Our East Coast Tour

I’m still traveling so this week’s #OldSchoolBlogging post will be short and sweet … and mostly visual!

We left Maine on Friday, drove down through Portsmouth, NH again and stopped at our favorite burger joint (Lexie’s) and then arrived at my sister-in-law’s house here in Massachusetts around dinnertime. The GPS took us right through downtown Boston, by the Public Garden, and then down through Quincy and then to the Cape. It was fun to be a passenger but a bit more stressful for poor Paul, who was driving.

This town is darling — right out of a storybook. We spent yesterday at the beach, where for the first time in the past two weeks I thoroughly and completely relaxed and fell asleep with the cool ocean breeze tempering the warmth of the sun. Unfortunately this morning we woke to overcast skies, but at least that way we don’t mind leaving so much. I’m not looking forward to the drive, but I can’t wait to be home.

I took a few photos on my trusty Moto X.

My daughters adore their cousin.


There are so many adorable houses here. I wouldn’t mind living in this one.


My family enjoyed playing in the water while I napped on the sand.

new england beach

I never tire of this view of the harbor.


What are you up to today? I’ll be spending 6 hours in the car. Entertain me!

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  1. My 8 year old son and I took my grandfather to Gloucester, MA in June. He was born and raised there. It was so gorgeous. I would love to live there in one of the beautiful old clapboard homes. I really felt a connect to Massachusetts itself. Have a fantastic ending to your trip!

    1. Gloucester is sooooooooooo beautiful. I went to college near there. We are in southern MA today, but still, beachside New England town, clapboard houses, sailboats in the harbor…. love it here.

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