will be on the TV. Would be fun to make buffalo chicken dip or something, for the heck of it. I think I’ll get the ingredients and plan on that.

  12. Bravo! I adore this look. I really like the traditional coat with tennis shoes (nice ones, like what you are wearing). Effortless. On a side note – did all your snow melt???? 

  13. I like this look. The sum of the parts is very chic! I must look at Pinterest for inspiration. My winter wardrobe is getting boring. 

  14. I was feeling pretty down last week and earlier this week, so I decided to plan something to look forward to. It isn’t much, just steaks for dinner tonight with my husband (we aren’t wasting steak on the kids this time). I don’t know whether we’ll dig out the nice dishes or not, but at least it’s something to look forward to.

  15. This is a great elevated outfit for going out in! I fell in love with the sneakers from your post the other day and ordered them. I don’t need more but I love the black accents! 

  16. Love this look! I have a very classic Ralph Lauren reefer wool coat in a dark camel (vicuna) color that I LOVE wearing with denim and ankle or knee boots. I’d be wearing it a lot more this winter if I actually went out somewhere besides the grocery and drug store! HA!!!! Planning a trip to my local Nordstrom’s next week to return a Barbour jacket (they actually sent me the wrong item, never had that happen before! ugh) I know I can return with no issues, but that means a trip to Mall (oh darn it, a trip to the Mall)!! I am being very sarcastic here because I LOVE going to my Nordstrom store, and then I always walk the whole mall for exercise and window shopping!!) Enjoy the sunshine and bright blue sky!

  17. What a chic  look but with just  simple pieces..,Love it! These are classic  looks that will no doubt be around  for awhile. I think you’re going to get a lot of wear out of those sneakers 🤷‍♀️

  18. I absolutely love this outfit. The styling and location looks very Paris-like too, so thinking of your eventual holiday. This beautifully elegant style epitomises the fashion inspiration that I get when I follow you. Thank you.

  19. Love this outfit! Very simple and chic! I would wear my gray suede sneakers or my leopard ones for more of a winter feel. The white make me think my feet would be cold. All in my head, I know!

  20. Definitely go for the reefer coat! I love it and it looks great on you. The black coat looks best. The other colors didn’t do it for me, altho I do prefer navy blue over black, but the black color looks good with contrasting colors, accessories. Love the way you tied it all in with sneakers and scarf. This is definitely for me. Comfortable, but classy. Thank you.

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