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I subscribe to ProBlogger.  I know, who doesn’t?  He’s brilliant and his information is valuable, but sometimes I find myself passing over his posts in my Google Reader because they don’t always apply to me.  I’m not selling anything, building a business, or educating anyone, and his posts are generally geared to more serious bloggers.

I mostly just write stories about my life and share my thoughts and observations.  This is why I almost always delete press releases and PR pitches from my email inbox.  I don’t need editorial ideas and writing prompts because my writing is prompted by my personal experience and the feedback I get from my readers.  I view my blog as a cross between an online journal and a community of friends.

Which is why, when I came across Darren’s post entitled Community – Principles of Successful Blogging #4, I was instantly intrigued.

Darren claims that “one of the secrets behind growing the readership of a blog is to give people ways to participate in it, ways to belong to it and ways to make it their own.”  He goes on to say that out of the 30+ blogs he has started, the 3 that have become popular are the ones where a community developed among his readers.  He calls the developing of a blog community “the tipping point of becoming successful.”

Since I believe that the community is the heartbeat of my blog, I found myself nodding along as I read.  That’s why I started the WILTW carnival and have decided to keep it going.  I love to see my little community growing and you guys making connections.  I’m always delighted to see your comments on each others’ posts and your banter on Twitter.

The next part of the article is what inspired this post.  Darren cited an example of when he asked his readers at Digital Photography School to list their Twitter accounts.  He noticed that as a result, his readers got to know one another on Twitter and the quality of his comments improved.

Color me was inspired!  Let’s try it.  Leave your Twitter user name in the comments, and then make sure to follow back as many of the other participants as possible.

Wait, I know what you’re going to tell me.  You’re not on Twitter.  You don’t have time.  Or you don’t know how to get started.  Or you have a Twitter account but not a clue what to do with it.  Read my Twitter for Dummies Beginners post, and then go join the party!  It’s painless.  I promise!!  Of course, I’ll be sure to follow everyone who leaves a comment.

Ready, set, GO!

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  1. Well, I guess that I’ll start… I’m @mommyesquire on Twitter.

    I absolutely love Twitter. I confess that I am not on it as much as some – with working full time and a toddler I don’t have a ton of time for it but I do try to get on for a while every day. I feel like I have made some friends through Twitter and really gotten to know others better. It does create a great community!

    I will check back later today and see which of your readers I need to start following!

  2. Hello, there. I am @lucrecerb on Twitter. I find it the most fun when there is lively debate on there. Plus, it is just fun to read what people type in 140 characters.

  3. Hey there. What a great idea!! I admit, I haven’t used Twitter much but maybe this will inspire me! I am sixkerr. Looking forward to ‘seeing’ everyone!

  4. Hello all! I am @jlk77 on Twitter. I had no idea what it was, but earlier this year a friend explained it to me. I don’t really know why I’m on there. I have no blog, but I follow a lot of frugal bloggers and I like to get the first scoop on deals. I also find other people to follow and then sometimes end up following their blogs too.

  5. I’m @kebhouse on twitter- I look forward to getting some new friends.

    I’m not on twitter as much as I would like to be anymore. I do most my computer-ing at work, but we have a version of Internet Explorer that is circa 1982. It is NOT very twitter friendly. It gets all messed up and I can’t read half of the tweets. 🙁 It makes me sad because twitter can be a nice break in the work day. At least I still have it on my blackberry.

  6. I love keeping up with people on Twitter! I have noticed recently though that a majority of Twitter users don’t actually read other’s tweets…they just expect others to read theirs. What’s up with that? I read everyone I follow…which is why I try to keep my follower count under 100. 🙂

    @averyswife on Twitter

  7. I’ve recently become much more of a tweeter, so addictive the information you can get from people you follow!


  8. LOVE this idea so much that I might just steal it! Thanks for the opportunity to share.
    Now, if you would only give me an opportunity to USE twitter more often I would be eternally grateful.
    Thank you. 🙂

  9. What a great idea! I’m totally stealing this!

    I’m @notdiyheather

    And the reason that I started loving your blog 2 years ago was the sense of community. Jo-Lynne, you responded to me and engaged me and helped me feel like a part of this brand new blogosphere that I had discovered.

  10. I like Twitter, but don’t feel like I’m using it to it’s full potential. I often feel like I’m tweeting to myself, instead of part of the party everyone else seems to be having.

    So thanks for connecting fellow Tweeps.

    My Twitter name is @marathonbird.

  11. I agree with Holly. Sometimes it feels like I am throwing something out there to the void.

    But I do like using it to promote certain blog posts and I enjoy it when others use it to promote what they are writing too.

    I’m @jenndon and the book twitter account is @5M4B

  12. this is a good idea. i may do it on my blog too. i just recently “got into” twitter and i’m always delighted to find people i know on there. well, “know” through blog interactions.

  13. Hi! I’m @Jenidvm on Twitter, Jeni for my first name, and DVM for that really expensive degree I have that I’m not using. I’m on Twitter WAY too much, but I love it! I feel like I have friends all over the country – I just haven’t actually met them in person yet.

  14. I’m @CrazyBlessed – but I haven’t been real active on Twitter, I like Facebook better. However… I am trying the Twitter thing again and we’ll see how it goes 🙂

  15. How fun! I’m @mistimann

    I love Twitter. I don’t participate as much as I should, but it’s fun reading everyone’s updates. I also follow alot of celebrities & enjoy getting a peek into their lives.

  16. I tweet primarily from @YouOtt2Know, but am also sometimes the person behind the tweets at @ChescoMoms and @MontcoMoms.

    This is awesome, Jo-Lynne! I love “meeting” new people to follow!

  17. I’m @stephsday. I have to admit, though, that I am NOT a Twitter “power user.” That said, I do love the conversations that happen there. I come across some amazing posts (and people) by way of Twitter…

  18. Oh well, I am all about this! I’m a pretty avid Twitter-er.. haha! My name is @mammamania and I would love to meet everyone.

    Community is the only reason that I blog. It is my “currency.” 🙂

  19. Jo-Lynne I love how you foster community on your blog – you rock!

    I’m @wishwhp and I’m so looking forward to following some of you gals!

  20. @brennbug

    Although someone hacked my Twitter account over a week ago and three emails later I still can’t get in. I hope it will be resolved soon. I miss Twitter.

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