Ground Hogs Day, Christmas Version

So I calculated that this is the 5th Christmas that I’ve been blogging.  Yah, I really can count that high!

After 5 years, I’ve done all the memes, I’ve talked about our family Christmas traditions, we’ve discussed Christmas tipping and what to give the teachers and care givers in our lives and whether or not to send the Christmas Form Letter. Gosh, that was a hot button issue if I ever saw one. I was trying to be funny, but people DO take that issue seriously, phew!

Heck, even my Christmas decorations are so similar to past years it seems silly to participate in the Tour of Homes.

I’m having this same debate about writing a Christmas letter this year.  If I sit down and write one, it will probably sound much like it has the past four years.  It’s not that I don’t love my life; it’s just that it’s pretty predictable these days, which I count a blessing to be sure, but it doesn’t exactly make for an entertaining end-of-year update.

Speaking of the Christmas letter, have you noticed that fewer and fewer people are doing Christmas cards with each passing year?  I think we’ve received a paltry five so far.  I suppose it makes sense, with this digital age keeping us in touch with people so easily.  But I love getting Christmas cards and pictures and letters in the mail.  Let’s face it, this is the ONLY time of year when you can go to your mailbox and be guaranteed some form of personal correspondence.  The rest of the year, most of the mail is just food for the paper shredder.

I’ve seen some friends opting for donating their Christmas card and postage money to charity this year, and while I like that idea, I can’t quite give up the tradition.  Of course, I haven’t sent mine yet, and usually I get mine out much earlier.  I’m still waiting for them to arrive from Shutterfly.  So perhaps the giving will spark some getting.

How about you?  Do you send Christmas cards, or are you opting for a digital version?  Are you running late this year?  Do you include a “form letter?”  What about a photo?  Yay or nay?  Kids or the whole family?

Inquiring minds wanna know.