Everyday Jewelry Worth Investing In

If you’ve read many of my What I Wore Lately posts, you probably notice that I tend to wear a lot of the same jewelry over and over, and today I’m talking about everyday jewelry that (I believe) is worth investing in.

Lagos earrings // Lagos bracelets one & two

I’ve always been pretty simple when it comes to my accessories, but that doesn’t mean I don’t wear any. I almost always take the time to at least put in a pair of earrings (if I didn’t sleep in them the night before, ha!)

That said, I’m happy to wear the same pair over and over, and I don’t care to spend a lot of time and effort on my jewelry when I’m putting my everyday outfits together.

Instead, I like having a few high quality pieces that go with almost everything, and then I rotate between them depending on how dressed up I want to be.

Yurman earrings // Lagos bracelets one & two

Of course, I still have plenty of fashion jewelry that I cycle through my wardrobe as trends evolve (and I try to purge that regularly), but I wear those pieces mostly for events and occasions when I really want to amp up my look.

On an everyday basis, I usually reach for the designer pieces that I’ve collected over time, and I often wear a combination of designer and fashion jewelry.

Kendra Scott earrings // Evereve necklace // David Yurman bracelet // Lagos ring

While the designer pieces are pricey, the cost per wear works out over time. Also, many of these items were gifts over the years.

My Favorite Everyday Designer Jewelry

When I started collecting nicer jewelry, it was mostly sterling silver pieces from Tiffany’s or David Yurman. There are lots of options in this category under $500. It’s when you start adding 14K gold or diamond accents that these pieces start going up in price.

This David Yurman Oval Large Link Bracelet is at least 15 years old… maybe 20. I can’t even remember at this point. I believe it was my first Yurman piece, and surprisingly, the price hasn’t gone up much since then. I’ve worn this bracelet so much over the years, and it still looks like new.

David Yurman Oval Large Link Bracelet // Lagos Caviar Crossover Ring

Every once in a while, I take it into the jewelry store and have it cleaned, and once I had to have the clasp repaired, but it’s still beautiful, and I still love it too.

The ring I’m wearing with it in the photo below is 5 or 6 years old, but unfortunately, it was discontinued. I try not to be too matchy-matchy with my jewelry, but I feel like these two pieces complement each other perfectly, so I often wear them together.

David Yurman Oval Large Link Bracelet // Belmont Curb Link Ring (discontinued)

These Cable Classics Hoop Earrings are another one of my most-worn Yurman pieces. I wear these when I want a more dressed-up look that is still fairly tailored and classic.

They’re such a nice size, and the gleaming silver hoops with the cable pattern is eye-catching and stands out nicely against my dark hair. FYI, the cable pattern is Yurman’s signature design motif.

David Yurman Cable Classics Hoop Earrings

Another one of my favorite jewelry designers is Lagos.

FUN FACT: Steven Logos is a Philadelphia-based designer. He does a lot of mixed metal pieces that I find particularly drawn to lately, and most are fairly understated and well-suited to my casual, everyday outfits.

This bracelet set was a Mother’s Day gift a few years back. The two pieces are sold separately, but I almost always wear them together. These are probably my most worn everyday bracelets these days.

LAGOS Caviar Beaded Bracelet // LAGOS Caviar 1-Row Ball-Chain Bracelet

They’re eye-catching and pretty but delicate enough not to get in my my way when I type. I also like that they incorporate both gold and silver tones, which pulls together the mix of metals in my outfits.

The Caviar Crossover Ring is another one of my favorite everyday pieces. Just as the cable pattern is Yurman’s signature design motif, the Caviar beadwork belongs to Lagos.

LAGOS Caviar Crossover Ring // LAGOS Caviar Beaded Bracelet // LAGOS Caviar 1-Row Ball-Chain Bracelet

I also have these ball stud earrings, which are perfect when I just want something small and simple.

LAGOS Caviar Beaded Silver Stud Earrings

And I recently added these Caviar Small Two-Tone Hoop Earrings to my collection because I wanted something a little bigger than the ball studs but not quite as large as the Yurman cable hoops. I love how the gold bands are flanked by the Lagos signature silver beadwork.

Caviar Small Two-Tone Hoop Earrings

I’ve also invested in a few pieces of fine jewelry like diamond stud earrings and a diamond pendant necklace.

I also love these oversized 11mm pearl stud earrings. I stalked them until they went on sale for under $500 and snagged them. That was a few years ago, but they still go on that sale occasionally. In fact, they were under $500 last week! So definitely wait for a sale, if you like those.

Of course, you can get faux versions of these classic styles that are much less expensive, and there’s no shame in that game. Nordstrom has this cubic zirconia pendant necklace that’s a similar style and size to mine and cubic zirconia earrings of all sizes and styles, and Amazon has these simulated pearl stud earrings.

How about you? Do you invest in designer jewelry, or do you prefer to have a larger selection of fashion jewelry? How often do you accessorize your outfits?

It really comes down to personal style and preference; there is no right or wrong with accessories, but if you’ve been wanting to invest in a few higher quality everyday pieces, maybe some of these will resonate with you.

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photos: Alison Cornell

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29 Responses

    1. I wear it more often than I don’t. Definitely not just for photoshop shoots and special occasions. But there’s probably one or two days a week that I go without.

  1. I am not a big jewelry wearer most days it’s just my wedding ring and a diamond circle pendant from bony levy. I have chubby arms and when I wear bracelets I feel like it covers the thinnest part of my arm…. Which I want visible! I’m super drawn to bracelets though… so perhaps I just need to get over it 😊
    I’ve often admired your simple elegant pieces!

    1. Interesting! I don’t think you need to get over it, maybe you’re onto something. Or maybe stick with something delicate, like those Lagos station bracelets. One of my best friends has a great sense of style, and she’s always put together and accessorized. It took me YEARS to notice that she didn’t have her ears pierced. I can’t imagine not wearing earrings, but she looks great and I never missed them. Just goes to show, personal style trumps all.

  2. You showed me the Yurman chain bracelet a few years ago. I investigated and found it to be everything you wrote and more. It was a splurge but I am delighted with it. I wear it every chance I get. Thank you!

  3. I feel the same way. It’s absolutely worth it! My husband started gifting me DY many years ago and I wear some combination daily. My cost per wear has to be almost zero!

  4. Great post. I have really skinny wrists and have trouble wearing bracelets that don’t overwhelm them Any suggestions?
    Thank you

    1. Susan, I have really small wrists too. I bought 3 Kendra Scott cuff bracelets that fit me well. She offers small size bracelets. Daily Gold also has small brackets.

    2. I have 5.5” wrist. The JAI bracelets on QVC come in an XS size which is perfect. JAI is a division of John Hardy.

  5. Thanks for bringing these pieces to our attention. I’m not a huge jewelry person but do like bracelets. And I love the simplicity of pearls. I do think jewelry can be overwhelming as well if not worn properly. You pull it off beautifully! Can you link your black dress in the first photo? Thanks Jolynne.

  6. Thanks, Jo-Lynne!
    Any recommendations on where to shop for fine white gold or platinum dainty jewelry? Thin bracelets, necklaces, etc? I too have done sterling silver from Tiffany’s, but ready to not fight the tarnish any longer. Lol

  7. I love your approach, too, and have been very happy with the investment/fashion pieces of jewelry you recommend. Thank you for mentioning Lagos, which is a bit more affordable than DY. Are the Lagos hoops lightweight on the ear?

  8. My jewelry collection is pretty vast by now, with my husband buying me a beautiful piece of Tiffany’s every so often!! My first was the gold Elsa Peretti open heart necklace that has tripled in price over the years! My favorites are the dainty silver necklaces. My daughter loves Yurman and it makes for a beautiful Christmas gift for her. I also really enjoy my Pandora bracelets that have been customized with charms. So special to me, mostly gifts from my children and grands!

  9. I am looking to buy a watch, wondering if you could link to yours. How do you like it, does it have any smart watch features.

  10. You look great in that black dress and shoes. Lately I am into Kendra Scott brackets. I bought 3 small cuffs. They are small so they fit good on my really small wrists. Daily Gold offers small bracelets but they are hard to put on. I like a mixture of jewelry. I wear my silver James Avery mother/child ring and gold cocktail diamond ring when I go out. I have a lot of real silver I’ve collected through the years. James Avery necklaces and charm bracelet were gifts. I look better in gold but I still like silver. I just don’t wear it that much except for my ring which my daughter gave me. I only wear cheap earrings because I tend to lose expensive ones. In the summer I don’t wear necklaces except to church or if I am going to be inside a long time. Necklaces bother me in the heat.

  11. I have a few good pieces, my cross, a few rings, real pearl earrings for my second hole. I also have fashion jewelry that I mix. The jewelry at loft is cute .

  12. I love all of this! I was showing my husband the pieces I love the most (Lagos earrings and bracelets, Yurman hoops) and we were talking about “cost per wear” (so funny to me that’s he’s picked up on that! 😂😍) for them. I have more costume/fashion jewelry in my jewelry armoire than I think I could ever possibly wear. Yet, I tend to wear the nicer more understated pieces that I own the most. It’s definitely time to purge.

  13. I love all jewelry— diamonds to costume. Picking out the perfect piece for an outfit brings me joy. One thing I miss about working is having a reason to wear different pieces all the the time. I used to bring the perfect piece for every outfit I packed for a trip, until 1. my jewelry bag was stolen from my checked suitcase and 2. My cousin’s jewelry was taken from her room while she and others were there, sleeping! So now I alway carry on my jewelry, use the sage if available and bring pieces that are not that expensive and easily replaceable. I am on vacation right now, and the main thing I am wearing is a Kendra Scott gold necklace that has a slider so you can change the length. Versatile, but kinda boring. Safer, though

  14. You turned me on to the 11 mm pearl earrings a couple of years ago, although I got mine for much cheaper at thepearlsource.com. I love them and wear them often! A classic look, but the size gives them a little bit of pizzazz. Thank you!

  15. What a wonderful collection of nice jewelry! I was so inspired to finally purchase a few finer pieces that I really love instead of collecting many costume jewelry pieces that I rarely wear.
    Thank you for the heads up on the pearl earrings. I will definitely keep an eye for those to go on sale to match my beautiful pearl necklace.

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