Food, Glorious Food!

After the feeding frenzy at my neighbor’s house last night, I was going to "be good" today.  But tonight I had agreed to be a pretend photographer at the 80th birthday party of a friend’s father.  The meal was Korean, and if you know anything about Korean dinners, there is a LOT of food.  I think there were like 10 courses.  I think I’ve found my people.  Here is some of what I ate.

Okay, I didn’t eat this, but isn’t it pretty?  (It’s octopus.  And I’m not sure why I couldn’t bring myself to eat it when I have no problem eating calamari or lobster or shrimp.  But I didn’t.)  I STAND CORRECTED.  It’s JELLYFISH, y’all. 

These were FABULOUS.  I didn’t want to be piggy, so I didn’t help myself to seconds, but this was my favorite part of the meal.  I’m not sure what they all were — some sort of fried pancake made of fish or veggies or something.  YUM SCRUM.

I tried mussels (or are they oysters?  I’m so cultured.) for the first time.  They were quite good.  Much better than I expected.

I wouldn’t touch this raw fish with a 10-foot pole, but isn’t the plate purty?

This shrimp was DIVINE.

I don’t know what this was called, but it was quite tasty, despite the presentation.  I didn’t really need to be reminded where the meat came from.

This salmon was my main course.  By the time it came, I was full.  But I still ate almost the whole thing.

I actually passed up dessert.  That’s how full I was.

I SHOULD have stopped there, but soon after I got home, my neighbor came over bearing 2 bags of fresh donuts from the local fair.  She said something about breakfast, but Hub and I wasted no time diving right in.  Well, we waited until the kids were upstairs so we didn’t have to share.  Don’t worry.  We left enough for breakfast.  I should take a picture, but I’m done being the photographer for the day.

There are pecan squares in my fridge, left over from last night.  I think they might be lonely.  Maybe I should bring them in here to keep them company.

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  1. Okay… for someone who’s a picky eater and had sensory issues with some foods… I think it’s crazy fantastic that you even tried a lot of these foods! Awesome job!

  2. That food looks delish. Don’t you love trying out new things!? I got up the gumption to try sushi a couple of years ago and surprisingly loved it!

  3. I am soooo hungry now!! What a wonderful night, celebrating 80 years of life! The food looked wonderful and I’ll bet the company was great!

  4. The food looks great. Not sure I’d try the octopus or the raw fish. But I’d take the shrimp any day!

  5. Those colors are irresistible! (and they must have been comparably delish if you passed on dessert!)

    Asian food is so pleasing in every sensory way. Looks like an incredible meal.

  6. This food looks sooo good! You did a good job of taking pictures, I can tell!
    Glad you got some dessert with the donuts and could keep the pecan squares company!

  7. Donuts, yum. I’m still feeling a little ripped off from something that happened yesterday including donuts. I bought a couple of extra GLAZED donuts from the best donut place EVER AN HOUR AWAY. I brought them home to be eaten YESTERDAY (the next day), and guess what I find when I open the bag (bc I didn’t check to make sure they got my order right since I was the only person in there)??? 2 French donuts. Not what I wanted. Did I mention yesterday was a really bad day and I really needed those donuts? lol Ahhh traitors. The other food looked good, too. Haha

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