Doggie Paddling


Piles.  They are everywhere.

Piles of clothes.  Clothes to give away.  Clothes to throw away.  Clothes to pack away.  Clothes to put away.

Piles of dishes in the sink.

Piles of products on my desk waiting for their day in the sun blog.

Piles of designs.  People anxiously waiting for blog makeovers and Twitter pages.

Piles of posts.  Freelance posts.  Overdue posts.  Unwritten posts.  Uninspired posts.

Piles of emails.  Waiting for response.  Waiting for action.

Piles of phone calls.  Appointments to make.

Where to begin?

I feel my head poking out of the murky waters.  Legs kicking.  Arms moving.  Doggie paddling.  Faster, faster.  Making little progress.

Photo credit: Ordinary Guy