Fashion Friday: Lands’ End Style

When I found out I’d be representing Lands’ End at BlogHer, I was told to go pick out a couple of outfits to wear on Saturday while I get to play Style Agent in the Secret Style Suite! (Try saying that five times fast.)

Lands’ End is the first place I go for a flattering yet modest bathing suit and when it’s time to shop for my kids’ school backpacks and lunch boxes, but I will admit that it’s not necessarily the first place I go for women’s fashion. I perused the site for a while and soon discovered the newly opened Lands’ End Canvas line — a bit more trendy and casual than their usual offerings. I immediately honed in on this outfit.

Yes… another black tank. I’m nothing if not predictable! But I love it with the boyfriend chinos and wedge sandals — casual chic at its best.

I also liked the look of their white straight-leg jeans (that’s a wardrobe staple that’s been on my watch list for a while now) and this cute ruffle tank and skinny jeans.

I eventually decided to drive down to Sears and try some of their clothes on in person because I had no idea what sizes to order or how their clothes would fit me. I’m glad I did because I spotted these bootcut jeans. They are SO much cuter in person than they are online. I tried them on and was pleasantly surprised with their fit and promptly added them to my wish list.

I came back home and sent some ideas to Lands’ End, and here’s what they sent me.

As well as the ruffle top from above and another navy blue button henley to try AND this adorable coral melon paisley scarf, which I suggested as a way to add color and style to my rather neutral clothing choices.

When my box arrived, I ran upstairs to give my new duds a test drive. The navy top would be adorable if I didn’t have bobs (not a typo; trying not to attract the pervs). So that one’s out.

The two white tops were both cute. I’m not sure which one I’ll end up wearing. This one needs the ruffles to be more ruffled up or something. It doesn’t look like the picture online (the taupe one above).

But this one’s cute too. Both are fairly thin and soft and very, very comfy.

The black tank is… a black tank. But I like the cut and I can dress it up with jewelry.

I really like both pairs of jeans. Somehow I didn’t get a full length photo of the white, but here are the blue jeans. They are on a super duper sale — $17.99. These are Light Vintage Indigo — great for casual wear.

My goal? To come up with 2 outfits — one for day and one for night — and Jo-Lynne them up with shoes and accessories. Here’s what I’m thinking:

DAYTIME: White ruffle tank, bootcut jeans, coral paisley scarf, Lucky Brand earrings and gold bangle, Stuart Weitzman tobacco wedge sandals. (I know – heels to BlogHer is a no-no but the Style Suite is in my hotel which cuts down on walking and these are so comfy you wouldn’t believe it.)

(Kindly ignore my distracting bedspread.)

NIGHTTIME: black tank, white skinny jeans, comfy black glittery wedge flips, Stella & Dot chandelier earrings and coordinating necklace with my favorite silver bracelet.

How did I do? (I’m certainly open to suggestions on how to wear that scarf.)

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24 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Lands’ End Style

  1. I bet that ruffle will look more like the taupe ruffle if you wash the shirt. And, I’m certainly no style maven (that’s why I come here every Friday!), but I’d go with a dressier shie for the evening event. Love that coral scarf!

    1. Yes – I was thinking the same thing about washing the white ruffle shirt. The day/night question is still up in the air. I felt like the blue jeans were so casual, but maybe overall that outfit looks dressier.

  2. you did well! So happy that you found jeans that work, too. LOVE the coral scarf. I never would have thought of that.

  3. I don’t think you can ever have too many black tank tops. They serve different purposes and each one is so flattering and useful! I love Land’s End Canvas! I’ve found some great pants and shirts there this season. I also ordered the bob shirt and sent it back because I really looked pregnant! Great choices. All time favorite type of outfit is a black top and white pants. Love it! Have fun!!!

  4. LOVE the coral scarf!! You always do such a great job accessorizing and you’re inspiring me to do better with mine. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love the coral scarf! I’m also agonizing over what to wear Friday and Saturday nights. I got sent this really pretty black tank covered in spangles, I’m thinking jeans rather than black pants, cuz that’s too much black for me 😛 Can’t wait to see you!!

  6. I like the white tee. The fit is really good on you. And the scarf is great with it! You could dress up the night look with different shoes I think, if you are worried it is too casual. And if you’re in a hotel, and in SD, it might be cool so you could add a cardigan or something.

  7. If it’s still a question between the white tank and shirt, definitely the tank in my opinion. SO CUTE! And I agree, the white-coral combo looks great on you. It’s too bad about your “bobs” (HAAAA! That was awesome) because that blue shirt is really cute. You would swim in the bigger size, though. Bummer!

  8. I had no idea about their canvas line too. Hope they expand it to plus sizes as well! They look like they have some cute pieces and I would feel better about their quality than most other comparable price points.

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Have a good time at the conference!

  9. take two corners of that scarf and tie them together in a tiny knot, then loop it around your neck a couple of times..like a messy infinite scarf-

  10. Enjoy BlogHer! What an amazing fit for you. The clothes are super cute and I think you made a great choice keeping the outfits basic and glam-ing them up with jewels.

  11. Style Agent! That sounds like such a fun role…and perfect for you! I would totally stop by to solicit your fashion expertise if I were attending BlogHer.

  12. You “sound” Southern. The way you write and phrase things sounds Southern. To my ear, it’s like a lot of the women I grew up around. A “Southern Voice” is not always easy to get down on paper. The stereotype, a cross between Scarlett OHara and Daisy Duke, is about as far from away from the South as California. It’s an enigma wrapped in sweetness and light. Makes even the every day seem entertaining.

    I just wondered if you were a writer or if you came by it because you grew up there. Thought I’d ask.

    Hope you have a great Sunday.


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