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Yesterday officially goes down as one of the coolest days I’ve ever lived. A few weeks ago I was contacted by someone in the marketing department at Cosmopolitan Magazine, asking me if I was interested in trying a new beauty product with the possibility of being featured in an Olay-sponsored advertorial page in Cosmo.

After I picked myself up off the floor and put away the smelling salts, I responded casually that I’d like to know more. We went back and forth a few times, but it all sounded pretty straight forward so I agreed to do it. I didn’t tell many people because it seemed so surreal. I kept waiting for the catch, but it never came.

Yesterday I took the train to New York City for my photo shoot. Did you get that?

A photo shoot.

With Cosmopolitan Magazine.


It was surreal. Every bit of it.

When I arrived in New York, I took a cab over to the Hearst Tower and rode up to the 9th floor. Everyone in the Cosmo offices were super nice. They took me right in and started hair and makeup.

I learned so much from Leonora. She started right off with my eyes. She lined the upper lid, right inside the lash line (not on top of the lid, but underneath). She explained that they wanted a “natural” look so she wanted nice definition but not a dark, smokey eye. She said she does eyes first because of the fall out. She “put my skin on” last — so she could clean up any of the residual eye makeup that fell onto my cheeks without messing up her hard work.

She put on a TON of eye shadow. It was all in light, neutral colors, so it didn’t look overdone, but she put on several shades, and every layer went on very thick. I realized that I don’t put on nearly enough eye shadow, which is probably why it never seems to show up. Duh. LOL!! I know she was doing makeup for the camera, so it was more than I’d typically wear, but I learned a lot by watching her technique.

Then she added faux eyelashes. This was another first for me. I LOVE THEM. I don’t ever want to take them off. In fact, I slept very carefully last night so that I can get another day out of them. We’re going out tonight so it will be fun to wear them one last time!!

After the makeup came the hair.

Patrick made it look like I have always wanted it to look but can never quite achieve it. It was so sleek and sophisticated.

Before the photo shoot, we did a few video takes about me and the Olay product I’ve been using. I think I’m going to be able to post that to my blog in a few weeks!!!

The photo shoot was QUITE an experience. It’s no wonder models always look so perfect. Every couple minutes, Patrick hopped up and brushed and styled my hair and positioned it again. Leonora periodically freshened up my lipstick and powdered my face. I felt like one of my daughter’s Barbie dolls.

I won’t lie. It was a bit awkward. Being in the spotlight and trying to pose and move around like a super model is quite outside of my comfort zone. I did my best to be a good sport, but the poor photographer had his work cut out for him. Philip was great. He really tried to get me talking and help me feel comfortable. We spent what felt like a. very. long. time. posing and snapping pictures, looking at the results on big computer screens, and going round and round and round again. It was interesting to see which ones they liked and why.

I snapped this photo on my iPhone as they were scrolling through for the last time. I love the view of NYC out the window behind the computer!

I cannot WAIT to see which photo they decide to use. They showed me the page layout yesterday, and it’s going to be so totally cool. The advertorial will appear in the October issue of Cosmo. I’ll be SURE to let you know when it’s out.

As far as the Fashion Friday part of the post, here is my best advice on what to wear on a day trip to the city — any city, really, but in my case, I’m often trekking it up to NYC and back. I think I’ve finally got it down to a science.

What To Wear on a Day Trip to the City

I like to be comfortable but chic. I usually wear some variation on the jeans-and-a-cute-top ensemble. Yesterday I wore my favorite Joe’s Jeans and a black embellished tank from Banana Republic. I opted for heels, but they are very comfortable heels, and I knew I could walk in them. I highly recommend bringing a pair of flip flops or flats if you wear heels for a day trip because you don’t want to be limping around and bleeding by the end of the day. (And trust me. I’ve been there.)

I snapped this quick picture in the bathroom (classy, eh?) before going into the studio.

Of course you need a fabulous bag with plenty of room for a small makeup bag, an iPad or laptop, and all the extra chargers and accouterments you need for the day. I was thrilled to have my new striped tote to carry. It was absolutely perfect. It held everything without being bulky and cumbersome, and I felt super chic.

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  1. You. Are. So. Cool. I can’t believe I read your blog! Love that you got to experience that and can’t wait to read the article.

    1. BTW, I would so you use that picture of you in absolutely everything that you ever put out ever. You look fabulous.

  2. How exciting! You look amazing and it sounds like such a fun day. I’d love to hear more makeup tips that you learned.

  3. You look absolutely fantastic, friend. Seriously, I can see why they wanted to have you as their model!


  4. How exciting! You always look pretty when you post a picture but you look amazing in your photo shoot!

  5. I don’t think I wear enough eye shadow either, so I appreciate the makeup tip! Congrats on being selected. I will definitely grab that issue of Cosmo 🙂

  6. So awesome Jo-Lynne! I never buy Cosmo but I’ll be sure to get it when you are in it. Did you ever think this little hobby of yours would lead to a photo shoot for a major magazine? So crazy! Your haircut is really great.

  7. You look BEAUTIFUL! I know, I wish I could master the art of applying a few lashes, without looking like a caterpillar is resting on my lids. 🙂 Congratulations!!!!

  8. I haven’t read Cosmo is years but you better believe I’ll be buying that issue when it hits the newsstands! You’re such a celebrity now.

  9. You looking good, but why don’t you use long hairs? Long hairs increase personality of one, and i think long hair will suit you much more than these bob cuts. Have a try at long one, and decide yourself whether it’ll increase the charm of your personality or not 🙂

    By the way, it was nice to see you here 🙂

  10. How cool is that!! I’m so jealous-I’ve always wanted a day like that, just to be pampered and to learn makeup and hair tricks. You look so good! I’ll be watching for that issue.

  11. You look gorgeous! What an exciting day you must have had. I can see why you were asked to do this-your skin is beautiful.

    Thanks do much for having me today. I’m so excited I found this Fashion Friday Link Up!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

  12. You are SOOO cool. I cant believe all the incredible opportunities you are offered. I guess that is one of the perks of living so close to NYC and not LA (lower Alabama!). You look great and I love the hair. I have about the same kind of haircut and it never looks as good as the stylist can make it look.

    1. I was thinking that yesterday – how convenient it is living so close to NYC. And yeah, I try to do the big round brush and all that jazz, but it never looks the same as when I come from the salon.

  13. This is so incredible! Wow – what an awesome experience for you! I would have been hyperventilating throughout the whole thing.
    It’s no surprise that you look fantastic and your hair is perfect. Did you get any tips for keeping the style?
    I hope you had a great day. Don’t forget to let us know when the issue comes out.
    Sheri O.

    1. Lots and lots of product. And brushing it often throughout the day – something I NEVER do. I wish I knew what products he used. He put a lot of mousse in there when he started, and then he used hairspray several times. He said it was “brushable” – so he was able to brush it thru and style it and spray over and over. I definitely left feeling like I needed a chemical detox, lol. I don’t even OWN hairspray.

      1. I know what you mean, the only hairspray I own is a $1 store can of Sauve that I use in an attempt to keep my daughter’s ponytail from falling out! I’m going to look for a brushable hairspray! Your style just looks fantastic! I can’t wait to get the issue!

  14. You look GORGEOUS. I especially love the styling of your hair.

    Will you have access to all of the photos from the shoot? I hope you’ll share your favorites here. 🙂

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