Food, Glorious Food!

After the feeding frenzy at my neighbor’s house last night, I was going to "be good" today.  But tonight I had agreed to be a pretend photographer at the 80th birthday party of a friend’s father.  The meal was Korean, and if you know anything about Korean dinners, there is a LOT of food.  I think there were like 10 courses.  I think I’ve found my people.  Here is some of what I ate.

Okay, I didn’t eat this, but isn’t it pretty?  (It’s octopus.  And I’m not sure why I couldn’t bring myself to eat it when I have no problem eating calamari or lobster or shrimp.  But I didn’t.)  I STAND CORRECTED.  It’s JELLYFISH, y’all. 

These were FABULOUS.  I didn’t want to be piggy, so I didn’t help myself to seconds, but this was my favorite part of the meal.  I’m not sure what they all were — some sort of fried pancake made of fish or veggies or something.  YUM SCRUM.

I tried mussels (or are they oysters?  I’m so cultured.) for the first time.  They were quite good.  Much better than I expected.

I wouldn’t touch this raw fish with a 10-foot pole, but isn’t the plate purty?

This shrimp was DIVINE.

I don’t know what this was called, but it was quite tasty, despite the presentation.  I didn’t really need to be reminded where the meat came from.

This salmon was my main course.  By the time it came, I was full.  But I still ate almost the whole thing.

I actually passed up dessert.  That’s how full I was.

I SHOULD have stopped there, but soon after I got home, my neighbor came over bearing 2 bags of fresh donuts from the local fair.  She said something about breakfast, but Hub and I wasted no time diving right in.  Well, we waited until the kids were upstairs so we didn’t have to share.  Don’t worry.  We left enough for breakfast.  I should take a picture, but I’m done being the photographer for the day.

There are pecan squares in my fridge, left over from last night.  I think they might be lonely.  Maybe I should bring them in here to keep them company.